Winner Takes All Chapter 1793

Buzz Rumble ……

The black and white Taiji spun and pushed all the way forward, invincible.

The moment it collided with the rolling yellow sand, it emitted a dull drum-like loud sound.

Along the way, the sand was pushed away, leaving a blank area for the Hummer to drive through.

Yao Sheng stood on the Humvee, no matter how bumpy the Humvee was, it did not move.

His hands were always in a forward pushing position, with a constant flow of qi energy infused into his arms, and his eyes were like torches, looking straight ahead.

Instead of the black and white taiji in front of him, he was pushing away the wind and sand, rather than pushing away the maze of the road ahead.

The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts had been unleashed, and they had entered through the Deadly Gate, and the battle ahead had entered a white-hot stage, pushing the might of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts to an extremely high level.

At this juncture, the eight doors are all dead doors, once you break in, you can not distinguish between friend and foe.

If it were a normal person, the confusing effect of the Eight Divine Ghost Formations alone could completely trap a person in the formation.

Good thing he also has a lot of attainments in Qi Men Dun Jia, otherwise there is nothing to do in a short time!

Zheng Junlin gripped the steering wheel with both hands and drove the Humvee after the black and white taiji, towards the front of the sudden advance.

Muffled thunderous roar kept coming from his ears.

Sweat had already drenched his whole body.

Stinging his eyes with severe pain, has been flooded with countless red blood.

Everything in front of him was a great shock to his three views.

Since following Chen Dong, he has slowly received some secret information about martial artists.

The information that can be accepted is generally manageable within the “reasonable” range.

It is to Zheng Junlin’s vision, perhaps …… can really reach that level!

But everything in front of him, completely overturned his perception.

Change the sky.

A painted land.

Wind and sand filled the sky.


All this, in the natural world, can still explain, but all this is all man-made!

The sky covered the two sides of the golden light Taiji Bagua, the seven pillars of Qi energy, a great impact on Zheng Junlin’s visual nerve.

In a trance.

Clearly less than a kilometer away, clearly the Hummer’s speed has reached its limit, but there is still a feeling of a stone’s throw away, the seconds are like years.

“Zheng Junlin, why are you slowing down?”

Suddenly, Yao Sheng’s thunderous scolding voice came from overhead.

Zheng Junlin shivered violently, and a bad chill instantly swept through his body.

Not an illusion?

It’s really slowing down!

But ……

Zheng Junlin looked down in fear at his right foot, he clearly did not release the throttle!

Almost at the same time.

Yao Sheng on the roof of the car seems to have thought of something, a hostile frown between the eyes.

The black and white taiji under his feet is like a water wave, quickly folding and flowing towards the body of the Hummer.

In the blink of an eye, the Humvee was rendered black and white, clear from the surrounding darkness, and the distant golden light.

Originally had slowed down the Hummer, but the speed is once again increased.

Only this just speed up, to the golden light Taiji Bagua enveloped the sky, suddenly thunder loudly.

Boom Ka!

A lightning bolt, straight from the center of the Golden Light Taiji Bagua split down, directly into the ground in the center of the Golden Light Taiji Bagua.

The next second.

The rotation speed of the two sides of the golden light Taiji Bagua once again spiked, and the golden light shone brightly, rendering this side of the dark night and wind and sand heaven and earth into a golden blanket.

“This is ……”

Yao Sheng’s eyebrows tightened, staring at the vision of heaven and earth in front of him.

Followed closely.

In the golden light Taiji Bagua on the ground, a bundle of chains built from complicated runes rose up in the air, and the location was clearly the location of the seven pillars of the Prime Qi energy.

Rumble ……

The wind was blowing and thunder was rolling.

The seven golden light rune chains rose up in the air, like seven pythons, surrounding each of the seven pillars of Qi energy, wrestling with each other.

The seven pillars of Qi energy, although entangled twisted and deformed, but the formation is not chaotic, but only the periphery deformed!

“This thing resonates, life and death struggle, to be able to push the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts to this extent, could it be that heir of Xu Qingfeng?”

Yao Sheng’s pupils dilated, his eyes exploded with fine awnings, not hiding his shock.

He was also good at Qi Men Dun Jia, and even more so, he had a very deep knowledge of the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

The words just fell.

