Winner Takes All Chapter 1773-1774

Chapter 1773

A shrill, stern whine.

Old Lady Gu’s features were all twisted and grim.

She had never thought that a single blade would be able to resist the entire domain’s qi transport mobilised by the Great Cauldron one after another!

Even though she was in charge of the Great Cauldron and relied on a secret method, she could only mobilise a very weak trace of qi.

But even if it was weak, it was still the Qi of the entire domain.

It was simply not something that could be blocked by any blade of arms.

Even if Chen Daoling were present, Old Madam Gu thought that even if Chen Daogun were present, when faced with this faint trace of qi, he would still be facing a great enemy!

Chen Daolin, hiding behind Wufeng, heard Old Madam Gu’s shrill whine and he was equally puzzled.

Fengless possessed the characteristic of attenuating qi, which he had known when he had beheaded the Tomb Guardian Old Man.

But qi energy and qi luck were two different things at root.

For Fengless to be able to block the rush of Qi energy from the entire domain was just too unbelievable!


The exasperated Old Lady Gu let out a shrill whistle.

The chanting sound resumed.

The hunched and pale body also danced once more.

It was as if it was an ancient witchcraft prayer, every syllable, every movement was eerie and strange.

But on her wrinkled face, there was no longer the calmness of a moment ago, but an unspeakable anger instead.

And this time, she was ageing even faster than she had just done!





The great cauldron hanging in the air emitted a dull sound one after another.

A golden light of qi luck flew out from within the cauldron, sweeping towards Chen Daolin and Wu Feng below.

The seemingly light golden light was wrapped in the power of qi luck and was incomparably terrifying.

Chen Daolin gritted his teeth fiercely, his expression determined and a fierce look in his eyes.

“If Fengless can resist the golden light of Qi Luck a few more times, then I still have a chance of breaking through to the nearness of the Old Immortal!”

He secretly calculated that he had just resisted the Qi Luck Golden Light twice in quick succession, the second time he intentionally exploded with his full strength to lend a hard resistance to Fengless and ended up retreating a distance of not even a metre.

The Qi Luck Golden Light’s attacks had intervals.

As long as he broke forward by more than a metre during each interval, he would be able to get a little closer to Old Madam Gu.

Of course the prerequisite for all calculations was that …… Wufeng could hold on!


The first golden light of qi luck blasted on Fengless Heavy Sword.


Chen Daolin’s eyes widened in anger as he let out an explosive roar.

In a flash, qi energy broke through his body and muscles all over his body graved up inch by inch as he tried his best to resist the impact that had been greatly weakened by the Bladeless.

The ground beneath his feet turned to pieces and sank.

Just as Chen Daolin had expected, this time he also retreated less than a metre.

Taking advantage of the gap when the second golden light arrived, he lashed out with both feet and leapt forward a large step directly against the bladeless.

As soon as he landed on the ground.

The second golden light arrived as expected.


The sound of metal clashing was deafening.

Everything that pa*sed along the way was directly turned into pieces by the seemingly ethereal shockwave, and the Gu family guards were also turned into a mist of blood, just like before.

Everything was just as Chen Daolin had expected.

The moment he was blown back by less than a metre, he once again powered up and leapt forward.

As his feet landed on the ground, the third golden light also fell straight down.


The golden light of Qi luck landed on top of Fengless, and the golden light was washed away.

Chen Daolin retreated once again, but relied on the Bladeless to resist the golden light of Qi Luck, and after being blasted back, he immediately leapt forward again, eventually advancing a short but truly feasible distance.

“D*mn it!”

Old Lady Gu narrowed her eyes, her fierce aura blazing.

How could she not have expected that a situation that she thought was undefeatable would be reversed by a sword in Chen Daoling’s hand, and if she had allowed Chen Daoling to close the distance a little, the final outcome would have been difficult to say.





A golden light of qi luck swept out from within the cauldron, continuously hitting the bladeless heavy sword.

The seemingly stalemated situation was quietly tilting the balance of victory as Chen Daolin closed the distance between him and Old Lady Gu.

Old Lady Gu’s chanting and dancing became more and more rapid, and her eyes gradually became less devout than they had been at first.

A tidal wave of golden light washed out from the bladeless sword, spreading lightly in all directions, destroying and sweeping the court in its path.

Farther away, there were still Gu family guards shouting and killing.

But the moment they collided with the golden light, they were turned into a mist of blood.

