Winner Takes All Chapter 1831

A night of baptism of fire.

The air is filled with the smell of blood and gunpowder as smoke rises from the city.

The blazing heat waves dispel the cold around Zhenjiang City.

Once Zhenjiang City was surrounded by a vast expanse of snow.

But after one day and one night, there was scorched earth as far as the eye could see.

And the war did not stop there!

Rounds and rounds of artillery fire were unleashed outside the city.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders who remained at Zhenjiang City were all clad in armour, running in spite of their fatigue.

Inside the barracks.

Huo Zhenxiao looked at the secret report that had just been presented to him, the veins in the corners of his eyes bulging out and twitching violently.

A seeping chill emanated from his body, causing the temperature inside the barracks to plummet to freezing point.

The air was frozen and suffocating.

On the side, both Master Kongkong and Bai Qi sensed the terrifying killing intent radiating from Huo Zhenxiao’s body.

Master Kongkong was still a little surprised.

Bai Qi, on the other hand, was filled with indignation because the information had been presented up by his own hands and he knew what was inside!

“Hong will …… be good, this is great!”

Huo Zhenxiao clenched his teeth like a sulking lion, squeezing out a sentence from between his teeth, his starry eyes cold and biting.

“Sovereign, I feel that I should immediately ask the domain lord to mobilize the rest of the Rongwu and act against the Hong Society.”

Bai Qi clasped his fist decisively and said, “The wolves of Zhenjiang City are raging, so there is no time to take care of the Hong Society, but it is still easy to instruct the other Rong Wu to eliminate the Hong Society.

The words were bitter with killing intent.

Although the Hong Society was powerful, it was only among ordinary giants and forces.

If the matter is about ten thousand living beings and ten thousand rivers and mountains in the domain, the so-called bigness is just that.

If you dare to interfere with this and miss the opportunity to fight, you will be killed!


However, Huo Zhenxiao waved his hand perversely, “There is no need to pay attention.”


These words made Bai Qi and Master Kongkong sit up and wax on the spot.

The knot in Bai Qi’s throat wriggled, unable to speak for half a day.

“Sovereign Huo, what does this mean?”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and queried in confusion.

Although he was not a member of the military, he knew that this battle would have a great impact, and was even more aware of the military’s style of action.

Huo Zhenxiao’s words and actions at this moment were all military orders.

His words were followed by the law!

But what kind of sense is it to allow the Hong Society to start fires all over the domain?

“I don’t mean anything else, just pa*s the order to ignore the Hong Society and focus on the war in Zhenjiang City!”

Huo Zhenxiao sat upright, sweeping away the monstrous anger from earlier.

“But the sovereign ……”

Bai Qi wanted to argue, but was stopped by a cold glint from Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes.

“All go out first, let me be alone, in addition Bai Qi urged the city’s military supplies at all times to supply all sides of the army, we can not let our brothers who fought to the death starve, even if they go on the road, they must be well-fed!”

At the end of Huo Zhenxiao’s words, there was an unspeakable sense of decadence.

When Master Khongkong and Bai Qi had both left the barracks.

Huo Zhenxiao silently lit up a cigarette.

Taking a hard puff, he smoked half of it off.

Looking at the entire cigarette ash, he slowly narrowed his eyes and smiled coldly, “Master …… I don’t know what medicine you’re selling in your gourd, but since you’re playing like this, I don’t blame Zhenxiao for swinging once in a small way.”

Hong Hui’s crime, if put in the past, can be regarded as the great crime of extermination of the family!

But this time, before the war, Chen Daojun’s perverse behaviour eluded Huo Zhenxiao.

He had allowed the Xiongnu Hundred to log on to the Darknet and recruit the world’s hired guns.

If people didn’t know the stance of both sides, others would definitely take Chen Daojun as the Huns’ side.

The fact is that the company’s business is not a good one.

What is more crucial …… is that when things go wrong, there must be a demon, and these words were once given to him by his master.

This is a saying that was once given to him by his master, and Huo Zhenxiao has always taken it to heart.

The battlefield is unpredictable, once in a great battle, but also countless times to confirm this saying.

Master was being perverse, then he also wanted to see …… what kind of demon Master was making!

“Chen Dong …… what exactly are you waiting for?”

Huo Zhenxiao frowned tightly and murmured Xu.

Immediately, the Noida barracks was completely returned to dead silence.

Boom, boom, boom ……

Outside, artillery fire shook the heavens and the earth.

