Winner Takes All Chapter 1789

Within the domain.

With the destruction of the two Chen Gu families, the new Chen rose.

During Gu Qingying’s funeral, Chen Dong’s appearance was undoubtedly a needle that set the sea, completely suppressing the agitated magnate family heads and power giants.

Of course, this suppression, but only on the surface to suppress the people dare not make a move, secretly still waves.

But this is no longer a big storm for Xin Chen.

After the funeral, under the management of several elders such as Chen Dao Ye, with Ding Tai as the main group, supplemented by the two Zhang Chu families, Zhuge family and the local Shuang Zhou, it was like a hungry beast, with thunderous means, quickly devouring the industries left behind by the Gu family.

Of course, there is also the help of the Jiang family.

As previously announced to the public, the new Chen just like “the obedient prosper, the rebellious die”, the truth to the fullest.

In the beginning, there were still va*sal families and forces of the Gu family that had the will to resist.

But with the Chen family with violent means, directly crushed, the remaining va*sal families and forces, completely out of courage.

The great momentum poured down, the original Gu family’s va*sal family lords and forces, simply difficult to resist.

A series of whale swallowing process, no one appeared to stop, to be exact, dare not speak out in anger.

In the eyes of the outside world, the Chen family, led by Chen Dong, is now just like a great power to add body, the momentum is like breaking the bamboo, those who block will die.

The industries that have been gobbled up are also all under the Gu family’s former va*sal families and forces.

Even so, some of the giants and giants gathered in the southwest region, apprehensive and fearful, sleep and food.

In the process of the Chen family’s whale, there is no shortage of families and forces that can’t bear the fear and come under the va*salage.

This new Chen family, naturally, gladly accepted.

After all, now that Chen Dong has left, Chen Daojun’s order is in front, one more family or power means that it can send one more “blood” to the Desert North King’s Landing Group.

Throughout the process, no one bothered to probe Chen Dong’s existence.

After all, today’s new Chen, a combination of Chen Dong’s own forces, the Chen family’s old forces and the ancient family everything, has far exceeded the past, no matter how polite to say, compared to the Jiang family heritage is not far behind, and even in the mobilization of basic resources, there has been no less than.

Said a half-step world family gate, is not too much, the difference is just a short time!

To such a point, as the new Chen family head of Chen Dong, even if it is hidden, no one dares to have a backbone, dare not make a move.

The momentum of the thunderbolt, the great Yue tilting, the new Chen only half a month, will be left behind by the ancient family industries and resources whale.

With all the industries on full blast whaling, and then lost to the Desert North after the King’s Landing Group.

It was only gradually that a group of powerful family heads and power giants noticed that something was wrong.

This also made the King’s Landing Group, which had been keeping a low profile in the north of the desert, leap into the limelight and become an existence that attracted the attention of the world.

“Investigate! We must find out! The small King’s Landing Group has only ten billion dollars in a*sets, how could it have caused the Chen family to dump all their resources!”

“Strange! The Chen family will be divided into two, part of the resource base sent to Zhenjiang City, I can understand, after all, overthrew the two Chen Gu, during the domain lord has been silent, such a gesture said to be grateful, is also reasonable, but that Jun Lin Group, with what?”

“Something is wrong! That King’s Landing Group must have odd, when Chen Dong winner is king, indeed, that group showed up to support, but it is only tens of billions of a*sets, in the desert north is the head of the snake, but put in the great domain, is simply a small role, when so many forces support Chen Dong, why now only the King’s Landing Group is eating meat?”


In the clamor of discussion, the intelligence agencies of the major clans and powers, turned on their horsepower and swarmed overwhelmingly to the Desert North King’s Landing Group.

And this is just to satisfy the curiosity of the ordinary families and forces.

Secretly it has been the wind up, killing intent stirring.

After all, such a strange and unusual situation, even ordinary families and forces feel that there is a ghost, not to mention those secluded families, gentry!

Compared to the intelligence force sent by those ordinary families and forces, the intelligence force sent by these hidden world families and sects is more terrifying!

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Inside the study, Elder Long was handling the heavy matters as usual.

Chen Dao Ye and others were busy leading the whaling of industries from all sides, but there were still many things that fell on Elder Long’s shoulders.

Even if there are Zhuge Qing, Chu Reed and others to help share, but some things still have to let him personally finalize the board.


Meng Po pushed open the door of the room and walked in with a cup of ginseng tea.

“Long Lao, take a rest.”

Long Lao put down the documents and information in his hands, pinched the bridge of his nose which was swollen, and took the ginseng tea and drank it.

The long hours of high-intensity work, coupled with Gu Qingying’s death and Chen Dong’s departure, had just squeezed this old man to the limit.

That exhaustion from the inside out made Meng’s heart feel like a knife.

Elder Long drank the ginseng tea in one go and was about to continue processing the documents.

“Elder Long, there is something, Dao Jun contacted me, the same day and Jiang Qilin and Zhao Broken went to the Desert North King’s Landing Group, Qin Ye has already departed from Kyoto, Xiao Lu has to take care of You En, or else he will also go over together.”

Meng said in a deep voice with a gloomy face.

Long Lao’s hands beat and froze for a moment.

Immediately, he suddenly reacted and laughed dumbly.

“Dao Jun senior arrangement is right, now this southwest region has been Xin Chen cross pressure, the young master is also unknown, but in disguise, the wind and waves are calm, but on the contrary, after we whale resources, all the resources divided into two, divided into the Jun Lin Group’s resources are too large, it is strange not to attract.”

Said, he waved his hand: “Go, this side of the Dao Ye senior and I, and Zhuge Qing, Chu Reed to help share not in the way, on the contrary, Zheng Junlin that kid, is now already in the vortex of danger.”

Once the Junlin Group, even if the shadow of Chen Daolin can be seen behind, but its volume is still considered “low-key”.

And now, the vast resources poured into the King’s Landing Group, directly the King’s Landing Group this small sapling quickly into a big tree.

The truth that a big tree attracts the wind is just the same.

What’s more, the current King’s Landing Group has already grown into a big tree, such an almost duck-filling type of surge, it is strange not to attract covetous prying eyes.

Today’s King’s Landing Group, only Zheng Junlin is supporting!

Desert North, King’s Landing Group.

The president’s office on the roof of the building.

Zheng Junlin in a suit, focused on reviewing and approving the documents.

Nowadays, he has changed from his former dodgy self and become mature and stable.

However, since the Chen family had poured resources into him, he had been carrying this great mountain on one shoulder and had been exhausting himself by squeezing himself every day.

Although it was clear to him that all these resources were to be sent into the laboratory under the remains of the Ancient City of Wind Waves.

But how to distribute, how to send, how to cover up …… and other complicated matters, can only be arranged by him alone, there is no way to fake the hands of others.

Knock knock.

The knock on the door sounded.

Zheng Junlin said without raising his head.

The heavy office door was pushed open and the female a*sistant walked in, holding a tray with a steaming cup of coffee in her hand.

“Mr. Zheng, your coffee.”

The female a*sistant placed the coffee on the table and gently pushed it in front of Zheng Junlin.

Zheng Junlin glanced at it, the movement in his hand paused, then grinned and put down what he was doing.

He picked up the coffee and looked at the female a*sistant in front of him with a smile on his face: “Are you free tonight? I’ve been too tired lately, and I want you to stay with me for one night to relax.”