Winner Takes All Chapter 1798

Out of the corner of the eye domineering, resolute resounding.

It was like a thunderous sound resounding in this side of the world.


The seven hermits were shocked at the same time.

Qin Ye is also the eyes of the essence burst out, not dare to believe.

The next second.


The flames on Yao Guangxiao’s body surged upward and wrapped around his entire body instantly with the momentum of a prairie fire.

The flames burned with ferocity.

A hint of pain appeared on his face, but it was instantly replaced by determination.

Flames draped his hands.

He slowly lifted them and swung them violently.

Rumble ……

The two Taiji golden gossips in the sky and underground suddenly erupted with a heaven-shaking roar.

In this roar, the Taiji golden light eight trigrams accelerated the speed of rotation, bright and piercing golden light, released.

The roar even overwhelmed the thunderclap of the heavenly punishment thunderclap gathering momentum above the ninth heaven.

“Wait, this ……”

Suddenly, a hidden world is jealous, off the mouth exclaimed.

Almost at the same time, the rest of the hidden world also have noticed the difference.

As the Taiji golden gossip accelerated rotation, bursting out loud roar, their body soaring up the aura, all abruptly a meal.

It was as if an invisible ceiling had been erected, and their aura was fiercely blocked in that one position, unable to rise again!

Time, at this moment, seemed to be stilled.

The sky is full of wind and clouds, all fixed in mid-air.

Dragons, tigers, snakes, birds, also stopped attacking.

Immediately after, the loud roar, the sound of dense chains sliding, clear to the ear.

The seven hidden world is terrified and helpless, horrified to look at.

I saw the Taiji golden light eight trigrams under the feet with the rotation of the roar, he rose up a chain of golden light composed of complicated runes, dense, countless, waterfall backwards like a vast swell up to the sky.

At the same time, the vault of the sky, the golden light gossip is also the same, a golden light chains, when the air winding, flying down.

In mid-air, one day a day released countless golden light chains, covering the sky, intersecting in everything.

As the taiji golden light eight trigrams rotate, slowly twisting, forming a huge heaven and earth prison.

A decadent sound, suddenly echoed in the heaven and earth cage.

A light and faint pressure, with the formation of the heaven and earth cage, and directly appeared out of thin air.

It was very different from the two kinds of pressure before and after the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, and words can hardly describe it.

When this pressure appeared at the same time.

Yao Guangxiao, who was engulfed in flames, his lips and teeth lightly opened: “Disperse!”

Dang Teen!

A loud sound from heaven and earth.

The original roll of thunder in the heavenly punishment thunderstorm that gathered momentum above the nine heavens, violently dissipated.

Immediately after, that the heavenly punishment thunder tribulation of the fear of the great prison pressure, also quickly decay.

The words were the law, the heavenly punishment dissipated!

Such a sudden change, let the seven hidden world chills like a frightened, body like sieve chaff.

“How can it be, the heavenly punishment has really disappeared?”

“The power of The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, can it really be this strong?”

“No! This is not the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts that should have erupted on earth, this is simply Yao Guangxiao burning his longevity and forcing the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts beyond the earthly limit, otherwise it would be impossible to speak the law and drink away the heavenly punishment!”


A hidden world suddenly reacted and exclaimed loudly.

This alarming cry instantly put all the hidden people into silence.

The appearance of the heavenly punishment thunder tribulation, in a sense, is considered a kind of limit.

Once the earthly power breaks through to this threshold, the heavenly punishment thunder tribulation will appear.

And can erase the heavenly punishment thunderstorm, only from the top of the power, from the top down to dispel.

The truth of the word is the law, is no different.

The top more power, in a lower level world, that is …… law!

“It’s completely sealed!”

Qin Ye sat on the ground, horrified.

At this moment, although the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts was already under Yao Guangxiao’s control, but as the one who set up the formation, he still had a few remaining senses of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

When the heaven and earth cage, he can even through the sense of clearly “see” the heavenly thunder clouds gathered and stored above the golden trigrams, is rapidly dissipating.

And this seal, not just the heavenly punishment thundercloud dispersed.

If this is true, Yao Guangxiao move is not only in the suppression of the seven hidden people, but also to help the seven hidden people in the strength of the breakthrough threshold of heavenly punishment, but also from the calamity of the heavenly punishment thunderstorm.

This kind of sealing, is completely and utterly this side of heaven and earth and the real world isolated.

