Winner Takes All Chapter 1827

The fire of war was intense.

Even in the dead of night, the northern frontier was lit up by cannon fire.

The sound of shouting and killing was so loud that it split the sky.

In one day, the boundless snowfields of the Northern Territory were transformed into a human purgatory.

The Snow Dragons’ armies were transformed into giant meat grinders.

In a continuous frenzied pattern, they strangled the barbarian forces that swept in.

The numbers of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were not the same, nor were their top battlers.

But without exception, they all faced an army of 100,000 rabbits, and one was slaughtered, and another, in a desperate stream.

Blood stained the earth, forming streams that rolled and flowed.

Bodies were piled up like mountains and limbs were strewn everywhere.

The battlefield of cold weapons has always been the ultimate in bloodshed and cruelty.

And for the Great Snow Dragon Riders, they were not afraid to face an army of 100,000.

But the tidal wave of extermination of one, and then another, dragged all the soldiers into the mire.

The soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were all elites selected from the armies of the four directions.

But even if they are elite, they are still human beings.

But even if they are human, they are still human, and if they are human, they will get tired.

And they were facing a constant stream of enemies!

The battle was over and there was not much time to rest before the smoke of the scouts rose again in the distance!

One of the battlefields.

The killing had just ended.

Mountains of corpses were piled high, and blood flowed like a spring from each of them.

The gra*s was red as it spread for miles.

On the highest corpse mountain, the battle banner of the Great Snow Dragon Riders fluttered in the wind.

The five-clawed golden dragon on the banner was rendered blood red under the firelight.

“D*mn it, it’s finally over.”

Meng Dabiao was bathed in blood, and his blood-red armour still had a few splintered openings on it, but he wasn’t too badly injured.

He wiped a fierce handful of blood from his face, then struggled to take out a dirty steamed bun from his armour’s bosom.

Not caring about the dirt, he wolfed it straight into his mouth.

“Captain Meng, here’s some water for you.”

A familiar face walked over.

Meng Dabiao froze for a moment, his mouth bulging with buns, and looked at the visitor with surprise.

Even though the visitor was heavily wrapped in armour and covered in blood, he still instantly recognised him from the eyes that were revealed.

“Hahahaha …… Sun Kong, you’re not F**king dead yet?”

Meng Dabiao laughed and came forward with a bear hug, “This war came so suddenly, everyone was fighting for their lives, I thought you were already dead!”

“F**k you, I couldn’t even hang up if you did.”

Sun Kong pounded a small water bladder into Meng Dabiao’s chest, “Have some F**king decency, at least we’re all lieutenants now, don’t let the little kids down there laugh.”

“What the hell, we’ve all put our heads on our trouser belts in this battle, we’re probably going to be buried in our horses, who cares about saving face?”

Meng Dabiao laughed bravely and opened his water bladder to take a big gulp.

Just as he took a sip, he was stopped by Sun Kong.

“You can drink it in small sips, on the battlefield, there is blood everywhere, this clean water is more precious than gold, after you drink it, what will you do in the next battle?”

Meng Dabiao snapped to attention.

He hurriedly ordered the commanders around him.

Then only then did he smile nervously and scratch his head as he said to Sun Kong, “It’s still you who thought of everything.”

As he said that, he stuffed the water bag into his arms.

“You D*mn well give it back to me!”

Sun Kong was furious and made a move to grab it.

“I still have it here.”

A familiar voice came out.

The two of them looked at the voice and saw Zhou Yao walking towards them, dragging his battle sword.

As they approached, Zhou Yao directly threw a small water bladder into Sun Kong’s hands.

“Two captains, this time we are in the same army!”

Zhou Yao removed his lower armour and laughed.

Under the firelight.

Blood, mountains of corpses.

The three men stood in a zigzag formation, looking at each other and laughing at the same time.

At the beginning, the three of them had the honour of joining Bai Qi’s army with Chen Dong, which was a heavenly show opener for those who had just joined the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Following Chen Dong and Bai Qi, the two old and new leading guards, they were born and died along the way, and their battle achievements were accumulated rapidly.

Soon after Chen Dong left, the three rose through the ranks, all the way to their current positions as captains.

In the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army, this was already a rocket climb.

But as they all became captains, the three of them left the Bai Qi army and entered other armies separately.

But now, in this purgatory, they are reunited with their old friends!

“Now we can fight side by side again!”

Meng Dabiao took Sun Kong and Zhou Yao’s shoulders in one hand and said with tears in his eyes, “D*mn, we’re just short of Brother Dong and Chief Bai Wu, and we have this King’s Squad together.”

“Yeah, I really miss the experience of following Brother Dong and Chief Bai in the 10,000 man squad.”

“Wandering through life and death, to be fair, that time I even thought we would all have to die in the chaos of the army, but to my surprise Brother Dong and Chief Bai were divine soldiers, and it was those few merits that allowed us to rise so quickly, right?”

Sun Kong and Zhou Yao also nodded and agreed.

The smiles on the three men’s faces disappeared, somewhat reminiscing about the brief time they had spent in Bai Qi’s army.

A scene was thrilling, yet memorable and fervent.

Brothers …… life and death ……

It was all experienced back then!

“This great battle, a matter of life and death in the domain, I wonder where Brother Dong is now?”

Sun Kong shrugged his shoulders and said somewhat dejectedly, “I’ve heard the military superiors mention that Brother Dong seems to have encountered a great problem and has not returned!”

“This guy, he hasn’t contacted us since he left, does he not treat us as brothers anymore? I’m P*ssed off!”

Meng Dabiao stomped his foot indignantly.

Zhou Yao shook his head, “If he didn’t treat us as brothers, he wouldn’t have fought to the death to save us in the midst of ten thousand armies in the first place. As the army marched out of the city, I had vaguely heard some news that perhaps …… Dong was experiencing the greatest calamity of his life!”

“If it weren’t for the great war now, Laozi would immediately carry his sword to help him.” Meng Dabiao gritted his teeth and said.

The words had just fallen.

The sound of trumpets suddenly came from the distance.

The three of them looked at the same time, and in the night sky, blood-red wolf smoke rose to the sky, incomparably dazzling under the raging firelight.

The battle, it was about to begin again!

In the distance, an army of barbarians was approaching!

The three men looked solemn at the same time.

“Got to return to the group, a hasty farewell, be sure to take care, hopefully after this battle, we can get together for a drunken rendezvous within Zhenjiang City!”

Sun Kong said in a deep voice.

“Groove! Why the F**k do you act like you’re saying goodbye, don’t be so pessimistic, we’ll definitely win!”

Meng Dabiao slammed his fist on Sun Kong’s chestplate in annoyance.

“In the end, no one knows the outcome of this great battle, but there is one thing, we are pawns, behind us are ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers, we can only advance, we would rather die than retreat!”

Zhou Yao’s eyes blazed up and his majestic battle intent climbed up with a bang.

Under the firelight.

The wolf smoke in the distance was the backdrop.

The three men looked at each other and simultaneously clenched their right hands into fists and smashed them on their chests.

“Brothers, all must live!”

There was no discussion, off the three men spoke the same words in unison.

Staying alive …… is perhaps the greatest wish for this great battle!

Meng Dabiao put back on his face armor and looked at the two who left.

“Meng Bean, remember to take small sips of water, don’t drink from a cow!”

Sun Kong waved his hand without looking back, “This is what you owe Laozi, when you return to Zhenjiang City, you’ll have to pay it back!”

Meng Dabiao took off his mask again and spat on the ground, “Don’t worry, if I don’t die, I won’t be able to finish this water!”