Winner Takes All Chapter 1863





In the darkness of the battlefield, a starry light shone brightly, spreading across the corner where the mountain of corpses and blood had previously stood, overwhelmingly.

The endless stream of barbarians approached like a tidal wave, but the moment they touched, they all turned into a mist of blood in a bizarre manner.

The sight of this crushing sight lifted the spirits of the originally discouraged Great Snow Dragon Riders.

Darkness is never scary.

What is frightening is not being able to see the light in the darkness.

The sound of shouting and killing echoed from the top of Zhenjiang City.

Along with a loud and earth-shaking cannon blast, a cannonball poured down on the battlefield.

With the power of the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram, they crushed the barbarian rongwu that had converged on them time and again.

“It should be about to turn around.”

Chen Dong always watched the situation on the battlefield, his face as gloomy as water.

From the time Qin Ye had unleashed the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts to now, it was only a mere few breaths of time, yet it had inflicted huge casualties on the Hundred Clans Allied Army. With such a terrifying clearing speed, as long as the middle command of the Hundred Clans Allied Army was not stupid, they would inevitably soon re-choose the place to lay out the mountain of corpses and blood.

This cup of supreme deterrence will become incomparably chicken once it is turned around with the Hundred Allied Army.

And ……

Chen Dong subconsciously cast his gaze above the dome of the sky in the distant battlefield.

“Can senior brother …… really hold out?”

The voice was low and tinged with uncertainty.

Even if Huo Zhenxiao had faced the thirteen Hidden Worlds before, he had already displayed a battle prowess that made people look up to him.

However, Chen Dong still felt uneasy and worried about the situation Huo Zhenxiao was in.

One against twelve, even if the secret method had raised Huo Zhenxiao’s battle power above the Heavenly Punishment, and even discarded the Heavenly Punishment Coalescence.

However, the situation was still no less dangerous.

Not to mention, the cost of using the secret method was absolutely tragic.

Moreover, it would not last for too long.

Once Huo Zhenxiao couldn’t support himself and his Great Snow Dragon Rider Army’s Battle Flag fell, it would be terrible news for the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army and Zhenjiang City!

Looking at the distant aerial battlefield that was churning with blood.

Chen Dong clenched his fist, his gaze constantly alternating back and forth between the distant battlefield and Fengless in front of him.

If he was able to make a move, the pressure on the ground Huo Zhenxiao was in was bound to be greatly reduced.

It was even possible for him to join forces with Huo Zhenxiao and kill a few more Hidden Worlds.

However, Huo Zhenxiao had strictly ordered him not to do so!

For the sake of that illusory guess, Huo Zhenxiao was already gambling with his life!

“Target: thirty degrees to the northwest, artillery coverage!”

Suddenly, a brash order from the city head pulled Chen Dong back into reality.

His gaze froze, instantly discerning the direction and looking extremely far away.

With this look, the depression on his face intensified.

Everything was as he had expected, the charge of the allied army of the Hundred Tribes …… had turned!

The battlefield was vast and endless.

Countless numbers of the allied army rongwu, as if it was a tidal wave, reversed direction at a speed visible to the naked eye and surged towards the other direction of the northern city wall.

Almost simultaneously.

The sound of artillery fire, which rushed up to the sky and split the earth, shocked the sky.

The shells, trailing long flaming tails, poured out in one direction like shooting stars.

In the end, a mushroom cloud of flames, wrapped in countless limbs and broken arms, rose into the air amidst the sound of an explosion.

But ……

The firepower of this kind became few and far between compared to that of the vast allied army.

It was the same as the initial scene at the outbreak of the Great War.

The allied troops were in a frenzy, lunging towards the city walls.

The artillery fire did not stop them from slowing down.

It even became a foil for them.

The shelling quickly turned them into flesh and blood, piling them up and building them higher and higher.

Blood gurgled down the corpses, flowing into the large craters in the ground that had been bombarded by the artillery fire, forming a seeping pool of blood.

But in the rear, the Hundred Allied Forces still did not stop their charge.

Death, perhaps, was no longer worth mentioning in their minds.

The only reason they were advancing was to get close to the city walls, to step on the bodies of their companions, to meet a shell that fell from the sky, and then, like their companions beneath their feet, to turn into a bloody corpse, building a road of corpses for the allied troops further back to the city walls.

“D*mn, this is madness! These barbarians are just looking for death!”

“Come on, let’s fight them! All of you draw your swords!”

“The last general will live and die with Zhenjiang City!”


The shouts of killing and screaming resounded from the top of the city.

As they saw the mountain of corpses and blood being built up higher and higher, the Great Snow Dragon Riders who were already red-eyed from the city head raised their swords and surged towards the city head where the mountain of corpses and blood was built up.

As Chen Dong looked at the mountain of corpses and blood, his right hand once again fell on the hilt of his bladeless sword.

Someone had to stand up!

He was the leading guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, so he should have stood up long ago!

This …… was what he had come to Zhenjiang City for!


Buzzing rumble!

A dull humming sound resounded once again in the dimly lit vault of the sky.

The radiant golden lotus that tore through the sky was now moving strangely with the humming sound.

A pillar of light moved with it, connecting the sky to the earth while all converging towards the new mountain of corpses and blood.

“This is ……”

Chen Dong was horrified, his face full of disbelief.

Didn’t Qin Ye say that he could only activate a very small portion of the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts?

The next second.


The light was so bright that it was like a blazing sun falling to the ground.

The moment the pillar of light was fixed, using the city wall as the starting point, the mountainous cry pushed out horizontally towards the outside of the battlefield.

It was overwhelming and overwhelming, destroying everything.

The new mountain of corpses and blood and the approaching allied troops of the Hundred Clans were crushed into a mist of blood in an instant by the golden light.

As the blood mist rose, a large void was also left in front of the city walls.

A sudden scene.

Chen Dong froze.

The red-eyed Great Snow Dragon riders on the city were also frozen.

The allied troops of the Hundred Tribes who were charging to their deaths further away also froze.

Even Huo Zhenxiao and the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the others could not help but lurch at the same time.

“D*mn it! This formation has clearly only activated a very small portion of it, so why is the might still being transferred?”

The Old Ghost of Yin Mountain was the first to break out in curses.

Following closely behind, one by one, the Hidden World also cursed.

With their experience, the scene they had just witnessed was completely beyond their knowledge!

Even the giants who had studied formations were still astonished by what they had just seen.

If a formation was fully activated, the person controlling the formation would indeed be able to direct the formation as if it were his arm.

However, the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram that protected Zhenjiang City was only able to activate a very small portion of it from the initial launch.

The formation could not even be fully activated, let alone be able to use it like an arm to strike anywhere!

And yet, this scene just happened!

Just as Chen Dong was stunned, Qin Ye’s voice, tinged with a trifle of sneer, suddenly rang in his ears.

“Brother Dong, I only said that I could only activate a very small portion of the power of the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram, but I didn’t say that I couldn’t transfer this very small amount of power at will… The Marquis of Martial Arts is the best in history, and this is what makes the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram truly powerful!”