Winner Takes All Chapter 1763-1764

Chapter 1763

The killing intent is awe-inspiring and stirring.

This moment.

The whole room was dead silent and silent as a chill.

The killing intent emanating from Chen Dong’s body invisibly seemed like countless swords and shadows, lingering on the crowd.

“Is it true that …… there is no chance?”

Chen Daocheng knelt down on the ground, his head pressed against the ground, sobbing uncontrollably.



Chen Dong stepped forward.

“Chance, it will not be given to the dead!”

The words had just fallen.

Chen Daocheng’s sobbing voice changed violently, and a piercing, braying, strange laughter suddenly came out of his mouth.


In the midst of the strange laughter, a biting and insidious Qi suddenly swept up from beneath him and wrapped him in it.

“Then die!”

Chen Daocheng’s eyes were upturned as he looked at the pair of feet in front of him, and all of a sudden, a fierce aura of murderous intent was revealed in his eyes.


The overwhelming and insidious qi instantly squeezed the air.

Chen Daocheng, who was crouched on his knees, suddenly got up, his feet stomped on the ground, and his upper body shot out like a cannonball, his hands instantly surrounded by Qi energy, and he directly slapped both palms at the person in front of him.

It was all in the snap of a finger.

It was so fast that everyone was caught off guard.


There was a muffled sound.

The man in front of him shook his body and a muffled grunt came out of his mouth and nose.


Chen Daocheng was horrified, and the fierce cold smile on his face came to an abrupt halt.

This voice was filled with magnetism and vicissitude.

It wasn’t Chen Dong’s at all!

In a panic, Chen Daocheng hurriedly tilted his head to see that the person who stood in front of him and took his slap hard was clearly …… Chen Daolin!

“Son, the beast in human skin, at any moment, can not change the heart of the beast under the human skin, crocodile tears are never worth believing!”

Chen Daoling looked down at the half crouched Chen Daocheng, a seeping cold light flowing from his eyes.

Chen Dong stood in place.

Just now he had only taken a step, but his father had silently and directly reached Chen Daocheng.

If not for his father’s action, it would have been him standing in front of Chen Daocheng, receiving this blow.

Although …… Chen Daocheng’s sneak attack would not have done him any harm.

But his father had really blocked this for him!

This caused the soft spot in Chen Dong’s heart to tremble lightly.


At this moment, Chen Daolin, who had his hands behind his back, suddenly had his robes flip up.

A strand of qi rose up from beneath his feet, forming a spiral to encircle him.

In an instant, the Qi energy that escaped was like a fierce sword, devouring Chen Daocheng in a dense manner.

Chen Daocheng’s face paled and his heart beat wildly as he felt a terrifying sense of crisis overwhelm him like a terrifying wave.

Almost instinctively, he declared his qi, wanting to pull away from Chen Daoling.

But with this exertion, he suddenly looked terrified and appalled to the extreme.

His palms were pressed against Chen Daolin’s abdomen, and only now was he shocked to discover that Chen Daolin’s abdomen was emitting a constant stream of Qi energy, swirling around his palms, forming a terrifying vortex that was sticking to his palms and could not be broken free!

“Dao Cheng, I can’t believe that, during the time I’ve been away, your force has all improved quite a lot, it seems that it really is necessary to be the head of the family in order for you to break through the Qi energy!”

Chen Daolin smiled teasingly.

The next second.

His robe exploded with a “bang”.

A majestic qi blasted out from his abdomen.

A circle of qi was visible to the naked eye, sweeping across all directions.

Accompanied by Chen Daocheng’s miserable scream, his entire body flew backwards in the air like a broken pocket, and fell heavily at the feet of the other four rulers at the entrance of the family head’s room.


As soon as Chen Daocheng landed on the ground, his face turned white and he directly spurted out a mouthful of blood.

This scene.

Looking at the four people in power who were already prepared to fight for their lives, their liver and guts split.

Chen Daocheng was not only the current Chen family head!

He was also the strongest among them!

