Winner Takes All Chapter 1879

The vault of heaven.

The majestic and turbulent qi was like a tsunami rolling backwards, sweeping across all directions.

If viewed from a distance, it was like two nuclear bombs exploding at the same time, sending up two huge mushroom clouds.

The terrifying sense of oppression fell on the ground battlefield, causing the battlefield to fall silent at the same time.

The battlefield, which had been attacking like a tide, suddenly stopped in its tracks at the same time.

Countless eyes looked up, silenced and sifted.

The difference between a mole and a white moon was now manifested between the Hidden World and the ordinary soldiers.

It was a terrifying oppression that defied reason and fear at first glance!

Rumble, rumble!

Two beams of lightning, thick as dragons, slashed down from the pitch-black sky, winding through the sky and illuminating heaven and earth.

The two huge clouds of heavenly punishment thunder, which were not even close to each other, were now fighting each other in the sky.

It was as if two mighty mountains were about to crush the ground.

The terrifying oppression was so great that even the Hidden Worlds, such as Huo Zhenxiao and the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain, could not help but narrow their eyes and twitch the veins at the corners of their eyes.

The thunderous light flickered and pa*sed.

When the dome of the sky returned to darkness once more, clusters of lightning intertwined and lit up, becoming more and more dense and intense.

It was as if they were clusters of fireworks, flaming trees, flickering above the firmament.

Along with the muffled sound of rolling thunder, the pressure of the two heavenly punishment thunder clouds was building up at a tremendous speed.

At the peak of the martial arts world and above and below the Heavenly Punishment, there is a gap between the two worlds.

At this level of the Hidden World, no matter how strong they are or how long they have lived, they are not willing to break through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment at will.

Once they do, it means that they will be punished by forces beyond this world.

In the long history of the world, there are only a few people who have been able to resist the punishment of the heavens.

To break through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment is already a rare feat.

Not to mention the fact that two hermits have broken through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment at the same time!

This was a spectacular sight.

“Hahahaha …… Yes, yes, yes, that’s right, why should I be the one to do the wedding clothes for you?”

The first Hidden World to break through the Heavenly Punishment Threshold laughed hideously.

The one who broke through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment after him, at this time, had a fierce light in his eyes, and without any warning, he violently raised the sky with a wave of Qi energy, which crashed into the one who was laughing.

“Old man, let’s kill each other with a fish!”

The sound of hissing resounded through the heavens.

It was accompanied by a wave of qi energy that washed out.

The two Hidden Ones, who had broken through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment, were directly entangled together!

Facing each other, the two were pressed against each other by the majestic qi they released, and instead of separating, they became “one” due to the mutual entanglement of their qi!

The next second.

In the next instant, the two spun in the air, and their qi turned into a vortex that shot out in all directions.

A final blow?

Huo Zhenxiao dragged his broken body, surrounded by blood mist, and looked at the two Hidden Worlds with his brows locked in a frown.

He let out a long breath as his gaze drifted towards Zhenjiang City.


He lightly pulled the corners of his mouth and gave a despondent smile.

“My sons and daughters, this general …… has really reached his limit!”

The two words Extreme …… had never before been spat out of Huo Zhenxiao’s mouth.

Once, he was so proud, even back when one man, one gun and one horse destroyed a city, he never felt he had reached his limit.

But this time, it had really arrived!

The extreme weakness coming from within his body was like an invisible hand dragging him into an endless abyss of darkness, and no matter how strong his will was, no matter how much he tried to contain it, it was to no avail!

A complete and utter squeezing and hollowing out!

The long-awaited moment of the fall of the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others has finally arrived!

In the end, Huo Zhenxiao’s drifting gaze locked onto the lone figure in Zhenjiang City.

“Senior Brother, handsome, isn’t it?”


Chen Dong’s voice came out.

Huo Zhenxiao smiled more happily, but his expression slowly turned serious.

“My general’s time has come, Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Chen Dong, listen to the order!”

Every word, even if it was a voice transmission, was still resounding and firm. , and

On the head of Zhenjiang City.

Chen Dong dropped to one knee with a bang.

Immediately afterwards, Huo Zhenxiao’s military orders came.

“Zhenjiang City can be broken, and the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry can be destroyed, Chen Dong, you must not make a move!”


Chen Dong was struck by thunder as he suddenly raised his head, anger churning in his eyes as he looked straight at Huo Zhenxiao in the distant sky.

Why are you still using military orders to force me not to fight?

The anger that filled his heart was tumbling out.

At this moment, it was as if a volcano had built up in Chen Dong’s chest, desperately wanting to explode out.

His lips opened and he spoke a word that should not have appeared in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army.

“The last general, resist orders!”

Four simple words, resolute and firm.

Soldiers, obedience is a natural duty!

Disobeying orders in battle was anathema, and a million deaths would not be too much.

In Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, it had never happened before.

“Heh ……”

Huo Zhenxiao laughed helplessly, “Forget it, my senior brother has always disobeyed and never obeyed since he was a child, but what I want to say is that you have to trust my master, trust your eldest uncle, or rather your old ancestor!”

“This great battlefield, the world’s attention, wrapped up in a battle of tens of thousands of people, he …… could not have remained unconcerned.”

“He has his choices, he has his plans, he is the chess player, whether you or I, are just pawns, what the pawns should do is to follow the decision of the chess player to make a move!”

He has his plans.

But Chen Dong did not listen to them, but they seemed particularly harsh.

The chess player?

A pawn?

In this battlefield, with its white bones and mountains of blood, are all pawns?

He has his plans, why does he hesitate to make a move?

“BullSh*t chess player!”

Chen Dong rose angrily and cursed.

The words had not yet fallen.

Boom click!

A cluster of circular thunderbolts burst out from the two heavenly punishment thunderclouds, and immediately expanded rapidly, the lightning dazzlingly illuminating the sky.

The next second.

The two Heavenly Punishment Thunderclouds were violently stirred up by the tug of this circular lightning.

Like two pots of boiling water, they became uncontrollable.

Dense thunderbolts of Heavenly Punishment lightning shot out from the two Heavenly Punishment Lightning Clouds, colliding with each other, each collision like a bomb explosion, breaking out more thunderbolts, which then continued to collide with other thunderbolts.

The sound is so loud that it shakes the heavens and the earth.

The fearful pressure is majestic.

All of heaven and earth was filled with this endless lightning, a white blur.

“It’s coming!”

One of the Hidden Ones said in a deep voice.

Almost at the same time, the four hidden people moved in unison and retreated quickly.

But after retreating some distance, the four of them fiercely opened their eyes.

In their sight, a figure, instead of retreating, advanced.

Like a stream of light, he rushed towards the centre of the Heavenly Punishment Thunderstorm descending.

“Has he gone mad?”

“What the hell does the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain want?”

“Two heavenly punishment thunderclaps, not only will the two Daoist brothers die, Huo Zhenxiao will definitely die as well, even the place where the thunderclaps will descend will be ploughed three feet into the ground… What does the old ghost of Yinshan want, to seek his own death?”