Winner Takes All Chapter 1834

The evening breeze is slightly cool.

Chen Dong stood on the rooftop like a statue, looking out to the north, his brows locked in thought.

The demonic nature within his body was stirring, causing his heart to beat wildly.

Buddha and devil confronting each other.

It was too smacking to sense it even from ten thousand miles away.

Previously, when he was in the snowy plains, although he was able to communicate with Master Kongkong from a distance, there was still a distance limit after all.


And now, being ten thousand miles apart, it was more than a tiny bit more than back on the snowy plains!

And in the course of this silence.

He could clearly perceive that the demonic nature within his body was getting more and more agitated, as if it was a ferocious beast trapped in a cage, desperately wanting to break out of it.

And there was only one possibility …… that was that Master Kongkong’s Buddha nature was surging wildly in a very short period of time!

During this upsurge.

Chen Dong could because of the Buddha nature, the demonic nature in his body was restless with it.

Conversely, the same was true of Master Kongkong!

But this surge of Buddha-nature was definitely not directed at him.

Rather, because of something, Master Kongkong’s Buddha nature had surged so fiercely that it had swirled to him, and the two had only echoed each other.

It was like throwing a stone into a pool of water and sending up a ripple; the place where the stone landed was the centre, but the ripple could spread far and wide.

“Master, what is being experienced?”

Chen Dong’s eyes were complicated and unusually curious.

Buddha nature and devil nature were just like a martial artist’s dao heart.

A surge would also mean an increase in strength!

Now that Master Khongkong’s Buddha nature was rising wildly, it also meant that his strength was climbing wildly.

But Chen Dong could hardly understand, even after racking his brains, where the cause of this surge lay!

Unlike him, Master Empty Sky had been genetically modified from the moment he was born and strengthened little by little, before the only miracle in the long history of the world to transform the Daoist mind into a demon for his own use appeared.

With less of these countless possibilities, it was simply impossible for a normal person to have a rocketing spurt of strength in such a short period of time.

On the contrary, things were happening!

For a long time.

Chen Dong closed his eyes, tilted his head slightly and took a deep breath.

When the turbid air was slowly exhaled.

He shook his head, “Let him go, what’s it to do with me.”

After saying that, he turned around and went downstairs.

And in the villa garden.

Elder Long sat quietly on the swing and looked at the rooftop.

Eventually, helplessness appeared on his old face and he shook his head gently, “Young master, after all, he didn’t come out.”


The vicious battle in the Northern Region had become the focus of the world’s attention.

Countless seals of information, at all times like snowflakes, flew to all parts of the world.

Compared to the cannon fire in the Northern Domain, the Shura Prison Field.

Everywhere in the world, the stakes are high and the clouds are surging.

Calmness only exists among ordinary people.

The giants and powers were all caught up in the whirlpool and affected by it.

A battle to determine life and death.

The giants and powers that bet on the extra-territorial realm, after channeling their resources, did not sit on the sidelines.

This was a battle with the final outcome at stake.

These magnificent family heads and giants of power were not foolish enough to sit back and wait for the harvest.

Although they did not show the slightest movement on the surface, secretly, there was an undercurrent raging wildly.

After Elder Long announced that the Chen family forces had purged the Hong Society.

The “flames of war” that were ignited in various parts of the domain increased rather than decreased.

Some powerful family heads and giants simply ordered their forces to participate directly in the battle.

In the great domain, there was smoke everywhere and numerous disturbances.

All forces are joining the battle with their own hands.

And in the north of the desert, the waves are now even more powerful!

The resources embezzled by the Chen family have been divided into two parts, one sent to Zhenjiang City and the other to the King’s Landing Group.

Anyone with a discerning eye knows that there are demons in it, not to mention the heads of powerful families and giants of power.

Feng Bo Ancient City.

The starry moon was in the sky.

The yellow sands are diffuse.

The sky is filled with stars, but with the wind and sand, sometimes hazy, sometimes clear, giving people a psychedelic illusion that seems to be real.

On a broken wall, Zhao Brocade sits cross-legged, wrapped in a black cloak that shields him from the sand and wind.

His eyes, gleaming like a falcon’s, stare intently at his surroundings.

But this kind of extremely focused vigilance is also the most mentally draining.

The thick dark circles under his eyes made him look extremely tired.

Suddenly, the distant whistling of the sand shifted for a moment.

A cold aura erupted in Zhao Broshi’s eyes, instantly locking on.

“It’s me!”

Jiang Qilin’s figure stepped out from the sand and wind.

“Is it resolved?”

Zhao Broke-Ru relaxed.


Jiang Qilin’s sword brow furrowed with confusion as he walked up to Zhao Brezhong, “I’ll replace your defence, go and rest.”

“Something else happened?”

Zhao Broshi could see that Jiang Qilin was different.

“Did you detect any other special power fluctuations in these formations just now?”

Jiang Qilin pondered for a second, but still opened his mouth to ask.

Qin Ye had placed a large number of formations near this Feng Bo Ancient City in accordance with the main body of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, just to protect the laboratory under the ancient city’s ruins.

And right now, among them, the only ones who could manipulate the formations were the two of them.

Jiang Qilin was relying on his talent and vast amount of formation drilling.

Zhao Breru, on the other hand, had a profound understanding of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts because of Xu Qingfeng’s inheritance.

A large number of formations can function even if there is no one to manipulate them though.

But with someone to manipulate them, the formations come to life, able to rely on different situations, and change.

Without someone to control it, the district dead formation can only follow a specific method of trapping, locking, killing and psychedelic ……

As the controller of the formation, as long as within the formation, a gra*s and wood changes, are able to sense!

“No, just now just the power fluctuations of the few hidden worlds you chased and killed.”

Zhao Broshi shook his head and said blankly.

“That’s strange.”

Jiang Qilin rubbed his chin and pondered, “Or did you just unleash the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts?”

“That’s even less, why would I unleash this great formation until the moment of necessity?”

Zhao Broke-Ru shook his head dryly.

The doubts on Jiang Qilin’s face intensified.

“Just now, a total of three Hidden Worlds broke into the formation, you controlled the formation and I went after them, but only killed two, while the third ……”

Jiang Qilin’s voice paused for a moment before he said, “When I found him, he was already dead, having his throat sealed with a sword.”


Zhao Breru was horrified and stood up directly from the broken wall, “The titular Hidden World has had his throat sealed with a sword, and your lord has gone out of his mountain?”

“The Jiang family’s duty is to help the building fall and save the society from the fire, now this is just where it is, even if my grandfather and the others were to go out, my family would have definitely informed me.”

Jiang Qilin shook his head no without hesitation, “Not to mention that they are already in the formation, right in front of our eyes.”

When those words were spoken.

An inexplicable chill swept over both Zhao Broken and Jiang Qilin at the same time.

Both of their faces changed greatly at the same time.

After receiving the transfer order from Chen Daojun, they both ran to come here, and they both knew the importance of the ancient city under the Wind Wave.

Because of the control of the formation, at ordinary times, they were the only ones in this Feng Bo Ancient City, taking turns to alternate.

The situation at hand means that in this formation where there are only two of them, there is a third person present!

And …… was far stronger than them.

Not only had they completely hidden their tracks, they were even able to avoid the probing of countless formations!

It was like a …… ghostly haunting!

Zhao Broke-Ru shrugged his shoulders, as if this would dispel the chill for a bit.

He pulled up the corners of his mouth and said with a leathery smile, “Jiang Qilin, you, you say, this third person, is it good, or bad?”