Even so, with the advantage of a sneak attack, he was still shaken back by Chen Daoling and spat out blood from his injuries.

The strength …… was instantly judged.

Is there really …… any chance?

The four rulers’ hearts were beating wildly, and they looked at Chen Daoling and Chen Dong with undisguised horror and despair.

And …… is never before desperate!

“Dad …… Chen Daocheng, I want to kill with my own hands!”

Chen Dong called out to Chen Daolin, who was about to step forward, his voice cold as if the cold wind blowing from the depths of the nine ghosts.

“Good, the rest, Dad to!”

Chen Daoling still had his hands behind his back, his expression indifferent, his eyebrows looking askance, looking at Chen Daocheng’s five men as if he was looking at five corpses.

There was no unnecessary nonsense.

The moment Chen Daoling’s words fell.

In Chen Dong’s eyes, a flash of blood flickered away.


The majestic qi energy broke out of his body, like a waterfall rolling backwards and rushing up to the sky, directly turning into a rainbow of qi energy that connected the sky and the earth, a spectacular sight.

The terrifying pressure was as terrifying as a prison, and it crushed the entire family head’s mansion.

Sensing the terrifying pressure emanating from Chen Dong’s body, the four rulers standing behind Chen Daocheng had their sweat standing on end and hurriedly ordered the hundred-strong guards in the courtyard to come forward and fight Chen Dong to the death.


The hundreds of guards had already been scared out of their wits by Chen Daoling in the previous fierce battle.

The drink of the four rulers was more like a large hand that snapped and rattled their nerves, which had long been strained to the limit.

Clang clang ……

There was a sound of armour falling to the ground.

All of a sudden, the guards’ bodies were like sieve chaff, prostrate and kneeling, wailing all over the place.

“A bunch of trash! Rubbish! Rubbish!”

Chen Daocheng covered his chest and cursed angrily through gritted teeth.

The four Chen family leaders behind him were as white as paper, their bodies already drenched in cold sweat as fear and despair gripped them.

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong, whose qi was rushing through the sky, looked indifferent as he fiercely swung his hands backwards.

The door of the mansion, which was originally open, closed with a bang.

“A slaughterhouse, it should be like a slaughterhouse!”

Chen Dong pulled up the corner of his mouth, smiling as if he was a demon from hell.

Chen Daoling suddenly thought of something and his lips were about to speak.

Chen Dong’s eyes looked askance, as if he had guessed Chen Daolin’s mind, his voice was hoarse as he said.

“When there is an avalanche, not a single snowflake is innocent! If evil spirits are on earth, then this corner of earth should be turned into purgatory.”

The piercing and chilling voice made everyone in the room freeze.

The next second.

Chen Dong’s feet exploded in response to the sound, wrapped in a vast, hell-like killing intent, and rushed directly towards Chen Daocheng.

At the same time.

Chen Daolin also sighed darkly, his eyes closing and then opening again, leaving only a cold killing intent.

In a flash of lightning.

Faced with Chen Daocheng’s raised hand whistling out Qi energy, Chen Dong did not have the slightest fancy, his right hand became a claw, using a brutal and domineering Qi energy to directly break through Chen Daocheng’s Qi energy, and a claw directly grabbed Chen Daocheng’s neck.

“Give it to me, into the coffin!”

With an explosive shout, Chen Dong’s face was fierce and his veins bulged out at his neck.

He violently twisted his waist and his right hand directly caught Chen Daocheng in an arc in the air, and with a brutal stance, he directly threw Chen Daocheng into the black coffin near him.

There was a bang!

Chen Daocheng let out a miserable scream as the biting qi rushed out from the black coffin.

But just as he sat up, the moment he did so.

Chen Dong, who was standing in front of the black coffin, made a move with his right hand in the air.

There was a buzzing whistle.

A battle sword on the ground not far away shot into his hand.

“Chen Daocheng, pay for my wife’s life!”


Sword Qi streaked across the ground, and this blade, under the endless indignation, tore through the air.

With a poof, it directly pierced through Chen Daocheng’s right thigh, spilling blood.


