Winner Takes All Chapter 1857




On the battlefield, a huge roar boomed, rushing through the sky and cracking the sky.

Fourteen strains of qi, mixed together, rushed against each other, stirring up the storm clouds.

The dark, oppressive clouds perched above, layered and raging violently.

Every now and then, with a loud bang, two strands of qi would collide with each other in the surging black clouds, sending out a terrifying shockwave visible to the naked eye.

Millions of people were watching.

All of them watched in awe as they watched this amazing battle.

Fear, despair, shock ……

All kinds of emotions haunted everyone.

Even though these millions of people were unable to catch the trajectory of Huo Zhenxiao and the thirteen Hidden Worlds, the terrifying oppression that was like a prison, covering the sky, literally enveloped them all.

It was as if the next moment, when the pressure was upon them, would be hell.

The battlefield was huge.

Chen Dong, standing at the head of Zhenjiang City, was perhaps the only one who could clearly capture the movement of Huo Zhenxiao and the thirteen Hidden Worlds in their fierce battle.

Qin Ye, on the other hand, was the majority!

As for the rest, Chen Dong did not want to think too much about it.

All his attention was on Huo Zhenxiao’s body.

Even though his words were firm and strong, within a short period of time, a thick layer of sweat still soaked out of his back.

One to thirteen!

This comparison was a vicious battle that could not be imagined.

And this battle was also directly related to the direction of the war to follow.

The three words Huo Zhenxiao were a lingering nightmare that haunted the hundred tribes beyond the realm.

These three words were also the soul of the army that supported Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders.

If the soul of the army is defeated, beliefs will fly to dust.

For Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riders, it would be a cataclysmic disaster.

The morale of the Great Snow Dragon Riders in Zhenjiang City and in the battlefields outside will definitely fall to the bottom.

At that time, if reinforcements do not arrive and Chen Daojun’s backhand is not yet in place, Zhenjiang City’s defence line will become weak and will collapse at the first touch!

It was a vicious battle.

It would be better to say that at this moment Huo Zhenxiao is carrying the fortunes of the domain on his shoulders and fighting against the water!

That man …… is carrying the entire domain on his back!


In the centre of the battlefield, Huo Zhenxiao let out an explosive cry.

In an instant, Qi energy rushed through the sky, and the horses were flying across the air.

The long silver dragon spear, which blatantly tore through the air, brought up dense streaks of shadow, and was quickly stabbed out by Huo Zhenxiao amidst a roar.

With a single shot, thirteen qi rushed against the thirteen Hidden Ones at the same time.

The thirteen Hidden Ones all struck at the same time, their Qi energy roaring through the air.

In the midst of the dazzling light and loud explosions, Huo Zhenxiao’s attack was deflected without any risk.

It was as if a pause button had been pressed on the fight.

The figures of Huo Zhenxiao and the 13 Hidden Worlds were revealed in the air.

They were all suspended in the air.

They were not really in the air, but relying on the powerful Qi energy that rushed against the ground, they were able to stagnate for a short period of time with the force of the recoil.

The thirteen Hidden Worlds were in a circle, circling the air.

And Huo Zhenxiao was right in the middle!

When their figures were revealed, the millions of allied soldiers on the battlefield and the Great Snow Dragon Riders inside Zhenjiang City finally got a clear view of Huo Zhenxiao and the thirteen Hidden Men.

Only, everyone was stunned.

After a brief moment of dead silence.

A wave of voices drew in a cold breath, and the sound of a mountainous cry pa*sed through the battlefield.

Millions of soldiers from the allied armies were all shocked and cold.

Inside Zhenjiang City, however, it was as quiet as dead water.

Huo Zhenxiao had been injured!

His formidable armour was mottled, and there were even a few horrific wounds that were bone deep and dripping with blood.

His hair danced in the wind, and his blood-stained face always had an untamed look out of the world, standing with his spear in his hand, the blood-coloured cloak behind him dancing about, carrying drops of blood with it, while the silver dragon spear in his hand had a scarlet blade, with drops of blood dripping down the tip.

Once the world’s number one war god, the nightmare of the hundred tribes.

Now he is in such a state, not to say that he is not in a state of distress, not to say that he is not in a state of despair, and even more incredible.

Is this …… really him?

In contrast to Huo Zhenxiao’s wretched misery, the state of the thirteen Hidden Worlds is far, far better.

Although all of them are wounded, there are also those who are stained with blood.

But compared to Huo Zhenxiao, their wounds were nothing, they were just a few points that tarnished their image.


Qin Ye sucked in a breath of cold air backwards, breaking the dead silence on the city walls.

He clenched his fist and trembled slightly.

Finally, with all his strength, he spat out the words, “He …… is really too strong!”

It was.

Although it was wretched, although it was miserable, although at this moment Huo Zhenxiao’s image was out of place with the image of the former World’s Number One War God.

But he was, indeed, too strong!

Defeating thirteen with one, in the battle just now, ordinary people would not dare to imagine what Huo Zhenxiao was going through.

But now, he was injured, his blood-stained armour, his wounds visible to the bone.

But his enemies, they were all wounded!

And the wounds on his body were his military medals!

There were countless capable people in the world, and countless talented people.

But Qin Ye knew the history of Huo Zhenxiao, the man who had climbed to his current position in the military by himself, the number one war god in the world …… deserved it!

A simple Chen Daojun’s only disciple is no longer enough to explain everything that is in front of him.

“Yes, it’s too strong!”

Chen Dong said from the bottom of his heart, “He really is just a mortal, yet he is now traveling the affairs of a god.”

“Jie Jie Jie ……”

In the air, the old ghost of Yin Mountain sneered, “Great Sovereign Huo, you have been injured so badly that you have touched your root, I am afraid that …… you will not last long, right?”

“Hahahaha …… Zhenxiao ah, you are the disciple of Daoist Monarch Chen, we are equal to Daoist Monarch Chen, to be able to fight with us to this extent, even if you die, it is still a shame for us.”

“Huo Zhenxiao, you’re really a good disciple of Daoist Monarch Chen, I lost a battle with your master back then, and today I’m fighting you, even if I kill you, I’ll always be behind Daoist Monarch Chen!”

“Give up your resistance, if you give way, we can still keep you alive, your life is your own, nothing else matters, you are a good seedling, if you die young this time, it will be a big loss!”


One by one, the hidden world spoke up one after another, but without exception, even though their words were persuasive, they still could not hide their appreciation for Huo Zhenxiao.

They were, by and large, existences that were in the same generation as Chen Daojun in the obvious sense.

They were also Huo Zhenxiao’s seniors.

Thirteen seniors, surrounding and killing a junior, was already a disgraceful act.

Now they were all wounded, which was even more humiliating.

But the figure of Huo Zhenxiao was still burned into the heart of each of them.

This battle, the thirteen of them, even if they killed Huo Zhenxiao and won, they were still …… losing!

“Hehe ……”

Huo Zhenxiao stood in the air, the corners of his blood-stained mouth suddenly turned upwards, and smiled untamedly: “Seniors, Zhenxiao is not well educated and dare not presume to mention his family’s master, but the rise and fall of the world is the responsibility of every man, Zhenxiao’s back is used to standing up and cannot bend down, these millions of troops want to step over Zhenjiang City, then …… please first step over my Huo Zhenxiao’s corpse, step over!”


The wind around Huo Zhenxiao’s body was bitterly cold, his qi rushed to the sky, and his entire aura boomed again.

His hair whipped around like a madman.

His bloodstained face was filled with fierce ferocity.

Under the shocked gaze of the thirteen hermits.

Huo Zhenxiao shook his hand and flung his blood-coloured cloak behind him.