Winner Takes All Chapter 183-184

Chapter 183

The entrance to the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

The Maybach lay dormant in silence.

Elder Li sat in the back row, his gaze sinister, his right index finger lightly tapping on the cane in his hand.

“Perhaps …… this is the last resort.”

For the sake of the Li family, he would not compromise his means.

Otherwise, he would not have chosen to embezzle without hesitation when he coveted the foundation Chen Daolin had left to Chen Dong’s mother and son back then.

In his heart, the Li family was what mattered most!

As for his daughter …… hehe, a mere money-loser.

“Master, it’s coming.” The bodyguard driving the car reminded.

Li Lan walked out of the villa area with a sullen face.

The mobile phone was clutched in her hand.

Looking at the Maybach not far away, her eyes were incomparably complicated.

Let’s meet one last time, from now on, there will be no more ties.

Leland thought this as she walked slowly towards the Maybach.

The window was down.

The old man, who had a grim look on his face, changed his face to a gentle one and looked at Li Lan with a smile.

“Get in and sit down, today my father is leaving here and going back to Kyoto.”

“No need.” Li Lan shook her head, “We’ve been cut off from each other since you did those things back then.”


Elder Li raised an eyebrow and smiled.

Li Lan’s eyes were filled with anger and she nodded her head forcefully.

Elder Li shook his head, “Dad did that all for the sake of the Li family.”

Li Lan suddenly felt very funny.

For the sake of the Li family, he put her and Chen Dong out of his mind?

What kind of reasoning was that?

“After you’ve finished meeting, you can go.”

Li Lan spat out a few words coldly and turned around to go back to the villa.

Suddenly, a cold voice rang out behind her.

“You can’t get away, come home with me!”

Li Lan’s body trembled and her face changed drastically.

In an instant, she was ready to escape.

But the car door suddenly opened, and the bodyguard who had been prepared for a long time covered Li Lan’s mouth with one hand and directly dragged her into the car brutally.

Li Lan tried to resist, but her body was already weak and she could not break free.

She couldn’t even call out for help to the security guards at the villa’s main entrance!

“If you don’t go home, Dong’er will never give in.”

Elder Li smiled coldly, “After being away from home for more than twenty years, it’s time for you to go back and pay homage to your ancestors.”

The black Maybach started up and sped off towards the mountain.

From beginning to end, because of the place where the Maybach was parked and because Elder Li was extremely quick in his actions, it did not even attract the attention of the security guards at the gate.


When the plane landed at Xishu airport, it was already eleven o’clock at noon.

Walking out of the airport, Kunlun had long arranged everything and drove a BMW from the car park.

After getting into the car, Elder Long said, “Go to the Nanshan Hotel.”


Chen Dong looked at Elder Long in shock, “Isn’t it to the Qin family?”

“This son is very special and does not live in the Qin family.” Elder Long gave an odd smile.


Chen Dong frowned and pondered, last night when Elder Long had first introduced Qin Ye, he had also said the word “special”.

Now that it was mentioned again, Chen Dong began to ponder.

The Chen and Qin families were rivals, even if their families were not on the same level, but this did not prevent them from being rivals in any way, after all, there were conflicts in business.

Since they were rivals, there was something wrong with asking someone from the other side to help him, no matter how he thought about it.

He had also thought of this last night, but only suppressed it for the time being when he saw Elder Long’s determination.

Chen Dong looked at Elder Long, “Elder Long, what exactly is special about this Qin Ye?”

Long Lao looked out of the window and calmly said something, but it instantly sent a little chill down Chen Dong’s back.

“I don’t know young master, do you feel that a person who killed his father is considered special?”

Chen Dong’s body shook and his pupils tightened to the extreme.

A person who killed his father?

This was not just special!

Even when he had hated Chen Daolin the most, he had only thought about dying in old age, not about killing anyone at all!

“Elder Long, what is going on here?”

Chen Dong’s voice was somewhat lowered and his expression was incomparably gloomy.

Genius to genius!

But the one about killing his father, he had to find out.

For those who could manage to kill their fathers, their blood was cold, who else could they not kill?

On the way, Kunlun drove the car.

Long Lao, however, slowly narrated.

Gradually, Chen Dong’s expression eased up.

Although from Elder Long’s narration, he still did not know why Qin Ye had killed his father, most of the speculations from the outside world were that his father had done something that had caused Qin Ye to kill in anger.

And the fact that he was still alive and well in the Qin family after killing his father was the best proof of this!

This involved the face of the Qin family, and it was as difficult as heaven for the outside world to probe into it.

However, Chen Dong had also picked out some important information from Elder Long’s narrative.

That was that back then, Qin Ye’s financial battle, a magnificent roll of tens of billions, might as well be described as the money he had paid to the Qin family to buy his life!

Ten billion to buy a life.

Terrible as it was, the crime of patricide, if not for the hidden secrets involved, the Qin family would certainly not have even given that a chance.

And from then on, although Qin Ye still lived in the Qin family.

But his status also became extremely special.

