Winner Takes All Chapter 1804

Fear, oppression, suffocation ……

A great invisible terror enveloped the whole field.

War horses neighing, war wolves whistling.

Almost simultaneously.

All the soldiers noticed the figure galloping closer in the distance.

“That, what is that?”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, is that a man or a ghost?”

“What should we do? The war horses aren’t even listening to the drive, how can we run?”


The soldiers were terrified and agitated, terrified and confused.

“Commander, what should we do now?”

The deputy commander asked with trepidation.

The beard on the commander’s face trembled uncontrollably as he looked at the distant figure speeding closer, his fears entering his bones.

In all his years on the battlefield, he had been exposed to the dangers of life and death every moment he had been in this environment of the Great Snowy Plain, where the flesh was weak and the flesh was strong.

But at no time had he ever been as scared as he was now!

The wolf under his crotch was prostrate on the ground, trembling and shivering, and his mouth kept whimpering and sighing, not to mention getting up to fight, even if he could not escape.

Seeing the figure getting closer and closer.

The ruler bit the tip of his tongue fiercely, the stinging pain and the fresh blood brought up a fierce surge of blood courage.


The war sword was sheathed, and the cold light was biting.

“Blow the horn and fight to the death!”

Four words of awe-inspiring, killing intent stirred.


The Vice Commander was shocked.

Immediately afterwards, the Commander’s cold and determined gaze swept over.

“Both the war horse and the war wolf have lost control, do you think we can outrun him? Or do you think there is another way but to fight to the death? Or …… do you think he’s not coming for our 10,000 man squad?”

One word, one gritted tooth.

Even the commander could not understand why the other side would come at their 10,000 men single-handedly.

But the fact could not be changed!


The deputy commander drew his sword with his right hand and grabbed the horn from the soldier beside him with his left hand.

The low sound of the horn suddenly echoed across the battlefield.

All the soldiers were struck by lightning and were terrified.

No one was foolish, even if there was only one man on the other side, no! They could not even tell if the other side was human or not.

But the contrast of 10,000 to one could not erase their fear of the horrific oppression overhead.

A soldier’s vocation is to obey orders.

Even though the fear was as great as a mountain, after a moment’s hesitation, the sound of guns and swords echoed out.

A cold light shot out in all directions.

The soldiers, who had been agitated and panicked, were suddenly plunged into a deadly silence as their swords were sheathed and their spears flashed.

“Jie Jie Jie ……”

Chen Dong’s body was filled with thick black Qi, which rose up into the air and penetrated into the thick clouds in the sky.

His hideous and terrifying face pulled up a seeping smile, and his ear-piercing laughter echoed in this part of the world.

The blood in his eyes was tossed about, giving off a vicious, eerie feeling of a mountain of corpses and blood and white bones, with no semblance of clarity!

As the laughter echoed, Chen Dong stretched his hands to the left and right at the same time.

Chen Dong stretched his hands towards the left and right at the same time, his blood-coloured qi suddenly encircled his hands and shot towards the snow on both sides at the same time.

Creak ……

The snow on the ground was wrapped by the blood-coloured Qi energy and immediately condensed into blood-coloured ice.

As Chen Dong’s arms muscles graved up and dragged with force, two three-metre long blood-coloured ice swords broke straight out of the ground.

Qi energy surrounded them, and the blood colour tumbled.

The next second.


Chen Dong leaned up to the sky and hissed.


The commander of the East Hu’s 10,000 man squad led his troops with a roar.

The vast 10,000 man squad charged directly on foot, like a tidal wave, engulfing Chen Dong.

The sound of shouting, screaming and hissing ……

suddenly shattered the tranquility of this heaven and earth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


Chen Dong’s body was venting demonic Qi around him, wielding his bloody twin swords as he roamed through the crowd, harvesting a human life.

Everywhere he pa*sed, corpses were strewn about like the autumn wind sweeping away wheat saplings.

As the demonic energy was unleashed, the blood-coloured qi was added to the twin swords, sweeping through the surrounding East Hu army.