Suddenly, Yao Sheng’s complexion changed greatly, a sense of crisis appeared.

His gaze was awe-inspiring.

“Zheng Junlin, turn!”

A shout was uttered.

Almost at the same time, a golden beam of light in the distance, shot straight up, like an aurora.


Zheng Junlin was completely too late to react, purely relying on his trust in Yao Sheng, instinctively turned the steering wheel.

Bang Teen!

The golden light landed on the side of the deflected Hummer, and immediately like a bomb explosion, smoke and dust rolled, stirring up countless debris.

The debris hit the Hummer, the gla*s instantly cracked out some fine cracks, even the thick body metal also apparently dented towards the car.


Zheng Junlin was so frightened that his face turned white and couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth.

After the destruction of the Zheng family, he was in charge of the Zheng family alone, and with his previous tragic experience, he was extremely demanding of travel.

This Humvee is a bulletproof car that he spent a lot of money to build, not to mention the bullets, even some miniature bombs, it is difficult to shake the slightest.

It is not a good idea to have a beam of golden light to come over and blow up the stones to make the bulletproof equipment of the Hummer weak to such an extent.

If just did not dodge, but was directly hit by the golden light, Zheng Junlin simply do not dare to imagine the consequences!

“Watch out!”

In shock, Yao Sheng’s reminder came from the roof of the car again.

Zheng Junlin was struck by lightning, his pupils dilated, and in his vision, a beam of golden light shot again, as fast as lightning.

However, the aftershocks of the golden light had not yet completely dissipated, and the Hummer was still almost in the process of deflection.

This time, there is no way to avoid it!

In an instant, Zheng Junlin’s mind went blank, quietly waiting for death to come.


The moment the golden light arrived in front of him, the black and white Taiji rendered into black and white in front of the Hummer suddenly rippled a circle.

A party of yin and Yang Taiji like a shield, impartial block in front of the Hummer.

The golden light hit the Yin Yang Taiji, Taiji rotation, black and white Yin Yang fish rippled layers of ripples, it is like a stone into the water, directly swallowed the golden light, no wind and waves!

“Drive, I open the road!”

Yao Sheng spoke again, but his voice was much more gruff than before: “If we don’t hurry, we’ll have to collect the corpse for this helper, and lose everything under the Windwave Old City!”

Life and death in the blink of an eye.

Zheng Junlin body cold, echoing Yao Sheng’s words in his ears, fiercely clenched his teeth, clutching the steering wheel, and no longer deflect the direction, straight towards the ground in the distance that the golden light Taiji Bagua rushed.

At the same time.


Qin Ye stood on the crumbling wall, the golden light Taiji Bagua under his feet looming rotation, the mighty pressure is vast.

Suddenly, his body shook and fresh blood spurted out of his mouth, soaking his chest.

“Brat, with this point of your “Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts” ability, want to move the seven of us, beware of becoming a dry corpse!”

In the chaotic turmoil, a disdainful mocking voice came from the Prime Qi pillar in one of the directions.

“Is that so?”

Qin Ye’s face turned a little pale as he glanced down at the large pit of the pa*sage leading under the Wind Wave Old City at his feet.

The bright and indefinite red light flickered in his eyes.

In a trance, a scene of once being with Chen Dong came to his mind.

Those words from the heart were still in his ears.

Qin Ye showed a sunny and gentle smile: “Big brother …… this life, without you, I would have died a long time ago, everything in this underground, I must help you keep it!”

“Give it up! We do not want to fight with you, just want to seek a chance under this relic!”

Another piercing voice came.

Qin Ye’s expression was awe-inspiring, and his eyebrows looked askance and majestic.

His back straightened up, this moment is like a sheathed sword, straight into the sky.

“This thing resonates, take it to another level!”

Buzzing rumble!

There was a muffled sound under his feet, and in an instant, the golden light around Qin Ye’s body flourished.

The terrifying pressure was vast and overbearing and out of sight.

It was like the starry sky and the vast sea, giving people a sense of infinite oppression.

With this muffled sound, the thick crumbling wall beneath his feet, which has withstood the wash of time for a thousand years still stands, but in this instant, cracked out countless cracks, turned into layers of fragments, rustling down.