Winner Takes All Chapter 1790

The words were frivolous.

While saying this, Zheng Junlin smiling face, aggressive gaze in the female a*sistant wilfully roamed.

The female a*sistant is very beautiful, tall, white shirt black skirt OL professional clothes, the body is wrapped in a graceful, delicate features, fair skin.

But with Zheng Junlin’s words out, she couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

Feeling Zheng Junlin’s very aggressive gaze, she even frowned, showing a hint of revulsion.

“Of course, we can’t let you work for nothing.”

Zheng Junlin put down his coffee and slowly got up, his right hand pulled loose his tie.

He smiled, with a playboy look, and walked up to the female a*sistant.

Then with a soft cry from the female a*sistant, he suddenly lifted the female a*sistant’s thigh with his right hand and pushed her to sit on the desk.

This action, not to say offensive.

Even a large area of snow-white charming, immediately revealed.

“Mr. Zheng, let go of me!”

The female a*sistant was so frightened that she lost her color and subconsciously wanted to push Zheng Junlin away.

But Zheng Junlin was unmoved, his body pressed down, almost on the female a*sistant, smiling wickedly, slowly put his lips to the female a*sistant’s ear, spitting hot air.

“I want money and money, I want looks and looks, I want a body also have a body, change into others, I only have to ask, they will come up by themselves, you resist me?”

“Mr. Zheng ……”

The female a*sistant shyly lowered her head, her hands kept pushing on Zheng Junlin’s chest.

But the strength of men and women is already a great disparity, such a push and shove on Zheng Junlin, and not much practical effect.

On the contrary, the pushing and shoving refuses to give a feeling of rejection and welcome.

Zheng Junlin raised his hand and grabbed the female a*sistant’s green hand, smiling evilly, and slowly let the female a*sistant’s hand slide towards his lower body, while his fingertips kept drawing circles on the female a*sistant’s hand.

“Mr. Zheng, no!”

The female a*sistant pouted.

Zheng Junlin ignored it, slowly leaned on the female a*sistant’s ear and said, “You look so beautiful, the calluses on your hands are so thick, choking!”

One word came out.

The female a*sistant’s delicate body trembled violently, and the shoving action came to an abrupt halt.

The originally charming and ambiguous office was suddenly terribly quiet.

“The next time you a*sa*sinate, remember to apply some hand cream to your calloused hands first, especially the tiger’s mouth area, really can’t wear a pair of lace gloves.”

“Your body is indeed too attractive, even make some people full of evil desire ignore the face of the raw familiar, just a pity, one hand spoil the pot of soup!”

Zheng Junlin shook his head disdainfully, let go of the female a*sistant’s thighs, and slowly took a step backward.

Then, slowly took out a cigarette and lit it.

Tilting his head slightly, he retied the loosened tie and tightened it.

During this process, the female a*sistant always maintained the posture that was just invaded by Zheng Junlin, with her head lowered, but she did not move.

“Hummmmmmm ……”

Suddenly, the female a*sistant’s delicate body trembled, seeping laughter echoed in the quiet office: “It seems that …… Jun Lin Group’s second generation is not as bad as the outside world rumors.”

“You’re wrong, I’m really as bad as the outside world rumors.”

Zheng Junlin right hand clutching a cigarette, pointing at the female a*sistant, evil smile: “But the reputation outside, there are good and bad, before is before, now is perverted, if not witnessed my family was exterminated, my father was nailed to the wooden frame, I really is as fake as the second world ancestor!”

“But so what?”

The female a*sistant slowly raised her head and looked towards Zheng Junlin, her stunningly beautiful and charming face covered with a layer of frost, her eyes full of spring water slightly narrowed with a cold and biting light.

“In this office, you are the only one, you have to die or not!”

The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of the problem. Or the secret hidden in it!”


There was a flash of cold light.

A short sword as thin as a cicada wing slid out from under the wrist cuff of the female a*sistant.

Facing the woman who was coming with murderous intent.

Zheng Junlin maintained a teasing smile from the beginning to the end.

Especially when he saw the short sword in the woman’s hand, the smile on his face became even bigger.

He held a cigarette in his mouth and looked like a dude: “If I don’t say anything, can you still kill me?”

“You think someone else can save you?”

The woman snickered, and a strong wind swept up under her feet.

Just as she bowed slightly, ready to sprint.

Zheng Junlin suddenly looked to the side: “Yao seniors, the woman wants to kill me!”


The woman was struck by lightning, Zheng Junlin’s words were like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, and it exploded in her ears.

In this room, there is still someone?


At this thought, a teasing laugh suddenly sounded in the office.

“You kid, do not know how to avoid people, my old bones did not see you two continue, it is a bit of a pity.”

The woman’s mind went blank, and looked at the sound in a panic.

The side of the office, there are several meeting with the leather sofa, and one of the meeting sofa, is sitting on a person!

How is it possible?

Why is this?

There was no one else in the office just now!

The woman’s pupils dilated to the extreme, a strong sense of fear like a wild gra*s growing wildly.

Yao Sheng sat on the sofa and watched the woman’s expression change, seeming to know her mind, and said with a mocking smile, “Little junior, just collapsed into Qi energy, from the time you entered the room, the old man has been sitting here, your six senses are really too weak.”

Not good!

The woman is not stupid, at the time Yao Sheng said this, immediately heart beating wildly.

It’s not that people don’t exist, but she didn’t notice.

This meant that the difference between her strength and Yao Sheng’s was cloudy!

Lightning flashed.

The woman suddenly looked fierce, the left hand flipped, a pistol appeared in the hand, to Yao Sheng’s location directly “bang” fired a shot.

No matter whether she hit or not, the strong wind around her body roared, the whole person was like a bullet, shot towards the office door.



Behind the sudden burst of gas energy, an explosion mixed in.

The woman’s expression changed greatly, a burst of hair at the back.

A strong sense of mortal crisis erupted violently.

She almost instinctively deflected her head, the spinning bullet, with a hot heat wave, just grazed her ear and swept away, directly hitting the office door.

The moment it hit the door, a layer of Qi energy, instantly eroded and spread on the door, blocking the door!

“Little girl, come are here, want to leave it is impossible!”

Yao Sheng sat on the sofa and looked at the woman with a faint smile.

Zheng Junlin, on the other hand, walked unhurriedly behind the wide desk, opened the cabinet, then drew out a sniper rifle, put it in his hand, and aimed directly at the woman’s back.

“Woman, don’t blame this young man for not showing mercy, you are given two choices, either die or reveal who sent you here?”

Zheng Junlin held a cigarette in his mouth, holding a large sniper, coldly smiled: “Or, you can also bet, we are now ten steps away, bet whether you are fast or my bullet is fast!”

“Dream on!”

Before the words fell, the floor beneath the woman’s feet “bang” exploded, the whole person directly towards the side of the horizontal shift out.

Almost at the same time.


Zheng Junlin pulled the trigger, the sound of gunfire shocked the ears.

It was a close call.

The woman’s body Qi energy surging, want to use Qi energy to resist the bullet.

But as soon as the qi energy started, a sense of fearful oppression came from the side, making her qi energy abruptly stop.



The bullet pierced through her chest, bringing up a cluster of blood, spraying the air.

The woman stood frozen in place, her eyes wide open as she looked at the huge bloody hole in her chest, her eyes filled with horror and resignation.

Behind her, came Zheng Junlin’s sneering mockery.

“What a stupid woman, ten steps away, of course the bullet is fast and accurate!”