Winner Takes All Chapter 1877

The vault of heaven is the cauldron and the thunder and lightning are the firewood.

What kind of a masterstroke is this?

Even a group of hermits would not dare to imagine it.

But now, it was happening right in front of their eyes, and the people being cooked were the seven of them!

Zizi …… Zizi ……

The electric currents around them became more and more pronounced, and one could even clearly see the currents flowing on the hooked golden silk.

The dense, blood-coloured water bubbles, boiling and pulsating, caused the air on this side of the vault of heaven to tremble and distort in response.

The old ghost of Yinshan frowned into a Sichuan frown, looking at the increasingly dense and obvious electric currents on the golden threads surrounding his body, he fiercely gritted his teeth and waved his right hand.

Whoosh whoosh ……

The golden threads of hook Chen flowed through the air, tearing the wind.

In the blink of an eye.

It was then all recovered by the old ghost of Yin Mountain.

“Old Ghost of Yin Mountain, you are quite quick to react!”

A Hidden World man said in a deep voice.

The crowd looked towards the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.

Before Huo Zhenxiao had used this move, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain, who had the hooked golden silk surrounding his body, had the highest safety margin.

Even if the hooked golden silk could not make the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain absolutely invincible, it was definitely enough to save his life in the face of Huo Zhenxiao’s sneak attack!

But now, the vault of heaven was the cauldron, and lightning was the firewood.

The attributes of the Golden Silk of Gou Chen were simply made for this move to be enchanted.

Once the threshold was reached and it was urged out, through the conduction of the Hook Chen Golden Silk, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain would definitely be the most injured among the seven of them!

“Humph! Even if I can’t use the golden threads to protect my body, I can still use them at critical moments, so I’m still safer than these means of yours!”

The old ghost of Yin Mountain snorted and scanned the surroundings with deep eyebrows, “Well well well, such a gesture, I’m afraid even your master, Daojun Chen, would find it difficult to think of it.”

When martial artists reach a certain level, flying flowers and plucking leaves can injure people, truly all gra*s and wood are weapons.

At their level, it was even more so.

It was nothing more than taking certain forces of nature and subtly linking them together to bring out greater power.

But how much brain power must it take to be able to link the forces of the firmament and thunder and lightning together?

Boom ka!

Boom ka!

Boom ka!


Dense thunderbolts, as if the dome of the sky had a loophole, poured down like mad.

The darkness of this side of the sky was completely dispelled.

The stirring currents turned into countless electric snakes, weaving through the long sky.

More currents, however, seemed to be pulled by an invisible force in the dark, and converged towards the sea of blood.

The endless bubbles of blood that rose up, under the impetus of the electric currents, continued to split and surge, trembling and pulsating, engulfing and wrapping the seven hidden worlds.

And, the temperature was climbing rapidly!

From the previously uneventful level, it had soon climbed to the point where smoke was rising densely as far as the eye could see.

The soaring temperature around them made the faces of each and every one of the hidden people look ugly, as if they were facing a great enemy.

“If we don’t find a way to break out, we’ll be cooked to death!”

One of the Hidden Ones shouted in a deep voice.

“Humph! Do you think we don’t want to break out? Trapped in this sea of blood, Huo Zhenxiao’s qi is constantly attacking our bodies and interfering with our qi flow, so it’s extremely difficult to break out of this sea of blood, not to mention that Huo Zhenxiao hasn’t even shown himself yet!”

“Cooking us to death isn’t scary, it’s the Huo Zhenxiao who’s hiding in the shadows waiting for his chance to move!”

“D*mn it! Everyone knows how to break out, but everyone is just unwilling to use it!”

One by one, the Hidden World broke into curses.

Deep down, they were more afraid of Huo Zhenxiao who had “disappeared” than the rapidly rising temperature around them!

At this moment, Huo Zhenxiao was like a ghost in the darkness of the night, everyone knew that he was nearby, and everyone knew that he was waiting for his prey.

But no one knows for sure where he is or who he will strike first!

Not to mention that this vast sea of blood is under the control of Huo Zhenxiao!

The sky is a cauldron, lightning is firewood, and Huo Zhenxiao is also in control!