The Gu family guards further back were completely dumbfounded by this strange scene, and by the time they reacted and fled, the golden light was already close to them, and then a mist of blood bloomed in the air like a plum blossom.

The seemingly slow ripples of golden light were as fast as lightning.

With an unstoppable momentum, the area where Chen Daolin and Old Lady Gu were located was quickly turned into a blank space, and as more and more ripples of golden light rippled out, the distance they rippled grew rapidly.


Another golden light of Qi luck blasted against the bladeless.

The sound of metal clashing was interspersed with a subtle “click”.

It was like gla*s shattering, and the sound was very soft.

However, Chen Daolin, who was fully concentrated, clearly caught the sound.

In an instant, his face changed drastically and his heart snapped into his throat.

“Is Fengless …… going to be unable to hold on?”

He didn’t have time to think about it, and after he settled his stance, he gritted his teeth and leapt forward once again.

As soon as he landed, his right foot stumbled a little.

Even though the impact of the golden light of Qi Luck was greatly weakened by the long grip of the Fengless Blade, and the real impact transmitted to his body was very small, the accumulation of the light was enough to cause a qualitative change!

Chen Daolin’s face was a little white, his internal organs were already tossing and turning, and the strong tearing sensation was so intense that he could not even control his body.

But in the situation before him, there was no retreat.

Of course, he didn’t want to retreat either!


The golden light of qi luck once again landed on the bladeless heavy sword.

With a loud roar, the sound like gla*s shattering once again fell on Chen Daolin’s ears.

The powerful impact caused Chen Daolin to retreat once again.

Just like earlier, he still retreated less than a metre under full resistance.

But this time, the moment he had just stabilised himself, his face suddenly turned white and a gush of fresh blood gushed directly into his mouth.

But with a muffled grunt, he forced the blood back into his stomach again.

The other side.

Old Lady Gu, who was concentrating on her chanting and dancing, suddenly had an awe-inspiring gaze.

Through the ripples of golden light.

She clearly saw two cracks spread across the blade of the Bladeless Heavy Sword!

As if the skin of a wall was cracked, two thin cracks spread out in a sinuous manner towards the rest of the body.

This change delighted Old Lady Gu.

She couldn’t help but give her movements a beat and sneered, “Master Chen Family …… you’re afraid that this sword won’t hold out and crack!”

“Before it cracks, it will be enough for me to chop off your head!”

Chen Daolin hid behind the Bladeless, squeezing out a sentence from between his teeth.

Compared to the cracking of the Bladeless Heavy Sword, he was more aware of the injuries within his body, and feared that they would completely explode before the Bladeless cracked.


Chen Daolin’s eyes exploded with a brilliant aura, and taking advantage of the gap in the golden light of qi, he let out an explosive roar and leapt forward again with determination.

This time, however, the distance he leapt forward far exceeded any of his previous leaps.

So much so that the moment he landed on the ground, the golden light of Qi Luck landed on the Bladeless Sword.


Metal clashed.

Golden light washed away.

As Chen Daolin’s Qi roared around his body, his muscles all burst into flames, and while he tried his best to resist the terrifying impact, the veins on his face and neck bulged out in a hideous manner.

The blood he had just swallowed gushed out again.

This time, he spat it out with a loud “poof”.

Blood flew into the air.

His eyes were resolute and determined, and with blood in his mouth, he hissed and roared.

“Old man, if you touch my son, then you will go to hell with me.”

Without waiting to stabilise his body again, he leapt out in front of him.

Chapter 1774


The thick, heavy blade landed heavily on the ground, spattering dust on the ground.

At this moment, Chen Daolin looked like a madman, hideous and terrifying, a far cry from the steady and stable fight he had just delivered.


The golden light of Qi luck once again fell upon the Bladeless.

The heavy sword shook violently.

Chen Daolin hissed as his Qi energy frantically broke through his body, resisting the impact with all his might.

As he backed away.

The clothes on his arms bulged out and with a “bang”, they exploded into countless pieces, revealing his arms, but they were as muscular as rocks, with veins protruding from their roots, twisting and trembling as if they were dragons, as if they were about to break through the flesh and crumble out.


One after another, the cumulative impact was transmitted to his body, and this time it finally forced Chen Daolin to the threshold of what he could endure, and he let out a roar of pain, and his eyes filled with blood extremely quickly.

