Winner Takes All Chapter 1889

The Buddha’s voice remains the same.

It echoes from heaven and earth.

Ten thousand feet of golden light fills heaven and earth.

The thousand-metre-high golden-bodied Buddha’s might is vast.

Master Empty Sky and the golden Buddha moved in unison, still maintaining their stance of pushing their hands upwards to disperse the Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud.

The terrifying and ferocious Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud quickly dissipated in the air at the sound of the Buddha’s voice, before it could even explode with its long-established terror.


The stirring currents of lightning quickly dissipated into a blanket of radiant golden light.

The heavens and the earth were now frozen in time.

Only the Buddha’s voice resounded.

As Chen Dong witnessed everything, his heart felt as if it had been punched hard, shocked beyond measure.

He had never thought that the thundercloud of heavenly punishment, which represented the gods and goddesses monitoring the world, would dissipate so …… child’s play!

Yes, it was child’s play!

The same long-awaited momentum, the same terrifying terror that will descend on the earth and subdue everything.

But in the end, even before it could explode with a bit of power, it was pushed away by the golden Buddha with a single slap!

But he had personally felt the devilish nature in his body being mobilised by the Buddha nature of the Empty Master to the point of being uncontrollable, and this thought was only a fleeting one.

The seemingly peaceful resistance had in fact long exceeded the tolerance range of the top strengths in this world.

For example, …… those few Hidden Worlds who turned into blood mist in the confrontation!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Master Empty Space had just opened up a separate space for him with Self-Realization Space, ask yourself, he wouldn’t dare to imagine how far the demonic nature would have gone!

It wasn’t that Chen Dong couldn’t put an end to it after the demonic nature had gone mad, but the fact that the demonic nature had been mobilised to grow madly without his control was what really made him scare!

After a moment of stagnation.

Chen Dong’s gaze quickly locked onto Master Kongkong in the distant air, and Huo Zhenxiao who was unharmed in the golden light!

The heavenly punishment dispersed.

The dazzling golden light that filled the heavens and the earth was also rapidly fading and weakening.

Thousands of golden swastika Buddhist seals towering in the sky dissipated one after another like a bubble.

Even the thousand-metre golden Buddha standing above Master Khongkong’s head was also fading.

The only thing that remained was the sound of the Buddha!

Previously, the Buddha’s light was so vast that Chen Dong’s eyesight could hardly even see Master Kongkong’s true appearance, and he could only see a golden figure in the air.

And now, the Buddha’s light had dissipated.

He was also finally able to get a clear view of Grandmaster Khongkong.

Just this glance caused Chen Dong’s pupils to tighten and his heart to twitch fiercely.

“Grandmaster ……”

Chen Dong’s lips and teeth opened softly as he murmured softly.

In his vision, Master Khongkong was still covered in golden light, and the hands that he had pushed upwards were slowly retracting, only the speed of retraction was so slow that it smacked his lips, as if every inch of distance moved was incredibly difficult for Master Khongkong.

The look on his face was even more heartbreaking for Chen Dong.

He had never thought that the two adjectives, young and old, could appear on a person’s body at the same time.

And now, Master Khong Khong was in such a state!

His face still retained the youthful appearance of a step back into spring, but his whole body revealed the late feeling of a venerable old man.

In the golden light envelope, Grandmaster Empty’s tired young face was pale and bloodless, and underneath his peaceful face, blood kept flowing from the corners of his mouth.

“Disperse again!”

It was also at the same time as Chen Dong looked away.

Grandmaster Empyrean spoke once more and spat out a word.

Buzzing rumble!

The golden hand that was closing in to shelter Huo Zhenxiao collapsed in the air, and the robe of merit and virtue that was draped over Huo Zhenxiao’s body also turned into a beam of golden light that rose up into the sky and rolled backwards in the air, eventually entering Master Khongkong’s body.

As the robe of merit and virtue rolled back into Master Kongkong’s body, his exhausted state became much easier, and even the speed of closing his hands together was faster.

Master Empty Sky sensed Chen Dong’s gaze and followed it towards Chen Dong, some distance apart, but he nodded and smiled.

