Winner Takes All Chapter 1769-1770

Chapter 1769


Chen Daojun’s right foot landed on the rubble and debris, shattering it into pieces beneath his feet.

In an instant.

His face was as gloomy as black charcoal, and a fierce light dawned in his eyes.

“Well, well, it’s just this final prodigious kick, each and every one of you has grown hard wings!”

With every word, he gritted his teeth with resentment.


The aura on Chen Dong’s body quickly collected back into his body, and the veins on his face quickly dissipated.

He turned around and walked towards the outside of the Chen family.

Jiang Qilin hesitated for a moment and hurriedly followed.

In front of the ruins of the Chen Family’s mountain gate, Chen Daogun turned around abruptly, two beams of fierce light erupted from his eyes, and his tongue burst into spring thunder.

“Stand still!”

The voice echoed like a thunderous sound for a long time.

But Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin ignored it, their footsteps not stopping.


Two streams of Qi emanated from Chen Daogun’s body, like two pale dragons, and crashed through the air towards Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin.

Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin turned around at the same time.

Their faces sank as they both exploded with qi and swung their fists bravely to meet the two qi coils.

Boom! Boom!

With two loud roars, the qi energy collapsed into the air, sending waves of qi rippling in all directions.

Both Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin were shaken by the powerful repercussions and staggered backwards.

Chen Dong landed on the ground with one foot and settled his body.

“Chen Daojun, either kill me or I will destroy the Gu Family!”

The voice echoed with determination.

Chen Daogun’s right foot tapped, and his entire body floated like a gossamer, floating into the air and landing directly a few metres away from Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin.

His eyes were wide with anger and rage, and even the veins in the corners of his eyes were pulsing wildly as he gazed at Chen Dong.

Such an expression was rarely shown on him.

Even when facing the Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud, it was not enough to make him show such an expression.

“Each and every one of them only knows about their children’s love and has no regard for the greater good ……”

Chen Daojun indignantly rebuked.

The words were not finished.

Chen Dong laughed and gave Chen Daogun a thumbs up.

“You’re remarkable! You are noble! You, Chen Daojun, are able to break your love and desires for the sake of the greater good, treating human lives like gra*s!”


A shocking sound was heard as the robes on Chen Daogun’s body flipped violently.

“I didn’t stop you from exterminating the Chen Family, and I even helped you block the Darknet, but the Gu Family, it’s not that you can’t exterminate it, it’s that the time has not yet come, and if you go to exterminate the Gu Family, then you’re seeking death!”

“Death isn’t scary, what’s scary is not daring to die!”

Chen Dong took a step forward and met Chen Daogun with a sharp edge.


The blue veins at the corners of Chen Daogun’s eyes jumped wildly, “That ancient family has a great cauldron, that is the foundation of the ancient family, with the existence of that great cauldron, you will not be able to destroy the ancient family, you will even seek your own death, and what I want is that great cauldron of the ancient family, that is one of the most important aids when you tread the heavenly path in the future!”

The words were like thunder, and they were spoken with anger.

Chen Daogun had always kept quiet about his plans, rarely telling anyone about them, and even Chen Daoling knew only a few of them.

After all, the less people know about a matter, the less variables there are and the greater the chances of success.

Even if all the world’s families and clans knew that he was planning to tread the path to heaven, knowing that he was doing it and knowing exactly how he was doing it were two entirely different concepts.

But in the situation before him, if he didn’t speak up, I was afraid that all chances would really be cut off!

Chen Dong’s expression was choked.

Behind him, Jiang Qilin was so surprised that his eyes burst with essence.

“That Fang Da Ding …… Nine Cauldrons?”

“When they joined forces to board the Heavenly Gate Mountain Villa and plotted against Little Shadow, they should have used that Great Cauldron, Jiang Qilin you know the power of that Great Cauldron!”

Chen Daojun had his hands behind his back, his gaze like a torch as he gazed at Jiang Qilin.

Being gazed at by Chen Daogun, Jiang Qilin was like a man on his back, as if he had been slapped in the face across the air, his face was burning hot and painful, he couldn’t help but lower his head and didn’t dare to look at Chen Daogun.

“Sorry senior, junior was abrupt, things were not well thought out by junior!”

An apology?

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment.

Turning back, he looked incredulously at Jiang Qilin who was bowing his head.

For a moment, he also calmed down for a few moments.

He could not believe Chen Daojun, but the reaction of Jiang Qilin in front of him left him bewildered.

It was true that Jiang Qilin had flaws, but his insight, experience and brains were all among human beings, and they were worthy of his trust.

“What exactly is the big tripod?” Chen Dong asked.

“In the ancient times, after Dayu succeeded in healing the water and established the Xia Dynasty, he forged one of the nine cauldrons!”

Jiang Qilin’s voice was very soft, but the words that came out were like a thunderbolt from a clear sky that hit Chen Dong.

He did not wait for Chen Dong to recover from his shock.