The bloodshed was taken to the extreme!

Chen Dong was like a red-hot sword plunging directly into lard, and wherever he went, pieces and pieces of the East Hu soldiers fell.

The huge disparity in strength directly ignored the huge gap between numbers.

The 10,000-strong army that had taken the snowy plains by storm faced Chen Dong alone, but was like a mere chicken and a dog.

Wailing and screaming.

Screaming in terror.

All the East Hu soldiers were immersed in the horror of death.

When the fear of death broke their last ounce of blood and courage and they thought of running away, the bloody ice sword had already cut them down and there was no escape.

Whether they were commanders or vice-commanders, or even elite soldiers, they had no way to escape.

When they faced Chen Dong’s demonic aura, they were all destroyed at the first touch.

Soon, with the loss of their commander, the 10,000-strong army collapsed, and the last vestiges of their courage vanished under the horror of death.

All that remained was the instinct to flee!

However, in the face of Chen Dong at this moment, escape …… has become an extravagant hope!

The vault of the sky.

The boundless demonic Qi, layers upon layers, tumbling and raging.

A thick oppressive feeling, like a great mountain across the sky.

An electric snake stirred in the clouds of devilish qi, brightening and darkening.

What was originally a clear day was submerged in boundless darkness as the demonic Qi covered the sky.

This spectacular scene, on the snowy plain in the middle of the day, was like a black ink splashed on snow-white rice paper, extremely striking.

In a flash, all the nearby tribes of the barbarians noticed the difference in the sky.

Countless intelligence forces were at work at the same time.

The wind cried and the snow howled.

Master Empty Sky’s feet bore light as he quickly moved forward.

The dome of the sky overhead grew dimmer and dimmer.

Every now and then, Grandmaster Empty would look upwards at the thick, boundless black cloud of devilish energy in the sky ahead of him, looking grave, even a little tense and frightened.

Buddha and devil were at loggerheads.

The Buddha nature within him, sensing the vast demonic Qi in the distance at this moment, was agitated, every drop of blood boiling, every cell trembling.

This caused his entire aura to climb sharply and invisibly.

The precious appearance was solemn, ethereal and dignified ……

This was not something he could control, but an instinct that had accumulated little by little since he had set foot in the Buddhist sect’s cultivation ……!

“He must be stopped as soon as possible, otherwise …… the consequences are really unpredictable.”

Master Empty Sky squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

He was not worried about Chen Dong killing.

Rather, he was worried that Chen Dong would have another sudden change in himself during the killing process because he had declared his demonic qi!

Chen Dong was the one who set the great power of the Heaven Treading Path, and was also the greatest variable.

But if the biggest variable itself appeared again, whether it would be good or bad, no one could guess, let alone dare to bet on it!

As the distance draws closer, the fearful, overwhelming demonic oppression falls on Master Khong Khong, becoming more and more heavy and clear.

But with it, the Buddha nature of Master Khung Khung himself grew more and more prolific, confronting it.

Gradually, a faint golden light emanated from around Master Kongkong’s body, the wind clamoured, and his monk’s robes rattled as he moved forward.

In the distance, the bloody and murderous battlefield finally presented itself to Master Khong Khong’s sight.

The crowds were surging.

Screams of misery rushed to the sky.

The area was like a purgatory slaughterhouse.

Master Kongkong’s pupils constricted and his heart throbbed as he watched.



A roar sounded, deafening.

In the battlefield, boundless blood raged in all directions, turning into a beam of light and rushing through the tides of people.

Almost simultaneously.

Surrounded by the blood-coloured Qi and black demonic Qi, a figure leapt into the air, looking out over the entire field.

In an instant.

All the blood-colored qi and black demonic qi converged towards the figure’s back, turning into a pair of giant wings mixed with blood and black ……

“Has it really …… changed suddenly again?”

Master Empty Air’s body shook, and after taking a step to land on the ground, he even stumbled a little on his feet.