Winner Takes All Chapter 1862


The shouts of killing rushed to the skies and split the air.

The vast and endless army of allied soldiers swallowed towards Zhenjiang City with the vastness of a mole swallowing the sky.

At this moment.

The earth and Zhenjiang City both trembled in the charge.

The artillery fire that poured down from the sky seemed weak in the face of the endless allied troops.

“Counterattack, counterattack, counterattack!”

A commander hissed as he held up his Dragon Rider sabre in his right hand, echoing off the walls of the city.

This hissing caused most of the Snow Dragon Riders who were still in shock to finally come back to their senses.

In their place, there were faces determined to die.

Fear, yes!

But more than that, there was blood and courage!

There was no way out behind them, and Zhenjiang City was the last barrier in the great domain!

Once the city was broken, what awaited the millions of barbarians would be a vast wilderness and a flat river!

“Brothers, let’s fight them!”

“Live as a man of the domain, die as a ghost of the domain!”

“There is no longer a way back behind us, the only way is to go forward!”


A roar of deathly intent resounded through the city.

On the city walls, one side of the turret poured out cannon fire like crazy.

Chen Dong stood on the city head, looking at everything around him, his face gloomy, as if a volcano was being held in his chest.

“If you won’t let me fight, then what is the purpose of summoning me here?”

Every word was a grievance.

If he had stayed away from the situation, he would have been able to remain calm and relaxed.

But now that he was on the battlefield, watching the lives of people fall before his eyes, it was as if a bayonet had been plunged into his heart, even the coldest heart had to ripple a little, not to mention that his heart …… had never cooled!

This armor of his is the Golden Armor of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s Dragon Head Guard!

It symbolizes the high status of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, a position of supremacy under one man, and also responsibility!

But now he was standing on top of the city as if he were a puppet, but he was still not involved!

Buzzing and rumbling ……

The sound of a low wind, like a drum, suddenly appeared amidst the shouting and killing.

The low wind sound seemed to be sweeping in from all directions, and it was impossible to discern the direction.

But as soon as it appeared, the air in front of the northern wall of Zhenjiang City was blurred by the sudden sound of the wind, which grew thicker and thicker, and one could even clearly catch a golden ray of light weaving in and out of it.


A golden ball of light bloomed like a lotus flower above the blackened firmament.

The streaks of golden threads intermingled in the air swooshed backwards up into the sky and converged into a golden lotus flower.

Immediately, a golden lotus flower, like a pair of giant hands, quickly tore a gaping hole in the black cloud formed by the qi masters.

The sky was clear and white.

A bright and dazzling starlight, however, descended from the sky and penetrated the ground, like a pillar of the sky, towering over the battlefield in a spectacular manner.

“This, what is this?”

“Heavenly Wolf is in the sky, has Zhenjiang City come out with some evil magic?”

“It’s obviously daylight, why, why is there starlight?”


The allied forces of the barbarians who were desperately charging to kill were all stunned by the scene in front of them at this time.

The shouts of shock, continuous and deafening.

At the same time, Old Man Yin and the others who were fighting with Huo Zhenxiao also noticed the dramatic change in front of the city and could not help but be astonished.

“Is this the true meaning of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts?”

Chen Dong looked at a pillar of starlight descending from the sky, and his face, which was full of depression, finally rippled.

The Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts was created by Zhuge Wuhou, and was originally an unparalleled formation to be applied on the battlefield.

However, what he had seen time and time again in the past was limited to small group battles.

It was the first time Chen Dong had ever seen it used on the battlefield!

However, even though he was shocked, Chen Dong always remembered what Qin Ye had said, that with Qin Ye’s strength, he could only barely mobilise a very small portion of the power of the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts!

At this thought.

His eyes gleamed, and sure enough!

The pillars of starlight falling from the sky looked spectacular, but hidden beneath this spectacular handiwork was the fact that all the pillars of light were confined to the perimeter of the corpse mountain and blood road, and to the left and right of the city walls, there was still endless darkness!

“Qin Ye …… can only confine the power of the formation to the corpse mountain blood road!”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and subconsciously glanced back at the magnificent and majestic Zhenjiang City.

The size of the Corpse Mountain Blood Road was nothing compared to Zhenjiang City!

If Qin Ye could only bring the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts into play to such an extent, the so-called defending of the city would be nothing more than checking the gaps!


There was a dull humming sound.

The pillars of starlight that descended from the sky suddenly burst into dazzling golden light.

Almost simultaneously.

The golden light was like a tidal wave, merging with each other at breakneck speed, instantly transforming into a continuous golden curtain of light that connected the sky and the earth.


Suddenly, a shout came from all directions.

Qin Ye!

Chen Dong’s eyes shone brightly.

The next second.

The golden curtain of light that connected the sky and the earth instantly swallowed the mountain of corpses and blood like a tidal wave, and poured out in a vast and outlandish manner further away.

Screams of misery suddenly echoed across the battlefield.

Ripples rippled across the land where the golden light pa*sed.

As far as the eye could see, each of the barbarians engulfed by the golden light was turning into blood and mist with a strange and evil gesture after letting out a scream.

In just three breaths.

With the mountain of corpses and blood as the centre, extending outward two hundred meters, in the shape of a fan against the city wall, but a semicircle of blankness has been cleared out!

The bright golden light, with the power of the stars, completely blocked the corpse mountain blood path!

“This, how is this possible?”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, what kind of evil art is this?”

“Corpse Mountain Blood Road, it’s gone, so how are we going to get to the city?”


Compared to the panic of the rabble rongwu on the battlefield.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders at the head of Zhenjiang City, however, were viciously beaten by the scene they had just witnessed!

When one is desperate, one is not afraid of losing, but of not seeing hope!

The endless barbarian alliance army had left all the Great Snow Dragon Riders in darkness, and Huo Zhenxiao’s precariousness, as the soul of the army, had caused the Great Snow Dragon Riders to fall infinitely towards the dark abyss.

And now, this radiant golden light that connected the sky to the ground illuminated the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s eyes and the darkness of despair!

“There’s a chance! Brothers, we still have a chance!”

“Hahahaha …… Heaven has blessed our domain, the Sovereign is so mighty that he has been able to enlist the help of such great powers!”

“Barbarians of the barbarians, the mountains of corpses and blood are gone, meekly bear the cannon fire of Zhenjiang City, hahahahaha ……”


The army’s heart was uplifted.

Only Chen Dong, however, did not have the slightest feeling of exhilaration, instead, his heart sank down one after another.

His eyes swept over the long city wall, compared to these Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he knew more about the inner situation.

The range of the city wall that was protected by the might of the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram mobilised by Qin Ye was a drop in the bucket, not to mention for the entire Zhenjiang City, but for this northern city wall alone!

And the allied barbarian army below, there are still many lives ……

They, too, can still recreate a mountain of corpses and blood!