With a roar of pain, he sank his waist and stood on his horse, stopping his retreating steps.

Without pausing for a moment, he leapt forward again, holding up the bladeless blade.

Both the wound and the bladeless blade were on the verge of critical ma*s.

There was not much time left for him.

If he continued to play as steadily and as regularly as he had just done, he simply would not be able to burst in close to Old Madam Gu.

“Chen Daoling, if you want to go to hell, then it is the old body who will send you down first, so that you can be reunited with your wife and daughter-in-law’s family, this great kindness is not thanked!”

Old Mrs. Gu shed only a few white hairs that waved in the wind, and her whole face was hideous.

The words fell.

Her chanting voice was raised several pitches, and it rose sharply and violently.

The speed of the dance, too, was even faster than before.

And the speed with which she aged skyrocketed.

The last few strands of hair were fluttering in the wind, old age spots were rapidly covering her face, and the folds of her face were pulling and hanging low in the air.

Even the flesh was shrinking at a rate visible to the naked eye, clinging to the bones.

Such changes made her look like a dry corpse, perhaps the only difference between her and a dry corpse was her breathing.





The great cauldron, which was suspended in the air, seemed to be boiling at the moment, with layers and layers of golden qi light leaking out one after another, and waves like mountains swept down with a mighty pressure.





The dense golden light of qi luck bombarded the bladeless heavy sword, intensifying the cracks that erupted on its body.

And the speed of the blasts was even faster and more intense than earlier!

This meant that the gap time for the golden light of Qi Luck became shorter, which greatly increased Chen Daolin’s ability to leap forward, and the margin for error dropped.

With the level of destruction of the golden light of Qi Luck.

Every time Chen Daolin made a half-hearted mistake, once his flesh touched the golden light, he would be turned into a mist of blood just like those Gu family guards.

A Qigong powerhouse is very strong!

But even if they are strong, they are still flesh and blood, and cannot resist the erosion of qi luck.

Not to mention the fact that he was a close relative of Chen Dong’s “Pan Gu Project” bloodline to achieve his current strength.

Even if Chen Dong, who had the “Life Code” to make up for his last shortcoming, could not stop this terrifying Qi of Kyushu!

Chen Daolin roared, blood pouring out of his mouth and nose, wetting his robes and staining the ground.

Like a madman, he hissed and held his bladeless heavy sword aloft as he charged forward, fearlessly.

Again and again, he wavered in resisting the golden light of qi, retreating, and advancing again.

The shock of being attenuated by the bladeless, stretched and gushing into his body, as if countless wild horses were churning his internal organs and running wildly through his limbs and bones.

The sharp pain that ripped through his body as the shock entered his body was rising sharply, or rather geometrically, as his pain tolerance threshold was breached.

But he, he didn’t stop!

Backing up again and again, advancing again and again, in the most dauntless manner, time and again narrowly surviving the gaps in the golden light of Qi!

The bloodshot eyes were clear and determined as never before.

It was as if advancing, charging, getting in front of that old immortal and then swinging his sword became his last obsession.

Blood kept gushing out.

The pain was also skyrocketing.

The arms that were clutching the bladeless sword had long since been shaken to the point that they were bruised and bloody.

However, he …… still did not loosen his grip by half.

Gradually, the roar diminished, growing weaker and weaker.

Gradually, the golden light overhead, too, became dim.

Heaven and earth, all of a sudden, were quiet.

Chen Daoling held the bladeless, as if it was mechanical, repeating it again and again.

His eyes, however, were at times clear and at times hollow.

Dusty memories, like a tidal wave, surfaced in his mind.

He remembered that it was a snowy night.

Just like …… this snowy night of drifts tonight, I guess.

“Lan’er, I’m leaving!”

“Only when I’m gone can you and the baby live.”

“It’s just a pity that I won’t even get to see the baby born, see if he’s a boy or a girl, or if he looks like you or like me, or hold him, or be with him as he grows up anymore, or hear him call …… Dad!”

“When I’m gone, you have to live well with your child.”

“Once I thought I could dominate my own life, that I could guard you and the child, but I really realized at this moment that perhaps from the moment I was born, my destiny was already written in stone and there was nothing I could do to rewrite it.”

“When I can really reverse this destiny, I will come to you and the child and make up for everything!”

That snowy night, Chen Daolin finished these words and turned around resolutely, only the moment he turned around, his eyes were already red and filled with tears.

