Winner Takes All Chapter 1781-1782

Chapter 1781

Three days later.

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Mournful music echoed and the atmosphere was sad.

A convoy of hearse cars had already pulled up outside the villa gates, a black car wrapped in poignant white flowers.

On the mountain highway, a long, dragon-like convoy of cars was parked in a vast manner, which could not be seen at a glance.

Today is the day of Gu Qingying’s burial.

All the powerful families, forces and giants of the southwest region were there to see her off.

At the bottom of Tianmen Mountain, there was also a flurry of luxury cars.

It was a huge scene.

Even early on, there were media with long guns and short cannons set up along the road under Tianmen Mountain.

With Chen Dong’s status now, the southwest region is in his hands.

Gu Qingying was Chen Dong’s wife, and her funeral was not only a cause for concern in Southwest China, but also in the whole world.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa.

Long Lao and the others were all dressed solemnly and stood mournfully in the hearse.

Even the most severely injured man, Zhao Breru, was dressed in a black suit, despite the doctor’s cerumen, and attended the funeral.

Sadness pervaded the large hearse.

Fan Lu, Meng, Chu Reed and others, looking at the black and white posthumous photo of Gu Qingying, had long since reddened their eyes, forcing back their tears.

Chen You’en lay asleep in Fan Lu’s arms, wrinkling his faint brow from time to time, as if he had been frightened in his sleep and wriggled his body a little.

“Long Lao …… time is almost up!”

Chen Dao Ye took a sad glance at the vast caravan outside and turned his head to Elder Long.

“Master Dao Ye, we all know the seriousness of today’s burial, let’s wait a little longer.”

With a face full of sorrow, Elder Long gave Chen Dao Ye a stony look.

After three days of recuperation in the hospital, his body had recovered quite a bit, but under the exhaustion of his heart, his essence today was not as good as it used to be, and he was old and winded.

At these words.

Chen Dao Ye fell silent.

He was not unaware of the seriousness of today’s burial.

Even all those present were clear about it!

But even more clearly, it was time to let Gu Qingying be buried in peace.

Even before he clapped his hands on this decision three days ago, he had thought long and hard about it.

The destruction of the two Chen and Gu families and the rise of the new Chen.

This was bound to attract the attention of the world, to see where the storm clouds were moving, and then to decide what to do next.

If Chen Dong had been at home, the funeral would have gone smoothly.

But the point is that Chen Dong is nowhere to be seen or heard from!

The absence of Chen Dong at his wife’s funeral would have sent a huge signal to the outside world – that the Chen and Gu families had been destroyed and that something had happened to Chen Dong!

The whole world has heard about Chen Dong.

If they knew that Chen Dong was in trouble, it would be hard to hide the stupidity in their hearts.

It’s not just the southwest region that’s affected, it’s the whole world!

Long Lao’s eyelids lifted lightly as he swept a glance at the vast caravan of send-offs outside and said in a deep voice, “There are many send-offs today, but who of us knows how many ghosts are actually travelling with people among them?”

“Dong’er, can you really come back?”

“Old slave is not sure.”

Elder Long shook his head and looked at Chen You’en who was sleeping in Fan Lu’s arms, “But old slave knows that young master he has always been a good husband and will definitely be a good father!”

“Then wait a little longer.”

Chen Daoye nodded before greeting the few Chen family elders and walking out of the spirit hall.

Everyone was waiting.

The guests outside, however, still needed to be placated.

At least the superficial host family etiquette had to be done.

Time pa*ses slowly.

The morning dew recedes and a bitterly cold wind whistles.

The sun, which is creeping up overhead, seems to have no heat at all.

But those waiting for the send-off could not hold back their boredom and anxiety as the hours pa*sed.

“What’s the matter? It’s almost noon and the funeral isn’t happening yet?”

“Strange, what’s the timing of the funeral?”

“How long do we have to wait? We’ve been standing here for half a day, why is there no movement yet.”


The people who were sending off the funeral were all heads of powerful families and giants, but the long wait still made them whisper and talk noisily.

The chatter became more and more violent, like a red-hot needle stabbing the backs of Elder Long and the others in the spiritual hall.

Everyone was immersed in a sense of anxiety.

But no one spoke, they were all holding back.

They …… were all waiting!

“A car is coming!”

Suddenly, someone exclaimed.

This shout of alarm immediately caused the crowd within the hearse to look uplifted.

It followed closely.

Under the gaze of countless gazes, a Rolls Royce luxury car slowly drove into the villa.

Elder Long and the others hurriedly greeted them.

But when they saw the person stepping out of the car, everyone’s footsteps gave an abrupt pause, their expressions complicated to the extreme.

Gu Guohua, with the support of Lord Meng, slowly stepped out of the car and walked deep and shallow towards the hearse.

At this moment, he was haggard and his eyes were filled with tears.

As he approached the hearse, he could not stop the tears from flowing down his face, and his lips were mumbling, almost collapsing.

