Winner Takes All Chapter 1757-1758

Chapter 1757

Inside the silent ancestral hall.

Chen Dong’s voice was eerily cold and piercing.

It was like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Phenomena.

Jiang Qilin pondered for a moment, but regained his indifference.

He was not a woman’s man, once he was just incapable of human feelings, but from the beginning to the end, he was a man who still had humanity.

The day Gu Qingying gave birth to her daughter was still vivid in my mind, and the miserable and painful cries were still clear in my ears.

If there was any mercy for the Chen family, it would be the greatest cruelty to Chen Dong and Gu Qingying!

After waiting for Chen Daolin to offer a pillar of incense to Li Lan and the ancestors of the Chen family.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong turned around and walked towards the outside of the clan ancestral hall.

Behind him, Chen Daolin and Jiang Qilin followed close behind.

The night was as dark as ink.

The bamboo forest around them rustled in the cold wind.

Withered leaves flew down from the sky in a stern and solemn manner.

The magnificent Chen family did not lower the alert level because no news had come from the airport.

The long wait had even become a torment for everyone.

The wind was bitterly cold.

The snow was flying.

In the dead silence of the Chen family, everyone’s nerves were stretched to the breaking point.

It was as if the bowstring had been stretched to its limit and if it continued to be stretched, it could snap at any moment.

This was also the case for the spies of the various forces hiding in the mountains.

But the strange thing is that neither the spies nor the Chen family have noticed that the surrounding hot-weapon fire points have been removed.

In front of the Chen family pagoda.

A figure arrived quietly, like a ghost.

No one even noticed the figure until it was standing under the pagoda.

The next second.

“Chen Dong is at the door, respectfully requesting the Chen Family …… to exterminate the door!”

With his hands behind his back, Chen Dong’s words were as cold as frost and exploded like thunder.

In an instant.

The voice under the Qi energy enhancement was like rolling thunder, echoing through the Chen Family for a long time.

This voice caused the deadly silent Chen Family to instantly enter a white-hot stage.

All of a sudden.

Ear-piercing sirens rang out.

The bright red warning lights, moreover, almost rendered the Chen Family’s Zhuang Yuan in blood.

Countless guards and armour shook, and like a tidal wave, they followed the sound towards the Chen Family’s mountain gate.

And inside the Chen family.

Chen Daocheng and the others, who had been waiting for a long time, also had their spirits lifted.

“Finally, they are here!”

Chen Daocheng let out a bloodthirsty, fierce laugh.

His eyes, however, looked askance at a shadowy corner under the light: “Elder Bone, the safety of the Chen Family is all in your hands tonight.”

“After the deed is done, I want to be your Chen Family’s guest ancestor.”

From the dark corner, a hoarse and piercing voice came out, “In addition, the old man needs to have a daughter day by day!”

At those words.

The faces of the people in power in the room changed dramatically, and anger swirled in their eyes.

They did not care about such a request as having a daughter day in and day out, with the Chen family’s strength, such a request was just a matter of a word.

What really touched them was the identity of the Guest Ancestor!

Before this, this one was nothing more than a Chen Family disciple!

To be a guest ancestor now was like taking advantage of the fire!

They were both guests, but the difference between them was a vast difference.

Once he became a guest ancestor, it would mean that the Chen family would be worshipping him as an ancestor for generations to come, and to a certain extent, the fact that the current Chen family ruler still existed did not have much impact.

But once the timeline is extended, the future Chen family will become the plaything of the Bone Elder!

For a family that is looking forward to entering the world’s leading families, this is like pouting at the roots!

Without waiting for the few people in power to object.

Chen Daocheng pressed one hand on the armrest of the tai shi chair, “Elder Bone, a deal is a deal!”

“Then, old man, go and return!”


Within the room, a wind chanting sound rang out.

After returning to silence once more.

Several of the rulers looked at Chen Daocheng anxiously.

Chen Daocheng pretended to be silent for a few seconds before he smiled gently.

“I know what you guys are worried about, but don’t forget that that wild seed and Jiang Qilin are coming together, and we have to bet heavily on this crisis.”

“Besides, it’s that Wild Seed coming now, Jiang Qilin hasn’t shown up yet, a two against one situation, even if Bone Elder wins, he may not be able to escape unscathed, and if that Wild Seed wins, he and Jiang Qilin may not be unscathed either, got it?”

The few people in power present, all of whom were old and sophisticated, were reminded by Chen Daocheng’s words, and their anger and resentment dissipated.

“Brother Dao Cheng, what a great move to kill two birds with one stone!”

“Elder Bone has won, let’s take advantage of his illness, our family’s promise is known only to us, if he dies, the dead man can’t jump out and reverse the case, and our family won’t lose anything.”

“Right, right, if Bone Elder loses, Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin are bound to be injured as well, we’ll strike again, Jiang Qilin can let it go, but that wild seed can definitely be killed, now we promise a heavy promise and let Bone Elder fight for his life, but the end result is all about our Chen family sitting back and reaping the benefits without any damage!”

Several people echoed the sentiment.

Chen Daocheng smiled with a red face, his previous frightened gloom swept away.

