Winner Takes All Chapter 1753-1754

Chapter 1753

Take a deep breath.

Chen Dong pushed open the door of the parlour.

Inside the spacious parlour, Jiang Qilin and Jiang Sixth Master sat calmly with grief on their faces, not a trace of the quarrel and rebuke they had just had.

“Mr. Chen!”

The Sixth Master Jiang took the lead and rose, walking towards Chen Dong with a sorrowful tone.

Without waiting for Jiang Sixth Master to speak, Chen Dong said in a cold voice, “I am going to exterminate the Chen and Gu families, is Sixth Master here to dissuade me?”

The Sixth Master Jiang’s tone choked.

Chen Dong smiled coldly, “Collaborating with the enemy and treason, attacking the whole domain! If I had disobeyed your advice earlier and not done one thing or another, there would be no need for this spiritual onyx in my house today, and my family would not be without my child’s mother!”

Master Jiang sighed helplessly.

In the end, he shook his head and sighed, “To be honest, I came here to offer my condolences, and I also wanted to advise you to be calm and take the big picture into consideration, but now it seems that there is no need to do so!

“There is indeed no need to do so.”

Chen Dong put his hands behind his back, his eyes determined and firm, his words as cold as frost, “This time, whoever stands in my way of revenge will be as guilty as Chen Gu!”

“Take your revenge!”

Master Jiang said frankly, “Let the qilin travel with you then, besides the Chen family is easy to destroy, I’m afraid the Gu family is a little more difficult.”

“No death, no rest!”

Chen Dong said calmly, but in his heart, he was already furious.

The Sixth Master Jiang looked gloomy as he walked towards the outside with his hands behind his back.

“Your mind is already made up, so I will no longer advise, so I will go to the spirit hall, I have come in a hurry and have not yet burned a few yellow paper money for your wife.”

Jiang Qilin glanced at Chen Dong and hurriedly followed Master Jiang Liu out the door.

“Thank you.”

Chen Dong pulled Jiang Qilin back and thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

“Brother Dong, Qilin is ashamed.”

Jiang Qilin looked forlorn and shook his head in guilt and self-condemnation.

“Without you, I wouldn’t even have You En.”

Chen Dong did not explain too much, nor did he intend to immediately tell Jiang Qilin that his strength had increased once again, having just heard his conversation with Jiang Sixth Master as well.

Since he had decided to overthrow the two Chen Gu families.

The renewed surge in his state of mind and strength had also become a bottom card that no one on the other side knew about.

According to the depth of the Chen and Gu families, even he was not sure how many cards the two families still had in their hands, so it would be better to keep one more hand than to create complications.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong was about to walk out.

Chen Daoye suddenly walked in.

“Uncle Dao Ye.”

Chen Dong looked at Chen Daoye with some surprise.

Chen Daoye nodded and closed the study door, “Uncle is trying to ask you, who do you want to move first this time to take revenge?”

“What are Uncle’s instructions?”

Chen Dong inquired.

Chen Daoye raised his hands and rubbed his face tiredly as he said, “Although uncle’s surname is also Chen, and although that place is also the place where I was born and raised, there are some things that when rotten from the roots, should be the first to be overturned.”

At the end of his sentence, his tone became extra heavy, and even carried an indescribable mourning.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “I was also hesitating on who to strike first, probably the Chen family first, and have been indecisive, but now my uncle’s words have made me decide in my mind.”


Chen Daoye nodded, “The two Chen and Gu families were founded on different roots and have very different bases.”

He turned his head and looked profoundly towards Chen Dong.

“The Chen family is said to be just one step away from being a world family clan, and back then, they also pressed the Gu family to almost extinguish their clan, and eventually survived by living in seclusion and hibernation.”

“But in the end, it was all because of your father’s and your uncle’s power. Without your father and uncle, the Chen family is nothing more than a powerful family that holds the world’s wealth.

Chen Dong nodded, understanding in his heart.

Chen Daoye’s analysis relied on his understanding of the Chen family’s internal affairs.

However, he was clear about his eldest uncle Chen Daogun’s true identity – the Chen family’s oldest ancestor!

To put it bluntly, the Chen family’s current status was all due to Chen Daogun’s planning and calculations, which had led to its current status of holding all the world’s wealth and overlooking the world’s gentry.