Jiang Qilin continued, “Those Nine Cauldrons symbolise the Kyushu, and the Gu family is the descendant of Xuan Yuan and holds one of the Cauldrons, and the function of that Cauldrons, if exercised at full power, is to mobilise the Qi of the Kyushu!”

As he spoke, he slowly raised his head and looked towards Chen Dong.

“So really boarding the Gu family, the Gu family has this big tripod in existence, when it really comes to the moment of life and death, they are able to mobilize the qi of the domain, the final result will only be that we lose!”

“Then my father ……”

It was as if Chen Dong had been poured with a pot of cold water.

If it was really as Jiang Qilin said, the final result of the visit to the Gu family would not be the Chen family they had expected!

The best outcome would have been …… the same death!

They might even die!


Jiang Qilin suddenly looked up at Chen Daojun, “Senior, the Gu family should not be able to fully use the Great Cauldron, otherwise ……”

“They are indeed unable to fully use the Great Cauldron, otherwise they wouldn’t have been crushed by me back then and nearly extinguished!”

Chen Daogun’s gaze was awe-inspiring, “Back then, I insisted on making a move against the Gu Family to prepare for the Heaven Treading Road, to weaken their strength and seek the Great Cauldron, but I could carry the might of the Great Cauldron, who of you three …… could resist it?”


Jiang Qilin felt a cool air rise up from his back, “Then why, grandpa still didn’t stop us?”

“Hehe …… his Sixth Master Jiang is doing all the good guys and letting me do all the bad guys!”

Chen Daojun snorted and looked angrily at Chen Dong: “Boasting of breaking another realm, you really think you can run amok? It’s simply arrogant, the truth that it’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge, you used to understand it, why don’t you understand it now?”

Chen Dong’s gaze was hollow, not paying any attention to Chen Daojun’s words.

His mind was now filled with his father.

Even if the Gu Family really could not fully use the Great Cauldron, but if they mobilised a very small portion of their power, with his father’s strength, they would definitely not be able to carry it!

It was true that they were at the top of the martial arts world today, but the gap above the top was even greater!

What Chen Daojun could do, they might not be able to do!

“Dad ……”

Chen Dong ran towards the airport in a panic, waves of Qi breaking through his body like a mountain, as fast as lightning.

Chen Daojun and Jiang Qilin followed close behind.

But before the three of them could reach the Chen family airport, a plane had already taken to the air.

“There’s still a chance, there’s still a chance, just stop Dad outside the Gu family!”

Chen Dong’s palms were covered in sweat stains, and all the monstrous killing intent from before had disappeared.

But when he rushed into the airport, the scene in front of him was like a shocking thunderstorm, blasting his mind blank.

On the tarmac, one of the planes parked there was now filled with smoke and fire, thick smoke, and even electric sparks ……

All the planes …… had been destroyed!

Chapter 1770

“Knot? It’s over?”

“The Chen family, which used to hold all the world’s wealth, has just been destroyed overnight?”

“The Chen family is still there, it’s just a change from the old to the new, but that plane that took off alone just now, what does that mean?”


In the mountains near the Chen family, the eyes of the major giants and powers were all astonished and suspicious.

When they were ordered to come here, they were even prepared to “observe” an earth-shattering battle.

But no one could have imagined that the Chen family would be destroyed so quickly, as frightened as they were!

As they pa*sed the news back to the main family, their attention was also focused on the plane that had just taken off from the Chen family airport in a hurry.

According to their observation, Chen Dong and the others were still in the Chen family, and that plane that took off was odd.

It didn’t take long.

The roar of the propellers of another helicopter broke the silence over the Chen family.

Under the watchful eyes of a group of eyes, the helicopter completed a take-off and landing inside the Chen family’s airport, and left the Chen family in a mere ten minutes before and after.

The night sky.

The helicopter propellers roared.

Chen Dong, Jiang Qilin and Chen Daojun were all on board the aircraft.

Looking down at the former Chen family, which was still rising with smoke and fire, Chen Dong’s hand clenched and unclenched his fist, and then clenched again, and so on and so forth.

Surely …… can make it in time!

Chen Dong kept rea*suring himself in his heart.

The existence of that big tripod, the ancient family itself is in the “invincible”.

It’s not that he didn’t want to take revenge, but if he knew that the result of revenge would be to die with the Gu family, then he had to take revenge in a different way.

It’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge.

Perhaps …… would really have to do as Chen Daojun said and take things slowly!

“Are you satisfied now?”

Chen Daogun raised his eyes and gazed at Chen Dong, anger churning in the depths of his eyes.

Chen Dong raised his head to meet Chen Daogun’s gaze and smiled coldly, “My family is in ruins, are you satisfied?”

The two men stared at each other.

The air was filled with a thick smell of gunpowder.

Jiang Qilin had a feeling of sitting on pins and needles, and with noisy lips, he opened his mouth to break the deadlock, “A helicopter was transferred from the Zhang and Chu families in Kyoto in half an hour, we should be able to make it in time, we are flying directly to the Gu family, Uncle Chen still needs to land at the nearby airport before heading to the Gu family.”