Chen Daocheng’s miserable scream, which was like killing a pig, suddenly tore through this side of the night sky.

Chapter 1764

A pig-killing scream.

It was unbearable.

“Brother Dao Cheng!”

The four rulers’ expressions changed greatly, and they were about to step forward immediately.


A qi energy, like a python dragon across the sky, shot out and blocked the four hard.

The next second.

The astral wind whistled.

Chen Daolin, with his hands behind his back, appeared beside Chen Dong like a ghost.

His eyes were cold as he swept a glance at the four people in power.

“You guys are too much of an obstacle!”

The words were cold, like a mango piercing his body.

“Chen Daoling ……”

One of the Qi power wielders let out a shout.

The words did not finish.

Chen Daoling’s body swayed, and the shocking wave of Qi energy blasted back the four power wielders.

Immediately, Chen Daolin’s footsteps did not stop, and with a fearful killing intent, he bulled his way up and directly fought with the four rulers.

Qi energy stirred and killing intent ran wild.

Angry rebukes and miserable screams were heard one after another.

“Ah …… ah …… kill you, I will kill you!”

The severe pain coming from his right thigh caused Chen Daocheng, who was sitting in the black coffin, to twitch violently, bean sweat flowing down his body, his expression hideous, looking like a madman.

“Here comes the sword!”

Chen Dong looked stern and cold as his right hand once again reached into the air, surrounded by Qi energy.


Another battle sword flew radically into his hand.


Lingering and fierce qi instantly encircled the blade, turning it into a domineering and unparalleled sword qi.

Seeing this scene, Chen Daocheng’s pupils fiercely tightened to the extreme.

The sharp pain that pierced his right thigh made him violently think of a possibility!


In panic and fear, Chen Daocheng’s five senses twisted as he roared hideously.

In a flash.

His robes flipped and his Qi energy broke through his body.


There was a flash of blood in Chen Dong’s eyes, and in an instant, his aura changed dramatically.

A mountain of corpses and a sea of blood and white bones.

The sinister, brutal aura boomed along with the Qi energy and crushed into Chen Daocheng’s tumbling Qi energy.

The moment the two qi strands collided, a strange scene occurred.

The moment Chen Daocheng’s qi touched, as if it had met a natural enemy, it drew a tiny arc in the air, and then …… slipped back into the black coffin!

A barrier visible to the naked eye was formed, surrounding Chen Daocheng’s circumference!

This scene made the hideously frenzied Chen Daocheng completely dumbfounded!

What was going on?

Why is this happening?

This was impossible!

Looking at the Qi energy surrounding his body, Chen Daocheng collapsed on the spot and almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

Ever since he had become a Qi Jin, he had been deeply aware of the difference between the upper and lower levels of Qi Jin in the martial path, and he was also aware that the strength above Qi Jin still existed, but he had never imagined that his Qi Jin …… would one day be “weak” to such an extent!

This has completely overturned his perception!

“Surprised or not?”

Chen Dong raised his battle sword in his hand, the corners of his mouth curled up in an evil smile.

The demon seeding of the heart of the Tao is a taboo for martial artists, and all the demon seeders that have appeared in history, regardless of their amazing talents, have ended up in a miserable state.

Only he …… has become an exception!

The “Taoist Heart Planting Demon”, which is capable of triggering the descent of heavenly punishment, is essentially different from ordinary qi energy.

This is just like “dragons give birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes, and rats can make holes”.

Now that he had made a breakthrough in his state of mind, he was able to control the “devilish nature” of the Dao Xin Xing Demon, which meant that the “Dao Xin Xing Demon”, which was regarded as a great taboo for martial artists, had become his own strength!

He and Chen Daocheng’s strength were not on the same level, but if he released a single strand of the power of the Daoxin seeding, it would be enough to crush Chen Daocheng’s Qi energy with bloodline suppression.

Of course …… this is also limited to the premise that there is already a huge difference in strength between the two.

If the difference in strength were not so great, it would not be so easy!


The knife sounded again.

