Winner Takes All Chapter 1836

“Auntie Meng!”

Zheng Junlin’s expression changed dramatically.

Auntie Meng, however, gazed at him with a steely expression.

“Everything, as planned!”

“But ……”

Zheng Junlin suddenly lost his composure, and fiercely thought of Zhao Breaking’s reminder earlier, a vicious chill swept through his entire body, but at the same time, a glimmer of hope was kindled.

Before they carried out this transport plan, they had agreed on a series of plans that might encounter a crisis.

Plan B was one of them!

When abandoning the car and protecting the marshal wasn’t enough to get out of danger, they had to play with their lives!

And now, it was as if Meng had decided to stay and fight for his life, leaving the plan of life to him!

“Zhao Breaker just said that there was a third person in the formation, and now that he’s struck, we could have left the goods behind and escaped, there’s no need to execute plan B at all!”

Zheng Junlin hissed hoarsely.

“But these goods, they can’t fall into the hands of someone else, you’re at the helm of the Jun Lin Group, you know what all this means!”

Meng’s eyes drifted, while palming the steering wheel with one hand, she was looking ahead, “This is also his plan, I can’t let more variables appear in his plan just because I’m alive.”

The voice was soft, but it carried a determination to die!

Not waiting for Zheng Junlin to speak.

Meng suddenly let go of the steering wheel and tugged Zheng Junlin’s shoulder with her right hand, while kicking open the car door with a bang.

The moment she leapt out of the SUV, she directly dragged Zheng Junlin to the driver’s seat.

“Auntie Meng!”

Zheng Junlin was in a panic and was about to brake.

But Auntie Meng shouted sternly, “Zheng Junlin, do you want to let your Zheng family die in vain and make your Zheng family extinct?”

Zheng Junlin froze for a moment.

Finally, he gritted his teeth fiercely and slammed his right foot, which was on the brake, onto the accelerator.

The SUV let out a beastly roar and roared into the distance.

In the darkness, a little star and moonlight spilled down, shining on the diffuse yellow sand and illuminating Meng’s shadow.

Only then did Meng withdraw her gaze as she watched the buggy disappear from sight, tearing a piece of clothing from her body and wrapping it around her left shoulder blade.

Her eyes, like hawks in the dark, scanned the surroundings.

Although, she didn’t expect such a sweeping look to be able to spot the other party.

After all, the difference in strength between the two sides was too great!

Coupled with what Zheng Junlin had just said about Zhao Breaking’s admonition to him, the strength of the person who had secretly struck was infinitely elevated in Meng’s mind.

Such a difference in level could even completely shield her six senses!

crunch …… crunch ……

The sound of feet stomping on yellow sand suddenly rang out over the whistling wind.

It was very soft!

Yet it was like a thunderous sound pouring into Meng’s ears.

Her eyes instantly narrowed and her sweat trembled as she locked on to the direction from which the sound came.

The other party was in no hurry, striding slowly and leisurely.

But this leisurely pace meant something else.

That was, the other party did not take her seriously at all!


In the darkness, a long sound of a sword rang out.

The sound trailed off, hocking into the marrow, as if it struck directly on the soul.

“Dare I ask who your Excellency is?”

Meng’s brows knitted together, but her right hand quietly groped for the back of her waist.

In the darkness.

A cold, stern voice rang out.

“Ancient Family, Cang Yue!”


As the words rang out, another ear-piercing sword sound rang out.

At the same time, a flash of cold light ripped through the night, imprinting on Gu Cang Yue’s cold, stern and stern face.

“It’s you, hasn’t your Gu family already fled beyond the domain?”

Meng’s heart jerked fiercely as despair raged.

Gu Cang Yue …… that was the one who rivaled Dao Jun back then!

Even if Daoist Monarch Chen had deliberately let the water slip at that time, Gu Cang Yue, who might be a match for him, was still not to be underestimated!

The lightning is on.


Without the slightest hesitation.

Decisive and determined.

With an explosion under her feet, she instantly drew back.

At the same time.

Her right hand quickly brushed across the front of her mouth and bit through the tip of her finger with one bite.

“Hahahaha …… is interesting, this secret technique, was it pa*sed on to you by Daoist Jun Chen?”

Gu Cang Yue is not in a hurry, holding his sword standing in place: “Just let me see, this secret method in the end how powerful, that carriage of goods, is in my pocket, no hurry.”

A teasing laugh echoed uncontrollably.

These words were nonetheless true!

With his strength, even if he deliberately delayed for a period of time, but after settling Meng, even Zheng Junlin, who was armed with hot weapons, would be nothing more than flying ashes in his eyes!


A cluster of golden light suddenly blossomed on the fingertips of Meng’s right hand.

In an instant.

As she drew back, her fingertips quickly pointed towards her eyebrows.

The golden light blossomed from her brow, turning into a vine like golden thread, covering down towards her face, then her neck, and then extending into her clothes.

At this moment, her entire aura changed dramatically.

The white hair was still pale.

The folds were still there.

But it was as if she had returned to a child overnight, back to her prime, like a sharp sword sheathed in a sheath, stern and unmatched.

“Come and fight!”

Two beams of golden light erupted from Meng’s eyes, and her right foot stomped violently on the ground, splashing up a large area of gravel.

Immediately, golden light erupted.

She was like a cannonball out of a chamber, rushing directly towards Gu Cangyue.

“It’s interesting that your aura has been raised a lot, but this kind of secret technique, which can raise your strength very substantially in a short period of time, comes at the cost of your remaining lifespan, I’m afraid?”

Gu Cangyue held his sword in one hand, the pounding wind blew his robe to rattling, but the corner of his mouth was curled with a teasing smile.

“It’s enough for the old body to hold you back and let that little one get away!”

Meng Granny shouted harshly, and at a distance of one metre in front of Gu Cangyue, her right hand blatantly blasted at Gu Cangyue’s face.

Golden light dazzled the eyes and the fist wind burst.

The golden light illuminated the teasing mark on Gu Cangyue’s face clearly.


Just at the moment when this fist was about to blast at Gu Cangyue.

Gu Cangyue, who was standing tall, dodged it with a slight inclination of his head!

There was no wide open stance, just a mere tilt of his head, and he dodged it with unerring precision!

“Still too weak!”

Gu Cang Yue’s voice, at the same time, rang out.


The two who were close at hand stared at each other.

Meng’s face, which was filled with golden light, was not the least bit shocked.

At the same time as Gu Cang Yue spoke those words, a strange and seeping smile appeared on her face at the same time.

This smile.

It caused Gu Cangyue’s pupils to tighten.

In an instant.

A soft sword silently shot out from Meng’s cuffs.

The cold, biting light was instantly wrapped in a powerful sword chant, cutting across Gu Cangyue’s neck.

This sword came with a deadly blow!

It was unpreventable!



A fierce and domineering qi force exploded out from Gu Cangyue’s body, directly blocking Meng’s sword.

Almost simultaneously.

A flash of Qi swept directly across Meng Po’s abdomen.

Along with a miserable cry from Meng, her entire body flew backwards like a broken pocket.

Upon landing, a sharp pain swept through her body from her abdomen.

Meng Granny’s right hand covered her abdomen, blood stained her right hand and continued to flow out from her fingers.

“That was a quick reaction, one inch less retreat and this one would have been enough to open your belly!”

Gu Cang Yue’s voice, tinged with sarcasm, rang out at the same time.