The ground even trembled, and at times the fierce artillery fire could even make the barracks tremble a few times.

But Huo Zhenxiao, always sitting in his chair, his right hand clutching half a cigarette, was motionless, as if in thought.


“Captain Sun, drink some water ……”

On a battlefield, the Great Snow Dragon Riders who had just experienced the baptism of blood had a rare chance to have a short break.

“Go away!”

Without waiting for the little soldier to finish, Sun Kong looked askance with his bloodshot eyes.

The little soldier was stunned, holding the water bladder in his hand and not knowing whether to step forward or retreat.

“Stand down!”

Sun Kong spoke again, but his voice was hoarse.

The sudden change caused the surrounding Great Snow Dragon Riders to look at each other in disbelief.

When the skirmishers retreated.

Sun Kong braced his weary body and stepped on the mountain of blood-rolling corpses, walking up to a high point and looking out in one direction.

The bloody, cold wind blew against his body.

His scarlet, bloodshot eyes, however, gradually rippled.

As a captain, he could grasp the situation on the battlefield faster than a junior soldier.

He had already known about Meng Dabiao’s sacrifice when the battle had just ended.

The direction he was looking at was the direction of Meng Dabiao’s army.

For a long time.

Sun Kong’s lips trembled as he said, “Tie Bean, you D*mn well owe me …… still!”

At the same time.

Another part of the army.

Zhou Yao likewise stood on a mountain of corpses, and after a few seconds, slowly squatted down.

He silently took out a cigarette, lit it, and erected it on the armor of the corpse that was fresh blood.

“Brother …… walk slowly and wait for me.”

He was laughing.

But laughing at the same time, the eyes are foggy.

Compared to these two battlefields that have just rested, several battlefields in the distance, but still shouting and killing, artillery fire.

Numerous artillery shells raced through the air.

The sky was covered with them, blotting out the sun.

Even in daylight, it was still dazzling.

Several battlefields had become the most terrifying flesh-crushing machines in the world.

All the time, there were lives leaving.

Tragic is no longer enough to describe it.

It was hard to even find the words to describe it.

Mountains of corpses were piled up and rivers of blood flowed ……

All descriptions seemed slightly inadequate.

Faced with an army of 100,000 from the Hundred Clans, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, on all sides, met them bravely, stopping the iron horsemen from going south.

Exhaustion, hunger, thirst, injury ……

Every moment was destroying every Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

And without reinforcements, the enemy rushed again and again with 100,000 hordes, in a brutal and unstoppable manner, pulling all the Great Snow Dragon Riders into the abyss of despair.

They had never experienced such a battle before!

Even if everyone in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army was an elite selected from the armies of the four quarters, and had already been through a hundred battles.

But the battle they were experiencing now still made everyone despair.

It was close to noon.

Bai Qi, holding a list of names and with a sad face, pushed open Huo Zhenxiao’s room once again.

“Sovereign, the list of battle losses for the new round.”

Bai Qi’s voice had trembled a little.

“Another Wu Zhong brother has left?”

Huo Zhenxiao asked without raising his head.

“Zhou Yao …… died in battle!”


Huo Zhenxiao said in a calm tone, even indifferent, “Inform our leader Chen!”

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Chen Dong was holding Chen You En, babbling and teasing under his breath.


Elder Long pushed the door and walked in.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to speak.

With a hint of grief, Elder Long said, “Young Master, Chief Bai Wu said that Zhou Yao …… died in battle!”

Chen Dong paused.

In the bedroom, it was terribly quiet all of a sudden.

Only Chen You’en’s babbling voice echoed.

And Chen Dong was as if he was frozen in place, his back to Elder Long, holding Chen Youen, motionless.

There was a full three seconds of silence.

“Go out, it’s none of my business.”

The indifferent tone of voice left Elder Long helpless.


The door to the room closed.

Chen Dong looked at Chen You En in his arms, his face still smiling.

But he never turned back to take a look at the door of the room behind him, or rather to take a look at where Elder Long was before.

And in his eyes, there was a faint mist floating around.

“Uncle, are you crying?”

Barbara, who was sitting by the window, looking at a book, inadvertently looked up and noticed Chen Dong’s strange appearance.

Chen Dong shook his head, “No, it’s windy and the wind blew sand into my eyes.”

“The wind?”

Barbara blinked her big soulful eyes and looked out the window, “But there’s no wind, and the window isn’t open.”