Winner Takes All Chapter 1761-1762

Chapter 1761

“You guys ……”

Elder Bone gnashed his teeth as he became furious.

“Has the Jiang family ever been so shameless as to reach this level?”

The cold wind was bitterly cold, blowing up Jiang Qilin’s hair.

He laughed playfully, “Elder, you’ve lost your teeth!”

The fierce aura in Elder Bone’s eyes tumbled, and his Qi was like a tidal wave, slapping Jiang Qilin’s body in layers and layers.

These words were clearly a naked humiliation!

The Black Coffin was indeed his strength to enhance his battle!

But when Jiang Qilin described the Black Coffin as his teeth, he was clearly calling him a dog!


Raging with rage, Elder Bone’s hands fiercely formed claws and grabbed towards Jiang Qilin in front of him.

The dry ten fingers were like sharp knives, and with the Qi energy added to them, even the air was torn apart wherever they pa*sed.

There was no doubt that once these claws landed on Jiang Qilin’s body, they would definitely break his tendons and bones!

“Senior, junior dares to kill you!”

Jiang Qilin smiled gently and clasped his fist in a salute.

The next second.


The air around him suddenly surged up, but his body shape twisted and swayed in a way that was visible to the naked eye.


Elder Bone’s expression was astonished.

In a matter of seconds, his claws were already on Jiang Qilin’s body, but the expected fullness did not appear.

Instead, his grip was directly on the air.

And the Jiang Qilin before him was like a bubble, distorted and dissipated.

“Seniors ……”

Almost at the same time, Jiang Qilin appeared at Elder Bone’s side, calling out softly, his hands were like pythons, crossing the air and instantly imprisoning Elder Bone’s outstretched claws.

With a loud cry, Jiang Qilin once again bullying his way up, his fierce and domineering qi colliding with each other with loud explosions.

Without waiting for Elder Bone’s next move, Jiang Qilin dragged Elder Bone’s hands and threw him into the air, slamming him down towards the ground like a sandbag.


Bone Elder let out a loud cry, and just as his head was about to hit the ground, his qi suddenly surged out, hitting the ground with all its force, turning the ground layer into pieces, and at the same time, using the impact to stop the force of Jiang Qilin’s slam.

The moment of stagnation.

Bone Elder’s dry body twisted in the air.

There was a bang!

Layers and layers of qi energy turned into waves and washed out in all directions.

But it instantly broke free of Jiang Qilin’s confinement.


Without waiting to land, Bone Elder once again erupted with majestic Qi energy, his body shifted as fast as lightning and moved a distance across to the right, avoiding Jiang Qilin before he was about to rush into the Chen Clan.

“Qilin Void Step!”

A clear cry resounded through the air.

Elder Bone’s pupils instantly tightened to the extreme, but the originally empty path was a cloud of Qi energy distorted into a ball, and Jiang Qilin’s figure flashed out once again, impartially blocking his path.

“Senior, if you’re trying to retrieve the old tooth, you might as well painfully fight with the junior to determine life and death, today the Chen family will be destroyed!”


Elder Bone leaned up to the sky and let out a long whistle, his Qi around his body condensed in an instant to form a one-metre-long spiral of Qi, shooting towards Jiang Qilin in an overwhelming manner.

He did want to retrieve the black coffin and fight again.

In all his long years, he had seen countless opponents, but he had never encountered such bullSh*t.

He had just started a fight and resisted taking away his black coffin regardless of the consequences, what the F**k!

What’s more, from the beginning to the end, he had always maintained a high and confident senior appearance, but now he was being set up by two young men like this, and this was a direct blow to nail him to the pillar of shame!

But after seeing Jiang Qilin’s “Qilin Void Step” with his own eyes, he knew that with this young man in front of him, it would be impossible for him to retrieve the black coffin and fight again anytime soon.

“Junior Jiang Clan, if you stand in my way, don’t blame me for bullying you with my deadly hands!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ……

The countless spirals of Qi energy that shot towards Jiang Qilin instantly increased in speed, a small portion continued to shoot towards Jiang Qilin, while more spirals of Qi energy cut a range in the air, and the sky was filled with a rain of arrows that shot up to the sky, like a river of stars falling to the ground, crashing down in all directions towards Jiang Qilin.

The endless spiral of qi was as fast as lightning, but all of Jiang Qilin’s retreats were blocked.

There was no other way but to resist!

“Your Jiang Clan’s secret Qilin Void Step is indeed a miraculous feat, I want to see how you can dodge it this time.”

The black cloak on Elder Bone’s body flipped wildly, and his majestic qi energy was like an ocean tidal wave, raging and declaring, constantly turning into a spiral qi energy that continued to shoot out.

Time slowed down at this moment.

As Jiang Qilin watched the sky spiralling with Qi energy, his ears filled with the Bone Elder’s angry rebuke, the corners of his mouth curled into a light smile.


He did not dodge, and the rigid Qi instantly turned into a tornado hurricane that broke through his body and shot up into the sky.

The next second.