They could rely on their strength to hold on as the temperature soared.

But once Huo Zhenxiao in the shadows strikes, it’s sure to be a one-two punch!

And …… it was still a vicious circle, the further they dragged it out, the higher the temperature, the more disadvantaged their position became.

“Humph! Who wants to break the threshold of heavenly punishment and attract it?”

“Yes, we are not idiots, of course we know that after breaking through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment, we will be strong enough to break free from this sea of blood, but since the Heavenly Punishment is coming, who will resist? Whoever resists will die!”

The arguments of several hermits brought the situation to a dead end once again.


Suddenly, a crisp thunderclap sounded diagonally.

“Watch out!”

The face of the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain, who was not involved in the argument and had always watched the situation on the battlefield, changed greatly.


While shouting a warning, the Old Ghost of Yinshan directly shook his hand and flung out the hooked golden silk in his hand.

The golden thread shot up a burst of electricity and flew towards one of the Hidden Worlds.

Only then did the crowd realise that an arm-thick thunderbolt had coalesced in the slanting sea of blood and was heading for the hidden man.

In a flash of lightning.

The golden silk wrapped around the waist of the hidden man and yanked fiercely, narrowly but narrowly helping the hidden man to avoid the lightning that was shooting at him.

“Thank you, Brother Ghost!”

A cold sweat broke out on his back as he hurriedly thanked the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.

The rest of the Hidden Ones also gave the Old Ghost of Yinshan a surprised and dismayed look.

At their level, even in the face of such a dangerous situation, they still had misgivings, but no one had expected that the Old Ghost of Yinshan would save them at a critical moment.

“We are all gra*shoppers on the same rope, so if we don’t save them, are we waiting to be slaughtered by Huo Zhenxiao?”

With a wave of his sleeve and robe, the old ghost of Yinshan retrieved the golden silk of Gou Chen, looked at the rescued Hidden World who was close at hand and said with great righteousness.

At these words.

The crowd revealed their admiration.

Rumble ……

The sea of blood suddenly shook as if ten thousand horses were galloping.

The blood-coloured bubbles around them were now tumbling with smoke, clashing fiercely against each other.

Thunder and lightning, at this moment, were even pouring down, illuminating the sky dome in an incomparably blinding white.

The sudden change caused everyone’s heart and soul to tremble, and they hurriedly put their heads on alert.

“Old ghost of Yin Mountain, since you are so righteous, let’s start with you!”

Almost simultaneously, Huo Zhenxiao’s voice sounded like the God of Death pronouncing a verdict.

“Brother Ghost, be careful behind you!”

The rescued Hidden World’s face changed drastically, and immediately rushed towards the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.

Even without looking back, he could clearly sense the monstrous killing intent closing in behind him.

The crisis of death was as strong as ever!

A dragon’s roar sounded at the same time.

In the eyes of the rest of the Hidden World, Huo Zhenxiao appeared behind the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain like a ghost, wrapped in a sea of blood, with his silver dragon spear spewing out blood, stabbing at the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.

Once it hit, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain would be killed instantly!


There was a sudden change.

“Fellow Daoist, it is time for you to return the favour!”

The expression of the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain steeply shaded to the extreme, a cold glint in his eyes, and a sinister smile curved at the corners of his mouth.


The rescued Hidden World had just reached the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and watched the change in the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain as a chill suddenly arose.


A sound of breaking wind.

The hooked golden silk wrapped directly around the waist of this Hidden World.

As he cried out, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain yanked hard and directly exchanged positions with him.

The rescued Hidden Man was in a state of panic and his scalp was exploding.

Seeing the scarlet silver dragon lance at his throat, he cursed, “Old ghost, you’re playing dirty!”


At the same time as he cursed, the Hidden World’s Qi surged up around him, setting off a tornado that shot straight up into the clouds.

The tornado was so strong that it tore out a void in the vast sea of blood.

At the same time.

His aura skyrocketed, climbing upwards.

In the sky, the already dense thunder and lightning suddenly fell silent.

Thick black clouds coalesced in this instant and pressed down across the sky.

Breakthrough, the threshold of heavenly punishment!