Almost simultaneously.

A weak voice transmission landed in Chen Dong’s ears.

“Master Chen, you are carrying the world on your back and cannot strike, the poor monk should guard this and wash away the sins, with all the past, the poor monk is guilty and would like to take a crippled body, I also hope that the master will continue to restrain himself, this kind of thing, by the poor monk.”


Without waiting for Chen Dong’s response, Master Empty Sky turned his head towards the north, which was behind the battlefield of the Hundred Clans’ allied army.

Immediately, he was as motionless as a statue.

“Why are even you willing to put your life on the line and not let me make a move?”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows rose abruptly, a flash of blood in his eyes, his fists clenched tightly, his chest churning with depressed Qi.

He followed the direction Master Kongkong looked in, but was at a loss.

He didn’t know exactly what Master Kongkong was looking at!

But now Master Khongkong’s reaction made his heart and soul tremble.

He …… must have found something!

While in the process, Huo Zhenxiao, who was in the air, was slowly falling towards the ground under the shelter of the Buddha’s light.

Eventually, Huo Zhenxiao landed on top of the mountain of corpses bashed below, standing majestically without falling, his body still surrounded by layers of golden light.

The previous battle had already drained him to the point of exhaustion.

Master Empty Sky had held his last breath for him, but only to keep him from dying for a short time.

As for the rest, Huo Zhenxiao knew in his heart that not everyone could achieve the same level of recovery as Master Empty Sky.

However, Huo Zhenxiao did not care about his state, and when he carried his spear out of the city, he was already prepared.

At the moment, however, like Chen Dong, all his attention was on Master Khongkong in the sky dome.

What exactly was he …… looking at?

As the master of the army, he was more sensitive to the battlefield situation than anyone else.

Master Empty Sky had just fought for his life to destroy the Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud, and to act like this now was in no way unwarranted!

The heavens and the earth were still.

But the Buddha’s light was rapidly fading.

After the collapse of the two Heavenly Punishment Thunder Clouds, the sky over the magnificent battlefield never saw the light of day.

Darkness enveloped the battlefield.

Only the golden light around Master Kongkong remained radiant.

The sound of the Buddha’s voice never diminished either.

Time pa*sed by second by second.

Even Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao had blurred their sense of time.


Master Empty Space moved!

He stood in the air, hands folded, withdrew his gaze and turned to face the direction of Zhenjiang City.

“Poor monk, I want to see if you can break Zhenjiang City!”

A word was murmured.

The next second.

Master Empty Sky took a step in the air.


Golden light blossomed from beneath his feet, transforming into a lotus flower and spreading out in all directions.

The robe danced.

The sky was filled with Buddhist sounds, but with this step, it once again flooded with light.

“This is …… that power just now!”

Chen Dong’s body shook as he clearly perceived that from Master Kongkong’s body, the fluctuations that had previously resisted the Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud had once again escaped!

Although it was not as strong as before, it was a real power!

What was he up to?

Has he gone mad?

Chen Dong instinctively wanted to stop Master Kongkong.

However, as soon as the thought started, it was as if Master Kongkong in the distant sky had guessed his thoughts and shook his head across the air to stop him.


The second step was taken and golden light was washed away.

Master Kongkong, clad in a robe and with a solemn appearance, was already bleeding from his seven orifices.

But his footsteps did not stop, as his third step was taken in the air, and the golden lotus flower bloomed in the air, but he had already arrived in the sky above Zhenjiang City.

As Chen Dong watched in horror.

Master Empty Sky’s body shook, and a majestic golden light swept out from around him.

“Immovable King, transforming into the city walls, Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

Golden light splashed out, pouring down with Grandmaster Empty as its centre, forming a huge golden shroud that descended from the sky and enveloped Zhenjiang City.

At the same time.

On top of the golden light in the void, Grandmaster Empty settled on his knees, his hands folded, facing the direction of the deep northern domain, and even though his seven orifices were bleeding, the corners of his mouth still turned upwards, outlining a meaningful smile!