He waved his hand and said, “However, to be on the safe side, inform those in charge of sniping and hot weapon fire to always look for opportunities to snipe or cover with artillery fire, our old Chen family can’t really wait with folded arms.”

“I’ll go and inform now!”

A person in power rushed out the door.

Just at that moment.

Another voice with a majestic killing intent resounded through the Chen Family.

“Jiang Qilin is at the door, respectfully requesting …… the extermination of the Chen family!”

Not waiting for the crowd to react.

“Chen Daoling has come to the door, respectfully requesting …… the extermination of the Chen family!”

This voice was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, and it shocked Chen Daocheng and the others far more than Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin.

“What’s going on? He, how did he come back?”

“Impossible, this is never possible! D*mn it!”

“Brother Dao Cheng, what should we do, what should we do?”

For a moment, the group of people in power could no longer sit still, panicked and terrified.

Even the people in power who had rushed out, at this moment, froze directly in place due to the shock.

Compared to them, Chen Daolin …… was the Chen family orthodoxy!

Now that the rightful ruler had returned undead and threatened to exterminate the family, he was putting them directly in the position of “rebels”!

Boom, boom, boom!

In an instant, in three directions of the Chen Clan, three majestic qi rises up to the sky, like three pillars of heaven, piercing through heaven and earth.

The roar exploded and the pressure washed away.

It was a spectacular scene.

Even in the darkness of the night, the three thick and majestic trains of qi were incomparably eye-catching.

At the same time.

Inside the Chen family, there was also a cacophony of chaos.

Everyone was caught off guard by Chen Daoling’s appearance, making it difficult to calm down.

Compared to Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin, everyone from those in power down to their servants were determined to kill them.

But for the former Chen family head, the orthodox status speaks for itself.

Years and years of ruling the Chen family had made the identity of Chen Daolin’s family head long engraved on the heart of everyone in the Chen family.

The fear that they felt now was a sudden outburst after all these years and years of suppression, just as a lamb on the gra*sland would tremble in fear when faced with a fierce beast hunting.

They do not wonder why they are trembling, for it is repeated in their bones and blood that trembling in the face of him is the right thing to do, the right thing to do!

“Get back, get back, inform those in the hot weapons, set fire to cover!”

Chen Daocheng, his eyes red with anger, bellowed at the man in power who had just rushed out.

The man in charge staggered back and fell to the floor as soon as he entered the room, still clutching his mobile phone tightly in his hand, wailing miserably.

“Brother Dao Cheng, all the thermal weapons teams have all lost contact!”

Lost contact?!

This terrible news caused Chen Daocheng to be shocked.

After being dumbfounded for a moment, his body suddenly swayed and he fell heavily onto the tai shi chair with a bang.

“I, I understand, I know why I waited so long for them to show up, our reliance on thermal weapons has been cut off by them!”

Chapter 1758

At the Chen family’s mountain gate.

Chen Dong’s qi was wreaking havoc in all directions, destroying everything.

The formation that had just been strict was instantly turned into a mess as Chen Dong rushed in.

It was like a tiger entering a herd of sheep, a complete one-sided ma*sacre.

Everywhere Chen Dong pa*sed, it was as if the autumn wind had swept away the wheat saplings, and all the Chen family guards fell to the ground.

The screams and wails completely broke the silence of the Chen family for the entire day.

Viscera flew everywhere, severed limbs were everywhere.

Thick blood, gathered together, rolled down the unscalable stairs of the formerly magnificent family heads and giants of power.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern as he walked step by step towards the inner Chen family, as if he was walking idly, and with every swing of his right hand, a domineering qi energy would be sent crashing into the Chen family guards in front of him in a destructive manner.

Without the suppressive cover of the hot weapons, these Chen family guards were no different from chopping and slicing in Chen Dong’s eyes.

It was simply a senseless ma*sacre!

The same scene was the same where Jiang Qilin was.

And where Chen Daolin was, it was even more chaotic.

On one side, there were guards shouting and killing as they rushed towards Chen Daoling, and then under Chen Daoling’s Qi strangulation, they flew backwards and fell into a pool of blood.

On the other side, there were guards who were so frightened that they threw away their armour and turned their heads to flee towards the Chen family garden.

Orthodoxy had returned.

In the past, they had all served under Chen Daoling, and with over twenty years of accumulation, Chen Daoling’s majesty was almost engraved in the bones and blood of these guards.

Faced with Chen Daoling, this group of fleeing men could not even muster the courage to raise their swords to Chen Daoling in fear and panic.

“Run, run, the family lord has returned!”

“The family head is back, he’s not dead!”


Wails such as these echoed through this part of the Chen family’s manor where Chen Daolin was, and even reached the courtyard where Chen Daocheng and the others were sitting.

Hearing the wailing and panic from outside.

The faces of Chen Daocheng and the others in the house were one by one ugly.

This wailing and panic was no less than a fierce slap on their faces, which was hot and painful.

They had prided themselves on being in charge of everything in the Chen family.

But only now did they realize with a shock how terrifying that man’s control over the entire Chen family really was!

