Winner Takes All Chapter 1842

A heavy voice echoed through the room.

Immediately, there was a dead silence.

A long time later.

Chen Dong snorted, “Out of the mountain? I haven’t entered the mountain, so where can I go? Chen Daojun also asks you to leave and not disturb me and my daughter.”

“Dong’er, I’m really here to apologise!”

The corners of Chen Daojun’s eyes twisted and he was about to take a step forward.


Almost simultaneously, a stern and outward-looking killing intent was suddenly released from Chen Dong’s body.

The invisible strong wind slashed and cut at Chen Daojun.

Chen Daogun’s face changed drastically, and a faint Qi energy was created to resist as much as possible, while his feet took two steps backwards.

Little You En, who was still babbling, also stopped abruptly with the release of qi from Chen Dong’s body, his big eyes wide open in a frightened manner.

“Uncle, you’re scaring You En.”

Barbara was silenced, but when she saw little You En’s frightened look, she still opened her mouth to remind her.

Chen Dong’s face changed.

The Qi and killing intent around him swept away.

He took a step forward and blocked in front of Little Youn and Barbara, glaring angrily at Chen Daogun.

“Chen Daogun, where did you go wrong? You are a great saint of salvation, how could you possibly be at fault? I don’t need your apology, just please get lost or …… don’t blame me for fighting with swords!”

The words were hard and the stern voice was like thunder.

Endless resentment, as if it was about to turn into substance, pounced on Chen Daojun.

The atmosphere was tense.

It was as if Chen Dong was ready to strike at any moment.

Long Lao at the door had a lump in his throat and wanted to dissuade him, but he did not know how to speak.

It was a loss!

A loss indeed!

It was clear to everyone that Chen Dong had suffered a great loss.

But what Chen Daojun had done was for the greater good of the world.

To be a slave, to be caught in the middle, was a dilemma!

“Saints are at fault, mundane people are not.”

Chen Daogun suddenly laughed: “A saint knows he is wrong and corrects himself diligently, accumulating little by little, before he finally becomes a saint, while a layman is stuck in his own way, not knowing his mistakes, not admitting them, not correcting them, so he remains stuck in the mud all his life, wandering without support, not knowing his true heart, hardly able to advance an inch, a layman.”

He lifted his head, and although he was smiling under the light, his eyes were slightly red.

At this moment, Chen Daojun was not the same as his usual spirited and overbearing self.

The sluggishness and desolation of a senile old man enveloped him.

“I am not a saint, I am still far, far away from being a saint, I am no match for the great sages of the past and present, but I also want to fight for a chance of freedom for all the spirits of this world, not to be treated as a captive ruminant, to be slaughtered, to live, to grow old, to die, to return to the earth in a hundred years, the myths and legends of the ancient times, the immortals treading the clouds, the divine beasts, within the long river of time, the closer we get to the present, the rarer the myths and legends become. ”

“What still exists, there are only those who amaze time only words, poetry and legends ……”

“The Yellow Emperor rides the dragon, Jiuli Chi You, Shennong tastes a hundred herbs …… the people of the land, pa*sed down from generation to generation, the hundred schools of thought, Xu Fu, the Fang Shi, Wu Hou “eight formations of the gods and ghosts”, Li Taibai has a poem: the white jade capital in the sky, twelve buildings and five cities, the immortals caress my top, knot hair to grant long life… …Yao Guangxiao captures the dragon ……”

The words came to an end.

Chen Daojun’s eyes all became wandering, as if he was reminiscing.

He smiled bitterly.

“If I hadn’t stumbled upon the opportunity, if I hadn’t befriended Yao Guangxiao who captured the dragon, I wouldn’t have had such an idea.”

“What I want to do is to ask the heavens for a battle, to step into the heavens, to bring the great world back to the power of the commonwealth, and to avoid being a cattle in a cage!”

In his words, there was sadness and helplessness.


Chen Dong lightly pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled coldly, “I don’t want to hear you tell your dream, I just want you to go away!”

Chen Daogun’s gaze regained focus as he gazed at Chen Dong.

“You, willing to be livestock?”

“You, really don’t want your parents, your wife, your friends and brothers, to come back again?”

“As long as you succeed in setting foot on the Heavenly Path and asking for the heavens, they will have that possibility in the future!”

“Get lost!”

Raging rage erupted from Chen Dong’s eyes and his face was hideously twisted.

With this shout of rebuke, his body trembled violently, his chest heaving and heavy breathing sounds emitting from his mouth and nose.

A sinuous sinewy vein was sharply protruding.


Barbara let out a scream of fright.

Little Youen was also frightened to the point of wailing.

“Master Daojun!”

Elder Long hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Chen Daojun’s arm with one hand.

And after him, Qin Ye Fan Lu also came in panic.

On the contrary, Chen Daojun did not have the slightest intention to stop.

“I know you resent me, hate me, blame me for using you as a pawn, manipulating your life, making you a puppet, but let me tell you, even if I didn’t do this, your fate was already predetermined, the path was already carved out before you were born, what I did was indeed poisonous for you, but it was just the icing on the cake! ”

“Those runes on your body were not forged by the Discworld Project at all, it is not at all in line with the principles of genetic modification and it is far more powerful than the Discworld Project.”

“Before me, someone has already chosen you, your mission is to endure these calamities, then go to tread the heavenly path, to fight for this last chance for the world’s human race, after that, the qi will collapse and the human race will have no more chance to turn around!”

The eager tone of voice, however, spoke of a shocking truth.

So much so that Elder Long, Qin Ye and Fan Lu were so shocked that their minds went blank.

“You are the Chosen One, not the one I chose, it is only the overlap of the two that gives me the privilege of being the icing on the cake!”

“Hiss …… hoo ……”

Chen Dong’s face was full of blue veins and veins, and his eyes were even more bloodshot.

At this moment, it was as if he was a demon crawling out from the depths of the Nine Phenomena.

The sharp breathing sound was even more like the breathing of a demon, making people’s bones creepy.

He stared at Chen Daogun with a deadly glare: “Get out! Get out! I, I don’t accept all this, I’m not a pawn, I don’t accept everything you guys put me through, if you want to do it, then do it yourselves, don’t …… don’t F**king implicate me and my family ah!”


Chen Daogun violently pulled out the bladeless behind him and flung it directly in front of Chen Dong.

The heavy end of the bladeless sword plunged through the floorboards, causing the ground to tremble.

“No matter what, you can ignore everything, but you have to take care of your daughter Chen You’en, do you tolerate her meeting with misfortune in the future as well, or being chosen once again to continue treading the Heavenly Path?”

“There have always been people preparing to tread the heavenly path, even if their qi is cut off, but the human race has never given in!”

A monstrous killing intent, a majestic demonic aura.

At this moment, in Chen Dong’s body, there was a violent lurch.

The blood colour in his eyes quickly receded, hesitant.

“Dong’er, I have come to apologise to you!”

Chen Daogun’s gaze suddenly became firm.

The moment the words were spoken.

As the crowd watched, he suddenly went weak in both knees and smashed to the ground with a “bang”.


Zheng kowtowed to Chen Dong.

“Unfilial ancestor Chen Daojun, please ask for forgiveness from the descendant Chen Dong, and respectfully request Chen Dong …… to come out of the mountain!”