He did not stop, nor did he take anything with him.

He walked out of the house decisively, leaving behind him the figure with his belly in the dim light of the house, who had only nodded silently from beginning to end.

He remembered the wind that night, the pinprick of pain that went straight to his bones, straight to his heart.

He also remembered that the road that night was long, and he walked for a long time, each step as if his legs and feet were filled with lead, heavy as a mountain.

He remembers that the road was dark, so dark that he could not see the road ahead.

It was a walk of twenty years!

“Lan’er, Dong’er, you have been walking in the darkness for more than twenty years, how could I …… not?”

“I thought that by reversing this fate, I would be able to take you all home and reunite our family, but this fate is unfair, and Dong’er’s fate was written in the moment of his birth.”

“Forbearance, backing off, the big picture …… I’m really not a qualified father!”

A thought, the memory in his mind, like a bubble bang dissipated, turned into a flame, burning up, like a prairie fire, like the blazing sun in the sky, burning brightly and dazzling.

The blood-covered Chen Daolin smiled.

He laughed spontaneously.

The sound of laughter echoed through the area, long since razed to the ground and long since no one else was there.

“I F**k your fate!”


Chen Daolin’s body’s qi boomed like a waterfall rolling backwards, straight up to the sky.

The wind was gusting and the sand was flying.

After taking the impact of the golden light of Qi once more, he fiercely scurried forward.

This time, he did not use his sword as a shield again, but directly raised it with both hands and stood bathed in blood.

For, he had finally rushed in front of Old Madam Gu.



Chen Daolin and Old Lady Gu roared at the same time.

Time slowed to a crawl at this moment.

As Chen Daoling held his sword and slashed down brazenly towards Old Madam Gu.


In the firmament, the great cauldron hanging in the sky suddenly made a loud sound, violently breaking the silence of heaven and earth.

The golden light of the cauldron soared, rendering the heaven and earth endlessly golden.

At the same time, it was like a meteor falling into the sky, falling towards Chen Daolin at great speed.


The cauldron seemed to move in an instant, and as the sword approached Old Lady Gu’s head, it directly crashed into the bladeless sword with a domineering force.


The long-ago bladeless heavy sword finally crumbled into countless pieces at this moment.

The terrifyingly huge force.

It even directly shook Chen Daolin several dozen metres away, and he fell heavily to his knees, blood pooling crimson on the ground.


A long sword tumbled and plunged into the ground not far from him.

He knelt on the ground, his body already bathed in blood, his arms even more skinned and bloody.

His body twitched a little, blood pouring out of his mouth, nose, eyes and ears.

The prolonged impact had already shattered his internal organs, and it was fortunate that Feng had helped him to resist, otherwise he would have been reduced to a mist of blood.

His eyes, however, were clearer than ever.

His vision, however, was blurred.

As he knelt there, he could only make out a vague outline of Old Lady Gu.

She was standing there, with the great censer above her head, enveloped in golden light.


Chen Daolin smiled, a smile as wide as ever, as if relieved.

It was as if he had been at home back then, expecting the birth of Chen Dong with Li Lan.

It was also a smile that he hadn’t had since he returned to the Chen family more than twenty years ago.

Oh, and Chen Daolin had never treated the Chen family as a home either.

He always thought that the home with a wife and children and that dim light was home!

“Lan’er, I can finally …… be reunited with you!”

“Only, I can’t hear Dong’er, call me, Dad, anymore!”

Chen Daolin smiled as the cold wind finally blew over, blowing his hair and gradually blowing his flesh.

Clusters of blood mist billowed up from beneath him.

He was still smiling.

Only the smile was a little more regretful than it had been, just a moment ago.


A harsh cry suddenly came out.

Chen Daoling was stunned for a moment, as if returning to light, and used all his remaining strength to follow the voice.

His eyes were damaged and his vision had long since blurred.

By the golden light from the distant cauldron, he could vaguely see a blurred figure, rushing towards this side.

That sound, Pa, with its aftershock around his ears, was far better than the absolute rhythm of the earth.

In a trance, the blurred figure, which was getting smaller and slower, was like …… a wailing child, toddling along.

He was tempted to get up, meet it, pick it up, turn it around, and lift it high.

But he …… couldn’t stand up any more!

Only his smile, no longer a trace of regret.

In a rising mist of blood.

As it dissipated to his chest.

He smiled and mouthed his lips, “Hey!”