Winner Takes All Chapter 1777-1778

Chapter 1777

“Seniors, not looking for Dong?”

Jiang Qilin asked worriedly as he walked side by side with Chen Daojun in the night.

“If we find it, will he be willing to go back with us?”

Chen Daojun’s voice was a little lower.

“Maybe he will, Youn is still at home!”

Jiang Qilin said with some uncertainty.

“Then he won’t go.”

Chen Daojun shook his head and said despondently, “The personnel have been exhausted, the big picture has been made, the rest is up to him, he has reached the Hidden Devil Realm, a realm that was only a theoretical realm in the long history before him, his dao heart has collapsed, let’s hope that the Hidden Devil Realm has other characteristics that can make up for it back for him.”

Jiang Qilin was silent and did not respond.

He knew better than anyone how terrifying the collapse of his dao heart really was.

Trying to make it back was even harder than ever.

In the long history, not to mention the collapse of a martial artist’s dao heart, even a slight flaw would have a considerable impact on the upper limit of the martial dao.

Can it really …… come back?


The following morning.

A night of wind and snow stained the mountains white.

A hazy mist fills the mountains.


A hand suddenly stretched out from under the snow.

Immediately afterwards, the thick snow fell, revealing a human figure.

Chen Dong sat paralysed in the snow, the cold air like sharp needles on his skin, but he did not feel it.

He had slept through the night.

When he woke up, he was a different person.

His hair was a mess of snow, his face was pale, his eyes were hollow and dark, and he looked like a walking corpse.

For a long time.

He gets up and walks aimlessly in the distance again, against the wind and snow.

One step at a time, stumbling as if he were a zombie in a film.

The footprints left behind him were soon hidden by the snow and wind again.

It was as if nothing had ever happened.

There is no greater sorrow than death.

Nowadays, Chen Dong’s whole person seemed like a different person.

He didn’t know where he was going, he just wanted to be alone and didn’t want to care about anything.


Inside Zhenjiang City.

Heavy snow was flying.

Huo Zhenxiao stood on top of the city head, looking out deeply in the direction of the domain.

“How did …… it fail?”

After a long time, Huo Zhenxiao murmured gruffly.

“It shouldn’t have failed.”

An equally incredulous voice rang out from behind him.

Huo Zhenxiao turned back to look at the approaching Master Khongkong, “Is Master’s injury better?”


Grandmaster Empty Sky nodded with his hands together.

Then he added, “Daogun and Xu Qingfeng joined forces to go to Xiong Nu, this is already the highest configuration, it can’t possibly fail.”

“But it just failed.”

Huo Zhenxiao shrugged helplessly.

The words had just fallen.

An alarm sounded in Zhenjiang City.

The whole city was on alert.

A plane whistled in close behind.

“It’s me!”

At the same time, a low, magnetic voice descended from the sky.


Huo Zhenxiao froze in shock for a moment, then immediately ordered the alert to be removed.

As they watched, the plane descended to the airport within Zhenjiang City.

Huo Zhenxiao and Master Kongkong glanced at each other and hurriedly headed to the airport.

But then Chen Daojun’s voice came once again.

“Go straight to the Sovereign’s barracks.”

Inside the Sovereign’s barracks.

The campfire danced.

When Huo Zhenxiao and Master Kongkong arrived, Chen Daogun was already sitting loftily on a chair, his face sunken, staring at the dancing campfire in a daze.

“Master …… you how ……”

Huo Zhenxiao looked stunned and wanted to say something.

“Didn’t you and Xu Qingfeng go to the Huns, why did you fly over from the south?”

Master Empty Brow furrowed his white brows and spoke out in confusion.

“The two Chen and Gu families, joining hands with Xiong Nu, plotted together for Dong’er’s bloodline, Xiao Ying gave birth to a child before she died, Dong’er stormed off to take revenge, I temporarily separated from Xu Qingfeng to try to stop Dong’er.”

Chen Daojun rubbed his face, full of exhaustion, “Unfortunately, he was still a step too late, the Chen family was destroyed, the Gu family’s mountain gate was also razed to the ground, and the old lady Gu perished.”


Huo Zhenxiao and Master Kongkong’s faces changed dramatically and their eyes widened.

