Winner Takes All Chapter 1841

Qin Ye left.

He walked away with a slick smile, shrugging his shoulders, holding a cigarette in his mouth and sticking his hands in his trouser pockets.

It was just like the initial meeting between Chen Dong and him.

But as Chen Dong watched Qin Ye’s back fade away at the end of the corridor, his heart was filled with mixed feelings.

He looked down at the cigarette in his hand.

He smiled bitterly.

He shook his head lightly.

He stuffed the cigarette into his pocket, then turned into the bedroom and continued to play with Chen You’en together with Barbara.

The sound of babbling and laughter was the clearest and purest sound in this world, as if it had the power to heal everything.

These days, Chen Dong immerses himself in the time he spends with his daughter every day.

Every moment, he was infected by his daughter’s smiles and cries, as if he had forgotten everything that had happened before, and his mind was extraordinarily calm, like a rippling lake.

He had never felt like this before.

He also enjoyed this kind of time extraordinarily.

“Barbara, can you help me mix the milk for Youen?”

Chen Dong said to Barbara as he held Chen You’en high in his arms and saw little You’en taking his pink finger into his mouth and sucking it hard.

Barbara nodded obediently and turned around to go about her business.

Chen Dong continued to play with little Youen, although he was lifting her up, he was careful with every movement, for fear of hurting her.

Little You En loves to be lifted up.

Every time he is lifted, he smiles and laughs, especially when his big black eyes are curved like a crescent moon, and the corners of his mouth are split open and he makes a “coughing” laughing sound.

Once and for all ……

With a warm and sweet smile on his face, Chen Dong carefully played with little Youen as he held her up high.

When he lifted little Youn once again.

Little Youn’s hands waved a little, full of smiles while he couldn’t help but open and close his mouth a little.

“Dad ……”

The voice, milky and even a little slurred.

But when it fell on Chen Dong’s ears, it was like heavenly music, as if it was thunder.

He was frozen.

At this moment, the waves of thoughts in his heart were like mountains, rolling and tumbling.

Words could hardly describe it.

It was like seeing a ray of light in the darkness.

It was like a ray of fire in the middle of the bitter cold.

Chen Dong held Little You En in his arms, and the sound of Little You En’s laughter was in his ears, but he was like a statue, all he could think about was that …… Dad!

For a split second.

His heart felt like it had melted.

The nostrils were sore and swollen.

His eyes were moist and red.

He didn’t expect this call to come so quickly, so unexpectedly.

But after a second of dumbfoundedness.

He couldn’t think of anything else and his lips trembled with excitement, “Hey ……”

A promise, but a trembling one.

Crystalline teardrops, quietly slipped from the corners of his eyes.

Perhaps …… this is the beauty of the human world!

“Uncle, the milk is blended, you can eat it, yo. ,”

Barbara was unaware of what had just happened and came over holding the milk bottle, seeing Chen Dong’s appearance, she immediately panicked: “Uncle, why are you crying again?”

“No, I’m not crying.”

Chen Dong was oblivious and said with an unmistakable smile, “What do you mean I’m crying again?”

“You’ve been crying every time you fall asleep these days.”

Barbara was unsure and blinked her eyes.

Really …… cried?

Chen Dong was a little stunned.

During the time he had been accompanying Little Youn, he had been extremely calm, and his daily sleep had been straight into the deepest environment, so unless Little Youn made a commotion, it would be difficult for him to be woken up.

“Perhaps, it was a nightmare.”

Chen Dong explained casually, full of himself still immersed in that cry from Little Youen just now.

He held little You En across his arms, then teased him with expectation, “You En na, can you call out for daddy again?”

“Uncle, Youn is still so young, I don’t think he can call for daddy, right?”

Barbara held the milk bottle in front of her.

Although she was small, being born in the Great Snowy Plain had given her a far more basic knowledge than some children in the domain.

“But she just called out for daddy just now.”

Chen Dong was a little reluctant and continued to tease little You En.

“Hahahaha …… uncle probably heard wrong, little Youn can only speak when she is almost a year old, she is now ……”

However, not waiting for Barbara to finish her sentence.

The little hand hand raised in the arms of little Youn suddenly waved as if she wanted a hug.

“Daddy, Daddy ……”


The milky voice sounded like a thunderclap.

Barbara was dumbfounded on the spot.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was so excited that he couldn’t contain himself, and with teary eyes, he hurriedly lowered his head and put his face into little Youen’s two pink, chubby little hands, saying softly.

“Daddy, yes!”

This promise contained a thousand words.

At this moment, feeling the gentle softness on his face, and the random scratching.

Chen Dong finally understood the words that Ada had uttered to him when he first became a father on the snowy plains.

Father …… is a name, but also a responsibility!

A milky cry.

A gentle whispered answer.

But it was at this moment that Chen Dong unloaded everything everything that had once accumulated in his heart.

“Really, it really spoke?”

Barbara’s eyes were rounded and she gripped Chen Dong incredulously, “Uncle, You En, she, she can really speak, my god, how can that be, is she a genius?”

Chen Dong took a deep breath.

Slowly raising his head, he grabbed and squeezed little You En’s little hand hand with one hand and looked at little You En dotingly and tenderly, meeting his gaze.

He hadn’t completely lost his mind.

Barbara was shocked, and when he calmed down, he was equally shocked.

How old was little Youn?

Normally, how could any child this old speak?

A genius, there was no possible explanation!

Even a genius child would have to follow the normal developmental process of a baby’s body structure.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock at the door.

“Young master, someone wants to see you.”

“Come in.”

Chen Dong said with a smile.

The door to the room was pushed open and the person standing in the doorway was not Elder Long, but Chen Daojun!

The plain-clothed Chen Daogun was still carrying the heavy bladeless sword as thick as a door slab behind his back.

Upon seeing Chen Dong, a smile appeared on his indifferent face, “Dong’er ……”

Chen Dong’s smile completely disappeared, and a monstrous coldness flashed in his eyes.

But then, feeling the small hand of little Youen in his hand gently gripping once, he calmed down again.

“You should thank my daughter, he just called me a father, I was in the right mood, but now I’m in a bad mood.”

Even though he had forced everything down, his tone of voice and words were still filled with resentful anger.

“Can Youn even talk now?”

Chen Daojun was stunned for a moment and suddenly reacted, “It should be because of your bloodline that makes her vastly different from normal people as well, it seems that the research is going in the right direction, those people robbed you of your bloodline for this reason as well!”

The word “bloodline” was like a sharp needle, piercing Chen Dong’s heart.

He narrowed his eyes, his chill biting.

“I’m asking you to get lost!”

“I came to find you, something.”

Chen Daogun was not moved, instead he took a step into the room, “Besides, I have come to apologise to you and beg you to come out!”