Winner Takes All Chapter 1797

True meaning?!

Qin Ye’s expression was astonished, and his heart beat fiercely.

The next second.


The flame on Yao Guanghsiao’s body violently surged, burning even faster than just now.

It was as if the whole person turned into a man of fire!

Buzz rumble ……

In the sky and underground, two Taiji golden light octagrams rotated, emitting a thunder-like roar.

A cluster of golden light flew out from the two sides of the golden trigrams, turning into a golden thread, intertwined in the air, beautiful, brilliant as a river of stars.

Invariably, an eerie sense of oppression swept through this side of heaven and earth.

“This is ……”

Qin Ye was the first to perceive the change in the sense of oppression.

Because Yao Guangxiao’s target was not him and Zheng Junlin, and even intentionally mobilized the formation to turn the place where they were into an “empty space”, he had more energy to sense the changes in the formation.

When the four beasts appeared before, the sense of oppression, fearful as a prison, as if the vault of heaven overturned, domineering and brutal.

And now, the sense of oppression suddenly changed, obviously much less, but that high mountain unbeatable feeling, more intense.

Qin Ye smashed his mouth, is hesitating what words to use to describe such a feeling.

The Zheng Junlin beside him suddenly murmured fearfully, “Why do I feel like I’m shrinking and this heaven and earth is getting bigger?”


That’s the feeling!

Qin Ye’s eyes lit up.

Before, when the four beasts appeared, it was clear that the participants were inside the matter and felt it firsthand.

And now, this slight sense of oppression, as if a large invisible hand, quickly pulling people out of this side of heaven and earth, to be exact, erase!

Extreme insignificance, and then return to nothingness!

“Yao Guangxiao, even if you push the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts to the limit, today it will be your death and our life!”

“Everyone, hold on a little longer, with the speed of his longevity fire burning, he won’t be able to hold on for long at all!”

“Yao Guangxiao, don’t hang in there, your time has long since pa*sed, you’ve already had enough to make a mark in history, why do you have to do such a stupid thing when you’re going to die?”


The most important thing is that you can be sure that you’re going to be able to get the most out of your life.

Yao Guanghsiao is a smile.

“There is no limit to the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts? When the divine marquis created it, he didn’t set any ridiculous limits, a group of people who don’t know the great way, only live by chance to the hidden world, which has the will of mole crickets greedy for the sky?”

These words are very light, permeated with disdain and contempt.

But clearly fell on Qin Ye’s ears.

Qin Ye’s pupils dilated and his heart and soul trembled.

The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts had no limits?

Does that mean that as long as the controller of the formation is strong enough, he or she can raise the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts indefinitely?

If the words came from the mouth of the other people, Qin Ye would have scoffed.

Even if it was Xu Qingfeng’s words, he would also speculate twice.

But these words came from Yao Guangxiao’s mouth.

On genius, on strength, the two in their respective eras, perhaps a unique cla*s of existence.

The only survival time, Yao Guanghsiao far more than Xu Qingfeng, the two have seen and heard, life experience, far different.

In a way, when all other conditions are equal, living longer, that is the advantage!

The next second.

A strong wind suddenly to Yao Guangxiao as the center, sweeping out in all directions.

Light breeze, soft and incomparable.

But Qin Ye is disappointed lost in thought, somehow feel that this wind some special!

Followed closely.

Yao Guanghsiao slowly raised his hands and murmured, “The wind from the tiger ……”

As he raised his right hand gently waved down, in a flash all voices were quiet.

Heaven and earth up and down the rotating Taiji golden light eight trigrams also abruptly a meal.

Dead silence for an instant.

Boom ……

Above the ninth heaven, the wind raged down.

The air currents visible to the naked eye, as if endless sharp knives, tearing the void, rolling down.


Almost at the same time, is fighting with the hidden world of the golden light fierce tiger, fierce long back tens of meters, overhead a whistle.

This whistle, as if a command.

The astral wind blowing down the sky, instantly became harsh and domineering, as if in this instant, this side of heaven and earth completely turned into a huge meat grinder, and endless astral wind, is the sharpest blade in the meat grinder.