If the Chen family is compared to a man standing on the ground, then Chen Daogun …… is the backbone that supports this man!

Of course this secret, only he and his father know, Chen Dao Ye and the others are definitely not aware of it.

So the Chen family, stripped of Chen Daojun, is just a man without a backbone, looking tall and big, but in fact not very deep, and can even be said to “collapse at the first touch”.

The sad thing is that the Chen Daocheng family is still unaware of this, and they still think that if they have all the money in the world, they can really stay on top of the clouds and look down on all the people.

The Gu family, on the contrary, is a family that really relies on martial arts to establish itself as a clan.

It is not like the Chen family, which relies entirely on Chen Daojun as its backbone.

If there are too many twists and turns in the process of destroying the Gu family, and if the losses are too heavy, then I’m afraid that the Chen family will not be able to follow through!

Since the decision has already been made, it must be done by thunderous means and with the power of the heavens.

This war of extermination is more than just the destruction of the two Chen and Gu families.

Either we do not do it, once we do it, then we must also do it for the world to see.

If the extermination is successful, the domain will be peaceful.

The new Chen family would have no more complaints from others in the domain.

But if there is a setback in the middle, it will affect the whole situation in the domain.

The “big picture”, as Sixth Master Jiang calls it, is no different!

“This time everyone knows that you will kill the Chen and Gu families, but with the label of collaboration with the enemy and treason, no one will stop it, they will just watch.”

Chen Daoye walked to the window with his hands behind his back and looked out at the people coming and going, “These hearts are poisonous, if you do a good job they will welcome you with a smile, if you don’t, I am afraid that their smiling faces will turn into evil spirits.”

“Understood, Uncle Dao Ye.”

Chen Dong nodded, a cold glint in his eyes and clenched his fists.

It was until nightfall, when the lights came on.

Only gradually did the long, dense queues on the coiled highway of Tianmen Mountain become thinner and thinner.

The gentry gathered and came and went.

If it were a normal day, this kind of formation would have attracted the world’s attention.

But this time, the huge Tianmen Mountain was surrounded by an atmosphere of grief and sorrow, and even the media were dumbfounded and did not report on the event.

For a whole day.

Chen Dong stayed on the first floor with Chen Youen in his arms, explaining that Elder Long was responsible for greeting the guests who came and went to pay their respects.

The few times he came downstairs were for people such as the Sixth Master Jiang and Lord Meng, whom he had to receive personally.

It was late at night and the people were quiet.

Inside Gu Qingying’s spiritual hall, Fan Lu and others alternated between keeping the spirit and burning the paper.

The guests that had come and gone had finally left.

But with fewer people, it made the hearse seem even more mournful and cold.

Chen Dong walked to the front of the hearse, his eyes covered in blood, and said softly, “Sister Xiao Lu, you go and rest, I’ll do it.”

“I’ll be fine, the child is still young and needs her father, I’ll stay with Xiaoying more.”

Fan Lu’s eyes were already red and swollen from crying, and even so, they were still dense with mist.

“The child is sleeping, Meng is taking care of it, I’ll keep her company, it’s been a long time since I’ve been with the little fool.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

Fan Lu hesitated for a moment, then put down the meditation paper and got up to leave.

“Little fool, the big fool keeps you company.”

Chen Dong looked at the black and white photo of Gu Qingying in front of the hearth and smiled gently, his reddened eyes filled with doting and heartache.

He was just kneeling in front of the fire bowl, ready to burn the paper.

Behind him, a hoarse, trembling voice suddenly rang out.

“Dong’er …… dad is back!”

Chen Dong’s right hand that was holding the paper trembled, and all of a sudden his nasal cavity was sore to the core.

He got up, and just as he turned around, he saw Chen Daoling and Zheng Junlin walking in.

Both of them had faces of exhaustion and grief.

Chen Dong stood in place, his eyes red, looking at the two men walking in, not saying a word.

It was only the meditation paper in his hand that was crumpled and torn in this silent state.

Chen Daolin was quick on his feet, looking at Chen Dong, his heart like a knife.

His eyes skimmed over Chen Dong and looked behind him at the hearth, his face sad and seemingly “calm”, but his tiger eyes were already filled with grief and anger.

He walked quickly to Chen Dong, hugged him directly and whispered in Chen Dong’s ear.

“This time, daddy will take you to take revenge!”

