Winner Takes All Chapter 1818

The latter three days.

Chen Dong stayed in the villa, taking care of Chen Youen wholeheartedly.

To be precise, learning to be a good father.

Brewing formula, changing diapers, bathing ……

Each of these, he had to learn, and although the process was clumsy, he was completely immersed in it and was happy to do so.

Even when changing a nappy, he could hold it in his hands and laugh for a few seconds when the stinky one pooped on his hand.


The feeling that Ada said he felt, gradually …… he experienced it!

It was wonderful.

Chen You’en laughs, he laughs with him.

When Chen You’en cried, he would also be involved in his panic and anxiety.

Every little reaction of Chen You’en, the little demeanor, all firmly involved him.

All the details were like Chen You’en’s little pink hand, gently caressing his nerves that were always tense to the extreme.

As the night wore on, he lay beside Chen You’en, watching little You’en sleep, and kept it that way all night.

It was a peaceful day that Chen Dong had not had for a long time.

Forget the grief.

Forget about the past.

Forgotten everything.

In his eyes, in his heart, there was only little Youn.

And his mind was at peace like never before.

And in that calmness, a ripple rippled from time to time because of little Yu En.

The feeling of fatherhood grew stronger and stronger.

The kind of change of heart, as Ada said, also metamorphosed quietly in the course of this calm.

If there were mountains of sword and fire ahead.

He was also willing to go through fire for the sake of Little Youn.

During these three days, there were also many people who heard the news and came to pay their respects.

But Chen Dong was so immersed in his life with little You’en that he turned all those who came to pay him a visit away.

He had only come back to be a father!

As for the rest, he didn’t want to care!

In contrast to the calmness of the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The outside world, on the other hand, had already set off monstrous waves during these three days.

The rise of the new Chen family, which had appropriated resources on a ma*sive scale, was unstoppable with a domineering and overwhelming momentum.

This crazy move has led to grievances from the powerful families and forces, but they are powerless to resist.

There were many complaints and curses.

But this did not stop the momentum of the new Chen family’s encroachment.

All the resources, after being appropriated, were quickly sent to the Desert North King’s Landing Group and the Northern Region Zhenjiang City in a brutal manner.

Some eyes, with the resources being sent both ways, also quickly noticed the Desert North’s King’s Landing Group.

However, with the presence of Meng, Jiang Qilin and Zhao Breaking, they also put an end to those inauspicious gazes.

After all, when Qin Ye left, he had used the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts as the main formation in Feng Bo Ancient City and laid down a large number of formations.

Coupled with Jiang Qilin and Zhao Breaking, stopping the crowd with the formations was as easy as pie!

Even the Hidden World, after secretly checking out the general situation, was thinking twice and did not dare to make a move.

Apart from the overwhelming advantage of the formation.

The Zheng family’s many years of heritage in the north of the desert was also a source of fear.

What was more crucial was Jiang Qilin!

This was a representative of the …… Jiang family!

The fact that Jiang Qilin alone is stationed in the King’s Landing Group can dissuade most of the hidden world from wanting to make a move.

And Zhenjiang City.

After sealing off the borderline.

With the infusion of ma*sive resources, it made the extremely cold and windy days of this northern region bustling with carriages and horses.

A constant stream of supplies came in by caravan.

In the air, the engines of transport planes roar day and night.

The people of the northern frontier have even seen rare traces of heat weapons.

Inside Zhenjiang City, the sound of military practice is incessant day and night, with the aura of a rainbow and the sound of the sky shaking.

The wind and rain are about to come.

The atmosphere in the Northern Region is as tense as it has ever been.

With Huo Zhenxiao’s conscription of the warriors in all four directions, a vast army came one after another.

Swarms of warplanes roared into the air and converged on Zhenjiang City.

And the recruitment orders for the whole world have filled the air in the Northern Region with a strong smell of gunpowder.

The war was coming, and it seemed that there was no longer any need to tell the civilians.

The mere fact that the troops had been mobilised in just a few days had already made the people aware of it.