“This, this is ……”

The seven hidden worlds were simultaneously terrified and creeped out.

Looking up at the endless astral winds pouring down, all of them perceived a strong sense of death crisis.

“Clouds from the dragon ……”

Yao Guangxiao’s left hand also gently waved down.

In a flash.

The hundreds of meters long five-clawed golden dragon that stretched across the long sky, a dragon roar, pieces of scales and armor glowed.

Radiant golden light wrapped around the five-clawed golden dragon, as if the blazing sun across the sky.

And above the ninth heaven, thunder rolled, deafening.

Boundless clouds rolled down, layers upon layers, tossing and surging.

It is clear that the clouds seem to be gentle, but at this moment it is like a titanic mountain pressing down, giving a sense of oppression that can grind everything down.

Clattering ……

Numerous rain drops fell, in the gale, slightly shifted the direction, all towards the seven hidden people and.

The seven hidden people were shocked and stunned, standing in place in a daze.

Everything in front of them, forgiving their experience, but also can not help but produce a momentary blank in the mind.

It is also this glance blank.

On the long sky, the wind like a knife, dripping rain like arrows.

Approaching the seven hidden world near the front, sound whistling, biting and piercing.


When the first wisp of gusty wind blew onto a hermit.


The hidden world let out a miserable scream, on the left shoulder, directly by the astral wind cut out a deep bone visible wound, blood flying across.

Not waiting for the hidden man to take the next step, another drop of rain came towards his brow.

The painful Hidden World, almost instinctively raised his right hand, surging Qi energy to resist.


The seemingly gentle and tiny raindrop instantly pierced through his qi energy and directly exploded his right hand.


A miserable scream, like killing a pig.

This Hidden World’s face was in pain, and his left hand was squeezing his right wrist deadly, while his right hand was already bloody and fleshy, and his palm almost exploded into pieces.

“D*mn it, break through the threshold of heavenly punishment or we’ll all die!”

The miserable screams of his companions made one of the hidden people take the lead in reacting and shouted at the top of his lungs.

The hidden world, all of them are able to break through the threshold of heavenly punishment, attracting the existence of heavenly punishment lightning tribulation.

Only the heartless world, subconsciously want to break through, or due to some things, not convenient to wander the earth again, deliberately suppressed the strength to below the threshold of heavenly punishment.

If it is the past, the hidden world present, who are not willing to break through the threshold of heavenly punishment.

Once the breakthrough up, is bound to trigger the Heavenly Punishment Thunderstorm.

Even Chen Daojun is not willing to harden the Heavenly Punishment Thunderclap, let alone them!

But now, the bloodshed in front of them has been like an alarm bell, waking up everyone.

Break through the threshold of the Heavenly Punishment, and still have a chance of survival under the Heavenly Punishment Thunderclap.

Do not break through, then you have to be this “Gods and Ghosts Eight Formation Diagram” group destroyed, and is dead without a body!

Lightning and fire.

Including the injured hidden world, seven people on the body of the qi such as flat earth plucking mountains, extremely rapid leap up.

Rumble ……

The vault of heaven, above the golden trigrams of Taiji, thunder rolls, terrifying pressure, pressed down.

The Heavenly Punishment Thunderstorm is gathering at great speed.

“Seven people broke through the Heavenly Punishment threshold at the same time?”

Qin Ye sat in place as if he were a wooden chicken, his trepidation undisguised, and even a cold sweat seeped out fiercely all over his body because he was too nervous.

Seven people broke through the Heavenly Punishment Threshold in one place at the same time.

This means that seven clouds of heavenly punishment thunderclouds are about to fall at the same time!

It would not even be too much to destroy the heavens and the earth!


A disdainful voice, like a saintly voice, resounded in this heaven and earth with an unbeatable look of overbearing.

“A saint makes and all things see!”

“The sky is above, the earth is below, this last two formations are for the heaven and earth, within this side of the heaven and earth, I shall speak the law, say there is no heavenly punishment, then …… there is no heavenly punishment!”