His body moved violently, his feet stomped the ground, but his hands were wrapped in qi energy, directly using his arms as weapons to whip at a qi spiral.

Bang Bang Bang ……

A spiral of qi energy shattered in the air.

Jiang Qilin moved and dodged in the endless Qi spirals, waving his arms in streaks of shadow, finding the best angle to dodge the dense Qi spirals with the angle of an antelope, and then swinging his arms to shatter one Qi spiral after another.

On the other side.

Bang, bang, bang ……

Chen Dong carried the heavy black coffin, and every step he took landed, shattering the floor and leaving a deep footprint.

On the ground, there were still bodies of Chen family guards lying in a heap, broken limbs and blood flowing in rivers.

Even as Chen Dong stamped a pit in the ground, blood immediately converged and filled the pit with blood.

In the distance, there were still Chen family guards swarming around.

However, when they looked at Chen Dong, who was carrying a black coffin of a thousand kilos, they looked fearful and hesitated to go forward.

At the time of the family head’s birthday, when the winner was king, all the Chen family guards had seen the elegance that Chen Dong had displayed.

Chen Daoling’s power was deeply rooted in the hearts of these Chen family guards.

Chen Dong still left an indelible impression on the hearts of these guards with his battle.

On one side was the order of the family head, and on the other side was the result of sending death, which made all the guards pacing in place, terrified.

Until ……


A strong wind came from a diagonal stab.

Chen Daolin’s figure revealed itself to Chen Dong’s side, and his right hand “banged” on the side of the black coffin.

“Dad ……”

Chen Dong looked at Chen Daoling.

“Silly boy, Dad is coming!”

Chen Daolin looked at Chen Dong and smiled benevolently, “This black coffin is just right for Chen Daocheng to bury them!”

The words fell.

Chen Daoling’s arms fiercely graved up and his Qi energy shook his ears.


The Thousand Jun Black Coffin immediately rose from Chen Dong’s back and flew towards his head.


Chen Daolin sank his waist and stood up, following Chen Dong’s actions, and resisted the black coffin on his body.


He raised his eyes to look coldly and sternly at the Chen family guards that were in an abundance in front of him.

“You and others, still want to rebel?”

A clear cry rang out like thunder.

The sound of blades falling to the ground rang out from the already hesitant and frightened group of Chen family guards.

Chen Dong followed Chen Daolin’s side.

Step by step, father and son walked firmly towards the main residence.

The Chen family guards, who were in great numbers, retreated step by step as father and son advanced, looking terrified and breathing heavily, but no one dared to step forward to stop them.


The father and son walked outside the family head’s residence.

Chen Daolin spoke in a stern voice: “Daocheng, the coffin is here, it’s your turn to lie down in it!”

Chapter 1762

Clang and clang ……

As Chen Daolin’s words left his mouth, there was a sound of weapons falling to the ground among the group of guards.

Some even stumbled and ran towards the family head’s mansion behind them.

The scene was chaotic.

In the distance, at the Chen family’s mountain gate, there was also a loud boom, and a visible Qi train rose to the sky, forming a mushroom cloud of smoke and dust.

The air was filled with the rich smell of blood.

Who would have thought that the Chen family, which once held all the world’s wealth and looked down on all life from the clouds, would turn into a hell on earth with rivers of blood and corpses all over the place overnight?

Who would have thought that it would be the former Chen family head and young master who would put an end to all this?

Chen Dong and Chen Daolin stood at the entrance of the mansion.

Father and son tacitly agreed not to walk into the courtyard immediately.

Waiting for death …… is sometimes more terrifying than death!

Inside the mansion courtyard, it had long since become a mess.

The guards who had lost their armour rushed into the mansion, panicking and wailing noisily.

And inside the hall.

Chen Daocheng sat dishevelled in his chair, nearly rotting flesh, his whole body limp, his eyes obscure and dull.

The rest of the Chen family’s rulers were similar to Chen Daocheng, and there were even one or two with red eyes and tearful eyes.

Inside the large hall.

A sad and dead atmosphere permeated the room.

There was no trace of the springtime and sound that once existed when several people were in charge of the Chen family.

“Did we …… really lose like this?”

A person in power murmured in a trance, the noise outside gave him the unreal feeling of being in a dream world.

The rest of the few people in power, hearing this, also looked in a trance.

Before this.

They had never imagined that the position they were in was actually this fragile and vulnerable.

Even Chen Daocheng had never imagined that!

When they had learned that Chen Dong had come to the Chen family, they had all panicked and worried, but after they had calmed down and set up heavy protection, they had been calm and relaxed, waiting for Chen Dong to come to their door.

But now, in the eyes of Chen Dong, their protection was null and void.

The heat weapons arrangement was silently dismantled in advance.

In front of Chen Dong’s trio, a group of guards of the Chen family, who were full of martial virtues, were like dirt and dogs.

The dark network, hidden behind the light, actually closed their login status directly because of Chen Daojun.

Even, the Bone Elder, who had promised a heavy promise to guard the Chen Family, was dragged in front of the mountain gate at this time, unable to do anything about what was happening outside the mansion.

