Winner Takes All Chapter 1794

A loud buzzing sound.

The mighty pressure was vast.

At this moment, the two sides of heaven and earth golden light Taiji Bagua have intensified the rotation.

The dazzling golden light seemed to become sticky and heavy in an instant.

The towering seven beams of golden light rune chains, also violently rose a circle, in a more domineering posture, wrapped around the seven pillars of Qi Qi Qi, hard to pull the seven pillars of Qi Qi wrapped and winding in the air.

Yellow sand rolled.



By the golden light Taiji eight trigrams circled this side of heaven and earth, as if a world of its own.

And the master of it, is Qin Ye!

“Brat, don’t hold on, this kind of pressure is really strong, but you want to use it to wipe out the seven of us, it’s not enough!”

A sulking voice, came from.

Obviously, the hidden world in this terrifying prison under the terrifying pressure, also not easy.

Otherwise, the emotional tone would not have changed so quickly!

In fact, it is just as this hidden world said.

When Qin Ye once again urged the resonance of this thing to a higher level, his face quickly pale, blue veins and veins this moment protruded, snaking on the skin, as if the next second will burst out of the skin.

Fresh blood, constantly flowing out of his mouth.

But his eyes are firm, no intention to retreat.

Just like when he was on the snowy plains, when he joined hands with Master Kongkong to seal Chen Dong.

In this world, there are not many people who can make him fight for his life – only two!

“If I can pull the seven seniors into the earth, Qin Ye’s honor!”

Qin Ye’s lips and teeth lightly opened, his hands slowly raised, the black cloak on his body danced up against the wind, and his hair that was sprinkled with dots of golden glory also slowly danced.

Boom, boom, boom, boom ……

In an instant, the eight beams of golden light rune chains once again surged a large circle, the golden light is bright and ramified, thicker and stronger than the seven pillars of the Prime Qi energy.

“Combined Kill!”

Two beams of golden light burst from Qin Ye’s eyes, and his raised hands brazenly slapped together.

Rumble ……

The eight beams of golden light rune chains crashed through the seven pillars of Prime Qi Energy with a loud bang.

Almost simultaneously.

A roar of anger resounded through this side of the world.

“Gentlemen, lay down the killers!”

The same words, however, came out from the mouths of the seven Hidden Worlds.

The next second.

Seven terrifying pressures, like a tsunami, converged towards Qin Ye from all directions at the same time.

Boom, boom, boom ……

Along with a loud roar, seven qi rainbows across the sky, it is the seven hidden world at the same time towards Qin Ye rushed over.

Boundless killing intent, overwhelming and unparalleled.


Qin Ye had a fearless face, the hands that were joined together separated again, but at the same time a wave.

The eight beams of golden light rune chains that smashed the qi pillar, like golden dragons across the sky, roared directly overhead and pumped towards the seven hidden worlds respectively, when the air even erupted with a thunderclap, golden light stirred the long air.

“Hahahaha …… brat, just this point you have realized the “eight divine ghost formation diagram”, with your age is indeed a natural talent, but want to fight against the seven of us, seeking death!”

A wild snort of laughter echoed in heaven and earth.

The seven hidden worlds erupted with majestic qi energy, stiffly offsetting the terrifying pressure emanating from the two golden light Taiji Bagua in heaven and earth, rushing towards Qin Ye at a speed faster than the golden light rune chains.

“Still …… a little worse?”

Qin Ye looked at the seven hidden world behind the poorly pursued runic golden light chains, despairingly smiled.

Although the golden light rune chains in relentless pursuit, but the distance between the two sides have always maintained a short distance, there is no sign of drawing closer.

The whirlwind.

Qin Ye closed his eyes, the wind from his feet rolled up rolled yellow sand, straight up to the sky.

At this moment, his overcoat “snicker” tore into countless pieces, the wind a little bit floating away.

“You still want to resonate with this thing, another level? Then you might as well cut yourself!”

Another sarcastic voice came.

The seven hermits’ experience and combat experience, even if they were not familiar with the “Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts”, could distinguish that Qin Ye was barely trying to die.

Now this “eight formations of the divine ghost” is already the maximum Qin Ye can push under the premise of saving his life!

Any higher and he would have to die a violent death on the spot!


The veins on Qin Ye’s face became more and more prominent, even the capillaries were completely highlighted, his face seemed like a cracked wall, blood rolled out of his mouth, but the corners of his mouth pulled up in a smile.



At that moment, a crisp bell sounded, resounding through heaven and earth.

