Winner Takes All Chapter 1817

The wind and snow were like knives.

The figure, cloaked in the night, came slowly this way.

The steps were slow, but there was no longer the slightest pause.

Qin Ye looked at that figure and the corners of his mouth slowly curved into a smile.

He, at last, was coming back!

Finally, Chen Dong walked in front of Qin Ye.

The two stood face to face, motionless.

For a long time.

Both of them smiled at the same time.

“Brother Dong.”

“Long time no see.”

Qin Ye and Chen Dong spoke at the same time.

“Everyone is still waiting for you.”

Qin Ye curbed his smile and said seriously.

Chen Dong nodded his head.

Then he took out a small pot of wine from his pocket and handed it to Qin Ye.

“The Ebony tribe’s home-brewed spirits, for you to receive.”

“Hahahaha …… good!”

Qin Ye took the jug, tilted his head and smothered half of it, then handed it to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong drank the rest of the wine in one go and tossed the jug behind him.

“Go home!”

In the night, the jug of wine was thrown high into the air, drawing a parabola and smashing down into the snow.

Not far away, two figures stood side by side, drifting away.


A day later.

The airport on the outskirts of the city.

Chen Dong and Qin Ye got off the plane and walked out of the airport with the tide of people.

Chen Dong declined Qin Ye’s offer to inform Zhenjiang City to call in a warplane to return.

The two walked all the way to the domain, found an airport close by and returned by plane.

“Brother Dong, even if we don’t notify them, but when we both registered our identities to buy tickets, the Zhenjiang City side already knew that you had returned.”

Qin Ye looked at Chen Dong with some confusion.

Chen Dong smiled gently, “I just want to go home now, I want to see You En, as for the rest, I don’t want to at all, I hope they won’t misunderstand.”

Although he was smiling, his smile was still very forced.

The smile on Qin Ye’s face became a little awkward.

But he was clear about the man in front of him.

Carrying too much!

When the terrified Danyue crushed him, it would be difficult to stand up again.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to stand, but it was really too heavy!

The same experience he had had.

The man who killed his father!

At one time, he was not like the Chen Dong in front of him, but fortunately he was lucky to have met Chen Dong, who pulled him up.

Just as Qin Ye had guessed.

By the time the two purchased their tickets, Chen Dong’s information had already been presented to Huo Zhenxiao’s desk in its entirety.

From boarding, to flying, to landing.

Everything was presented to Huo Zhenxiao as precise and accurate information.

Inside the barracks.

Bai Qi handed the latest information to Huo Zhenxiao.

“Sovereign, Dragon Head Chen has already disembarked from the plane with Qin Ye, the two of them still boarded the plane as before, without using any privileges, and took a taxi directly back to Tianmen Mountain Villa.”

Huo Zhenxiao did not check the information and casually threw the folder on the desk.

Then he lit a cigarette and held it to his mouth, then leaned back in his chair, his feet folded on the case table.

“Bai Qi …… he just wants to go home, what young master, what golden guard leader …… he has not returned, maybe this time back just a father!”

The voice is very soft, with a strong melancholy.

Bai Qi asked confusedly, “But he did come back already.”

“No, if he had really returned, he wouldn’t have returned as an ordinary person.”

Huo Zhenxiao shook his head, “From the time Qin Ye found him, the two of them returned all the way back, without greeting any of the parties from beginning to end, and all according to the ordinary people’s mode of transportation, seemingly saying nothing, but in fact he had already told us the answer.”

His eyes looked askance at Bai Qi.

“If he really wanted to come back, with his status today, one phone call, extra-domain to intra-domain, could open an exclusive route out for him directly, and I, Huo Zhenxiao, would be willing to personally fly a warplane to escort him, but has he ever made that one phone call?”

Bai Qi nodded and shrugged helplessly, “The leader’s experience, if it were the next person, he might have gone crazy long ago ……”

“Yes, life and death are good experiences, life is hard to experience, natural disasters and catastrophes are not terrible, what is terrible is a dull knife cutting flesh ……”

Huo Zhenxiao took a hard puff of his cigarette, then closed his eyes.

Inside the barracks, silence ensued.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa.

At this moment, there was no sound, and everyone sat waxed on the spot.

Chen Dong and Qin Ye walked into the room and stood in front of the crowd, meeting their dumbfounded and surprised gazes.

No one spoke.

Everything, all in silence.

A few seconds later.

Chen Dong calmly asked, “Elder Long, Sister Xiao Lu, where is my family’s You En?”

“In, in, in the bedroom, just, just finished drinking milk and fell asleep.”

Fan Lu was the first to respond, so emotional that her voice was trembling and stuttering.

“I’ll go check on her.”

Chen Dong dropped the words and headed upstairs.

Only after his figure had completely disappeared up the stairs did the crowd react.

“Back, Young Master has finally returned!”

Elder Long’s eyes were red and his body was trembling with excitement.

Beside him, Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed also came back to their senses, excited.

Qin Ye was the only one who smiled bitterly and said slowly, “This time, it’s just a father who has returned, and he still doesn’t want to.”

The words were soft, but it was as if a cold wind on a nine-nine day, instantly causing the temperature in the living room to plummet.

Elder Long and the others’ faces were heavy, yet there was nothing they could do.

Qin Ye cursed in a low voice, “D*mn it! I’m being manipulated like this, and I don’t want to F**king come back!”

These words made Elder Long and the others unable to refute them.

Chen Dong’s experience was too much for any of them to bear when placed on the

The corridor.

The closer they got to the room, the gentler and more careful Chen Dong’s footsteps became.


He pushed open the door of the room.

The room was a little dim with the curtains drawn, and a table lamp was lit above the bed.

To his slight surprise, Barbara was also lying on the bed.

One big and one small, snuggled up to each other.

Barbara was on her side, stretching out as much as she could, her right hand carefully patting the small quilt next to the sleeping Chen You’en.

Seeing Chen Dong.

Barbara’s eyes lit up and she was about to open her mouth to shout when she thought of Chen You’en beside her.

She hurriedly showed a serious face and made a silent gesture.

This serious look made Chen Dong laugh.

What a little adult!

He nodded to Barbara, then carefully walked to the bedside and squatted down, quietly looking at the sleeping Chen You’en.

With a pink, pink face and upturned eyelashes, she was sleeping soundly.

However, after a period of time, Chen You’en had obviously put on a lot of weight, and her little face had baby fat on it.

But the outline of Gu Qingying could also be vaguely seen.

This scene was as still as a picture scroll.

Chen Dong did not feel the least bit tired and remained motionless, afraid that a small movement would wake up the sleeping Chen You’en.

And Barbara was suppressing the joy in her heart at seeing Chen Dong.

She lay on her side, her big eyes looking at Chen You’en at times and at Chen Dong at others, the corners of her mouth unable to stop rising.

Gradually, Barbara’s sleepiness hit her and she fell asleep.

Time pa*sed slowly.

After two hours, the sleeping Chen Youen wriggled up and slowly opened her big eyes, then looked towards Chen Dong at first glance.

The corner of Chen Dong’s mouth rose, “Daddy is back.”