Winner Takes All Chapter 1878

Rumble ……

In the sky, thunder struck.

The thunderous lightning scorched the heavens, instantly filling the heavens and the earth with blinding white light.

Layers and layers of black clouds surge violently, pressing down across the sky, wanting to suppress everything.

Breaking through the threshold, the Heavenly Punishment descended.

At this moment, the Hidden World, who had broken through the threshold of the Heavenly Punishment, was surrounded by the whistling of the astral wind and his Qi energy, and his entire aura rose up like a mountain from the ground.

His aura rose up from the ground like a mountain. He was terrifying and overbearing.

It was as if a lofty mountain stood in the middle of the sea of blood.

The fierce qi energy even directly split this Hidden World from the sea of blood, making them distinct from each other.


The hidden man hissed fiercely, facing the blood-coloured lance that was approaching, and his majestic qi instantly converged on his throat.

A loud buzz!

There was a loud sound, along with a dragon roar.

The silver dragon lance in Huo Zhenxiao’s hand, the moment it touched the Qi energy, was like a lance stabbing a bronze wall, merely suppressing the Qi energy into a small spiral-shaped crater.

Immediately, boundless blood poured out all around the hidden world, but it was still blocked by the fierce qi.

The difference between the Heavenly Punishment and the above was as terrifying as this!

“What a pity for senior.”

Huo Zhenxiao’s eyebrows knitted lightly, and while he was lost, his mouth was teasing.

This sound of pity was like a sharp needle piercing this recluse’s heart.

He instantly cracked his jaw and became furious.

“Get lost!”

The Hidden Man’s tongue burst into thunder, and his majestic qi boomed like a tidal wave as it crashed into Huo Zhenxiao.

Huo Zhenxiao was expecting this, and the blood around his body suddenly reeled backwards, pulling himself back and flying out at a faster speed than he had just rushed in, like a ghost, into the vast sea of blood.

“Old ghost of Yin Mountain, I’ll throw your mother!”

The Hidden World jumped like a thunderstorm, his face full of veins, twitching violently.

The old ghost of Yinshan looked as normal and said calmly, “Brother Dao, someone should put in the effort to break this stalemate, thank you very much.”

After saying this, he clasped his hands together and bowed respectfully to the Hidden World.

His words and actions were grand and righteous.

However, in the eyes of the several hidden people behind him, the crowd was complicated.

Everyone wanted someone to break through the threshold of heavenly punishment and break the dilemma.

No one wanted to be the one to break through the threshold of heavenly punishment.

But all that had happened before and after had brought shame to their hearts.

They were not foolish, but on the contrary, they were all human beings.

They had been surprised when the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain had rescued this Hidden World.

Now, they all understood!

That was not a rescue!

It was a deliberate attempt to pull in a shield in the name of rescue!

The thunder and lightning were used as firewood to contain the golden threads of Gou Chen in the hands of the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain to the maximum extent possible.

There is nothing safer than a human shield of the Hidden World!

It’s just that no one expected this shield to be used so soon!

“The old ghost’s calculations are so ruthless!”

One of the Hermits rebuked in a deep voice.

The words had just left his mouth.

One of the Hidden Worlds beside him snorted, “Don’t be a cousin, this is the result everyone wants, who made Dao Brother unlucky?”

Rumble ……

The heavenly thunder coalesced with terrifying and fierce power, accompanied by the accumulating thunder of the Dao, becoming more and more ferocious.

When a burst of electric light stirred, shining the heaven and earth white after.

But the endless lightning suddenly fell back into the thick black clouds of heavenly thunder.

Darkness, once again, pressed in.

It rendered the heaven and earth invisible.

But the sound of thunder was even more dense and muffled.

The currents in them were also more and more rampant.

On Zhenjiang City.

Chen Dong looked complexly at the dark dome of the sky in the distance.

If the dome of the sky was compared to a canvas, the colour of that side of the dome of the sky was completely like an ink stain, very different from the dome of the sky around it.

“Senior brother, you’re really handsome!”

Chen Dong smiled extremely bitterly.

With his own strength, he had pulled this top fight to such a situation, who else in the world was Huo Zhenxiao?

The next result was already clear to Chen Dong.

Looking at the thick black clouds that were as frightening as a prison, the electric currents interspersed within them seemed to be the final verdict on Huo Zhenxiao!

After the balance of power was completely lost, Huo Zhenxiao, who was already weak, would be defeated like a tsunami!

Even a god could not save him!

“Brother Dao, time waits for no one, so you should make a move!”

Looking at the Hidden Man who had broken through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment, some Hidden Men could not help but urge on.

“Right, Brother Dao, sacrifice your body for mercy, kill your body for righteousness, you have already broken through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment, so don’t hesitate!”

“Brother Dao, break through this sea of blood as soon as possible, we will all remember the great kindness and virtue!”


No one bothered to blame the old ghost of Yin Mountain for being despicable, but instead they scrambled to urge the hidden world to break through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment.

Such a face was simply disgusting!


“Hahahaha …… Who is Old Man to be a dowry for you?”

The Hidden World’s hair and beard spread, laughing as he turned to face the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others, “Old Ghost of Yin Mountain, such vile and sordid tactics, asking the old man to be a dowry for you, dream on! In the next life, in the next life, in the next life, I will fight you to the death!”

Every word was a torrent of resentment.

It was as if he had completely swung for the fences and given up resistance.

The old ghost of Yin Mountain was confused.

The five remaining Hidden Worlds were also confused.

There was a short silence.

A cold aura shot out of the old ghost’s eyes, and his qi reeled backwards, and he actually vanish into the distance on the spot.

Almost simultaneously.

The Hidden Man who had broken through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment roared, “Nephew Zhen Xiao, I will help you before I die!”


At this moment, a majestic and tremendous qi burst out from the body of the Hidden Man and shot up into the sky, directly into the heavenly punishment thunder cloud above his head.

Like water poured into a frying pan, the silent and dull Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud stirred up in an instant.

A trace of electric current descended from the sky and spread all around this hidden world.


This Hidden Man threw back his head and spurted out a mouthful of blood, laughing fiercely.

Under the horrified gazes of the crowd of hidden people, his body swayed and directly disappeared in place.

“Crazy, he’s gone crazy!”

“D*mn, are you sick, old dog?”

“We’re the ones who are together, you back-stabbing ally!”

Several of the Hidden Worlds were about to crack on the spot, all of them cursing as they drew back and flew back.

The first to react, Old Ghost of Yin Mountain, was the one who had pulled the furthest away and became the safest.

After rushing out of the distance in a flash, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain suddenly turned his head and looked at the five Hidden Worlds who were running away in the distance, and a smug smile could not help but appear at the corner of his mouth.

The next second.

The vanished Hidden World appeared like a ghost in front of a Hidden World.

The flying beard and hair, the spouting facial features, showed all the hideous ferocity.

“Who the hell is back-stabbing an ally?”

“I will fight with you!”

With a roar of rage, the death-shrouded Hidden Man squeezed out a sentence from his teeth.


The Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud, which was already accumulating pressure, at this moment, the terrifying pressure surged again.

The majestic Qi was instantly centred on the two Hidden Ones, sweeping across the land like a tsunami rolling backwards.

The second Hermit has broken through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment!