Winner Takes All Chapter 1783-1784

Chapter 1783

Half a month later.

In the vast expanse of the Northern Territory, snow is flying.

The harsh living environment has left this vast expanse untouched by people.

The snow drifts down, and when the cold wind blows, it sweeps everywhere.

Amidst the cold wind and heavy snow.

A lofty figure is marching against the wind and snow.

The huge figure carries with it a great sense of oppression that makes all beasts flee and not dare to approach.

The thick mane of hair flipped up and down as it advanced, majestic.

“Big White …… you can not have to accompany me.”

Chen Dong lay on the back of the snowy lion, looking at the snowflakes drifting down from the sky, his eyes obscure and lightless.

The air of lateness was revealed in his body.

Ever since he left Gu Qingying’s grave that day, he had been walking aimlessly, not knowing where to go or what to do.

He was tired, tired from the bottom of his heart.

When the Snowy Lion arrived at his side, he simply lay down on the back of the Snowy Lion and took the lion by the reins.

One man and one lion, just walking aimlessly.

Gradually the temperature was getting colder and colder, the wind was blowing bone chillingly and the snow was flying.

“Are we in the Northern Domain again?”

Chen Dong lifted his right hand and held it towards the air, grabbing a few snowflakes and feeling them melt into snow water in his palm, “How good would it be if I was just an ordinary pawn?”

He murmured an emotion, but it made his heart swell with depression.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong spread his hands and let the wind and snow rage on his body, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

He did not know how long had pa*sed.

The sleeping Chen Dong was awakened by a low lion’s roar.

He rubbed his eyes sleepily and looked askance ahead, unable to help but frown, with a look of disgust in his eyes.

“Great White, change direction.”

With a spit from his muzzle, the Snowy Lion turned a direction and continued on his way.

In the path where they had been heading before, a figure was standing.

He was dressed in a surplice and had a solemn appearance. The wind and snow were raging down, but the moment they got close, they were dispersed by a faint layer of qi.

This man was Master Kongkong!

Looking at Chen Dong and the snowy lion, Master Kongkong folded his hands and chanted a Buddhist hymn: “Namo Amitabha Buddha, are you going to keep running away?”

There was a silence, no response.

The snowy lion kept on walking and continued on.

Chen Dong, who was lying on the Snowy Lion’s back, simply closed his eyes.

“Amitabha Buddha, you have completely changed, without your former spiritedness and radiance, it’s like …… a waste!”

There was a compa*sionate heartache between the eyebrows of Master Empty Sky, and before the words left his mouth, he took a step with his hands joined together and his aura around him was biting.

It may seem like a leisurely step, but his speed is extremely fast.

In just a few steps, he caught up with the strolling Snow Lion and walked alongside him.


The Snowy Lion roared sideways, and the sound waves instantly sent the snowflakes around him tumbling out.

Master Empty Sky’s monk’s robes swayed a little and met the Snowy Lion’s eyes, “Poor monk has come to save your master!”

The light of the Snowy Lion’s huge lion eyes flickered for a moment, and the biting killing intent dissipated as he continued to stifle his way forward.

After the Beast King returned to its heart, it had noticed every move Chen Dong made, even the change in his heart nature.

Even it …… knew that the master on its back had changed completely!

The master to whom it belonged in the beginning was never like this before its eyes!

Master Empty Sky smiled faintly and glanced at Chen Dong on the lion’s back who was resting his eyes, before gently opening and closing his lips and letting out a woozy chanting sound.


Chen Dong opened his eyes indignantly, two beams of fierce aura spewing out from his eyes.

“Buddhists cultivate the mind, this sutra meditates the mind and concentrates the spirit, it suits you, the mind does not seem noisy naturally.”

The rambunctious sound paused as Master Khongkong looked ahead and said calmly.

“Is it another Buddha-Devil clash that has found me?”

Chen Dong frowned tightly, not hiding his disgust and annoyance towards Master Khongkong.

“Have you been decadent to such an extent that you have unleashed your demonic nature when all thoughts are lost?”

Master Empty Sky shook his head and solemnly pulled out his mobile phone from his body with a precious face, “If necessary, the poor monk does not mind resorting to modern scientific means.”

Chen Dong froze for a moment.

It was true that he had not released his demonic nature during these half months.

In fact, since he had entered that realm, the demonic nature had all been able to be collected and released freely as far as he was concerned.

But he had never expected that Master Khongkong would find himself this way!

Thoughts spinning, Chen Dong came to his senses.

Master Empty Sky explained, “The poor monk was entrusted by the Daoist Monarch to step into the earthly world to find your whereabouts, half a month ago you showed up to go home for your wife’s funeral and disappeared again, with that one appearance it was not difficult to find you with the powerful intelligence network of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, not to mention that you and the Snow Lion were heading straight north to this area under the jurisdiction of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army. ”

“After they located you, one phone call and the poor monk rushed over!”