He was not a member of the Qin family’s direct lineage, and after committing a heinous crime, he was even marginalised by the Qin family.

He could not even return to the Qin family and lived in a hotel all year round.

And since Qin Ye had become famous in a battle back then, he had disappeared into obscurity, just like giving the appearance of being raised by the Qin family and muddling through.

After hearing this, Chen Dong sighed for a while, but the boulder in his heart fell to the ground peacefully.

He rubbed his nose, “So because this relationship is there, you think it is possible to invite him?”

Elder Long nodded: “The rumours that old slave has heard from the outside world, although Qin Ye is a member of the Qin family, he is afraid that nowadays, there is also a long-standing disconnection.”

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong slowly exhaled a breath and revealed a smile, “It’s just that, if there is a hidden secret, then this Qin Ye should not be considered a cold-blooded person.”

Nanshan Hotel.

A lofty high-rise.

The surrounding area was bustling with traffic.

When Chen Dong and his trio arrived at the Nanshan Hotel, a middle-aged man immediately greeted them.

“Greetings to Young Master, Greetings to Elder Long, Greetings to Brother Kunlun.”

A series of greetings caused Chen Dong to be slightly stunned.

Elder Long smiled blandly, “These are the people sent by the Chen Family to station in the local area, in every city, there are offices of our Chen Family, with cronies sent by the Chen Family to station.”

Chen Dong was calm on the surface, but his heart was set off by huge waves.

Every city had an office of the Chen family, and this alone distanced them from those so-called powerful and powerful magnates.

“Qin Ye is in room 99999, this is the room card for his room.” The middle-aged man handed a room card to Long Lao before turning around and leaving.

“Let’s go young master.”

Long Lao handed the room card to Chen Dong.

The three of them took the lift and found the room.

Chen Dong took the room card and hesitated for a moment, but put the card away.

Knock, knock, knock!

A polite knock was given on the door.

Since he was here to invite someone, the proper etiquette should still be in place.

It would be too rude to come in uninvited.

Followed closely.

A cynical, teasing laugh came from the room.

“Come on you guys, there really isn’t a drop left, you’re all eating goji berries for dinner today!”


Chapter 184

The sudden teasing.

It made the three Chen Dong stunned at the same time.

Chen Dong laughed awkwardly, “He still has this hobby?”

“Men and women love each other, it’s common for people.” Elder Long laughed a little unnaturally.

Knock, knock, knock!

Chen Dong knocked on the door again.

A violent voice suddenly rang out from inside the house.

“You forced me to do this, you forced me to do this! I’ll fight with you all today!”


The door opened.

A young man with a clean and handsome appearance, but his face was somewhat pale and had dark circles under his eyes walked out angrily.

As soon as Qin Ye saw the three Chen Dong, he instantly froze.

The anger on his face then disappeared and was replaced by a shrivelled and dishevelled look.

“Who are you guys?”

“Hello Qin Ye, my name is Chen Dong ……”

Chen Dong smiled and introduced himself.

But the words were not finished.

Bang Teeny!

Qin Ye roughly closed the door while roaring, “If you’re not a girl, get lost!”

So cross?

Chen Dong had a helpless face.

This was not difficult to invite, it was simply not even giving the opportunity to invite.

Kunlun looked furious and took a step forward, about to raise his foot and kick the door, but was stopped by Chen Dong.

Elder Long knocked again on the door and smiled, “Qin Ye, I am Elder Long, the one from the Chen family.”


The door opened once again.

Qin Ye’s eyes glittered as he stared straight at Elder Long, “Yo, Old Man Long, I didn’t recognise you at first glance when I was dizzy just now, did you come to Xishu specifically to find me to play?”

A word that caused Old Man Long’s face to turn red and cough violently.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun looked at Elder Long oddly at the same time.

Kunlun was surprised, “Elder Long, so you usually have this hobby?”

Chen Dong kept his mouth shut, but gave Elder Long a thumbs up.

An old steed aspires to a thousand miles!

A martyr’s heart is strong in his twilight years!

“Hey hey hey, old man Long, you do talk, you too, you came without greeting, making me unprepared, how can I communicate with your technique here?”

When Qin Ye saw Old Man Long, he looked like a new person, smiling playfully, he took Old Man Long’s shoulders and walked towards the house.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun followed behind, looking at each other with blank faces.

A youngster, actually wanting to communicate with Elder Long technically?

Elder Long was really good at hiding.

“Qin Ye, I have come to find you this time for business.”

Long Lao couldn’t really tense his face anymore and hurriedly changed the subject, pointing at Chen Dong and introducing him, “This is my family’s young master.”

“The Chen family’s young master?”

Qin Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled as he extended his right hand to Chen Dong, “Hello, my name is Qin Ye, free to exchange techniques together, huh?”

Chen Dong: “……”

He really didn’t have a hobby in this area.

For marriage, he was also faithful.

However, politely, Chen Dong still shook hands with Qin Ye.

Qin Ye glanced at Kun Lun again in surprise: “Oh yo yo, with this brother’s physique, he will definitely win first place in the Technical Exchange Conference!”