“Brother Daocheng, if this goes on, I’m afraid that the army will become disorganised and the guards on Chen Daolin’s side will be the first to collapse.”

A man in power advised in a deep voice.

At these words.

Several people in power looked towards Chen Daocheng.

Under the light, Chen Daocheng’s eyes were bloodshot and somewhat exhausted.

Sensing the gazes of several people, he smiled sadly, “Do you have any good methods? He has been accumulating power for more than twenty years, and now this situation is still under your control and mine?”

The words had barely left his mouth.

Outside, the courtyard was already in an uproar.

One of the rulers rose indignantly and opened the door to see a group of guards stumbling and running into the courtyard.

As they ran, they were still calling out the word family head in fear under their breath. ,

But at this moment, it was clear to everyone who the guards were calling “family master” was!

“D*mn it!”

Chen Daocheng cursed, and in a flash, his qi surged so hard that the tai shi chair he was sitting on exploded.

Without waiting for the power holders to react, Chen Daocheng had already rushed to the courtyard, and with his right hand wrapped in qi, he directly grabbed a guard’s neck, and with a scream, he directly twisted his head off.

Blood was pouring out like water!

The noisy scene was instantly silenced.

Under the light, Chen Daocheng, with his head in his hand and his face stained with blood, stood in place like a demon of death.

The guards shivered in silence as they watched.

“Anyone who dares to retreat again will be killed without mercy!”

Chen Daocheng threw the head on the ground and raised his hand to wipe a handful of blood: “You can either die by my hands or go and fight for your lives with those three Chen family traitors outside!”

The guards hesitated for a moment, silent, and ran towards the outside at the same time.

Chen Daocheng stood in place, his blood-stained face with resentment and anger, but his eyes were somewhat ethereal and empty.

Behind him, the few men in power were still praising and flattering Chen Daocheng for his decisive killing.

But Chen Daocheng, however, turned a deaf ear to it and couldn’t even half smile.

He squeezed out a whisper from between his teeth, “Chen Daogun, even if you blocked the Darknet, I can kill them just as well just by relying on the Chen family’s inner circle!”

“Open up for me!”

At the Chen Clan’s mountain gate, Chen Dong was still several metres away from the thick mountain gate when he let out an explosive shout and blasted his fist at the gate.


The fierce and overbearing Qi energy turned into a fist blade visible to the naked eye, destroying the whole way, knocking away a dozen guards and crashing into the mountain gate.

There was a loud bang.

Smoke and dust rose in all directions and debris flew about.

The huge mountain gate exploded to pieces on the spot.

The hundreds of guards around them were all stunned by the scene before them.

It was during this momentary lag.

Chen Dong stretched out his hands and gathered his Qi energy in his palms, fiercely forming claws.


The two battle swords next to the corpses on the ground were swept away by the Qi energy and shot up into the air into Chen Dong’s hands.

The next second.

“All deserve to die, the Chen Family’s grave crimes, your blood is not enough to wash away!”

With a death sentence, Chen Dong pronounced.

With his twin swords in hand and his Qi sweeping and raging, he rushed into the group of guards as if he was a god of death.

The guards around him were unable to stop him, and the moment they touched the sword energy, their armour blew up and blood splattered.

Some were even cut in half on the spot.

The smell of blood filled the air, so thick that it made people gag.

It took but a dozen seconds.

The screams and wails at the mountain gate came to an abrupt end.

Chen Dong stood in front of the shattered and collapsed mountain gate with his twin swords in hand, his body already bathed in blood, even with pieces of broken flesh and internal organs still clinging to his body.

Tick …… tick ……

The blood kept dripping down from his body to the ground, but the battle sword in his hand was spotless, washed clean by the qi energy.

And beneath his feet was a tall mountain of corpses.

Blood stained the ground, soaking under the tiles and converging in low places, gurgling and flowing towards the bottom of the stairs.

The scene was oozing with horror.

It was hard to imagine that the Chen family’s mountain gate, which used to be a gateway to the city, would have such a bloody purgatory-like scene appear.

Just as Chen Dong raised his head, he was about to walk into the Chen Family.

A hoarse, piercing voice suddenly came from within the Chen Family.

“Chen family rebel, slaughtering hundreds of people in the Chen family, this is a great crime to kill your body, why don’t you come to your senses!”

The words were piercing, and under the aura boost, they were like countless sharp needles that pierced Chen Dong’s eardrums.

Chen Dong let out a snort, narrowing his eyes as he looked towards the Chen family within the mountain gate, killing intent raging in his eyes, cold light biting.

He lifted his feet and took a step.

The twin swords in his hands were wrapped in qi energy and penetrated straight into the ground, and where they pa*sed, the ground was like tofu, with two furrows cut out.

At the same time, the killing intent on Chen Dong’s face became more and more intense, his lips and teeth lightly opened.

“Killing one person is a crime, killing ten thousand people is a king!”

“Today I have come to avenge my wife and son, and I swear to slaughter the entire Chen family!”

“Where did you come from, how dare you shout at me? The Chen family is the Chen family that I bear the name of, the Chen family here is the rebellious seed of the Chen family!”