Winner Takes All Chapter 1846

Ten thousand?

Even Huo Zhenxiao couldn’t help but feel a tremendous shock.

There were 500,000 troops on the other side, and if you discounted the group of Hidden Worlds among them, that was a horrific 50 to 1 ratio of troops alone!

Looking at the determined Bai Qi.

Huo Zhenxiao clenched his fist, “Add another 20,000, a total of 30,000, the current Hundred Clans United Army is no longer the previous Hundred Clans United Army.”

The voice was heavy, not to be disobeyed.

If it was before, the 10,000 elites of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, fighting to the death and stalking to the end, would still have a chance to hold back the 500,000 Hundred Clans United Army.

But today’s Hundred Clans United Army is no longer the Wu Xia Meng of yesterday.

And to raise 30,000 men was already the limit of what Huo Zhenxiao could muster after weighing up the strength of Zhenjiang City’s defences!

“Just ten thousand!”

Bai Qi said decisively, “People can die, but the city must remain. The defensive forces inside Zhenjiang City are already at their limit, so if we draw too many soldiers out of the city, we will only cause the city to be defenceless.

Looking at Bai Qi, he turned to leave.

Huo Zhenxiao’s eyebrows rippled as he said in a deep voice, “Name a time!”

Bai Qi stopped walking and pondered for a moment.

“An hour!”

“It’s the time it takes for the enemy to step over me!”

Saying this, he did not linger, striding towards the outside.

Huo Zhenxiao’s sword eyebrows rose, the ripples in his brows disappearing, replaced by an endless coldness.

For those who are generals, being merciful is anathema.

After a military order is issued on the battlefield, the person who carries out the order is just a pawn in the whole game!

Leaving the barracks, Bai Qi stopped in the clearing.

He tilted his head to face the bitter wind and snow.

His sighing beard is stained with snow.

His lofty, upright body resembles a tower of iron.

The light of the rising sun gilded his armour with a golden glow.

This movement lasted three seconds.

He bowed his head and pulled out three letters from his bosom.

The family letters were still stained with blood, from Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong, only the blood was not known to be theirs or the enemy’s.

“The family letters from the brothers, I will deliver them.”

Bai Qi precious wiped the dirt from the envelopes of the family letters, then pulled out another one and folded it with the three.

He turned to face the direction of home.

In the light of the rising sun.

This iron tower of a man fell to his knees in the snow with a poof and heaved three kowtows into the distance.

“Mom …… child first step, above the battlefield will be brave to go before, to live up to your teaching, this battle child will die, but the child must go, there are ten thousand mountains and rivers behind, the kindness of raising cattle and horses in the next life to repay!”

Bai Qi slowly looked up, a man of iron blood, but tears of guilt lingered in his eyes at this time.

He took a deep breath and let the tears disappear into his eyes.

Immediately, he got up and walked to the barracks next to him, putting the four family letters neatly inside.

And inside this barracks, there was already a mountain of family letters accumulated!

Counting the troops, preparing ……

Soon, the 10,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry troops were a*sembled.

With a call from Bai Qi, the 10,000 man squad marched out of the city, heading northeast.

The earth trembled as the war horses galloped.

The army of ten thousand people was vast, but it was deadly silent.

When the order was given, everyone knew that this was a battle to the death, but no one had the slightest objection.

Like Bai Qi, they handed in a letter from their families and then donned their armour and mounted their horses and ran openly.

They all knew that if they didn’t go, then they might not even have anywhere else to go with the letters they had left behind!

Knock, knock, knock ……

Behind them, the sound of beating drums suddenly came from the walls of Zhenjiang City.

The sound of a thick drum made Bai Qi and the 10,000-strong team turn around.

“It’s the master, it’s the master beating the drums for us!”

“Juggernaut …… hahaha …… brothers, it’s worth dying to have the Juggernaut beating the drums to cheer us on!”

“Behind us is the mountains and rivers home, even if the front is a mountain of swords and a sea of fire, although millions of people, I will also go!”


The originally dead silent ma*ses of people were now agitated.

Everyone’s face was overflowing with smiles and their blood seemed to boil with the sound of the drums.

“Hahahaha ……”

Bai Qi laughed out loud, fiercely drew his Dragon Rider war sword and raised it high above his head, “Children and boys, listen to the order, there are 500,000 bandits in front of us, our 10,000 man squad, we will slaughter them!”


The 10,000 men were in unison, and the swords of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were all sheathed, their cold light stirring. The cold light stirred.

“We will slaughter them!”

“I will slaughter you!”

“Will slaughter!”


The sound of determined shouting and killing echoed out, rushing up to the sky and splitting the air, the battle spirit rushing up to the sky!

Rumbling ……

Ten thousand horses galloped wildly, raising rolling waves of snow.

The 10,000-strong army, led by Bai Qi, was like a red-hot sword, heading boldly towards the northeast.

And at this moment.

If one were to look down from above, one could see an even more shocking image.

The 10,000 men led by Bai Qi were in black ma*s.

In front of them, endless darkness was heading towards Bai Qi and the 10,000 men.

The scale was vast and continuous.

It was as if the difference was between an ocean of water and a pool of water.

Thirty miles was a mere blink of an eye for a rapid march.

Soon, half a million Xiongnu troops appeared in the eyes of Bai Qi and the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

The blackness was boundless.

The terrifying sense of oppression was like a great wave rolling in.

The battle banners on them were waving in the wind with a mighty breeze.

The war horses were neighing.

The earth trembled.

Ten thousand men raised their swords along with Bai Qi.


A shout of killing shot straight to the sky.

The horses hissed, and the galloping speed increased dramatically again.

There was no pause, no hesitation, determination and decisiveness.

All of them followed Bai Qi, daringly charging into the allied army of the hundred tribes.

The scene was incomparably tragic.

The horses galloped and splashed the snow.


Almost simultaneously, an even more terrifying shout of killing erupted from the Hundred Clans Allied Army, directly drowning out the shouts of killing from Bai Qi and the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

The next second.

The two Rongwu clashed into each other with a bang.

The killing was instantly white hot.

Blood splattered and limbs flew.

The cold-weapon punching took the bloodshed and violence to the extreme.

Slashes broke armour and splattered blood.

Bai Qi led the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, like a red-hot knife stabbed into a piece of lard, and was invincible all the way through, destroying the first round of the charge, leaving a trail of mutilated bodies behind him, blood staining the earth.

But neither Bai Qi nor any of the Great Snow Dragon Riders had the luxury of a second charge.

Instead, after the first round of killing, the cavalry quickly closed up and formed a circular defence, fighting against the surrounding allied troops.

The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry can only maximize its killing power by charging!

But one to fifty, 10,000 against 500,000, and with the two sides no longer having enough individual strength.

To be able to complete a round of slaughter is already considered the limit.

At the end of the previous charge, both Bai Qi and the Rongwu of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry clearly felt the stagnation of the charge.

It was as if the Great Snow Dragon Riders were a red-hot sword, while the 500,000-strong army was a piece of lard. With its high temperature and sharpness, the sword could initially stab into the lard without any problems, but when the lard was enlarged to the size of a basin, the heat of the sword would be cooled and the sharpness would become stagnant because of the stickiness of the lard.

The knife can churn through the lard with abandon, but it no longer has the same invincible charge it had at first!