Even Kunlun’s old face flushed at this comment.

Elder Long couldn’t help himself and opened the door, “Qin Ye, the old man and the young master are here because they want to ask you to run a financial company!”

At those words.

The playful smile on Qin Ye’s face disappeared.

He gave Old Man Long a cold, sidelong glance, turned around and sat down on the windowsill, lighting a cigarette.

“Old man Long, you know, our friendship is limited to technical exchanges, I’m not interested in anything else.”

Old man Long smiled awkwardly, “Qin Ye, I have come in good faith, my young master is one of the heirs of the Chen family and will definitely be the head of the Chen family in the future, and if you can join, you can definitely make my young master as good as a tiger.”

Chen Dong was silent.

He had not expected that Elder Long and Qin Ye would have this relationship.

The matter of invitation also all fell on Elder Long at this time.

With Qin Ye’s oddball personality, there was no room for negotiation when he opened his mouth.

“The Chen family heir? Chen Dong?”

Qin Ye exhaled a mouthful of smoke and sneered with a face full of depression and decadence, “This is the first time I’ve heard of a Chen Family heir called Chen Dong… I’m afraid he’s not a wild monkey that popped out of a stone, right?”

The laughter instantly caused Chen Dong’s expression to stiffen.

And Elder Long’s face changed greatly and he was busy saying, “Qin Ye, you still can’t change your stinky habit of being full of Sh*t!”

Qin Ye shrugged his shoulders, “Forget it old man Long, if you have a technical exchange, I will accompany you to get high for three days and nights, but if you want to invite me, then let’s not talk about it, the Chen and Qin families don’t get along, how good do you have to be to find me, a Qin family member, to help your Chen family members?”

In the room, there was an abrupt silence.

A single sentence, however, made even Elder Long somewhat unable to argue with the point.

Suddenly, a teasing laugh rang out.

“You, are you still considered a member of the Qin family?”

Chen Dong laughed as he looked at Qin Ye with a harsh gaze.


Qin Ye violently threw his cigarette on the ground and got up indignantly, “What the F**k do you mean?”

The smell of gunpowder instantly intensified.

Kunlun took a step forward without a trace and shielded Chen Dong’s body.

And Elder Long also hurriedly stepped forward and stopped Qin Ye: “You brat, calm down, will you?”

But Qin Ye said in a stern voice, “I have the heart to kill him, and you still advise me to calm down?”

Elder Long’s expression was astonished.

Qin Ye was the one who had killed his father.

Even if there was a hidden agenda, the matter of killing did exist.

He really didn’t dare to doubt whether Qin Ye was serious when he said that or not!


Chen Dong, however, said with a smile.

“A man who killed his father, ten billion dollars to buy his life, and you’re telling me that you’re a member of Qin’s family? This joke is really funny!”

Chen Dong took a step forward and walked in front of Kun Lun.

His gaze was stern as he looked directly at Qin Ye, who was rising in anger, and did not hide his shameful laugh: “You and I are both the same, you are already a wild monkey that popped out of the stone, why do you still hold yourself up? Why pretend to be a virtuous man?”

His words were harsh, like a knife and a sword.

Elder Long and Kunlun’s faces changed greatly as they looked at Chen Dong incredulously.

Was this …… really the young master?

At this moment, both of them felt as if Chen Dong had changed into a different person.

“Is this …… the courtesy you are inviting me with?”

Qin Ye smiled fiercely and stared at Chen Dong, his eyes fierce and hostile, as if he was a bloodthirsty and ferocious wolf.


Just at this moment.

Chen Dong’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

It was Fan Lu calling.

Chen Dong’s brows twisted and he answered it directly.

In an instant, his expression grimaced as anger tumbled in his eyes.


Hanged up the phone.

Chen Dong said bluntly, “No more invitations, go to Kyoto immediately.”


Elder Long and Kun Lun were startled at the same time.

Elder Long was busy asking, “Young Master, what has happened?”

Chen Dong gripped his mobile phone, clicking it, the corners of his eyes bulging with blue veins.

“My mother, she was kidnapped back to the Li family by that scumbag!”

Elder Long and Kunlun’s expressions changed drastically.

Immediately after, the room echoed with Chen Dong’s cold, frosty voice.

“The bottom line was given to him, and if he still wants to touch my mother, then don’t blame me for stepping on his Li family’s door!”

After saying that, Chen Dong turned around and left.

Elder Long and Kunlun glanced at each other.

Elder Long said, “Go to Kyoto first, and I will contact the family head immediately.”

Both of them knew that their mother was Chen Dong’s scales of rebellion.

No one could offend it!

Now that such a big thing had happened, Chen Dong would definitely not give up in peace.

However, the Li family was still a behemoth to the Chen Dong of today.

Just as the three walked out the door.

Behind them, Qin Ye’s laughter suddenly rang out.

“Hehehe …… Sh*t, sounds a bit exciting ah, I’m bored staying here anyway, go with you guys huh?”