Elder Long and the others had complicated expressions on their faces, wanting to say something, but forcing themselves to hold back.

And Gu Guohua, with the support of Lord Meng, swept past the crowd and entered the hearse.

He walked to the coffin and looked at Gu Qingying lying in it, and finally could not help but bawl his eyes out.

A man of several dozen years old, once a great hero of the market, was now in tears, tearing his heart to pieces.

With trembling hands, he gently slapped Gu Qingying’s pale face and sobbed in reproach.

“Girl, your mother doesn’t want me anymore, and now, you don’t want your father either?”

“I pretended to be crazy to keep you around, and Dong’er didn’t hesitate to take the blame for driving you out of the whirlpool, but why didn’t you listen to us and insist on coming back?”

“Dad sent you, Dad came to send you off, you disobedient girl~”

Elder Long and the others could no longer tense up, their eyes tearing up.

And Chen You’en, who was asleep, also woke up with a start at this moment, babbling and crying out.

There was a lot of crying.

The already sad and mournful spirit hall was even more heartbreaking at this moment.

At this moment, a voice of shame was heard.

A guilt-ridden voice, forcing down the sobs, resounded in the hearse.

“Dad …… is sorry, I didn’t protect her well.”

This voice instantly drew the sideways glances of Elder Long and the others.

Not knowing when, a tired Chen Dong had already stood on the stairs.

At this moment, he was walking towards the crowd with tears in his eyes.

“Young Master ……”

A brilliant look erupted in Elder Long’s eyes.

And under the attention of the crowd, Chen Dong walked up to Fan Lu, hugged the crying Chen You En and coaxed her while walking to the coffin.

He took a deep breath and squeezed out a small smile.

“Youen na, let’s take one more look at mommy, okay?”

The voice was soft.

Chen You’en, who was crying loudly, actually suddenly stopped crying and instinctively turned his head towards Gu Qingying’s direction.

This scene caused the hearts of the people present to sting hard.

Chen Dong, with tears in his eyes, looked at Gu Qingying in the coffin, his lips mouthing.

“Yatou, the big fool is back.”

Chapter 1782

“The funeral!”

With a clamour from Elder Long.

The funeral procession, which had been waiting for a long time, moved at once.

The coffins were loaded onto the hearse and the mourning music was played as they headed down towards Tianmen Mountain.

On the mountain road, a long line of funeral processions also followed.

Down the mountain.

“It’s coming, it’s finally coming down!”

“We’ve been waiting for half a day, it’s almost noon, but here we are!”

“Alas …… the Chen family has been late with the funeral, I thought something had changed, I was thinking of saving a big news today!”


A crowd of people from the media camp were talking.

Today’s funeral and burial, the Chen family did not single-handedly suppress all reports.

In fact, before this, Long Lao and Chen Dao Ye and others had already negotiated, not because they didn’t want to suppress it, but because they knew they simply couldn’t!

The destruction of the two Chen and Gu families and the rise of the new Chen had already drawn the attention of the world, all focusing on the Chen family in the southwest, in order to gain an insight into the situation in the southwest and facilitate the subsequent movement of the wind.

Gu Qingying’s funeral is bound to be watched by countless people with an eye on it.

The slightest change in the situation will definitely lead to an undercurrent.

If we suppress it too much, we’ll be covering it up, so it’s better to make it public.

Even if the mainstream media is suppressed, those with ulterior motives, such as the heads of powerful families and giants, will still be able to spread the news through the shadows.

As the motorcade drove down the hill, the long guns set up long ago were flashing their lights intensely.

Media reporters were also standing in front of the cameras, vying for coverage.

The vast convoy of black luxury cars was solemn and gave people a sense of extreme oppression.

What’s more, the people in each of the limousines are all magnates and business tycoons!

This status, this gesture, could not be described as not shocking!

The hearse had already left people’s sight, but the caravan was still coming down from Tianmen Mountain in a steady stream.

And with the media cameras, the funeral was broadcast to thousands of households.

In the southwest of the country, this funeral attracted countless people to gather in front of the television early in the morning to watch the ceremony.

In a trance, the southwest region was immersed in an atmosphere of sorrow and grief.

The entire funeral was unapologetically exposed to the cameras.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong’s figure never left the camera.

Grief, mourning ……

pervaded the entire funeral process.

A vast crowd of people stood in front of the grave for the entire funeral.

Until …… the funeral finally ended!

A tall mountain of roses had been piled up in front of Gu Qingying’s grave.

This was specially instructed by Chen Dong, Gu Qingying didn’t like chrysanthemums, she liked roses!

With just this one instruction, all the florists in the city emptied their stocks of roses in an instant.

After the funeral, people left by car.

Only Chen Dong and the others were left behind to gather in front of the grave.

“Elder Long, you guys should go back first, I want to keep her company again.”

Chen Dong looked woodenly at Gu Qingying’s tombstone and said breathlessly.

“Young master ……”

Long Lao wanted to say something but finally picked up the sleeping Chen You En from Chen Dong’s arms, “Then we will leave first.”

