Winner Takes All Chapter 1890

The golden light shines brightly.

It stretches across the long sky.

Master Empty Space is seated in the air, and the Buddha’s light is vast.


Another ancient and desolate bell sounded.

Ripples of sound washed out from Grandmaster Empty’s seat, spreading out in layers and layers.

The sound of this bell echoed across the battlefield.

The terrifying Buddhist might gradually dispersed.

The wavering Buddhist sound that resonated through the heavens and the earth finally disappeared.

The silence of the battlefield was restored.

Boisterous and noisy cries of alarm suddenly filled the battlefield.

“Heavenly Wolf is above! What the hell just happened?”

“What the hell is going on, I …… think I just had a dream.”

“Strange, where are the people on that side of the battlefield? Why is there such a big crater?”


The sound of people rushing to the sky.

The battlefield was deprived of the pressure of the heavenly punishment and the Buddha’s might, and all the “cricket-like” beings finally returned to normal.

However, neither the allied army of the Hundred Clans nor the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riders in Zhenjiang City had immediately returned to fighting condition, but were all amazed at what had just happened!

To them, they were not even qualified to “look” at the confrontation between the pressure of heavenly punishment and the might of Buddha!

They were as humble as dust, and in the confrontation just now, the pause button had been pressed so hard that a blank period had appeared in their memories!

“Is this the power to transcend this world?”

Chen Dong swept a complicated glance at the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army behind him.

Amidst the noisy chatter, there was dull bewilderment on each and every one of the blood-covered faces.

The clash just now, they …… didn’t even have the qualifications to watch the battle!

However, when his gaze was withdrawn, Chen Dong’s mind was as heavy as a mountain.

As far as the eye could see, all of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were bathed in blood, but only a few of them could maintain their standing posture.

The sparse Great Snow Dragon Riders stood sporadically in every corner of the city, and this was all that was left of the defensive force inside Zhenjiang City.

Compared to the starry sea of allied armies outside Zhenjiang City, this number of Great Snow Dragon Riders was not even a drop in the bucket, let alone being used to defend the city!

Even if these Great Snow Dragon Riders were still capable of fighting, this number would not be enough to fill the entire city in the face of the long defensive line.

The advantage and disadvantage of numbers was completely evident at this moment.

Even if the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riders were all capable of defeating ten men at a time, they would still be unable to make up for the defences of the city walls!

Even the allied army of the Hundred Clans on the battlefield could have stopped paving the road of corpses and blood and simply attacked the city walls, using a sea of men to storm the walls in pieces, which would have been enough to create an immeasurable danger to Zhenjiang City!

For the next defence, we could only rely on Qin Ye and Master Kongkong!

Chen Dong took a deep breath, secretly operating a surge of Qi energy, and transmitted Qin Ye’s voice to ask, “Beast, can you run the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts now?”


Qin Ye transmitted his voice in response, but his voice was a little weak.


Chen Dong was secretly thankful and was about to ask Master Kongkong in the sky above his head.

A weak voice came through.

“The poor monk is not defending against the allied forces below.”


Chen Dong was stunned for a moment.

As he looked around, the golden light that was emanating from Grandmaster Khongkong’s body, enveloping the entire Zhenjiang City, was actually not used to defend Zhenjiang City?


Chen Dong suddenly reacted.

He thought of the few seconds after Master Kongkong dispelled the two clouds of Heavenly Punishment Thunderclouds just now, when he looked out into the sky at the depths of the Northern Domain.

He hurriedly transmitted his voice to ask, “Grandmaster, the Buddha light you declared was not used to defend against the allied forces below, what was it used to defend against?”

There was silence for two seconds.

Master Empty Sky’s weak voice rang out, “Amitabha Buddha! The defence should have been the poor monk’s defence, they are far more terrifying than the millions of allied troops below!”

Chen Dong was momentarily speechless as he subconsciously turned his head to look out into the deeper depths beyond the battlefield of the Northern Domain.

Darkness shrouded the battlefield, and nothing could be seen except the vast sea of people on the battlefield below.

What on earth was that?

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed, a cold glint in his eyes, and an inexplicable chill leapt up from the soles of his feet to his back.

It was the unknown that was the most terrifying!

To be able to make Master Kongkong defend with such fanfare and disregard for his own state, even to the extent of threat, was far greater than the millions of allied troops below!

On the contrary, no matter how much Chen Dong pushed his six senses, he was never able to detect what was actually further north on the battlefield!

With his current strength, if there was really something even more terrifying, he would not have been unable to detect even the slightest trace of it.

But since Master Khongkong had said and done so, it must not be nothing!

He did not wait for Chen Dong to continue his investigation.

Master Khongkong’s voice once again fell on Chen Dong’s ears, but it was as if a big invisible hand had tugged at Chen Dong’s heart and pressed it into the dark abyss.

“Let’s hope that …… can last until the Daoist Monarch’s backhand arrives.”

The voice was soft, yet it was filled with indescribable worry and apprehension.

Chen Dong’s entire body was dumbfounded.

After being dumbfounded for an instant.

He suddenly felt that Master Khongkong’s words were somewhat amusing.

Shrugging his shoulders, he said, “What kind of backhand would he have? The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was so dead and wounded that it was almost completely wiped out, the titular Master almost died in battle, and my Zhenjiang City was about to break down, if he really had a backhand, he would have already revealed it!”

“A chess player is never obsessed with a single gain or loss, he is always concerned with winning or losing the whole game!”

If it wasn’t for this epiphany, perhaps the poor monk would never have known what Daogun was after in his life! Remember, Master Chen, the city can be broken, but no one can die, so you must not strike!”

The tone at the end was almost commanding, the same tone as Huo Zhenxiao’s.

“Heh ……”

Chen Dong clenched his fist, his face as cold as frost, turned his head to look at Wu Feng, and then looked down at the sea of people below, “Do we have to wait until these millions of barbarians, waving their whips south, trampling on the mountains and rivers, abusing the people?”

The words had just fallen.

Woo …… woo ……

On the noisy battlefield, the sound of trumpets rang out again.

In just a few breaths, the battlefield fell silent, and the raging killing intent rose to the sky.

The next second.


The sound of shouting and killing rushed through the sky and cracked the air.

The silent battlefield was filled with killing intent.

Along with the shouts of killing, the allied armies of the Hundred Clans came towards Zhenjiang City once again with raging killing intent.

The boundless tide of people was so vast that even at a glance, one could feel the oppression of the mountains and the sea.

The earth trembled.

At the head of Zhenjiang City, one by one, the Great Snow Dragon Riders also returned to their senses and walked in front of the city in a determined manner, lining up in front of the city.

In the darkness.

Sporadic torches lit up one after another at the head of Zhenjiang City.

They were insignificant compared to the starry river of torches on the battlefield below.

But beneath the firelight, every bloodstained face revealed a frank smile.

Looking down at the great tide of people below, all the Great Snow Dragon Riders were smiling openly, no fear, no anger, just that determination to die, as if it were turning into substance.

“Brothers, the Lord is still watching, we must not disgrace the Great Snow Dragon Riders!”

A commander said with a smile as he raised his hand to remove his helmet and threw it behind him, then raised his Dragon Riders’ swords: “Great Snow Dragon Riders, all draw your swords!”