The fourfold protection means were even enough to crush some lineages and sects.

But now, they had only come with three people!


Like a big invisible hand pressing down across the heads of Chen Daocheng and the few people in power, little by little they were crushed down into that endless abyss.

All their pride and confidence were torn to shreds by the three Chen Dong’s men outside, as if they were a piece of intimate clothing!

Bang Teen!

The door to the room was crashed open by an unblinking guard.

In a panic, the guard fell on his buttocks and sat on the floor.

He hurriedly looked up towards Chen Daocheng and the others, his eyes terrified.

Just this one glance.


A small qi-energy pitcher shot in.

There was a poof!

It pierced straight through the guard’s brow.

Blood and brains spilled out all over the ground.

“What a noise!”

Chen Daocheng’s raised right hand swung once again, setting off a strong wind and closing the door of the room that had been knocked open once again.

From beginning to end, his expression remained unchanged, indifferent as if he had not killed a person, or as if everything outside had nothing to do with him, all he did was to casually wave his hand.

Several of the rulers looked at each other with fear and despair in their eyes.

One of them tried to speak, but was stopped by his companion who pressed the back of his hand.

The room was deadly quiet compared to the noise outside the door, a door that separated them like two worlds.

“Gentlemen, it’s our turn to fight for our lives!”

Chen Daocheng looked like a lump of rotten meat rubbed on a chair, his mouth said desperately, but his eyes were still obscure.

“Among us, plus me, a three who have crossed Qi Jin, we should still be able to fight!”

The word “should”!

It was like a thorn in the hearts of the people in power present.

At their position, even if they were not strong enough in martial arts, they could still understand some of the secrets of martial arts.

Qi Jin is the watershed of martial arts.

Qijin strong people have always been equal to all beings when facing martial artists below Qijin.

But …… this is just a watershed!

After the watershed, there is still a difference between the strong and weak Qi Jin practitioners.

Not to mention.

The Chen family was not originally an existence founded on martial arts, and the requirements on the martial arts side were not as stringent as those of, for example, the gateway ancient family.

Even …… they were all very clear about how exactly the remaining two people in power, apart from Chen Daocheng, had crossed the heavenly gap of Qi Jin.


Sometimes it really is all-powerful!

One Chen Daocheng, plus two Qi Jin powerhouses who had relied on money to fill in the gap of the Qi Jin watershed, was it really possible to put up a fight?

“Brother Daocheng, let’s think of another way.”

A person in power said reluctantly, looking at Chen Daocheng as if a person falling into the water and dying was looking at the shore for help.

“What else can we do?”

Chen Daocheng shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“Money! We still have money!”

The man in charge said excitedly, “Our Chen family has all the money in the world, as long as we spread the news, there will be brave men under heavy rewards, and even the eyes of those gentry in the mountains might help us!”

“I used to think that money was everything, but now I realise that money really isn’t everything!”

Chen Daocheng rubbed the bridge of his lower nose tiredly: “Half of the rivers and mountains have been promised out, and still it’s come to this point, there’s no way out, the Chen family’s money is now like waste paper!”

The words had just fallen.


There was a loud sound, and the door of the tightly closed room exploded in response, sending debris flying about.

The ground shook violently.

A huge black coffin stood in the doorway like a small mountain.

The sudden loud shaking startled everyone.

Followed closely by.

Chen Daolin’s voice came from outside once again, “Dao Cheng, can’t you hear my words?”

“Fight to the death!”

Chen Daocheng gritted his teeth and barely managed to brace himself to stand up and walk towards the black coffin.

Behind him, the four rulers also slowly got up.

Only compared to Chen Daocheng’s steady pace, all four of them were obviously a little weak in their steps.

Chen Daoling and Chen Dong stood in the courtyard of the mansion.

The Chen family guards around them had already been scared out of their wits and did not dare to come forward.

Seeing Chen Daocheng and the others.

There were even guards wailing for help.

Chen Daocheng ignored them and swept past the black coffin step by step, walking up to Chen Dong and Chen Daolin.

Seeing Chen Daocheng, Chen Dong’s eyes flashed with ferocity, and all that remained in his mind was Gu Qingying and Chen Youen.

If there was no this beast in front of him.

His family …… would still be there!


What everyone did not expect was.

Without warning, Chen Daocheng, with a poof, directly knelt down on the ground.

This kneeling caused everyone to freeze like a wooden chicken.

The four people in power behind him even had their hearts beating wildly, one foot saying that they were fighting for their lives and the next kneeling down?

Chen Daocheng felt the gazes around him, like a man’s back, but a look of guilt and remorse spread across his face.

He directly knocked his head on the ground and begged.

“Family head, I was wrong, I should never have taken this sinful path, please forgive me ……”

Not waiting for Chen Daocheng to finish his words.

Chen Dong suddenly laughed.

Only with this laugh, his qi energy was also unrestrainedly declared, causing the temperature within the already drifting snowy mansion to plummet.


Chen Dong’s murderous intent was awe-inspiring as he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “Forgiveness is what hell does, what I should do is to send you to hell.”