Winner Takes All Chapter 1779-1780

Chapter 1779

Lizin Hospital.

The ward was filled with the strong smell of disinfectant water.

Elder Long slowly opened his eyes, his hollow eyes taking a few seconds before they gradually came into focus.

“Is this the …… hospital?”

He murmured in confusion.

“Elder Long, awake?”

Zhao Breaker’s voice came from his ears.

Long Lao glanced sideways and found Zhao Broke-Ru lying on the hospital bed next to him.

“Zhao Broke-Ru, this is ……”

Elder Long was a little puzzled.

He only remembered being in the room and sending a kowtow to Chen Daoling respectfully, then his mind went blank, and his memories began to converge from the moment he woke up.

“You were too worried and your body was overdrawn, so you pa*sed out, it was Sister Xiao Lu and the others who brought you here.”

Zhao Broshi spoke briefly, but the look in his eyes at Long Lao was full of worry.

“Yes, it’s been too exhausting for a while.”

Long Lao stared at the ceiling of the ward, but his eyes were once again red as he spoke.

He was an ancestral elder of the Ming generation of the Hong Society in the past, towering above the rest and highly respected.

But he …… was also a slave of the Chen family, no, a slave of Chen Daoling.

All the things that he experienced with Chen Daolin in the past came to mind one by one.

The old man had gone west, and memories were like knives.

“Long Lao ……”

Zhao Broke-Ru suddenly laughed.

It was a laugh that seemed so abrupt that it caused even Elder Long to be a little stunned.

He looked sideways at Zhao Broke-Ru.

Zhao Broke-Ru inhaled hard, a sound emitted from his nasal cavity, and said in a low voice.

“People, they always have to look forward, don’t they?”

Look forward?

Elder Long frowned slightly.

A bout of time to recuperate had restored much of Zhao Broken’s overdrawn and crushed body.

He rested his hands behind his head and smiled teasingly, “Yes, one has to look forward, what’s the use of dwelling on the past? Take a big step forward and maybe it will slowly get better?”

Long Lao’s reddened eyes flashed with amazement as he gazed deeply at Zhao Broke-Ru.

“Breaker, I feel that there is something different about you.”

“Hahahaha …… I’m still the same old Zhao Breru, take me for example, everything in the past was woven by old man Xu, there’s no use for me to dwell on the past, after all, it was all woven by old man Xu, looking forward and taking steps forward is the thing to do, how is your memory not the same as mine? What about your memories? It’s just that you were real and mine …… was just a big dream.”

Zhao Brocade looked at the ceiling in a daze, seemingly in a relaxed position with his hands on his pillow, but his words were incomparably complex.

After a few seconds, he did not wait for Long Lao to respond.

Zhao Broke-Ru’s chest rose high and he took a hard, deep breath, then twisted his head to look at Elder Long and grinned.

“Actually, after using the Human Ancestor Qi, I know something else.”


Elder Long’s reddened eyes flickered for a moment.

“Before na, whatever Old Man Xu said was what I was sure and convinced, he said that if I kept hanging around the lower ninth grade and being a beamer, I would be able to suppress the Human Ancestor Qi and slowly get rid of the nightmare, but when I had a second nightmare, I felt that the old B*****d was unreliable.”

Zhao Breru’s eyes shifted, but he didn’t stop talking.

“When Little Sister Ying was in trouble that night, I released my Human Ancestor Qi against all odds, and at that moment I not only stopped Gu Cang Yue, but also learned some secret secrets through my Human Ancestor Qi, and it was then that I realised how much of a B*****d Old Man Xu really was and how hard he had lied to me.”

“When the wheel of destiny rolls up, we are all part of this wheel, a screw, a wooden wedge, or even an insignificant piece of wooden structure, but none of us can stop this wheel from rolling forward, I have been immersed in a nightmare because of this strand of Human Ancestor Qi in my body, and I dreamed of the same scenario of the cataclysmic changes and calamities that the wheel of destiny will roll into in the future. ”

“The past has already happened, the future is beyond our power to change, the only thing we can do well is the present.”

There was a pause.

Zhao Bros. shrugged and subconsciously looked at the closed ward door before speaking slowly.

“Having said all this, I actually want to say that if Brother Dong can really pull through and succeed in stepping onto the Heavenly Path successfully like Senior Chen Daojun’s plan, everything that happened in the past will be able to change, including those who left!”


Elder Long was struck by thunder as a brilliant aura burst out of his eyes.

He was filled with disbelief, “Can it really be resurrected?”


Zhao Broke-Ru nodded firmly, “Even from the time Old Man Xu’s plan came under the line of Elder Chen’s plan, I and the Human Ancestral Qi in me are now a future aid to help Brother Dong tread the Heavenly Path.”

