Winner Takes All Chapter 1865

The dark, oppressive vault of heaven.

A stream of qi streaked across the sky, tearing through the firmament and colliding somewhere, sending ripples of terror through the air.

The most striking of them all was the figure covered in a vapour of blood mist.

Out of the corner of his eye, he was domineering.

Facing the twelve Hidden Worlds, Huo Zhenxiao froze, one man and one gun, fighting them back and forth, attacking each other instead of purely resisting and being suppressed.

This scene, if it could be broadcast live to the world, would be enough to silence the world.

And this battle would be enough to completely seal Huo Zhenxiao as a god!

Once, Huo Zhenxiao’s name was so fierce and mighty that it stretched across the Northern Region, chilling all tribes and stopping little children from crying at night.

But that one man, one gun, one horse, and one city were only a shadow of “a mortal’s body is comparable to a god’s” to the world.

This battle, however, was a true exercise of the gods.

One man alone was able to break up thirteen hidden people, kill one man in front of the battlefield, and fight back and forth with twelve hidden people.

If such a battle were to be accomplished, it would be enough to establish a temple and become a god!

You should know that in that battle, although Huo Zhenxiao faced thousands of troops and a majestic city, Huo Zhenxiao’s strength, although also dangerous enough, was far less than this battle now.

What he was facing now was the best group of warriors in the world!

And it was as a junior, with a strength weaker than this group of top warriors, that he cut across the path of twelve hidden worlds with the strength of one man.

If it wasn’t for Huo Zhenxiao, if the twelve Hidden Ones hadn’t arrived at Zhenjiang City, they would have broken the city in a matter of breath!

“D*mn it! What kind of secret technique did he use? His strength has increased so much and he has avoided the Heavenly Punishment and Lightning Tribulation, but why did it last so long?”

A Hidden World cursed out in anger.

This cursing was like pouring water into a boiling pot of oil, causing the other hidden people to curse and exclaim.

“It shouldn’t be, there’s no way such a secret technique exists in the world! Even if he, Daojun Chen, was a thousand-year-old monster, he would never be able to delve into such a secret method!”

“It completely defies the laws of power growth, defies the realm limits, what the hell kind of secret technique is this?”


Listening to the curses of the Hidden World people.

Huo Zhenxiao’s blood-covered face overflowed with a look of outlandish and untamed laughter.

The more panicked the enemy was, the more it was a compliment to him.

It was indeed an honour to make twelve of the world’s top hermits lose their composure like this.

As they cursed, even their attacks became disorderly.

The moment they struck together, they blocked all of Huo Zhenxiao’s paths of retreat, but instead, they were full of flaws.

“Calm down! This is a secret technique, it won’t last long at all. If we delay, we can definitely delay until he runs out of gas!”

The Old Ghost of Yin Mountain’s rebuke resounded through the heavens.

The Hidden Ones were quickly calmed down by this rebuke, and their attacks, which had been riddled with flaws, once again regained their previous harsh momentum.


Huo Zhenxiao’s starry eyes shone brightly as he saw the twelve trains of Qi energy shooting through the air, and the silver dragon spear in his hand stabbed out boldly.

The blood mist instantly rolled backwards and expanded out brutally with the silver dragon lance.

The moment it collided with the twelve qi coils, it annihilated all twelve of them.

The terrifying shockwave distorted the air and wreaked havoc in all directions.

“Be careful!”

Almost simultaneously, one of the Hidden Worlds warned in a stern voice.

Old Ghost Yinshan and the others were simultaneously shaken, but when they looked at Huo Zhenxiao, who was surrounded in the centre, they were somewhat stunned.

After Huo Zhenxiao had blocked the attack of the twelve Hidden Worlds with one blow, he did not make the next move, but stood in the air with the help of his qi propulsion.

Given their combat experience, this was simply not scientific.

After defending against such an attack, the optimal solution would clearly be for Chen Sheng to pursue the attack!


After a brief moment of dismay, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others’ scalps exploded at the same time.

Whether in terms of strength or combat experience, they were already among the best in the world.

This moment of dismay made them instantly understand what was going on!


The Old Ghost of Yin Mountain made a split-second decision.

Almost as soon as the words were spoken, the eleven Hidden Worlds around him were already stirring up their Qi and converging towards him.

The figure surrounded by blood and mist that had been standing in the sky was like a bubble, and was distorted and disintegrated by the after-effects of the qi surging in all directions.

In a flash of lightning.

The Hermits frantically stirred up their Qi energy and gathered together.

But that shadow-like sense of death crisis loomed over everyone, including the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.


A low, deep voice, permeated with endless killing intent, resounded through the heavens.

“Hidden Dragon Kill!”


The sound was like a thunderclap, resounding through the heavens.

A terrifying killing intent as majestic as a prison suddenly poured down from even higher in the sky.

The old ghosts of Yin Mountain looked up at the same time and saw the blood mist that splashed the sky converge to the tip of the spear, and as Huo Zhenxiao stabbed out, a blood-coloured pale dragon accompanied by the sound of a dragon’s roar, stabbed down with a bang.

The killing intent was as terrifying as a mountain.

Even though the Hidden World had already discerned the situation in an instant.

But as the lance fell, the blood dragon fell to the ground, and the moment it turned the sky into blood, it swallowed up the last of the hidden people.

The screams of misery resounded through the air.

When the blood dragon crossed the border, the hidden man disappeared into thin air!

One more person was killed!

The Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others were completely dumbfounded.

An unspeakable chill swept up from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads, and their scalps exploded.

When Huo Zhenxiao had killed the first Hidden Man, they had been afraid, but their great strength and absolute numerical superiority had only given them a moment of fear.

But now, the second Hidden Man was killed on the spot.

But now, the second hermit had been killed on the spot, and they could not suppress the fear that had risen from the bottom of their hearts.

This feeling was unfamiliar to them.

It was so strange that they could not remember the last time it had happened.

And yet it was familiar.

So familiar that every time they experienced it, they would never forget it.

Killing the first one had the potential to be a stroke of luck.

Killing the second one, however, proved that Huo Zhenxiao had the possibility of continuing to kill all of them present!

“What, what should we do? This F**king God of Killers is alive!”

After a brief period of silence, one of the Hidden Worlds was the first to speak, but his voice trembled a little.

The faces of the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others changed and changed.

They could go on when they were dead daoists, but when they were going to die poor daoists, this battle would have to be weighed up.

“This secret method has avoided the Heavenly Punishment Lightning Tribulation, but if someone invites the Heavenly Punishment Lightning Tribulation, will it split this killing god along with him?”

Someone suggested, “If we continue, we don’t know how long this God of Killers will last… we can only stop the damage in time by cutting it quick!”


The moment these words were spoken.

The eleven Hidden Worlds, however, looked at each other with disbelief.

They, not infrequently, were able to break through the Heavenly Punishment and invoke the lightning tribulation.

However, there was a question mark as to whether the Heavenly Punishment Thunderclap would strike Huo Zhenxiao, but it would definitely strike the one who had broken through the threshold of the Heavenly Punishment.

This is a life-for-life solution!

But the key is, who will deliver the life?