Winner Takes All Chapter 1812

“You’re heartbroken?”

Meaningful teasing laughter echoed in the king’s hall.

Ye Linglong’s expression choked.

In an instant, it felt like the gazes of the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and the black cloaked figure were all focused.

A few gazes were like a mane on her back.

It gave her an anxious feeling, and her cheeks burned as if they were on fire.


Xixing gave a light eek, and the slender white index finger of her right hand gently picked up Ye Linglong’s chin.

Such an action was unspeakably ambiguous.

But when it happened to the two girls, it was a tinge of weirdness.

Ye Linglong met Xixing’s gaze, and for a moment her eyes were complicated to the extreme, but she remained silent.

“Do you need us to take a back seat?”

Sky Wolf’s hoarse voice broke the dead silence within the king’s hall.

Xixing smiled gently, “What’s there to avoid?”

As she spoke, her right hand was leaving Ye Linglong’s chin.

Then, she sat back down on the throne, her gaze swept away from the softness she had felt when facing Ye Linglong before, and swept over Heavenly Wolf and the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain in a harsh and compelling manner.

It eventually landed on the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.

“What can I do for you?”

The Old Ghost of Yin Mountain clasped his fist and said, “It’s to ask Lord Queen when the Hundred Clans’ army will swing south?”

Three days of staging and fermenting.

It was no longer a secret within the Xiongnu that the time for the Hundred Clans to swing their whips south had been advanced.

What’s more, he was still as the top warrior heading south, so it was even more impossible for this matter to be hidden from him.


Xixing’s eyes were profound, “Since we have promised the major commanders of the Hundred Clans terms, we must let them have some time to observe the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body, if we were to immediately wave the whip, then wouldn’t our Xiongnu’s promise to them be a fart with our trousers down?”

“In fact, I can’t understand, the enlightenment of the martial dao body, for ordinary martial artists, is simply not a few days to be able to enlighten the harvest, you do this, in fact, and ……”

Halfway through Skywolf’s words, they came to an abrupt halt.

“No different from taking off your trousers and farting?”

Xixing smiled wryly and added what Skywolf wanted to say later.

Skywolf nodded his head.

Shying yawned languidly and said without panic, “Desire!”


At these words, Ye Linglong, the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and Skywolf were puzzled at the same time.

Xixing smiled and explained, “Desire is the biggest fuel that spawns human mobility, no desire is just good to say, but what is the difference between those who really have no desire and no want, and the waste that lies flat?”

“The hundred tribes joined together, originally an army forced together by desire, the chiefs of each side have their own calculating calculations in their hearts, and the same is true of the commanders of the tribes who came to form the army.”

“Seemingly screwed together, they are in fact so loose internally that once they swing the whip south and horse down on Zhenjiang City, how much fighting power they will be able to explode is still up in the air.”

The words were soft, explaining slowly, but with a brashness and confidence that belonged exclusively to Xixing.

After a pause, she slowly swept across the three people present.

“This King cannot control the desires in the hearts of the major clan leaders, but this King can control the desires in the hearts of the Rongwu commanders of the clans!”

“It is not necessary for them to actually enlighten the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, but only for them to perceive the power of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body in the process of enlightenment!”

“In this way, when the whip is waved south, the Rongwu leaders of the various tribes will also be able to command their Rongwu with more dedication, and this army of 100 tribes will truly have the hope of being united, and only when they win the battle and return will they have the opportunity to continue to enlighten the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body!”

“After all,…… for them personally, who doesn’t want their own strength to become stronger, as in the case of these hermits like the Yinshan seniors, to obtain a longer life span by becoming stronger?”

The words fell, and the Nuo Da Wang Hall returned to silence.

Ye Linglong’s eyebrows were furrowed as she was still reflecting on Xixing’s words.

Tian Wolf, on the other hand, kept his head down and was silent.

