Winner Takes All Chapter 1843

The sound echoed.

Everything seemed to be slowed down with this kowtow of Chen Daojun’s head.


The sound of his head hitting the ground was particularly loud.

Elder Long, Qin Ye and Fan Lu were frozen as if they were wooden chickens.

Even the demonic Qi on Chen Dong’s body gave an abrupt lurch.

No one had expected it.

Chen Daogun, who was so high above the ground and looked down upon all beings, would kneel and kowtow so dryly and decisively!

Giving up his dignity, his face, his identity ……

Was this …… really that Chen Daogun?

Chen Dong staggered and took a step back.

His eyes slanted downwards, looking down at Chen Daojun on the ground, and snorted with laughter.

“Hahaha …… hahaha …… Am I still awake? Or are you not Chen Daojun at all, but just a stand-in?”

“I am Chen Daojun!”

Chen Daojun slowly raised his head and slowly straightened his back.

Every movement, it was slow.

It was as if he was carrying the lofty Mount Tai on his shoulders, heavy and unbearable.

He met Chen Dong’s gaze, not dodging or evading.

“Impossible, this is simply not possible!”

Chen Dong threw his hands away and shouted with a fierce look on his face, “Chen Daogun is above the world, using the world as a chess game, he is the best in the world, he is the most dominant, in his eyes everything can be ruled, human life is just a mere matter, close and distant can be used as chess, and can also be discarded.

The words were so eloquent and well-reasoned.

At this moment, even Elder Long, Fan Lu and Qin Ye did not excuse themselves from persuasion.

The Daoist Monarch Chen in front of them, in his words and actions, was indeed very different from the Daoist Monarch Chen they remembered.

How could that terrifying being, who dared to face the heavenly calamity head-on, who looked down on all beings and towered over them, fall into the mortal world, soften his knees and bend his spine, kowtowing towards his offspring’s descendants and apologising?

This is like an ancient emperor, who would ever kneel to his subjects?

It’s a fantasy!

A double!

Perhaps the best explanation.

“Dong’er, it is for the people of this world that I am doing this!”


Chen Daogun’s eyes narrowed as his overwhelming aura broke through his body.

A strong wind whistled.

Kneeling on the ground, Chen Daojun’s robes fluttered and hunted.

Under the light.

As the strong wind swept around him, Chen Daojun’s appearance was ageing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His dark hair was rapidly turning white, eventually turning silver and snowy white, roots flying up and dancing in the wind.

His face, however, was no longer the untamed majesty of the past, but an aged look in its place!

The wrinkled and drooping skin pulled his entire face out of shape, his eyes were reduced to two slits, and countless old age spots littered his skin.

His parched body, like a dry corpse, is shrouded in a tumbling robe.

The only thing that remained the same was the pair of eyes with only one slit, still as brilliant as a river of stars.

This was the Chen Daogun that no one, including Chen Dong, had ever seen before.

While they were shocked, it was clear in everyone’s mind that this was how someone of Chen Daogun’s age should have looked.

Chen Daogun, who looked like a pile of withered bones piled on the ground, looked at Chen Dong with flickering eyes.

The next second.

Under Chen Dong’s round eyes’ gaze, he once again slowly kowtowed towards the ground.

“I also ask you, Dong’er, to ignore your past grudges and prosper for the people of Dao!”

The voice was incomparably hoarse and old.

It was as if it had taken all his strength to squeeze the vocal cords of his throat to produce it.

Chen Dong froze.

The Chen Daojun in front of him refuted his speculations with his true face.

But was …… really Chen Daogun?

Even so, Chen Dong still could not believe it.

How could Chen Daogun be willing to humble himself like dust?

All this drastic change was as if a soft fist had landed lightly on Chen Dong’s chest, but in an instant it exploded with monstrous force, a punch that smothered him a little.

Time seemed to be frozen.

Elder Long, Fan Lu and Qin Ye, too, were dumbfounded and their jaws dropped.

Only Ah Man stayed close by Little You En, who occasionally let out a babbling sound, breaking the dead silence in the room.

A long moment pa*sed.

Chen Dong once again staggered back a step and swayed, sitting limply on the edge of the bed.

He propped his hands on his knees and tilted his head slightly, his gaze raised to look at Chen Daojun, who was kneeling on the ground.

He wanted to say something.

But his throat was clogged.

An unprecedented feeling of powerlessness ate away at his entire body like a maggot in his tarsus.

Complex emotions, stacked on top of each other, rushed through his nerves again and again.

This series of changes were all in the eyes of Chen Daojun, Elder Long and the others.

Without exception, they all looked at Chen Dong expectantly.


“Hehe ……”

A cold laugh suddenly echoed through the room.

