Winner Takes All Chapter 1833

Inside the barracks.

In an instant, a pin drop could be heard.

Huo Zhenxiao was stunned, his sword brows knitted together, a touch of hostility appearing in his eyes.

The sudden change of heart left Bai Qi with a lump in his throat, not daring to make a sound.

This process lasted for five seconds.

But for Bai Qi, every second felt like years.


Huo Zhenxiao broke the dead silence in the barracks: “Did Master give any explanation before he left?”

Bai Qi shook his head, “No, but some of the brothers on the northern wall saw that before he left, Master looked very sad and there was a golden light emanating from his body.”

“Golden light?”

Huo Zhenxiao gave a startled eek, and then responded, “Pudu?”


Bai Qi stared in shock with rounded tiger eyes.

“Master is a Buddhist monk, martial artists have the heart of the Tao, he also has it, or rather the Buddha nature, this bloody and cruel battlefield fight is supposed to be impacting his Buddha heart, Buddhists are compa*sionate and universal, he is not used to seeing what is in front of him and is using his own way to solve it.”

Huo Zhenxiao leaned back in his chair, his right hand rubbing the bridge of his swollen nose.

“One man, settling this great battle, how is that possible?”

Bai Qi was full of disbelief, if Huo Zhenxiao wasn’t the one saying this, he would have to go up and slap him twice.

It was a battle for survival within the domain and beyond.

It was a battlefield that swept millions of people, with tens of millions of living beings behind it, and millions of living beings at stake.

How could there be one person who could settle this battle?

It is a fool’s dream!

“Go down and transmit all the battle damage reports, as per my previous orders, to Chen Longtou.”


As Bai Qi walked to the door, Huo Zhenxiao’s voice suddenly came again from behind him.

“Bai Qi, Master Khongkong left without saying goodbye, if there is any further major change in Zhenjiang City and if Dragon Head Chen does not return, I need you to help me pick the great beam of this city.”

The tone of his voice was incomparably heavy, and every word was as heavy as a thousand pounds.

Bai Qi’s tiger body shook, and he turned around in horror and shock.

“Sovereign, Bai Qi is unable to carry it on his shoulders!”

“Powerful or not, you have to pick them all, if not for Chen Dong, you would be the White Dragon Head, this duty, when I am not in Zhenjiang City, it is your turn to pick it!”

Huo Zhenxiao’s upper body straightened violently, like a sharp sword rushing through the sky, looking askance and pressing people.

Bai Qi’s sweat stood on end as he felt the overwhelming sense of pressure.

Although he was reluctant to accept such a decision by Huo Zhenxiao.

But he knew clearly that once the general situation was scourged to the extent that Huo Zhenxiao said, he had to shoulder the Zhenjiang City, and what Huo Zhenxiao said about not being in the city was that Huo Zhenxiao personally led his troops out to kill the city!

The home of a war god is always the battlefield!

Whether it’s crisscrossing the seas on the battlefield, or being on the battlefield with a horse and a corpse, the battlefield …… is the only place for a war god!


Bai Qi respectfully clasped his fist, bent over, and heavily spat out a word.


Boom, boom, boom ……

The sound of cannonballs, shaking and roaring.

Stirring this side of heaven and earth.

The sky was filled with loud sounds and shouted at the sky.

It seems that this day and night has become the main theme in this world.

The smell of blood was so strong that it was as if you were in a pool of blood.

As far as the eye could see, there was scorched earth everywhere, dark with a touch of dark red.

Underfoot was a muddy mess.

Every time Master Empty landed and lifted again, he brought up sticky, wet red mud, and as it rained down, you could even see some broken flesh.

He gazed ahead, his feet firmly in place, and marched forward step by step.

Hands clasped together, his face full of sorrow, he chanted scriptures.

The fishy wind whipped his face and blew up his wan white beard.

His eyes were full of ripples at some point, drops of crystal tears, flowing down from the corners of his eyes.

A faint circle of golden qi swirled out in a circle with Master Khong Khong’s surplice.

Everything was striking at Master Khang Khong’s Buddhist heart.

He, too, wanted to do something for this chaotic and cruel battlefield!

At the end of his eyes was a battlefield.

The sky was filled with battle fire, sweeping across the sky.

The earth trembled, and the shouts were deafening.

The sound of war horses neighing and screams were interspersed.

