Winner Takes All Chapter 1805

Rumble ……

In the vault of the sky, a rolling thunderclap suddenly rang out from the thick black clouds of demonic qi.

Boom ka!

A bolt of lightning, without warning, tore through the clouds and struck down.

The white lightning instantly illuminated the dark heaven and earth.

Chen Dong, who was standing across the sky with his wings raised at his back, was even more enveloped by the lightning, leaving only a blurred black shadow as a streak of blood shot through the white light.


Those giant wings were incomparably dazzling and shockingly eye-catching.

“Ah! Run, run!”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, when did the gates of hell open and release such an evil spirit?”

“He’s not human, he’s a ghost, he’s a demon!”


The remaining Dong Hu Rong Wu, who were originally waiting to be slaughtered as lambs, were all scared to death as they looked at Chen Dong who had risen into the air.

Fear made them burst out again with a hint of survival instinct.


Chen Dong let out a hiss, his hideous face full of veins and veins, at this moment, one of the veins and veins seemed to come to life, writhing and twisting.

Blood light kept spurting out from his eyes.

Looking down at the East Hu Rongwu who were scurrying with their heads in their hands, the corners of his mouth even curled up into a hideous and wicked smile.

In a flash.

The wings behind him swept up, and the tips of his wings were aimed at the East Hu Rongwu below.

As a circle of blood-coloured Qi washed out.

Whoosh whoosh ……

The blood-coloured Qi was like a sharp arrow, wrapped with a touch of demonic Qi at the tip, shooting towards the fleeing East Hu army below.

Each blood-coloured arrow was so sharp that it pierced through the torso of the East Hu army.

Amidst the screams of misery.

Pieces and pieces of the East Hu soldiers fell into a pool of blood.

Immediately afterwards.

Chen Dong, who was in the air, once again raised his wings, his blood-coloured Qi and black demonic Qi swept across the long air on both sides, and he actually flew straight ahead for some distance.

The next second.


Chen Dong raised his two-handed Scarlet Ice Sword, and the moment they collided, the two three-metre long Scarlet Ice Swords directly merged into one.

The blood-coloured Qi and black demonic Qi instantly climbed onto the ice swords, directly lengthening the long swords to ten metres long and door-board wide!

A majestic Yin and hostile Qi was vastly released from Chen Dong’s body.

Accompanied by a hissing roar from him.

His hands gripped the sword and slashed down towards the East Hu Rongwu below.


There was a loud sound.

The ten-metre-long sword, augmented by Qi and demonic energy, came down with a frightening force.

The earth trembled and waves of snow rolled.

Countless bodies flew out to the left and right with the aftershocks.

The East Hu army that had been fleeing was directly cleared out by this sword, leaving a large gap.

This sword shattered the courage of all the East Hu soldiers.

The screams and shrieks were deafening.

Those who remained were like frightened lambs, stumbling and fleeing.

However, Chen Dong’s sword cut out and did not pause for a moment.

With his wings at his back, he swooped straight downwards and continued to kill!

Rumble ……

More and more demonic qi emanated from Chen Dong’s body, pouring back into the black clouds of demonic qi in the sky.

Countless electric snakes stirred in the clouds.

The terrifying and terrifying pressure, as the clouds spread, the area radiating across the pressure was expanding.

As Grandmaster Empty moved forward, his monk robes danced, his body glittering with golden light.

At this moment, it was as if he had become a different person.

No longer the attained monk he once was, but a Buddha walking on earth.

It was only when he looked at the black clouds of demonic qi spreading above his head that his eyes, which sometimes glowed with golden light, showed a hint of helplessness and resignation.

“The demonic qi is growing like crazy, he relies on killing to give rise to it, obviously when he reaches the legendary Hidden Demon realm he is able to do the ‘Daoist Heart Planting Demon’ as if it were his arm, but he doesn’t bother to collect it sensibly at all, if this continues, he …… Just how far will he mutate?”

A soft murmur came out of Master Khongkong’s mouth.

