Winner Takes All Chapter 1868

The voice was hoarse with an austere and untamed confidence.

So firm that it was as if this sentence was the sentence of death!

A single word was spoken.

The faces of the eleven people, including the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain, changed drastically, and an evil chill swept through their bodies.

Some of them were so unstable that they couldn’t help but take a step back when they met Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes.

Huo Zhenxiao’s voice seemed to melt into the wind, lingering for a long time in the ears of the Hidden World.


After a short silence.

“Heh, heh …… hahaha ……”

One of the hermit people suddenly laughed and laughed louder and louder, laughing back and forth.

The hermits present, after being dumbfounded for a moment, also revealed self-deprecating smiles.

They all had to die?

What a joke!

A toad yawning – what a big mouth!

In their view, Huo Zhenxiao’s words were nothing more than the grandiloquent words of someone who was about to die.

Even though …… Huo Zhenxiao’s words and eyes made them all sense the chill of death.

However, a person who has used the secret method of stealing the sky to enhance his strength and has just dedicated twenty years of his life, not to say that he has run out of oil, he is definitely at the end of his rope.

The end of a strong crossbow is in decline!

What was he doing before he could destroy them?

Boom, boom, boom ……

The sound of cannon fire once again filled heaven and earth.

The vanished battlefield of Purgatory below also reappeared.

Tragic, murderous, a purgatory on earth!

An endless sea of people flocked to Zhenjiang City like moths to a flame.

The golden pillars of light from The Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts, like a blazing sun falling to earth, swept across and cleared the field time and again, weaving back and forth between the three mountains of corpses and blood outside the city walls.

The Hermits were still laughing.

Knowing full well that Huo Zhenxiao’s words were an impossibility, they were all afraid for one just now.

These smiles were all the stronger for self-deprecation!

Perhaps Huo Zhenxiao could indeed kill a few more of them, but to destroy them all would be a complete fantasy.

Only one person had never shown the slightest smile from start to finish.

This man was, of course, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.

On the contrary, after Huo Zhenxiao had said those words, his expression had become increasingly grave, very different from the hidden people present.

He was calm.

Especially after experiencing the battle with Xu Qingfeng at the Xiongnu King’s Palace at that time, it had taught him an unprecedented lesson.

That battle had almost broken him.

And initially, when several of them from the Hidden World surrounded Xu Qingfeng, their state was no different from these people now.

Having experienced it, it was profound, and so it was more calm.

When the cannon fire reappeared and the Purgatory battlefield resumed.

The old ghost of Yinshan’s brow knitted tightly into a frown as he stood tall and looked down into the endless stretches of battlefield below.

Eventually, in a burst of laughter, he closed his eyes for three seconds and a long breath came out of his mouth and nose.

“To be able to have so many of us fall under an illusionary spell without noticing it, and yet you still think he’s making a big deal out of it, it’s ridiculous, it’s like seeking death!”

This was what was going through the mind of the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.

However, he did not intend to say it out loud.

With all that was going on in front of him, if he were to speak out again to remind them, instead of arousing the crowd’s vigilance, he would even be ridiculed by them instead.

But truly, they had reached their level.

Top of the world in every way, Huo Zhenxiao was able to comfortably get them into and out of the illusion without them noticing.

On this point alone, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain was convinced by Huo Chenxiao’s words!

A dead friend of the Way is not a poor friend of the Way.

Just like the battle with Xu Qingfeng at the Xiongnu King’s Palace, the Old Ghost of Yinshan already had a silent plan in mind.

Quietly, his eyes took on a few more sinister and ruthless moments.

“Come and fight!”

Huo Zhenxiao held his spear in his right hand, and his hands suddenly spread out towards the left and right.

In an instant.

The wind was gusting and the blood mist was tossing, carrying with it ripples that spread out towards the sky in all directions.

At this moment, Huo Zhenxiao’s white hair was dancing around like a madman, and it was as if he was in the middle of a great sea of blood, becoming a demon!


The people of the Hidden World, who were laughing, felt the air around them being squeezed instantly.

A gust of blood-smelling gale came crashing down on them.

The crowd’s smiles froze abruptly.

“It’s gone!”

A hermit was the first to exclaim.

Almost simultaneously.

Including the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain, all the hidden people converged towards the centre almost simultaneously.

They were self-deprecating and underestimating at the same time.

But they were not so arrogant as to defend themselves in place.

Whether it was a battle between two armies or a life and death struggle.

It is always the truth to add layers and layers of advantage to create an overwhelming force.

And they, in numbers, have the greatest advantage!


“Dragon Soaring to the Nine Heavens!”

Huo Zhenxiao’s tongue burst into thunder as the spear in his hand stabbed out brazenly.

In an instant.

A dragon’s roar shook the heavens and the earth.

Where the lance stabbed out, the air distorted, and a majestic and vast blood mist instantly surged along the lance, transforming into a tens of metres long blood dragon that erupted into an ear-piercing dragon roar, charging directly towards the Hidden World people who were about to converge.

Wherever it pa*sed, the sea of blood tossed, and even the air was torn apart with cracks!

“Quickly scatter!”

The old ghost of Yinshan had the intention to be on guard, and looked at the blood dragon that rendered half of the sky in blood colour, and his jealousy split.

He took the lead and moved out without looking back.

The rest of the Hidden World, however, hesitated and retreated in this instant, but more continued to converge towards the centre.

They all sensed the terror of this strike.

However, there were so many people that they still did not believe that Huo Zhenxiao could really do what he said.

Gathered together, they could all strike together and still remain safe and sound!

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

In a flash of lightning, the four Hidden Worlds had already gathered together, and without the slightest hesitation, all four of them struck at the same time.

An explosion roared, and the blood dragon roared, competing with each other in the sky.

The moment the four Qi coils left the four Hidden Ones, they merged together and turned into a giant coil that was even thicker than the Blood Dragon, facing the Blood Dragon with a decisive force.

At this moment, time seemed to be slowed down.

Whether it was the old ghosts of Yin Mountain who were hiding or the hidden people who were hesitantly standing still, they all stared at this scene with rounded eyes.

Perhaps …… this was also the blow that verified the truth of Huo Zhenxiao’s wild words!

The sound of artillery fire, shouting and killing …… and everything else, at this moment, it was as if they had all become accompaniment and also seemed as if they were no longer so important.

The tens of meters of blood dragon, a forward.

But on the opposite side, it is even thicker than it is, like a big wave mountain pushing across the Qi train.

The clash of the small and the huge.

A blast of blood and nothingness.

Judging from its size alone, the Blood Dragon was completely at a disadvantage.


The moment the two touched, heaven and earth were silenced.

Like a nuclear bomb explosion, the moment the Blood Dragon was submerged in the mountain-like Qi coils, a giant mushroom cloud of blood-coloured streams of light rose into the air, its umbrella growing larger and larger, spreading out in all directions in the silence.

“Hahahaha …… I told you, he’s simply talking out of his a*s, how dare a yellow-haired kid make wild claims!”

One of the four striking Hidden Worlds laughed out loud in triumph at this point.

The biting qi energy that surrounded the four men resisted the terrifying shockwave formed by the strike.



Facing them instead came Huo Zhenxiao’s one word of murderous intent.

“Not good!”

The remaining three Hidden Worlds who had struck out simultaneously had their faces change drastically, as white as paper!