Master Empty Sky even saw someone being picked off into the air just in time to be hit by a cannonball flying across the sky, turning into brilliant smoke and fire in the air.

He chanted the scriptures even faster.

The sound of chanting scriptures became more and more urgent, yet also more and more loud.

Everywhere it pa*sed, golden qi was washed away.

And the grief on Master Khong Khong’s face grew more and more intense.

He was the best in the world, and at his age, he had already seen all the red earth.

The cruelty of the world had also become clear to him long ago.

Living in seclusion at the Hanging Temple on the Inverted Mountain was nothing more than the pursuit of the ultimate pinnacle of martial arts, and in a sense, he was considered a madman.

But he …… was, after all, a member of the Buddhist sect!

No matter how crazy he is, he also hides a compa*sionate heart inside.

This is also the fundamental reason why he went from initially being paranoid about dissecting the secrets of becoming stronger from Chen Dong to finally siding with him.

It was also this compa*sionate heart that led him to return after he had lost his way in Hun.

What was happening in front of him was like that roiling cannon fire, ruthlessly and brutally bombarding his compa*sionate heart.

At this moment, he was not a Buddhist monk, but just a little sama.

Just as he had been when he first converted to Buddhism.

The Red Son’s first heart …… does good, crosses people, and helps the world!

No matter what the position of the camp is, there is only a fresh human life in his eyes.

The battlefield is getting closer and closer.

A miserable scream reached the ears.

“Ah! My leg, my leg ……”

“Help me, help me, ah …… me ……”

“Mom! My son has not disgraced our family!”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, I return to Heavenly Wolf’s embrace today!”


Master Empty Sky was in tears, and his lips were trembling as he chanted the sutra.

Pain, sorrow, self-blame ……

A mountain of emotions swept over him.

He had not forgotten what had happened when he had helped dissect the Heavenly Wolf’s martial body in Xiongnu, which he had forcibly suppressed before, but now, looking at what was happening on this Shura battlefield, that remorse came in a torrent.

“This hell, poor monk sins!”

Master Empty Sky knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the ground with a head full of pathos.


The moment his head touched the ground, a circle of radiant golden light, a tidal wave, surged in all directions.


Tianmen Mountain Villa.

“Youen na, after eating grandma it’s time to sleep and sleep yo.”

Chen Dong was holding Chen Youen in his arms, holding the milk bottle, with a loving and doting smile.

Chen You’en in his arms was not eating his grandmother honestly, his mouth babbled and kept turning his head.

On the side, Barbara watched all this with a smile.

“Uncle, when will Youn be able to eat what we’re eating?”

“By the time she is five months old, she will be able to eat some of the things we eat.”

Chen Dong replied with a smile.

“Five months, that’s still a long time away.”

Barbara propped her chin up with her right hand, then took another look at Chen You’en who was not eating her milk obediently and muttered, “I also want to follow Uncle and learn so that I can take care of You’en.”

Chen Dong looked at Barbara and couldn’t help but laugh.

“You are also a child, how can you take care of Youn?”

“I am a child in your eyes, uncle.”

Barbara suddenly crossed her arms and looked like a little adult, “But I’m a big kid in front of You En then, I’m her older sister, so I should take care of her and protect her, it’s my responsibility.”


Chen Dong froze for a moment.

Barbara said seriously, “Ah Pa and Ah Ma taught me that we all have everyone’s responsibility in the snowy plains, just like Ah Pa and Ah Ma died at the hands of the slave caravan people to protect me and Ah Brother, and Ah Brother died to protect me, from now on this responsibility, Barbara has to take up for You En too.”

Looking at Barbara’s serious look, Chen Dong was frozen.

Barbara’s words were like a big hand that stirred up a ripple deep in his heart.

It was also during this moment of dazedness.

Two smears of blood suddenly appeared in Chen Dong’s eyes, incomparably demonic.

Barbara let out a scream of fright, and Chen You’en in her arms shivered, her big eyes wide and round.

Chen Dong reacted violently, smiled and calmed down Chen Youen, then said to Barbara, “Barbara, can you help me feed Youen?”


Barbara nodded seriously, “I’m her sister!”

Chen Dong did everything and hurriedly walked up to the rooftop, looking out to the north.

“Buddha and devil confrontation, how come the master’s Buddha nature is suddenly so much stronger, all the way from ten thousand miles has caused the devil in me to react?”