At the end of his sentence, Zhao Broke-Ru’s tone was somewhat downcast, his brows lowered.

The moment he released his Human Ancestor Qi, not only was he manipulating the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts against Gu Cangyue, but at the same time the Human Ancestor Qi was also instilling into his mind some secret secrets that he once did not know.

For example …… this world.

For example …… the rules of how the world works.

And then for example …… what it is that heaven and earth are unkind and take all things as ruminants.

The shock on Elder Long’s face did not last long and turned dark.

“But …… the death of the old master has completely crushed the young master, the young master’s stolen heart has collapsed and is already unknown.”

Zhao Breru shook his head, his eyes deep: “We are all rivets on the wheel, even if he leaves, he will come back again, when the wheel rolls to the rut of fate, he will definitely come back, the great power is added, Dong has never let us down.”

The words were resounding and firm.

Even Elder Long didn’t notice that as Zhao Broke spoke these words, golden ripples surged in his deep eyes, rendering his eyes an eerie golden colour.

Layers and layers of ripples raged in his eyes, like the shocking waves of a flat lake.

And Zhao Broshi’s vision became hollow and blurred, as if he had travelled through the void and sighted into the distant future.

He gave a theatrical laugh unconsciously and cursed in a low voice, “Old man Xu, you’re so treacherous!”

The moment the words left his mouth.

His body trembled violently and lightly, the golden light in his eyes fading and regaining focus.

Immediately, his eyes became frightened again.

Subconsciously, he glanced at Elder Long next to him to make sure that he hadn’t heard what he had just said before he was rea*sured, though the corners of his mouth contained a smile.

After the Human Ancestor Qi had been released, his world had all changed drastically.

That dream world was the great battle that foretold the future.

The Human Ancestor Qi, too, had given him a glimpse of the ability to peer into the long river of time and foresee the future.

It was very faint, and the probing wasn’t careful, but it was sensational enough.

Of course, Zhao Bailu was also aware that this could only be a secret buried deep in his heart.

Once word got out, the whole world would go crazy over it!

Although he was calling Xu Qingfeng a B*****d in one breath, he was also clear that Xu Qingfeng was actually doing him a favour by asking him to contain his Human Ancestor Qi.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Elder Long’s mind had declined too much and he was afraid that something would happen to him, he would never have said so much to Elder Long.

“If what you say is true, then the secret in you is what is killing you, so why are you willing to tell me?”

As expected, Old Man Long became an old man and looked profoundly towards Zhao Broshi.

Zhao Baolu froze for a moment, hesitated with his eyes closed, and said with a smile, “Because too many people have died in our family, and I want everyone who survived to be well.”

Chapter 1780

The Chen family, which used to hold all the wealth of the world and look down on all life from the clouds.

The ancient family, which had established itself as a martial arts family.

In one night, two families were wiped out.

It was undoubtedly the collapse of two great mountains.

The world was shaken, and all the powers were terrified and silenced.

Prior to this, both the Chen and Gu families were seen by ordinary giants and powers as imposing mountains that could not be climbed.

No one had ever expected that the “giant” towering into the clouds would fall so quickly and so suddenly!

The Chen and Gu families, with their deep roots, were already at a loss as to what to do after the destruction of their doors overnight, and the forces under their command were as confused as headless flies.

You know, when it comes to the level of a family, whether it’s a va*sal or a business, it’s never just one family that falls, it’s a butterfly effect that starts a whole body!

Not to mention a behemoth like the Chen and Gu families.

“What should we do? Family head, make up your mind, the Chen family was wiped out overnight, what should we choose?”

“D*mn it! How can the main family be exterminated? How can a sectarian family, with a martial arts family, be weak to this level?”

“With the fall of the Chen family, the business plan after being subordinated to the Chen family, won’t the basket be empty now?”


For a while, the giants and powers that were attached to or had business partnerships with the Chen and Gu families were all on pins and needles, not knowing what to choose.

The extermination of the two Chen and Gu families did not only affect the various forces under their command.

It directly affected all the powers in the world.

When the Chen family was destroyed, the “spies” hiding in the mountains around the Chen family sent the most detailed information to their “masters” as quickly as possible.

Compared to the Chen and Gu’s subordinate forces, these forces were really in turmoil and had their own ideas.

The collapse of the two Chen and Gu families was undoubtedly the top of the former pyramid being cut down, meaning a complete restructuring of the original power structure.

Countless eyes were focused on the south-western region of the domain.

Although the Chen family was destroyed.

However, these powerful family heads and giants of the world knew clearly that, compared to the destruction of the Gu family, the Chen family was just a battle between the old and the new.

Although the extermination was tragic, it could not hurt the Chen family at all!

Even after the new Chen had swallowed the old Chen’s roots, the Chen family …… would only become even more “superior” than before!

After all, the destruction of the two Chen and Gu families was the work of Chen Dong!

He is the true head of the new Chen …… family!

The heads of powerful families and giants were shocked by Chen Dong’s strength and decisiveness, and at the same time, they were thinking about how to benefit from this turmoil and make friends with the new Chen family.

While all eyes were on the south-western region, preparing for the rise of the new Chen.

A bolt from the blue caught everyone off guard.

“With immediate effect, the New Chen will accept all Chen family properties, while …… the subordinate families and forces that are dependent on the Chen Gu family, proceed to join the New Chen family, do not say that the words are not foreseen!”

Such a message is brutal and overbearing, even barbaric!

There was no “etiquette” of the first magnate!

The winner is the king, the loser is the knave.

Appropriation of resources is something that is bound to happen when powerful families and forces attack each other.

For the victor, it is called harvesting the fruits of victory.

But no matter who it is, this kind of thing is only allowed to go on slowly and in peace.

No one has ever been directly “informed”!

This also made the masters of powerful families and giants, who had planned to reap the benefits of this turmoil, sit on the spot, dumbfounded.

When the King of Beasts had fallen, the hyenas had wanted to come forward and eat the meat.

But what happened now was that the other Beast King, who had killed the Beast King, directly declared that the Beast King’s corpse was his own food, and not only that, but also directly warned the hyenas that …… your meat was also my food!

When the news spread, the world’s giants and powers, all silenced.

No one expected the new Chen to be so savage and rude when it first started, but no one was able to refute it, and it was difficult to find the blood courage to take a piece of the pie from the fire.

Today, the new Chen is even more terrifying than the old Chen in the minds of the world’s giants and powers.

And it all stems from Chen Dong!

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The condolence funeral service was still going on.

Inside the study.

Chen Daoye and all the others were present.

Even Elder Zhuge, Elder Zhang and the others were present.

“The news has been released, the next step is to wait for those clans of the Gu Family to come back to us.”

Chen Dao Ye sat on his chair and swept his gaze over the crowd, “This is the fastest way to achieve the ‘task’ that Daoist Monarch has requested.”

Jiang Qilin’s expression was calm, but the blue veins at the corners of his eyes could not help but twitch.

Daoist Monarch Chen had indeed said that he would do whatever it took, but this notice to the public was too unscrupulous!

“Then what if someone doesn’t choose to return and hand over their resources?”

Elder Zhuge was a little worried, “After all, the two Chen and Gu families have coiled and intricate roots, the Chen family’s va*sal forces are easy to collect, but the Gu family’s va*sal forces are really a bit troublesome.”

At these words.

Everyone looked at Chen Daoye.

The only one who could take charge of the family nowadays was Chen Daoye.

The others were either not experienced or not experienced enough to take on the big responsibility.

Chen Daoye’s status and experience were sufficient.

With the change of the old and new Chen families, everything under his command was a smooth transition.

The real difficulty is the Gu family!

Chen Daoye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his coldness was biting.

“Then …… exterminate the clan and snatch it over!”

A few simple words, but suddenly caused killing intent to stir within the study.

All the people were shocked, but they did not retort.

In today’s situation, doing so is the most direct and fastest way.

And …… the Chen family today had the strength to do so!

“In addition, a burial ceremony for Little Shadow will be held in three days.”

Chen Dao Ye tapped his fingertips on the tabletop, his brows lowered.

“Three days later?”

Fan Lu staggered for a moment, “But Brother Dong ……”

“He should be back, right?”

Chen Dao Ye swept over the crowd somewhat helplessly.

The crowd’s expressions also became complicated.

The hearth was erected at home, and the funeral was carried out, then it had to be carried out in a step-by-step manner.

The burial, too, was in the ground.

But if Chen Dong did not return, then how should this funeral go on?

“And there is an even more crucial issue here!”

Meng said in a deep voice, “Don’t forget that today’s new Chen wind all originates from Mr. Chen, and all eyes are on the Chen family, if Mrs. Chen’s burial ceremony does not include Mr. Chen’s figure, what will the thousands of gentry and powers have in mind?”

At these words, the crowd’s faces changed and changed.

No one in the room was a fool, they all knew what this meant.

“But if we don’t bury her, should we keep Little Shadow at home?”

Chen Doye was a little indecisive.

On the other side.

Among the mountains.

Wind and snow drifting.

A figure, walking like a corpse, advanced.

Snowflakes covered the top of Chen Dong’s head in snow white.

A layer of ice crystals had also condensed on him after he was covered in snowflakes.


He stopped in his tracks.

The hollow eyes focused quickly.

“Got to get home! The little fool is still waiting for me!”

Only the voice, however, was breathy and tinged with inexplicable heartbreak.