Winner Takes All Chapter 1815

Inside the tribal village.

Drums are beaten and firecrackers are fired.

Hearing the news, families came out of their homes to celebrate in a long procession.

The village, which had been silent and cold, was bustling with activity.

Chen Dong walked slowly towards the village, deliberately slowing his pace.

In this vast, snowy plain, a sudden outsider like him, even if he looked the same as these rabble-rousers, was worthy of caution.

The eyes looked out.

A face full of ecstasy imprinted into Chen Dong’s eyes.

It was clear that these people were happy from the bottom of their hearts, not mixed with any other emotions.

Perhaps this was one of the few joyful events in the cruel snowy plains.


Suddenly, a shout came from the crowd.

The originally lively and noisy crowd suddenly fell silent.

Daoist gazes looked towards Chen Dong at the same time.

Chen Dong stopped in his tracks and slowly bowed as he clenched his right hand into a fist and pressed it against his heart position.

“Praise be to the Heavenly Wolves, I got separated from the caravan and walked aimlessly before coming here.”

There were countless merchant caravans travelling through the boundless snowy plains at all times.

Not only were there merchant caravans within the domain, but there were also many merchant caravans among the major razor clans on the snowy plains.

It was only natural for someone to get separated from a caravan.

Such a statement was impeccable!

“What a poor man, he must have been hungry for a long time against the wind and snow, how lucky that he was not eaten by the coyotes.”

In the crowd, a glowing young man smiled and lamented.

In this cruel environment of survival, everyone knows how risky it really is to walk alone in the snowy plains.

It was not only the hunger and cold, but also the need to constantly guard against beasts that came out of nowhere.

Chen Dong revealed a bitter and helpless smile.

“Heavenly Wolf Blessing!”

“Hurry up and enter the village, we have just added a new person to our village, this is a great joy.”

In the crowd, an old man smiled and made a gesture of welcome to Chen Dong.

With the old man leading the way, the crowd also lowered their guard and had kind smiles on their faces.

Chen Dong smiled as he walked into the village, and the young man who had just lamented took the lead in welcoming him.

“My name is Da, I’ve just become a father, I have a daughter!”

“Congratulations, Skywolf is on top, the child must be beautiful?”

Chen Dong said with a smile.

“Hahahahaha …… is beautiful, as beautiful as her mother.”

Ada laughed and grabbed Chen Dong’s hand, walking with the crowd towards his house, “I’ll show you.”

The people around them also laughed and talked.

A lively scene.

Ada’s words.

But it made Chen Dong smile a little unnaturally, as if a big invisible hand had quietly ruffled ripples in his heart.

Ada’s home is not very big, a thatched roof and a courtyard enclosed by a wooden stake hedge.

In the courtyard, the women had come and were helping with the preparations.

Ada’s parents were all smiles as they greeted the guests in the courtyard.

A large wild boar was set up in one corner of the courtyard, and the women were making preparations to boil water to remove its hair.

“Ah Dad, Ah Ma!”

Ada pulled Chen Dong with her and walked up to her parents, “This is ……”

“Ah Wolf!”

Chen Dong said busily.

“This is Wolf, he got separated from the merchants and got lost in the great snow plain and walked to our village.” Ada said.

The old couple smiled at Chen Dong and nodded their heads.

The old man smiled and said, “It is your good fortune and our honour that the great Wolf of Heaven has blessed you with your presence in our village, welcome Wolf to my family, it coincides with the addition of a new child to my family, and I ask Wolf to celebrate with us.”

“With honour!”

Chen Dong clenched his right hand into a fist and pressed it to his heart, bowing once more.

“Brother Wolf, let me show you my daughter.”

Ada gleefully walked out with the baby in her arms.

This move scared the old couple into stamping their feet and cursing.

“Ada, you reckless animal, what if you freeze your grandson in this snow and wind?”

Ada was all smiles, “Hahahaha …… she is a child of the Great Snowy Plains, how could she freeze so easily, don’t worry, Apa and Apa.”

Chen Dong smiled as he surveyed the child in the swaddling clothes.

The child was beautiful, with a pink, pink little face and big eyes, and when Chen Dong looked at her, she too opened her mouth and smiled.

This smile instantly made the Ada family laugh.

The villagers nearby also leaned over and looked at the swaddled child with delight.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face also grew softer and softer.

The corner of his eyes quietly swept over the sincere smiling faces around him.

For the first time!

He felt that these were all people.

Not the kind of blood feuding, death-defying enemies they once were!

When this feeling appeared, even Chen Dong himself could not help but be stunned for a moment.

But this feeling had just appeared, and it had come so swiftly!

“Perhaps …… there is never right or wrong, it is just the position of both sides, I have become them, and I can likewise see a glimpse of them making peace with people, just like that which I once experienced on this snowy plain, there is always a hint of sunshine in the darkness!”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

As soon as he thought this.

He was busy fumbling with his body, and under the dismayed gaze of the crowd, he eventually dropped his hands again helplessly.

He had left in such a hurry that he hadn’t even brought a decent thing that could be used as a gift!

“Brother Wolf, it’s already a surprise from Sky Wolf that you’re here!”

Ada saw Chen Dong’s dilemma and smiled in relief.

Chen Dong thought for a moment and said, “Ah Da, does your family have jade?”


Ada answered without even thinking about it.

These words instantly made the gazes of the people around turn strange.

Chen Dong also noticed the changing gazes of the crowd and was clear why there was such a change.

He was after all only a sudden outsider, and while everyone welcomed him, there was still wariness within, not to mention people surviving in such an environment, and even within the domain, it was reasonable to have such wariness in mind.

“Can I borrow it, I want to give this child a gift.”

Chen Dong rubbed his hands together and said somewhat awkwardly.

Sure enough.

As soon as the words left his mouth, someone in the crowd couldn’t help themselves.


Although Ah Da was puzzled, he was still quick to carry the child back inside and quickly took out a jade pendant.

Chen Dong fumbled with the jade pendant, which was made of a rough material and of a low grade, but as long as it was jade it would be enough.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

Chen Dong gently rubbed the jade pendant with his right hand, but secretly injected a Qi energy mixed with magic into the jade pendant.

In just a few seconds.

As the Qi energy was injected, the jade pendant directly turned into a blood colour.

“Put this jade pendant on the child, in times of danger, it can protect the child from a life and death risk.”

Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, Chen Dong handed the blood jade to Ada.

Ada’s face was full of shock, and even his right hand trembled a little as he accepted the Blood Jade.

What had just happened in just a few seconds had completely exceeded their perception.

At this moment, not only Ada, but everyone looked at Chen Dong differently!

“I was the head of the caravan’s guard bar, and only got separated from the caravan after fighting with the robbing horsemen.”

Chen Dong said a barely reasonable explanation.

Ada looked at the blood jade in her hand, “I’m grateful for Brother Wolf’s gift, Nini will love it, but before Nini uses this jade pendant, Ada will definitely stand in her way first.”

“Ada, nonsense, disrespectful guest, apologise!”

Ada’s father picked up his cigarette and smashed it on Ada’s back.

But Da straightened his back.

“I’m not wrong, because I’m a father now, it’s a father’s duty to stand in her way!”

Chen Dong did not care about Ada’s attitude and words, but these last words were like a bolt from the blue blasting into his mind.

His whole body froze.


Ada was a father!

He …… was likewise a father!