The crowd walked towards the bottom of the mountain and got into their cars, except for Jiang Qilin who deliberately stopped for a moment as the crowd turned around and gazed deeply at Chen Dong for a few seconds.

“Brother Dong, everything will be fine, after stepping on the Heavenly Road, all can start over, including the people who left.”

Jiang Qilin dropped a sentence before turning around to leave.

As Jiang Qilin got into his car, Elder Long and Meng looked towards him at the same time.

“Mr. Jiang, is there something wrong?”

Meng asked worriedly as she frowned.

Jiang Qilin rubbed his chin and said with some uncertainty, “Brother Dong has indeed returned, but his whole person seems to have changed.”

“It’s true that he’s changed.”

Elder Long nodded his head.

Jiang Qilin was busy shaking his head and said, “No, no, no, it’s not the kind of change you guys think, it’s the kind of essence that’s gone, the Dong that was once spirited and untamed, although I haven’t spent as much time with him as you guys, I can feel it, he’s the kind of person who will put his head up even when the sky is falling, the pride of the Son of Heaven never bows his head.”

After a pause, Jiang Qilin said in a deep voice: “In terms of this point, I am in the same category as him, but this time …… I feel that he has put his head down, all his sharpness, all his untamedness has disappeared, it is as if he could die at the end of the day, just for that one night, this man is already a foot late, waiting for death. ”

Every word was despondent and painful.

Long Lao and Meng Wu looked at each other, both could see the bitterness in each other’s eyes.

“The young master’s childhood experiences have left him with a resilience and stubbornness in his bones that never admits defeat, indeed as Mr Jiang said.”

Long Lao leaned back in his seat wearily, looking at the rapidly receding landscape outside the car window, “Such a character of his natural calamities and catastrophes never crushed him, but he is too affectionate, and this one experience is like a dull knife in life, cutting his backbone little by little, and if he wants to stand up again, he can only rely on himself.”

“I have already told him that after stepping on the Heavenly Road, everything can be done over again, and the dead can be brought back to life, I hope he can think about it.”

Jiang Qilin closed his eyes and said in a deep voice.

In front of the tomb.

The cold wind was bitterly cold, blowing and rustling the roses piled high.

The air was filled with the rich fragrance of roses.

Chen Dong stood in front of the grave like a statue, staring blankly at the black and white photograph of Gu Qingying on the tombstone.

Memories were like waves, lapping at the shore of his mind, ruthlessly hitting every nerve.

Every inch of that past carried sweetness.

He remembered that it was that text message that sent the first greeting during the most troubled time after his divorce from Nanny Wang at the time – how are you?

He also remembered that shortly after that text message, she came back across the mountains and the sea.

He remembered the day he was so busy that he forgot to pick up his plane, and when he arrived at the airport, she was still waiting for him with a smile on her face.

That was also when she taught him, oh …… it’s raining and you forgot your umbrella, you can just buy a Porsche mobility scooter!


Gradually, Chen Dong’s nostrils were sour, his eyes covered with red blood, and tears climbed to his eyes.

He stood there, motionless.

A drop of tears dripped down the corners of his eyes.

But his eyes, always obscure, were so deadly grey that it was heartbreaking.

There was a poof!

Chen Dong lay down in the thick flowers, then turned sideways, facing Gu Qingying’s tombstone, like a child, slowly curled up, curled into a ball, and murmured, “Little fool, I’m so tired, I want to sleep in your arms again.”


Night fell.

The cold wind was bitterly cold, and the clear night sky was bright with stars.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa, it was an odd atmosphere.

“Elder Long, is it still off?”

Chen Dao Ye clutched his hands, his face as gloomy as water.

“Can’t get through, it’s still switched off!”

Elder Long clutched his phone, his fingertips turning white.

A baby’s cry came.

“Xiao Lu, quickly help me mix the milk powder, oh yes, yes, and bring the diapers.”

Meng’s voice came.

Fan Lu hurriedly left.

And the rest of the crowd was full of dismay.

Chen Dong had said that he would spend some time alone in front of Gu Qingying’s grave, but no one had expected that this stay would be directly after dark, and that the person could not be contacted.

This made the crowd worried and anxious as ants on a hot pot.


The villa door was pushed open.

Jiang Qilin hurriedly walked in.

The crowd got up and looked at him.

“Why has the Snowy Lion disappeared again?”

Jiang Qilin’s sword brows knitted together and his gaze was grave.


The crowd was shocked.

Elder Long even said, “We were all waiting for news at home, and we didn’t even notice the Snowy Region Lion break out of its cage!”

“The beast cage has been destroyed, it had the intention to leave, so maybe you guys couldn’t have noticed it, this kind of fae beast king, once the beast king returns to his heart, it’s all about the master leaving and the servant following.”

Jiang Qilin rubbed the bridge of his swollen nose and sighed helplessly, “I’ve been to my sister-in-law’s grave, and Brother Dong has indeed disappeared ……”