In the seven hidden world breakthrough in the process of the threshold of heavenly punishment, forcibly welded an iron plate, so that they can not improve their strength, can not go to break through the threshold of heavenly punishment, completely strangled them to explode out the full battle power!

“Qin Ye, has there been any enlightenment?”

Yao Guangxiao’s voice suddenly softened.

Qin Ye’s gaze flickered, bright and uncertain.

Everything, was beyond his expectation.

It was even beyond what Xu Qingfeng had known when he taught him the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

Yao Guangxiao urged the “Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts”, according to the speech of the hidden world present, is already beyond the power of the earth.

Is from the top down, directly become the law, shaking all the power of the earth.

This also coincides with Yao Guangxiao’s previous statement that the “Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts” has no upper limit.

But …… spare Qin Ye’s heart, at this time also speculate uncertainty.

There is no enlightenment is one thing!

It’s another thing to realize whether you can reach it or not.

And he now, neither of the two!

In the silence, Yao Guangxiao’s voice sounded again.

“No matter, the old man exhausted his remaining life span, will definitely let you have a harvest, you are still young ……”

After saying that, Yao Guanghsiao suddenly took a step towards the front.

In itself, he was on the crumbling wall, this step, the right foot directly into the air, but he did not fall toward the ground, the breeze lightly, a black and white Taiji appeared under his feet, holding him steady in the air.

“It’s time for everything to end!”

Yao Guangxiao’s murmuring voice echoed in the wind.

In a flash.

The flames that enveloped him, once again surged a notch.

The flames burned his body, and his body cracked and fell off from the bottom to the top at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into a piece of smoke and dust that drifted away with the wind.

“Seniors ……”

“Yao Sheng!”

Qin Ye and Zheng Junlin wailed in grief at the same time.

The seven hidden worlds, at this moment, were also on the verge of collapse.

Yao Guanghsiao with “Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts” on their rise above the Heavenly Punishment channel, directly rammed an iron plate, blocking everyone’s strength to rise, which has become their certain death!

“Yao Guangxiao, Yao Sheng, stop, old man, I beg you!”

“Yao Sheng, as long as you stop, we will leave immediately and never again covet the fruits of Pan Gu’s plan!”

“Yao Guangxiao, I swear to heaven, as long as you stop, I will follow your lead from now on!”


At one time, the seven hidden worlds vied with each other and begged.

Gnats are still greedy for life!

To this level, they know this way, otherwise they would not have disappeared from the red world and become a hermit.

There is still a chance to live, but death is nothing.

At this moment, where they still have a half of the hermit manners, not to mention the arrogance just now.

Fear, collapse, crying and begging ……

In the situation of absolute death, they behaved like ordinary people.


Rumble ……

On the dome of the sky, the suspended wind and clouds, the four beasts, moved again.

The thunder sound rolled and the mighty pressure was vast.

Just now the faint pressure as if nothing, at this moment, but extremely rapid surge, straight to the clouds, unreachable.

The four beasts did not attack the seven hidden people, but with the momentum of thunder, divided into the seven hidden people around, will be all their retreat sealed.

At the same time.

Wind and rain, ravaging the sky, strangling the seven hidden people.

The Hidden Ones roared in anger, and they all pushed their Qi energy to resist desperately.

But also can not withstand the intensive wind and rain, from time to time a scream, from time to time, blood splashed.

And in the sky, the thick clouds continue to press down, just like a lofty mountain, with an unstoppable posture, towards the seven hidden world suppression down.

The soft clouds, at this moment has become the seven hidden people’s life charm!

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

Flame dazzling, Yao Guangxiao sitting in the air on the Taiji, hands together.

At this moment, the fire light imprinted on his face, the precious appearance is solemn, his eyes also became ethereal and clear.

Looking at the dying struggle of the seven hidden world.

He did not have any pity in his eyes.

He also ignored the pleading of the hidden people.

If you don’t take this opportunity to kill the seven hidden worlds, once his dao fades, leaving Qin Ye and Zheng Junlin, it is absolutely difficult to turn the tide.

“Yao Guangxiao, personally recite the Mantra of the Afterlife to see you all off.”

Saying that, Yao Guangxiao closed his eyes, in the midst of the flames, sitting cross-legged, mouth reciting scriptures.

The scriptures, with his lips and teeth lightly, turned into a string of golden swastika Buddhist seals, overwhelmingly flying toward the seven hidden worlds ……