By the third day, there were even waves of people moving their villages southwards across the snowy plains.

War means death and destruction.

Once the war began, these villages on the northern frontier would be devastated.

The people are in fear and anxiety.

Moving south is the only option for the people of the Northern Territory!

Even though Zhenjiang City has been straddling the Northern Region for many years, like a heavenly rift, blocking the advance of the armies of the hundred tribes from outside the region.

But in the Northern Region, an unwritten rule has long been formed.

The people are even more aware of it.

Zhenjiang City, with its 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, was the strongest weapon to stop the Hundred Tribes outside the realm.

When even this strongest weapon needs to be reinforced by other armies, it is as if even that one man, one gun, one horse and one city, the God of War, has no courage in his heart!

The situation in the Northern Region was tumultuous.

To the world, it was like a giant nuclear bomb buried deep in the world.

Once it detonates, it will not only affect the region and beyond.

It would have a direct impact on the world.

In just three days, dark currents were raging in the world.

When the major powers, giants and hidden giants learned the general details, they quickly made their choice.

Stand in line!

Perhaps it became the only choice for these world’s giants and powers.

Or …… was the moment for the great giants and powers of the world to place their bets.

Bet on the luck of the domain!

Bet on the luck of the domain.

Or bet on the luck of the hundred tribes outside the domain led by the former King’s Court, the Huns.

Once the bets are right, it will be an unprecedented feast for them all after the war.

When the bets are placed and the stakes fall.

A steady stream of resources, money and weapons converged from all directions, to the inner and outer domains.

If it were in the past, no one would have been foolish enough to bet on the luck of the hundred tribes outside the domain.

After all, the hundred tribes outside the domain, killing and plundering each other, would appear to the rest of the world to be a bunch of barbarians who are utterly unworthy of mention.

Even if the Hundred Tribes were to join forces, when faced with Zhenjiang City, all parties in the world would still think carefully and deliberate again and again.

The unparalleled status of Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders was not only deeply rooted in the hearts of the hundred tribes within and outside the domain, but also in the minds of all parties in the world.

But this time.

It was different!

Not only had the Hundred Clans joined forces, but Queen Xixing of the Huns had even liberalised the threshold for enlightenment of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body with unprecedented boldness, which had not only boosted the overall strength of the Hundred Clans’ army, but had also attracted countless mercenaries and hidden people.

You know, the Wolf Martial Dao Body is a top secret that the Huns have kept since they became a royal court and declined!

Some behemoth giants and powers only learned of the existence of this top secret when it was announced by the Huns.

When the scales of victory were no longer tipped in favour of Zhenjiang City, as they had been in the past, and began to balance out, even in favour of the Hundred Clans, there was no shortage of powerful families and forces who took the risk of gambling!

For them, to have grown to this point is a gamble.

Betting on luck, betting on chance, even …… betting on their lives!

Inside the Mountain River a*sociation Hall.

A solemn silence.

Ye Yuanqiu leaned on his cane with both hands, sat upright, and said in a deep voice: “Yi Gang, order the three thousand six hundred sects, and in addition, befriend the forces that you normally befriend, and do it together!”

“Ancestor, I’m on my way!”

Yuan Yigang got up, pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose, and walked towards the outside.

“Linglong …… silly girl, grandpa must protect you!”

Ye Yuanqiu squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth and slowly closed his eyes, but the corners of his eyes were a little moist.

Black Prison.

The old man in the tuxedo bowed and entered the room.

“My lord, my old slave has ordered an a*sa*sination force of hidden killers to go to Xiongnu. In addition Kunlun’s experiment has been successful, the genetic transformation has been completed successfully, all the body data, which matches our previous experimental data, have been drastically improved, and in terms of perception, although it is not as terrifying as the uncapped improvement of the Chen Clan Master, it has also jumped by a large margin.”

Chen Daojun directly ignored the old man’s previous sentence, filling his ears with the words of Kunlun’s success, and was so excited that he laughed openly, his Qi energy around him even escaping in a circle uncontrollably, stirring the surrounding objects into powder on the spot.