“I don’t have the heart to listen to your analysis, please stay away from me.”

Chen Dong rolled his eyes and closed them.

“The poor monk has come for you.”

“Get too close to me and you will die.”

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth tugged lightly as he smiled dismally, “I have the fate of a Heavenly Fate, you are not afraid of death?”

“If the poor monk doesn’t go to hell, who will go to hell?”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and chanted the Buddha’s name: “Amitabha Buddha, the earthly world is full of stumbles and ups and downs, this is life, you are only surrounded by a few dead people now, besides, after treading the heavenly path ……”

“How many people have died?”

These words, instantly touched Chen Dong’s scales of adversity.

He fiercely opened his eyes in anger and sat up, his harsh killing intent instantly stirred and wreaked havoc on Master Kongkong: “Old bald donkey, did you pop out of a stone?”


Qi burst out from Chen Dong’s body, squeezing the air with a popping sound.

Master Empty Air was unimpressed, nodding his head and smiling lightly, “Of course poor monk is not a stone you popped out of, and I also know that along the way, those who died were your parents, wife and children …… they are all very important to you, but as long as you succeed, they will still come back to life.”

“But they are dead now!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were scarlet with anger, his eyes were scarlet with rage spurting out, “Just because of Chen Daojun’s so-called Heaven Treading Path, he saved up such a big game, I was at his mercy from the moment I was born, the people around me died one by one, and now you are telling me to continue to fight for his unknown Heaven Treading Path?”

“You don’t want to resurrect your family?”

A rhetorical question from Master Empty Sky.

Chen Dong froze on the spot, and immediately the anger and killing intent in his body quickly receded, returning to the dishevelled state of all thoughts.

He lay back down, “Get lost, leave me alone.”

“Poor monk knows that you are tired, it is human to be tired, and when you are tired, you can rest, but after you have rested enough, you still have to pick up the ten-thousand-weight burden again and move on.”

Master Empty Air still looked ancient, and said in a deep voice, “This journey in the human world is already a journey of countless sorrows and sufferings, there are three million gods in heaven, and those who have violated the heavenly rules are all beaten into the mortal world, you do not understand the meaning of treading the heavenly path, then you should walk with the poor monk and go to see this earthly purgatory again.”

“You may think that things are bad enough now, you are tired, you don’t want to go forward, but don’t be in a hurry, because you will find that there are even worse things, your present experience is not at all as bad as you think, there are more people who are going through something even more miserable than you, you go with the poor monk to see this earthly purgatory before you decide whether you want to go forward from now on, or or continue to lie down!”

Chapter 1784

The northern frontier.

A village in flames.

The sound of shouting, screaming and screaming is heard in the sky.

A war horse criss-crossed the village, and the barbarians on it wielded their war swords, reaping the villagers with reckless abandon, the firelight shining on the war swords, reflecting the seeping cold light.

“Ooooooooo …… daddy, daddy …… I’m scared!”

“Son, not afraid, not afraid! You barbarians, I’ll fight you!”

Several war horses surrounded a father and daughter, the girl curled up in her father’s arms in fear and trembling.

The father, on the other hand, was stained with blood, one arm had been cut off and was a bloody mess, but his eyes were still wide with rage, and he lunged at the barbarians on the horses, clutching his woodchipper.

In the distance.

Chen Dong sat on the back of the snowy lion and looked out over the tragedy unfolding in the village.

The girl’s heart-rending screams of terror were like sharp needles, pricking at his nerves.

He could not help but be moved and looked sideways at Master Khong Khong, who stood looming beside him, “Master, isn’t Buddhism compa*sionate?”

Master Empty Sky, in his robe, fluttered gently, his hands folded, his precious face solemn, but looking at the killings in the distance, his solemn face looked moralistic.

“Amitabha Buddha, karma is like this, if Master Chen wants to save, he can do so.”

Master Empty Sky nodded his head and smiled, saying lightly.

“Cause and effect? Is this your Buddha?”

Chen Dong frowned and snorted, “Buddhists are compa*sionate and pity the world, but Master was born with a stony heart and put on a fake skin.”

“Master Shi, if you don’t do anything, they will die out.”

Master Empty Sky was unmoved, his gaze profound.

A flash of anger climbed up on Chen Dong’s face and he turned his head to look at the village that was being plundered.

The man had stopped, his right hand holding a knife stuck in the ground, barely standing.

A trail of hideous wounds littered his body, blood gurgling and soaking the ground beneath his feet.

The few barbarians around him were in no hurry and seemed to treat it like a game, waving their combat swords and mouthing cheering shouts.

“Daddy, Daddy ……”

The girl stumbled to the man, her little blood-stained face full of panic, her hands trembling as she pressed towards the man’s wound: “It hurts, don’t bleed, ooooooooooooooo ……”

But no matter how hard she tried, the bone-deep wounds continued to bleed.