The old ghost of Yinshan’s eyes flashed brightly for a few moments, rubbing his hands together with emotion, “Seeking the top to get the middle, seeking the middle to get the bottom, hahaha …… The queen is well thought out, not afraid of their greed, but afraid of their lack of greed, without their own selfish desires, when the hundred tribes go south, the army of the hundred tribes sounds powerful, but in reality, it is still difficult to get rid of The possibility of each one fighting for itself and harbouring a different heart.”

“Now the Queen has asked the leaders of the Hundred Clans to join forces, and has gained the Hundred Clans’ army, and relies on the selfish desires of the major commanders to seek to join forces with the soldiers under her command.

A cheerful laugh echoed through the king’s hall.

“Desire …… is never the best fuel!”

Shying Xing leaned back on his throne and echoed the laughter of the old ghost of Yinshan, but his expression grew complicated, “Having desire for everyone to do the same thing well, without a common desire, things won’t be done well, don’t you think so, great Sky Wolf?”


The ever-silent Skywolf gave a startled eek, and his eyes, which were only exposed to the outside, flashed a flash of red light for a moment.

He looked towards Shying Xing in surprise.

The air seemed to freeze for the few seconds that the two met their gazes and stared at each other.

Skywolf withdrew his gaze and smiled gently, “You are indeed more powerful than your father, and if not for the limitations of your daughter’s body, your future would be unlimited.”

“But didn’t I also sit on this high throne and rule the Huns with my daughter’s body?”

He waved his hand, “Stand down, and pa*s on the order that on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, the army of the Hundred Clans will march south to Zhenjiang City, this is the day when the so-called ‘dragon raises its head’ in the domain, this battle, our Hundred Clans It is time for this great dragon of our alliance to raise its head and roar for ten thousand miles in the domain!”

“February 2nd? There are still ten days left.”

The old ghost of Yin Mountain rubbed his hands together, then excused himself and left.

Sky Wolf also walked towards the corner in silence, his form gradually fading into the darkness.

Inside the King’s Hall.

Only Xixing and Ye Linglong were left.

One sat and stood, staring at each other.

Xie Xing gently rubbed his chin and looked at Ye Linglong with interest, “So …… what is your desire?”

Ye Linglong’s heart stuttered.

But on the surface, she acted calmly as usual.

Her shell teeth gently bit her red lips, and a trace of resentment pa*sed over her pretty face.

“What do you think?”

“I think?”

Xixing raised her eyebrows.

Ye Linglong pondered for a moment and said, “Have you ever experienced betrayal?”

Xixing froze for a moment, then her brows lowered and her fingertips tapped lightly on the armrest of the throne.

“Once, I met a man, I put aside my nobility and arrogance, wanted to be with him, and gave him all I could, even going against the thousand-year iron law of my old ancestors to erect a monument to his statue, but in the end, he left!”

The words were soft, but every word carried an endless amount of resentment.


Ye Linglong shrugged and smiled sadly, “Betrayal is like that, it is never the enemy that hurts us the most, but the one who is closest or wants to be closest, because they know where your vitals are, and then a slash can hit them straight on!”

“I was once like you, wasn’t I? I could lay down my dignity, lay down everything, and thought that giving would get me a piece of his eccentricity, but in the end I realised that the clown was only myself.”

“He never had anything but his wife and daughter, and I was just a redundancy.”

“If I could have escaped, I wouldn’t be on your side, I might have gone back to that place where I grew up and obediently listened to my grandfather, but fate wouldn’t let me escape, so I’m on your side now, and Elder Xu also said before he died that you wanted Hong Hui on your side, now you should get your wish, right?”

Every word was as poignant as it could be.

The two men stared at each other for a long time.

Xixing’s eyebrows softened, “Go on, it seems we are the same kind of people, in the future you will be glad for the decision you made today.”

When Ye Linglong had left.

Xixing leaned back on the throne and looked at the ceiling of the king’s hall, the fingertips of his right hand tapped lightly on the armrest of the throne.

After a long time.

She laughed in a complicated manner and murmured softly.

“It’s a pity, there’s no one in this world worthy of my trust!”