It was as if the bell in the ancient temple of the mountains in the early morning, echoing endlessly, ancient charm.


The sudden sound of the bell caused the seven hermits to be startled at the same time.

Qin Ye, who was about to push the resonance of this object to a higher level again, showed a touch of hesitation and surprise in his bloodshot eyes, and the movement in his hand was also a beat.

The “Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts” had already been opened, and heaven and earth were blocked by the Golden Light Taiji Eight Trigrams, which was just like the formation that Zhao Brelu had set up in the villa of Tianmen Mountain, there was no way out!

What’s more, Qin Ye knew that the “Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts” had been activated to such an extent that it was already a painted ground.

This bell sound, how could it be transmitted in?

“Buddha’s light shines!”

An ethereal rebuke, followed by the sound of the bell resounded through the clouds.

In the distance, a cloud of golden light in the shape of a fan, rose up from the ground and spread out extremely fast.

Obviously, the light emitted from the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts was the same golden light, but the golden light that rose up in the shape of a fan was distinct from the golden light of the surrounding world.

The golden light is like the rising sun rising in the east.

The sound of the Buddha echoed.

As if the sky is full of Gods and Buddhas, countless high priests, chanting at the same time.

As the fan-shaped golden light spread, the more and more flooded up.

Thick and majestic, ethereal and voluminous.

For a time, even the two sides of heaven and earth golden light Taiji Bagua, also in this sudden appearance of the golden light and chanting scriptures, appear to be eclipsed.

“Could it be him?”

“Impossible, it can’t be!”

“He should be dead, he should have died a long time ago!”

The seven hermits exclaimed at the same time at this moment, their tone was full of disbelief and even more with a hint of fear.

“Gentlemen, Yao Guangxiao is late, please forgive the sin of poor hospitality!”

Yao Sheng’s voice, resounding in the sound of chanting scriptures, penetrated with a look askance majesty.

The next second.

A Humvee dyed black and white is extremely bizarre whistling and roaring, directly in the sight of the crowd.

Yao Guangxiao, with his hands behind his back, stood on top of the Hummer.

The wind is blowing.

He is surrounded by the Buddha’s light, the treasure phase is solemn.

Facing the crowd, he smiled blandly.

The hands behind his back slowly folded in front of his chest: “Namo Amitabha Buddha, please wait for a moment, Dao Yin invites you to salute the Buddha and hear the Tao.”

The words did not fall.

Yao Guangxiao white beard dance, the hands together forward a push, a black and white yin and Yang Taiji rotated and flew up into the sky.

Under the light of Buddha in the sky, a golden Buddha statue with a solemn appearance appeared on top of the black and white yin and yang taiji, and it was across the heaven and earth.

In a flash.

Time and space seemed to stand still.

The golden statue of Buddha should have been seated on the lotus platform, but now it is seated on the Taiji, rather odd.

But the statue of the Buddha, the Buddha’s light rose, chanting scriptures high, invisible pressure sweep out.

The seven hidden world is a body shake, a time is imprisoned can not move.

Yao Guangxiao is carrying his hands behind his back, a step forward, stepping in the air, black and white Taiji under his feet, a light point, again towards the front.

One step a Taiji.

Floating like gods and goddesses.

Humvee, Zheng Junlin dumbfounded looking at a step a Taiji, stepping on the air Yao Guanghsiao, nasal cavity some soreness, hands holding the steering wheel, clenched and clenched.

But in the blink of an eye.

Yao Guanghsiao has arrived beside Qin Ye.

“Houshang, thanks to you!”

With his hands behind his back, he gave Qin Ye an appreciative smile.

“Late generation Qin Ye, a fellow brother of Chen Dong, sacrificed his life!”

Qin Ye’s heart and soul trembled greatly, and respectfully gave a fist to Yao Guanghsiao.

Just as he raised his eyes, he saw Yao Guanghsiao’s face turn white, and a strand of crimson blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth.


Qin Ye’s expression changed greatly.

Yao Guanghsiao but shook his head: “I’m an old man, to fix seven hidden world a few breaths at the same time, without a little life, can not do.”

There was a pause.

He lifted his right hand and gently patted Qin Ye’s shoulder.

“You are very talented, but still stop at techniques, but not heard of the Dao, the use of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, a thousand mysteries, a thousand stars, and you watch, I will demonstrate for you.”

“Be sure to watch, the more you understand, it’s all your creation, I can only demonstrate this time!