This scene was but one of the projections of the killing.

Elsewhere, the killing still continued.

But the little girl’s bawling voice touched Chen Dong’s heart, stabbing it fiercely.

In a trance, a scene that he had experienced with Little Barbara when he was in exile in the snowy plains came to mind.

This was closely followed by the thought of the wailing …… Chen Youen.


The qi energy raged, curling the mane of the snowy lion.

A Qi energy, quietly rampaging to the ground, rolled up a handful of snow on the ground, rising and surrounding it, but the snow had already condensed into ice, forming an ice blade.

“About to strike?”

Master Empty Sky smiled teasingly, “Aren’t you a man of all thoughts?”

“But I’m still a person.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, killing intent tumbling in his eyes.


The ice blade swept through the long air.


On the war horse, a barbarian wiped the blood from his face and brazenly raised his war sword to slash down towards the man and the girl.

With the impact of the warhorse, this slash was enough to end the lives of both the father and the daughter.



There was a muffled sound.

The barbarian’s body froze, and his sword stopped in mid-air.

He looked incredulously at his chest, and a fountain of blood clearly gushed out from the middle of his chest.

It was ……

The life in the barbarian’s eyes was quickly cut off as he fell to the ground with a thud from his horse.

The sudden scene made the few barbarians nearby all confused.

Even the man and the little girl looked incredulously at the body of the barbarian who had fallen from his horse.

“My daddy …… someone saved us.”

The little girl blinked her tear-filled eyes and a glimmer of hope flooded them.

“Good girl, from now on ah …… girl, live happily ……”

The man’s right hand supported the woodchipper, and blood kept gushing out of his mouth as he spoke.

Looking at his daughter in front of him, he wanted to touch her with his only remaining right hand, but he knew that once he let go of his right hand, he would have to fall down.

“Daddy ……”

As if sensing something, the girl shook her head in fear, tears falling like rain, “No, don’t, Nui Nui wants to stay with her daddy, to live together.”


The man, however, shook his head with a smile: “Daddy, have to go with mommy, mommy is afraid of the dark ……”

After saying that, he lowered his head and gently dropped a kiss on the girl’s forehead.

“Dad ……”

The girl cried out in pain, her hands clinging to the man.

But the man’s lips, covered with blood, slipped uncontrollably from the girl’s forehead, and finally, his head rested on the girl’s shoulder, never to move again.

The cries of pain resounded through this heaven and earth.


A beastly roar, rushing through the sky and cracking the sky, overpowering all the sounds of this side of the world.

A rumble ……

The ground shook.

The few barbarians in shock finally came back to their senses and looked at the sound, and saw that under the night, rolling snow had tumbled into the air, and a huge figure was looming in the snow waves.

“That’s ……”

“A beast! With that size, it must be of the beast king cla*s!”

“All on alert!”

With a command, the savages who were immersed in killing all quickly converged.

Before the formation could be formed, the Snowy Lion had already rushed to the front.

With a beastly roar, the Snowy Lion leapt forward and pounced directly into the crowd.

Even though the barbarians were riding on horses, they were still short in the face of the towering mountain-like figure of the Snowy Lion.

There was no resistance at all.

Screams and shrieks of terror were heard at the first touch.

Nakedly reaping the kill, the Snowy Lion hissed, dashing left and right through the crowd, tearing madly at them.

One by one, the barbarians were buried in the lion’s maw, blood raining down as their bodies were flung into the air.

Not only the barbarians but also the horses were buried in the lions’ mouths with a loud neigh.

The slaughter was overwhelming, and the Snowy Lions displayed their bloody killing to the fullest.

In the distance, Chen Dong and Master Kongkong walked side by side towards the village.

Compared to Chen Dong’s grim face and murderous intent.

Master Empty Sky, on the other hand, was exceptionally calm and unruffled, as if this bloody killing could not make a single ripple in his Buddhist heart.

“Master Chen, how can it be so easy to give up?”

Master Empty Sky said with a smirk.

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed, his Qi energy flipping his robe, and his words were as cold as frost.

“Grandmaster, you know the truth that misfortune comes from the mouth, if I want to kill you, you are no match for me!”

“If the poor monk doesn’t go to hell, who will go to hell?”

Grandmaster Empty Sky smiled faintly, as if he had the stance of a hobgoblin: “Poor monk comes to tame the monk, and the monk wants to kill the poor monk, isn’t this a revenge for grace, a farmer and a snake?”

Chen Dong’s steeply accelerated steps sounded like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries, causing the temperature of this windy and snowy day to freeze suddenly.

“I, don’t need anyone to ferry me!”

“The sea of bitterness is boundless, turn back to the shore!”

“I am willing to sink to the bottom of the sea of misery! Turning back? Master, after turning back, will that be the shore, or will you be a pawn again, at the mercy of others?”