Winner Takes All Chapter 1887

The Great Space of Self-Realisation?!

Chen Dong was shocked, he did not know the Buddhist path, but from Master Kongkong’s words and his own demonic reaction, he had already surmised it.

Master Kongkong had created an “independent space” with his own strength, completely isolating him from everything around him.

Whether he called it a self-contained space or a painted prison, it was Master Kong Kong who had cut off the confrontation between Buddha and devil and put him in this position, avoiding any spillover to his devilish nature when Master Kong Kong was fighting against the heavenly punishment.

“How on earth did he do that?”

Chen Dong’s lips mumbled in disbelief.


The ancient and desolate sound of the bell resounded through the heavens and the earth once more.

The eighth sound!

The sound of the bell echoed for a long time.

Chen Dong’s expression was awe-inspiring as he gazed intently into the distant sky.

Master Khongkong had just said through his voice that nine bells would sound!

When the ninth bell rang out, that was when the result would come out.

Subconsciously, Chen Dong clenched his fist …… could he really dispel the Heavenly Punishment?

Rather, Chen Dong’s heart was hanging in his throat at this moment.

The moment the eighth bell sounded, the oppressive thunder sound that reverberated between heaven and earth abruptly disappeared.

The mighty Buddhist sound violently rose up a notch.

The golden light from Master Empty Sky’s body surged out in all directions with a booming tide of bright golden light, like a great sun in the sky.

The thousands of golden swastika Buddha seal chains behind him danced in the air, trembling with layers of golden light.

It was like a pillar in the sky, the only one to look up to Master Kongkong!


A miserable scream rang out violently.

The scream was particularly ear-splitting amidst the majestic Buddhist sound.

The head of Zhenjiang City.

Chen Dong followed the sound and saw that it was a Hidden World who finally could not support himself and was affected by the wave, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Can’t hold on any longer? Now …… I’m afraid it’s too late to run.”

Chen Dong lightly pulled the corner of his mouth, revealing a teasing cold smile.

The Heavenly Punishment was supposed to monitor the world and act on behalf of the gods and goddesses, and was the top power in this world.

To ordinary beings, it was a cataclysmic event, and to Qi Jin powerhouses, it was even more so!

Once the power of a Qigong powerhouse breaks through to the Heavenly Punishment, the Heavenly Punishment thunderclouds will appear and punish the Qigong powerhouse not just with suppression, but with complete and utter destruction.

The so-called punishment …… is based on the very small percentage of Qigong practitioners who can withstand it!

This is the case with the heavenly punishment, not to mention the fact that there is the Buddha Dharma of the Empty Master confronting the heavenly punishment, and the two opposing pressures have long since grown to an extremely terrifying level.

The thousands of beings on the battlefield were all subdued to “nothingness”, because the Buddha’s Dharma and the Heavenly Punishment were fighting each other, automatically eliminating these mere ants and dust.

Or rather, when the two forces were fighting against each other, even if the forces were rippling, the beings on the battlefield were not “in the eye” of the two forces, or were not worthy of them!

However, it is a different story for the strongest Qi power.

Compared to the thousands of beings on the battlefield, qi-energy powerhouses are the ones who can really touch the heavenly punishment.

They …… are worthy!

They are also worthy to be in the eyes of the Heavenly Punishment!

They are even more worthy of …… equality of all beings!

On the premise that Master Kong Kong’s soaring Buddha nature has caused the pressure of the Heavenly Punishment to also soar, the two terrifying pressures falling on the qi masters are real!

If there was a difference, it was only in the distance!

Including Chen Dong, all these Qi Qi powerhouses on the battlefield were subjected to the suppression of both pressures at the same time.

Chen Dong and Qin Ye were in Zhenjiang City, some distance away from Master Kongkong and the Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud, so the pressure brought to them by these two oppressive pressures was far lower than that of the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others who were living under the Heavenly Punishment!

Now that the eighth bell had been rung, the battle between Master Kongkong and the Heavenly Punishment was nearing its end, and the power pressure had grown to a point where even Qi Jin powerhouses would have to look up to them, making it even more of a nightmare for Old Ghost Yinshan and the others!

Just as Chen Dong had expected.

As one of the Hidden World spurted blood, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others finally became alarmed.

“It’s over! The old baldy is fighting against the Heavenly Punishment, and this is implicating us in it!”

“I was just watching from the wall, I didn’t even think of such a thing, D*mn it!”

“Run, if we run out now, we should still have a chance!”

The Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others were filled with angry indignation.

Just now, they were all watching from the wall, immersed in Master Kongkong’s resistance to the Heavenly Punishment, after all, even for them, a single person resisting the Heavenly Punishment hard was never a sensational thing.

Even when they were subjected to the two oppressive pressures, they never woke up.

To them, the presence of the mighty pressure, though unbearable, was not unbearable.

It was only now that several of the Hidden Worlds woke up as if they were dreaming!

As they cursed angrily, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others pushed their Qi and fled into the distance.

But to their dismay, the space around them became sticky and swampy under the pressure of the two oppressive forces, making it incredibly difficult for them to move no matter how hard they pushed their Qi!

Before, once they had used their Qi at full power, their speed would have staggered the eyes of mortals.

But now, it could only be described as turtle speed!

With all their Qi energy, they could only move a little bit, trying to move some distance!

Such a change had never even occurred to Old Ghost Yinshan and the others before!

“Could it be that …… is really over like this?”

The old ghost of Yinshan’s eyebrows lowered and while he was frantically pushing his qi to move away, his mind was turning like lightning.

Compared to the indignant curses of the surrounding Hidden World, he was a little more calm!

Lightning thundered.

The sound of Sanskrit entered his ears.

The curses of the Hidden Ones were mixed in with them.

The fearful pressure of the prison was upon him, and the electric currents that pierced his bones.

None of this disturbed the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain’s sanity!


Suddenly, his cold, shadowy eyes slanted and gazed at a hermit not far away from him!

Perhaps …… still has a way out!

The next second.

The old ghost of Yinshan fiercely flung his right hand.

In the void, a ray of golden light, so faint that it was almost undetectable to the naked eye, shot towards the nearest hidden person.

Almost simultaneously.

Zizi ……

Dense currents climbed up the hooked golden silk.

“Old ghost of Yinshan! What are you doing?”

The Hidden World’s eyes widened in anger, instantly sensing the intentions of the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.

The Old Ghost of Yinshan laughed harshly, and the speed of the hooked golden wire that shot out was not reduced in the slightest.

The terrifying electric current spread to his right hand, and the painful burning sensation caused the Old Ghost of Yinshan to sweat profusely and tremble, but his frown was ruthless.

Compared to his life, a mere arm was nothing!

In a flash of lightning.

The golden silk wrapped around the waist of the Hidden World.

The Old Ghost of Yin Mountain pulled him to his side and then pushed his Qi to the limit and slammed into the Hidden Man in front of him.


A loud sound!

It was accompanied by a miserable cry from the Hidden Man.

The two strands of qi collided with each other and the waves of qi surged.

But with the force of the recoil, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain shot off into the distance like a cannonball!

It all happened in the blink of an eye!

It was so fast that no one had time to react, not even the Hidden World, which had been lured by the force, had time to use its full strength to fight the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain!

Almost simultaneously.

Above the ninth heaven, the bell rang out again.

The ninth bell resounded through the heavens and the earth!