Chen Dong pulled up the half corner of his mouth, and the gaze he looked at Chen Daogun suddenly became cold and numb.

“Moral kidnapping? I suddenly feel, Chen Daojun you are so underhanded, being your offspring is really so shameful, for the greater good you are for, now you are not even willing to brush off everything, humble as dust, kneeling down to me, you are really unscrupulous!”

Chen Daojun froze.

In a flash.

The strong wind around his body quickly dissipated.

His aged appearance also quickly returned to his old age.

The three Long Lao behind him, on the other hand, were shocked at the same time.

Chen Dong waved his hand.

“You go, you can break your love and desire, I am just a person, wife and children, parents, brothers, friends …… these I can never cut off!”

When these words were spoken, Chen Dong’s eyes were filled with monstrous resentment.

Chen Daojun smiled faintly.

No more words.

As the crowd watched, he slowly got up.

He turned around, took a step, and walked towards the outside.

When walking in front of Elder Long and the others.

He pointed at the bladeless heavy sword on the ground again and said in a deep voice, “You can take what I just did as hypocritical and what I said as fart, since you said that you can’t part with your wife and children, your parents, your brothers and friends, then let me tell you, they may all come back after you succeed in treading the Heavenly Path.”

“Your daughter no longer has her grandparents, grandma, mother, aunts and uncles …… but she still has you, you as a father can do something or nothing, just play the role of a good father.”

“If you want her to be able to have a complete family and a fulfilling childhood, treading the road to heaven is your only option, and I’m threatening you with that, you can choose to do it or not!”

Said the man.

Chen Daojun stopped stopping and stepped away.

Inside the room, silence could listen to needles.

Even the babbling Chen Youen was quiet at this point.

Everyone, looked at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, looked at Chen Youen because of Chen Daojun’s threats.

Father and daughter stared at each other.

Chen Dong, however, was thoughtful.

“Let’s all leave for now, so that Dong can have some peace and quiet.”

Qin Ye sighed, breaking the silence in the room.

As Long Lao turned around, he hesitated for a moment and took out another list from his pocket and placed it in front of Chen Dong.

“Young master, this is one of the battle loss lists for Zhenjiang City, Chief Bai Wu said that all the brothers in your army, except him, are on it!”

“Also, tomorrow will be the third day, and according to Master Huo’s and his projections, that will be the time of the general attack of the Hundred Clans’ allied army, and the most dangerous day in the Northern Domain!”

Elder Long left, also taking Barbarian with him, leaving only Chen Dong and Little You En.

Chen Dong picked up the list and quickly found the names of “Zhou Yao” and “Sun Kong” on it.

The five men who used to be the Dragon in the Abyss were now …… just him and Bai Qi!

He put down the list.

He carried little Youn to the window, looked out at the night, and then tilted his head to look at the stars and moon in the night.

Little Youn was very well behaved, perhaps also tired from playing earlier, and lay in his arms, sleeping soundly.

The sound of even breathing carried the faint scent of milk.

Chen Dong was holding little Youen like this, his face expressionless, motionless, like a statue.

Memories intertwined in his mind.

Gu Qingying, mother, father, mother-in-law, Zhang Yulan ……

The faces, faces and experiences of people who were incredibly close to him emerged, intertwined and overlapped ……

Time is faded in these memories.

All the time until the darkness recedes and the sky rises with the white of a fish’s belly.

The sculptural Chen Dong was finally moved by the cool morning breeze.

He looked down at little Youn who was still sleeping in his arms.

Pink and tender little face, cheeks with a faint blush, long eyelashes, and lips that wiggle now and then in sleep, as if eating some earthly delicacy ……

The first thing you can do is to look at the face of little Youen and catch the outline of Gu Qing Ying.

In his mind, however, the words that Ada had uttered to him earlier on the snowy plains came to mind.

Before having a daughter, it was running away!

With a daughter, it was forward!

Father …… has no way back!

“Perhaps it’s time for me to do something for Youn ……”

Chen Dong smiled gently, lowered his head and landed a kiss on little You En’s forehead, dotingly smiled, “Xing for the human way, also Xing for You En, I …… am a father now!”

When the last word came out.

Chen Dong’s entire aura changed drastically, as if he was plucking a mountain from the flat earth, booming and soaring, seeming to turn into a sharp sword pointing at the sky.

His eyes were tossed with raging fire.

His expression was as cold as frost.

His back was also straight at this moment.

He was like a lofty mountain protecting the sleeping little You En in his arms.

Almost simultaneously.


Qin Ye, who was resting, jerked awake, his eyes shining brightly as he looked in the direction of Chen Dong’s bedroom in excitement and ecstasy.

Following closely behind.

Elder Long, Fan Lu and Barbara also hurriedly rushed out from the room.