They finally knew why the Hun side had failed!

After a short moment of shock, Huo Zhenxiao said in a deep voice, “Master, the Xiongnu side has failed!”


Chen Daojun slapped his palm on the arm of his chair, unable to control himself, “Failed?”

“What exactly happened inside the Xiongnu, the scouts couldn’t detect it, but there was a lot of commotion, and based on the news from the scouts around, and the time projection, senior Xu should have failed, and it was fatal!”

Huo Zhenxiao’s face was sullen, and a forlorn look filled his face when he spoke at the end.

Although he couldn’t probe the exact origin of things within the Xiongnu, with Xu Qingfeng’s strength, if the operation had really succeeded, no matter what, he should have arrived at Zhenjiang City.

Chen Daojun’s complexion changed and his body staggered as he sat down directly on his chair.

For a long time.

He held his forehead and sighed softly, “Blame me, it’s all my fault!”

The tone of his voice was self-blaming and raging with shame.

Huo Zhenxiao and Master Kongkong looked at each other, revealing their helplessness.

“Amitabha Buddha.”

Master Kongkong folded his hands and enlightened, “You are not to blame for this matter, on one side was rescuing Ye Linglong, on the other was stopping Young Master Chen, with Xu Qingfeng’s strength who would have thought it would fail? If you do not stop young master Chen, a slight mistake, you this game of chess will completely flip, this itself is two choices, choose its heavy situation, just Xu Qingfeng’s ending ……”


Chen Daojun put down his right hand and looked at Master Empty, smiling sadly: “The pieces on the chessboard have flipped, I stopped Dong’er from boarding the Gu family, but not Dao Lin, the Gu family was destroyed by Dao Lin, and Dao Lin also fell on the spot, stimulating Dong’er’s dao heart to collapse.”

Grandmaster Empty Sky’s expression froze, his face full of horror.

Huo Zhenxiao’s body also trembled and his eyes widened.

A collapsed dao heart!

This was almost like cutting off a martial artist’s growth limit!

In other words, this two-for-one situation ended up being …… a chicken-and-egg situation!

Half a day.

Only then did the two calmed down.

Huo Zhenxiao asked in a deep voice, “Master, where has Chen Dong gone now, is there still a chance to salvage and make amends?”

“He left alone, there is no greater sorrow than death.”

Chen Daogun shook his head, “I’ve come to try to remedy the situation, as to whether it will work or not, it’s a matter of doing one’s best, the situation has become so bad that it’s time to re-plan the rest of the arrangements.”

There was a pause.

He looked at Master Kongkong, “Old baldy, I’ll have to ask you to come along this time.”

“Poor monk?”

Master Empty Sky froze for a moment, and then reacted, “You want the poor monk to find Young Master Chen and try to make up for his dao heart?”

Chen Daogun nodded, “Your Buddhist heart cultivation is a great method, perhaps your heart cultivation method is the only one in this world that can give Dong’er’s dao heart a ray of hope.”

“The poor monk is willing to go.”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and nodded his head in response.

When Grandmaster Empty Sky had left.

Chen Daogun looked at Huo Zhenxiao again, “Increase the defense of Zhenjiang City by casting, and supervise the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army’s enlightenment of the Martial Dao Body, in addition ……”

“What about the Hong Society’s side?”

Huo Zhenxiao asked a very crucial question.

The failure to rescue Ye Linglong had already doomed the Hong Society’s position in that future great battle!

Chen Daojun pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s leave it for now, I’ll leave for Black Prison immediately, and when I pa*s through the domain, I’ll go to Xiongnu on the way to explore a bit first, there’s something fishy about Xu Qingfeng’s death ……”

Chapter 1778


Huo Zhenxiao’s eyebrows creased into a “Chuan”, “Master means that Elder Xu might not be dead?”

“I’m not sure!”

Chen Daojun shook his head, his brows lowered as he said, “But someone who was able to carve the Thief Sect into his own label and plot against me, I don’t believe he would die so easily, even if that beast existed within the Xiongnu, and those hidden worlds that are attracted to the Heavenly Wolf Martial Body exist.”

“But the scouts around Xiongnu reported back that it was the Heavenly Punishment Thunderstorm!”

Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes flickered with essence, somewhat incredulous: “And it’s a true thunderclap from the heavens.”

The last sentence was said with a deliberately heavier tone of voice.

It had become an axiom of the Heavenly Punishment Realm that no one could survive when the Heavenly Lightning tipped down.

If there was, it would only be by means of evasion when the Heavenly Punishment came down completely, or by using external heavy treasures to block it when the Heavenly Punishment thunderstorm came down.

Obviously, from the information reported by the spies around Xiongnu, the first one was not one of them, and as for the second one, Huo Zhenxiao couldn’t think of any other heavy treasure that could withstand the Heavenly Punishment on Xu Qingfeng’s body!

“Cunning rabbits still have three caves.”

Chen Daojun’s eyes narrowed into slits as he slowly looked askance at Huo Zhenxiao: “Xu is a heavenly talent, if it wasn’t for me, an old man who is oppressing him, he would only be second in the world, he would be number one in the world.

Huo Zhenxiao was frozen.

Master’s words were just like elevating Xu Qingfeng to the same level as him.

If Master did not believe that he would die under the Heavenly Punishment Lightning Tribulation, it was the same as not believing that Xu Qingfeng would die under the Heavenly Punishment Lightning Tribulation.

“What if he really dies?”

Huo Zhenxiao’s lips were noodling.

Chen Daogun’s stern gaze suddenly turned dark, “Then we will really lose this time, and we will never have the chance to tread the Heavenly Path again from now on!”

He said.

He got up and walked towards the outside.

“Remember my words, in addition to the destruction of the Chen and Gu families in the domain, the departure of Dong’er, the wind is bound to rise, the collusion of the Chen and Gu families with the Xiongnu, you, the northern domain heavenly rift, should also make a move.”

After Chen Daojun left.

Only gradually did the sharpness in Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes appear.

The invisible killing intent was released from his body and stirred within the barracks.

“Collaboration with the enemy and treason, the sword has been revealed, so it is time for this Northern Domain to be completely blocked!”

A low voice echoed within the barracks.

Five minutes later.

An order issued from within Zhenjiang City swept across the entirety of the Northern Domain like a swift wind and rain.

“State of war, the frontier is under martial law, from now on, no one will come out or go in, and trade and commerce will be cut off!”

This order was like a nuclear bomb dumping itself on the Northern Territory’s frontier.

Everyone was in an uproar and in a state of panic.

Although the two domains had always been at odds with each other, there was still a huge amount of trade and commerce going on in secret.

After all, the harsh environment outside the realm requires great survival materials, and the beast skins and flesh from outside the realm are also highly sought-after goods in the realm.

There was always friction, and the barbarians often invaded and plundered the villages of the frontier people.

But trade and commerce existed by default.

Vast caravans of merchants plied the frontier routes.

But now it was suddenly forbidden, had the war escalated to such a serious level?

Not only were the people alarmed, but even the powerful families and forces behind the major merchant caravans sat up in disbelief upon learning the news.

“What? Cutting off trade and commerce? What is he doing, Huo Zhenxiao?”

“A state of war, when is the northern frontier not a state of war? With this order, is he directly turning the wartime state to the highest level?”

“Has it really gotten to this point? I vaguely remember that the last time trade and commerce was cut off was more than twenty years ago, the time Huo Zhenxiao sealed the gods in one battle!”



The southwest region.

The whole region was in mourning as onyx hung in the air.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa, condolence guests were still being welcomed and sent from all directions.

The only difference was that the two long motorcades on the Tianmen Mountain highway no longer spilled out onto the highway below, but instead were crammed onto the highway.

Inside the villa, mournful music echoed and sorrow filled the air.

Elder Long and Meng were in charge of ushering in and out.

Fan Lu took care of Chen You’en.

Inside the study.

Jiang Qilin sat in the seat where Chen Dong used to be seated, and in a rare move, he followed the example of Zhuge Qing and Chu Reed next to him, twirling a cigarette in his hand.

He looked rusty compared to Zhuge Qing’s skill and Chu Reed’s elegance, and was a first-time smoker.

The three of them did not speak.

The air seemed to freeze.

Only the cigarette in the hands of the three men rose up in a curl of smoke.

Knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

Chen Dao Ye and a few other elders walked in.

Seeing the three people in the room.

Chen Daoye said, “I’ve asked someone to take care of the transportation, Elder Long and Granny Meng will be here later.”

After saying that, a few people took their seats.

After waiting for a few minutes.

Elder Long and Granny Meng also pushed the door in.

“What the hell is going on?”

Elder Long had some red bloodshot eyes and was so exhausted that he sat in his chair exactly as if he was slumped over.

In fact, during this time, everyone had been dragged into a state of extreme exhaustion.

It was just that Elder Long had been by Chen Dong’s side for the longest time, and the outside world had long since become familiar with him and recognised him, so he had to be the one to step in on many matters.

Jiang Qilin crushed out the cigarette in his hand, and then he told the story of the overthrow of the two Chen Gu families, one by one.

From the beginning to the end, the large study room was silent enough to listen to a needle.

As Jiang Qilin told the story, the faces of the crowd changed and changed.

When they heard that Chen Daolin had pa*sed away, everyone was shocked, and Elder Long’s eyes swished with tears as he sat up, his hands squeezing the armrests of his chair to death.

In silence, several fingerprints had been left on the armrests.

When Jiang Qilin finished, the large study fell into dead silence, a scene of sadness and grief.

The onyx in the hall had not yet been removed, but a new one had been added, a blow that even those present could not bear.

Long Lao’s tearful eyes were rounded as he struggled to draw his last breath: “Mr Jiang, did Master explain anything before he died?”

“Not ever.”

Jiang Qilin shook his head, perhaps knowing what was in Elder Long’s mind, and added: “Mr. Chen’s dao heart collapsed and he has left alone, and he did not explain anything. ,”

At these words, the crowd looked up in surprise.

The old man’s chest even puffed up, his face shifted red and white, and then forced it down.

“But Elder Daojun came but was not able to stop it, he had urgent business and left in a hurry, before he left he explained something to me to pa*s on to you all.”

Jiang Qilin was busy saying, “With immediate effect, all the industries under Chen Dong’s command, whether it is whaling the southwest or whaling the entire domain, or even all the resources in the world, are all docked to the Desert North King’s Landing Group, as well as the Northern Domain Zhenjiang City, remember, it is all the resources that only serve these two places!”

“In addition, Mr. Chen’s dao heart collapsed and left, try to suppress it, when plundering and whaling resources, no matter what the cost, no matter what the means, even if the clan is exterminated and robbed by force!”


The crowd in the room changed their expressions greatly.

Such an order was not only ruthless but also overbearing!

It was as if the whole world was in the pot, to be plucked at will!


Elder Long got up and walked towards the outside.

“Elder Long!”

The crowd got up, their faces full of worry.

But Elder Long kept his footsteps, and walked out of the study step by step.

In the long corridor, Elder Long’s back showed all the sorrow and grief, and that formerly straight spine was gradually hunched down.

He entered a room, the master bedroom of Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

It was just that nowadays, it looked cold and empty.

On the walls, on the bedside table, there were still wedding photos of Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, and the happiness and sweetness of the two of them could be seen everywhere.

Only everything was no longer there.


Elder Long walked over to the counter next to the sofa, and there was a photo on it.

It was a picture that had been taken unintentionally when Chen Dong was the winner to set the name of the young master of the Chen family, the picture was dazzling and not specially arranged, but at that time, everyone had a spring in their step and a light in their eyes after that great battle.

But now ……

Long Lao looked at the picture of Chen Daolin standing tall on the ceremony platform.

The domineering aura between those eyebrows that gave up on me and looked out of the world was the majesty that came out of the perennial family head’s accumulation of power, and the pleasure and pride that came from his son becoming a dragon.

There was a poof!

His chest puffed up and a mouthful of blood flowed out of his mouth.

But Long Lao did not realize it, his cloudy, tear-filled eyes stared at Chen Daolin in the photo, crying as he kowtowed once.

“Old slave, congratulations on the immortal death of the old master!”

This old man had been gritting his teeth and holding on for a while, following his duties as a slave and the promise he had made to Chen Daoling back then as master and servant.

It was only the news brought back by Jiang Qilin that became the last straw that broke the camel’s back.