Winner Takes All Chapter 1785

A sea of fire.

The light of the fire rushed to the sky.

As the fire raged, a house building overwhelmed, collapsed.

The air, filled with the rich smell of blood, and the smell of burning ashes.

The wind and snow seemed to have skipped the village that had just been sacked.

The few remaining villagers, are wretchedly gathered in the village, after the robbery did not let them have the slightest joy, their faces still with fear, and grief.

They were saved!

They are also clear that it is the two people and a beast in front of them saved them.

But the snowy lion’s body oppression, still let these few villagers, shivering.

“Dabai, get down.”

Chen Dong said calmly.

The snowy male lion had some confusion in his eyes, but still did as he was told.

“You are thoughtful.”

Master Empty Air laughed playfully.

Chen Dong did not pay attention, looked at the five people in front of him, and then glanced at the little girl covered in blood, and finally gazed at the village behind them that had become a sea of fire and ruins.

Just at this time.

The little girl trembled and took a step forward.

“Thank you, thank you, save, save us.”

I do not know whether it is frozen, or scared, the little girl’s voice as thin as a mosquito stammered.

But she looked at Chen Dong’s eyes, clear eyes, is filled with gratitude.

Behind the villagers because of fear, instinctively wanted to pull the little girl, but it was too late.

Looking at the little girl, Chen Dong’s tired and indifferent face finally barely squeezed out a smile of kindness.

He went to the girl, squatted down, raised his hand to gently wipe the girl’s face blood, but his eyes were somewhat hollow and lax, nasal cavity inexplicably sour.

The girl’s face mixed with blood and tears, the tears in the eyes have not yet completely dissipated.

Feeling the gentle wipe on her face, she thought for a moment, lowered her head and pulled out something from her pocket and handed it to Chen Dong.

“Uncle, I don’t have a father anymore, and I don’t have a mother, but mom and dad taught me to be grateful, this is for you.”


The corner of Chen Dong’s eyes jumped, pupils regained focus, puzzled looking at the girl’s right hand clenched tightly covered with blood.

The girl gently spread out her hand.

In the palm lay an object wrapped in paper, only the paper had been stained red with blood.


The girl’s voice is very soft: “This is the only thing I have left, is just eating dinner, my mother gave me, but ……”

At the end of the day, the girl was already in tears, lowered her head, and her petite body could not stop sobbing.

But her hand, but always spread out, handed the candy in front of Chen Dong.

Chen Dong was stunned, looking at the girl’s hand stained with blood sugar, nasal cavity sour, throat more like something blocked, uncomfortable.

Sugar in a place like the Northern Territory, very luxurious.

Not to mention, the girl’s situation today, this candy has been her only!

And she got this candy, just a short while ago.

It’s a pity that before she could stuff this candy into her mouth, everything changed with a bang.

A girl, or such a small child, how can she carry it?

Listening to the girl’s increasingly loud crying, Chen Dong returned to his senses, raised his hand and gently took the candy, then tore the paper coat and handed the candy to the girl’s lips: “Uncle does not eat candy, Nui Nui eat candy.”

Nui Nui …… is what the girl’s father called her before he died.

The girl shook her head, teary-eyed, and said, “It’s for uncle, the girl does not eat.”

Looking at the girl’s resolute look, Chen Dong hesitated, then broke the candy into two pieces, one for himself, and said, “Then Uncle and Nui Nui, one half.”

The girl hesitated for a moment and gently took half of the candy in her mouth.

“Nui Nui be strong, everything will slowly become better.”

Chen Dong held the candy in his mouth and couldn’t help but say comfortingly.

Nui Nui wiped a handful of tears, forced a smile: “Yes, mom said no matter how difficult it is to be strong, because we are in this cruel snow plain, it is not possible to eat a candy, sugar can make Nui Nui survive, dad also told me to live happily before he died, so Nui Nui can not cry, to be happy.”

Chen Dong’s heart is like a knife, looking at the girl who is smiling in front of him, he suddenly some trance.

Seems to be laughing, ridiculous is so painful!

Just experienced all that, obviously so painful, but this girl still forced a smile.

Sugar …… really have such magic power?

As he froze, he didn’t notice the complicated look of the Empty Master behind him.

A few moments later, Chen Dong cerulean a few words to the girl and a few villagers, and then he arranged for the snowy lion to escort them to Zhenjiang City.

According to his projection, this place should not be far from Zhenjiang City.

With the Snowy Lion escorting them along the way, it would be enough to safely reach Zhenjiang City.

Looking at the Snowy Lion and Nui Nui, they disappeared into the wind and snow.

Chen Dong’s mouth obliterated the candy, the slightest sweetness filled the mouth.

“You still know to advise her to be strong.”

Master Khongkong’s voice sounded behind him.

“Very funny?”

Chen Dong looked askance at Master Khongkong.

“Amitabha Buddha.”

Master Kongkong folded his hands and chanted a Buddhist hymn, “If you know to be strong, why do you keep running away from it?”

“I’m not running away!”

Chen Dong turned around and walked in another direction.

“You just don’t let yourself go!”

Master Hollow frowned and steeply raised his voice: “You know it better than anyone in your heart, it’s just that you don’t let yourself go, much less take that step again!”


Chen Dong’s footsteps came to an abrupt halt, and the majestic and turbulent qi instantly broke out of his body, turning into a tornado straight up into the night sky.

He turned around brazenly, his hair whipping about, his robe rattling.

“So what? I don’t want to be his pawn, I don’t jump out of this game, then the people around me will keep dying, you can be stone-hearted in the hall of the Buddha Sect, but I can’t do it!”

The words are hard, the voice is like a big thunder.

Boundless qi, raising the sky with flying snow, crushed towards Master Kongkong with a blast.


The empty empty master’s face changed greatly, his body sank, a layer of golden light suddenly enveloped his body, the wind and snow, qi energy to resist all.

“If you don’t spare yourself, then they will really never come back!”

Master Empty Air’s solemn appearance, golden light shrouded, step by step towards Chen Dong: “Do you think that the Daoist monarch’s plot to tread the heavenly road is only for his own selfish desires? He is for every living soul under this heaven.”


Chen Dong’s face was full of anger as he angrily threw his hands away and turned around to stride forward.

“You do not understand, then go with the poor monk to see, three million suffering on earth, you feel miserable, what about the girl just now and those villagers?”

Master empty air speed surge, each step landing, will bloom a golden light on the ground.

“Then there are even more miserable things outside the domain, things that a little girl can figure out, why can’t you figure them out?”

“That candy in your mouth is that little girl’s last strength!”

“People can die, anyone can die, as long as you set foot on the heavenly road, rushed up, afterwards the world will be the same, all the misery you think will disappear, those people, your parents, your wife and children, all can come back!”

“The Taoist monarch has told you, the poor monk has told you, can’t you even listen to a single word?”