This time, the cold aura in Chen Dong’s eyes erupted, and his right hand held the knife and plunged down bravely.


Blood splashed out.

The excruciating pain caused Chen Daocheng, who was stunned and dumbfounded, to let out another pig-like scream.

His body bowed violently and his hands trembled as he grabbed for his left leg, which had been pierced by the sabre.

The two swords had pierced through both of his legs, imprisoning him firmly inside the black coffin, and blood gurgled out.

Chen Daocheng’s face was pale and he did not dare to move in the slightest, even if he trembled, he kept his trembling to an extremely weak level.

His chest rose and fell violently, and while his head was covered in sweat, his face was already a little pale, and his mouth and nose made sharp, ragged breathing sounds.

Looking at the two battle knives dripping with blood on his legs, his eyes were fearful like never before.

Because …… he already knew exactly what Chen Dong wanted to do!

“Let me go, please let me go!”

“I’ll give money, give you lots and lots of money!”

“No, no, no! Young Master Chen, the family head! This Chen family is yours, I’ll give it all to you, please let me live, I was wrong, I was really wrong!”

Chen Daocheng sat paralyzed inside the black coffin, hands cupped in fists, and kept bowing to Chen Dong.

If it was said that the previous tactics used by Chen Dong and the others to dismantle the Chen family had pushed him into the abyss of despair.

Then the qi clash just now was the last straw that completely crushed him to death!

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little amused.

Did this rotten brute think that everything under the sky could be measured in terms of money?

It was just that this smile, when it fell into Chen Daocheng’s eyes, was like the smile of a god of death demanding his life.

Seeing Chen Dong once again beckon a battle sword back into his hand, a viper-like light flashed in Chen Daocheng’s eyes, and with a fierce grit of his teeth, he pushed out his Qi and struggled desperately.


This was the only way he could think of right now.

Or perhaps it was a biological instinct!



The knife sounded at first.


The knife pierced through Chen Daocheng’s left hand, which was resting on the side of the coffin.

It was powerful and fierce.

Amidst Chen Daocheng’s miserable screams, his left hand was directly nailed to the black coffin.

“Save me, save me ……”

Under the threat of death, Chen Daocheng was like a mad dog, raising his only remaining right hand and begging for help towards the four rulers outside.

Blood kept gushing out from the wounds on his hands and feet and from his mouth.

His entire facial features were stretched to the limit, and his arms were bruised and bulging.

Looking at this scene, Chen Dong’s eyes did not waver in the slightest.

The only thing that came to mind was Gu Qing Ying and Chen You En, and that scene ……

“No one can save you anymore!”

Chen Dong once again recruited a battle sword, his sword qi stirred, and with another slash, he directly pierced through Chen Daocheng’s right hand, nailing it to the black coffin to death.


A miserable scream shot up to the clouds.

The eyes of the various parties in the mountains surrounding the Chen family’s mansion were heard to shake their tiger bodies in unison.


Chen Dong once again beckoned his hand, and another battle sword flew into his hand.

The majestic killing intent was overwhelming.

At this moment, it was as if he had become a demon standing on the ground.

The battle sword in his hand no longer came off and nailed down.

Instead, …… one slash, followed by a swing!

Every time a blade flew out, it brought up a piece of flesh and blood.

Chen Daocheng’s miserable screams echoed within the courtyard of this mansion, causing people’s hearts to tremble and chill when they heard them.

Bang Teen!

A qi mastermind narrowly but narrowly drew himself back and flew back under Chen Daoling’s attack.

Witnessing the scene of purgatory in the black coffin, the power wielder’s jaws split.

“Killing is just a headache, you ……”

“Shut up, I want to live, I don’t want to die!”

Chen Daocheng roared in pain, interrupting the words of the person in power.


Another slash, blood and flesh flew across the floor.

Chen Dong smiled fiercely, hatred and anger in his eyes as if they were about to turn into substance and rise to the sky.

“Lynching three thousand six hundred stabs, I will make my wife suffer and pay back ten times the pain she suffered, don’t worry, I will make you break at the last stab!”