With his words, both Chen Dong and Chen Daojun looked away at the same time.

The atmosphere eased up a little.

But it was still incredibly heavy.

On the other side.

Between the mountains.

The Gu Family Manor was dazzling with lights.

Compared to the prosperity of the Chen family in the past, after a near-disaster that nearly wiped out their family, the Gu family was low-key.

A quietness prevailed.

Inside the room.

Gu Cangyue looked at Old Madam Gu in front of her with a face full of surprise.

“Mom, have you really decided to do this? Things haven’t gotten to the point where you’re personally taking action!”

Old Madam Gu was sitting on the tai shi chair, her eyebrows were majestic and a domineering determination was evident.

It was very different from what she usually displayed.

She smiled faintly: “Cang Yue, this is the only way, collaborating with the enemy and traitorous, the whole domain is attacked, you know this, we have turned over in the gutter this time, then we have to pay something out with our heads down!”

“But ……”

Gu Cang Yue still wanted to persuade again.


The old lady slapped one hand on the arm of the chair: “I’m not dead yet, so I’m in charge of this family, but when I die, you’ll be in charge of this family from now on!”

Gu Cangyue’s body shook and she hurriedly knelt on the ground.

Old Mrs. Gu’s eyes were scarlet and filled with tears as her lips mumbled.

“It’s a pity that my Dragonfly girl is gone, it’s a pity, grandma will definitely get this life back for you!”

The voice with crying accent, a little trembling.

Resentment also flashed in the eyes of Gu Cang Yue who was kneeling on the ground.

The old lady continued, “I have already made them follow Kui Gang to move outside the domain, and now that we have joined forces with Xiong Nu, there is no other choice, I hope that you and Xiong Nu will still have a chance to bring this game to life. ”

“The tripod you know, the old body with life left in the ancient family, even if they want to come to the door to destroy the door, I still want to use the tripod to pull a few back, but then you need to watch the tripod in the dark, once the old body perished, you will have to take the tripod, once the tripod fell into the hands of Chen Dong’s gang, then from now on our ancient family no longer have the possibility to turn over! ”

“You should already know how to use the Great Cauldron, right?”

Every word was resounding and decisive.

At this moment, Old Mrs. Gu was like a new person, even though her words were full of cerumen, and she could even be said to be arranging for the aftermath, her whole aura was still stern and stern.

“Understood, this time is not rely on the big tripod, I also can’t rush someone ancestral qi The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.”

Gu Cang Yue slowly slumped her head even lower, with a sob, “Mom, why not come with us to the domain?”

“Ma is old, this time she has caused this heavenly disaster, eventually she needs to pay with human lives in order to gradually calm down.”

Old Mrs. Gu closed her eyes and smiled faintly, “No one is more suitable than Ma’s life, around Ma is also seriously injured, it’s not a pity to lose her life, the servants and guards at home, Ma didn’t make any arrangements, their lives are not worth anything, around it is considered to be an additional happy money for Chen Dong’s gang after they killed me.”

“Back then, you were injured by Chen Daojun to save the Gu family, and the Great Cauldron was placed in your hands, in the future when Chen Daojun and the others tread the Heavenly Path, you still have a slight chance, you just need to seize this chance, mum’s death will be worth it!”

She finished speaking.

She lifted her old, dry hand and waved it gently, “Go and hide in the shadows, don’t let the Great Cauldron fall into their hands!”

“My son, send off my mother with respect!”}

Gu Cang Yue lifted his upper body and with tears in his eyes, he once again knelt down respectfully and kowtowed to the ground.

When he rose again, he turned around and walked out of the room.

The moment the door to the room closed.

Old Mrs. Gu slowly opened her eyes, “I can’t help it, who let the old body grow old to such an extent, the timing is not right, the timing is not right.

The night was silent and the wind was cold.

As time pa*sed, the large Gu Family gradually fell into silence in the night.


An air raid siren tore through the silence.

“Air raid, air raid, air raid!”

The siren alarmed everyone in and out of the Gu Family.

Some of those who were sleepy-eyed rushed out of their rooms.

In the night sky, a behemoth, roaring and whistling, swooped directly towards the Gu family manor.

“Fly, the plane!”

“Run, run!”

Everyone exploded in shock and scattered as birds and beasts.

But it all came too quickly.

The next second.

The plane crashed into the ground, collapsing houses and sending a huge explosion into a cascading wave of air that flattened everything around it.

A mushroom cloud of flames rose into the air, dispersing the night.

The ground shook, a sea of fire and screams and wails instantly filled all parts of the Gu family.


Old Mrs. Gu rushed out of the room in a panic, looking at the flaming mushroom cloud that rose into the air, and could vaguely see the plane that had turned into a sea of fire, her whole body was dumbfounded.

She had thought that the Chen family would come to her door tonight.

But she had not expected that the other side would come to her door in this way.

A plane swooping down, this had already razed half of her Gu family!