It was a mere murmur, but it carried the majesty of a frightening thunderclap.

The legendary “Hidden Demon Realm” was originally a deeper realm after the “Daoist Heart Planting Demon”, and once it was reached, it could turn the “Daoist Heart Planting Demon”, which all martial artists in history had feared like a snake and scorpion, into their own.

Chen Dong had done it!

But now, the demonic energy was growing like crazy, but it was clear that Chen Dong had deliberately refrained from using the power of the “Hidden Demon Realm” to suppress his demonic nature and restore his sanity.

To Master Kongkong, this was clearly a self-exile!

Only with self-control could there be freedom, but banishment would only lead to an unpredictable development.


A circle of Buddhist light rippled out from Grandmaster Khong Khong’s body.

In an instant, Master Khang Khong looked determined.

“Amitabha Buddha, for the sake of all sentient beings under heaven, the poor monk will have to stop you from continuing the banishment at any cost. If the poor monk enters hell, in the future, Daogun will have to find another way to save him, this may …… be the karma of the poor monk and the final destination of the poor monk!”

As he spoke, Master Kongkong closed his eyes, and the light of the Buddha around him became more and more radiant.

His monk’s robes danced lightly and his footsteps did not stop.

At this moment, he looked like a dead soldier determined to die, throwing himself on the line!

The golden light kept climbing up.

The Buddha’s light was majestic and terrifying, and with the golden light, it turned into a sharp sword and broke straight into the sky.

It shone a ray of light into this dimly lit land, which was covered by demonic energy!

The sound of the Buddha’s light reverberated through the heavens and the earth.

When the light reached a certain height in the sky, it blossomed like a firework and washed out in all directions.

The sound of chanting scriptures grew louder and louder, as if all the gods and Buddhas in the void were gathered here, chanting scriptures to enlighten all beings.

While all this was happening.

In the vault of the sky, the boundless and vast demonic Qi also shook violently, and a cluster of electric fireworks burst into bloom, even temporarily stopping its further spread.


Chen Dong, who was in the midst of the slaughter, turned his head abruptly and hissed in anger, two beams of blood even spurting out from his eyes.

Buddha and devil confronted each other.

In itself, they were two forces that were diametrically opposed to each other.

Master Empty Sky was able to turn the Buddha nature in his body on his own because of the devil’s energy, and the same reasoning applied to Chen Dong.

Bang Teen!

The furious Chen Dong landed on the ground with an indignant kick, cracking the ground inch by inch and collapsing downwards.

The twin wings behind his back shook with a loud bang, collapsing in the air.

In an instant, countless blood-coloured qi and black demonic qi turned into a rain of arrows, shooting in all directions and strangling the last remaining East Hu Rongwu.

At the same time.

Master Empty Sky finally saw Chen Dong’s figure from afar.

He looked across the sky.

But the corners of his wrinkled mouth curled up into a benevolent smile, and he gave a slight nod of his head.


His joined hands parted and he clenched his fist, smashing it brazenly into his chest.

With a bang, Master Kongkong’s body shook, his throat moved, and a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out directly.

Only the blood, which should clearly be crimson, was golden in colour, like golden paint, glistening under the light of the Buddha’s seal.

Master Empty Sky spread his hands out and grabbed them in the air, catching all the golden blood in his hands.

Immediately, he waved his hands once more, scattering the golden blood into the sky.

“With my life’s cultivation, I invite Buddha to enter the world and suppress the evil demons!”

Every word, resounding like thunder, exploded, even drowning out the sound of chanting sutras in the sky.

The drops of golden blood, the golden light soared like a wheel of sun, soaring high into the sky, directly over the boundless black clouds of demonic energy, then converging together again, the golden light bursting out.

The bright golden light instantly illuminated the heavens and the earth in a blanket of white.

The sound of chanting scriptures was so loud that it was like the sound of thunder falling from the ninth heaven, echoing through heaven and earth.

And in the golden light, a giant 100-metre-high Buddha figure was slowly taking shape ……