The words were soft, but resounding and determined.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s tense body suddenly softened, and the emotions that had been pent up, with these words of Chen Daolin, all of a sudden it was as if a mouth had broken open, and immediately there was a raging wave like the breaking dike.

Under the dim light.

Chen Dong’s eyes were moist and tears finally came out of his eyes.

With a sobbing voice, as if he was a wailing child who had been aggrieved and had finally found a support, he hissed.

“Dad ……”

Chapter 1754

This cry.

It was heartbreaking and painful.

Once upon a time, Chen Dong, time and again aggrieved, time and again in pain, gritted his teeth and bore it all.

Even in his childhood, that darkness, he still clenched his teeth.

Because he knew that he was not like other children, they had fathers, but he did not!

They could go to their fathers for support if they were wronged, but he didn’t. He only had his mother, and she was already using all her strength to keep him alive.

He had only his mother, and she had done all she could to keep him alive, and this had given him the character to hold back in everything.

Even now, with this family disaster, he is still holding back.

He was in pain and sad.

He also wanted to cry out and let it out.

But he had no choice, he had no one to back him up, he had to carry everything on his own!

“Don’t cry, there’s Dad!”

Chen Daolin’s tiger eyes were intertwined with killing intent and anger, but his ears echoed with Chen Dong’s low sobs, but his eyes were red and rippled.

His voice trembled as he said, “This time …… dad is backing you up!”

Behind him Zheng Junlin quietly closed the door and walked towards the side.

Without taking a few steps, he saw the crowd standing in the darkness.

The crowd looked at the father and son in front of the hearth, and the expressions of Elder Long, Fan Lu and the others were relieved.

“It’s good to cry out.”

Elder Long clenched his hands together, “During this period of time, the old slave was worried sick, Master has finally returned.”

“Yes, the way he was holding it in, it was so worrying.” Fan Lu echoed in a low voice.

Chen Dao Ye said softly, “This time, Dong’er finally has his father to back him up.”

At those words.

Elder Long, Fan Lu and the others’ expressions turned complicated.

Only Sixth Master Jiang was alone, secretly shaking his head.

The crowd quickly left.

Leaving this one spiritual hall to Chen Dong and Chen Daolin.

Inside the sad and cold hearse.

Chen Dong was lying in Chen Daolin’s arms, crying like a child.

All his emotions, after his father’s words, “I’ll back you up”, could no longer be contained and came out in a flood.

It took a long time.

It was only after a long time that Chen Dong gradually calmed down.

Chen Daolin’s tiger eyes were bloodshot, and underneath his seemingly calm eyes, there was always killing intent and resentment.

He gently patted Chen Dong’s back, “You rest beside me, I will burn some paper for Xiaoying, our family owes her too much.”

Chen Dong nodded in silence and walked to the side and knelt in front of the hearth.

Chen Daolin then knelt on one knee in front of the fire bowl and threw a piece of paper money into it, the flames wavering and the ashes drifting away.

“This time, first destroy the Chen family, then the Gu family.”

Chen Daoling spoke in a deep voice as he burned the paper money and stared at the flames with his brows lowered.

“It has already been discussed with Uncle Dao Ye.”

Chen Dong said in a deep voice, “Master Jiang Liu is here, do you want to meet him?”

“I’ll go see him later.”

Chen Daolin said, “How do you plan to handle Xiao Ying’s funeral, in addition …… to the in-laws.”

Thinking of Gu Guohua, Chen Dong’s heart instantly seemed to be pierced by ten thousand sharp needles, painful as he could not breathe.

He took a deep breath: “I will inform my father-in-law, he has the power to know.”

Gritting his teeth, Chen Dong looked askance at the black and white posthumous photo of Gu Qingying, “When I’m done exterminating the two Chen Gu families, I’ll come back and personally send Xiao Ying to be buried, this time, the two Chen Gu families have joined hands with Xiong Nu, collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country, pouring out the crime of heaven, the whole domain is watching this extermination battle!”

“When will we leave?”

Chen Daolin picked up another stack of paper money: “Since it is the extermination of the family, the mall means will be put aside, directly kill the door, with such a sin in the body, slaughter them and usurp their base, the bystanders will not have a weakness.”

“Tian Liang!”

Chen Dong said in a cold voice.


Chen Daolin calmly responded.

Inside the hearth, silence returned.

Chen Dong looked at the posthumous photo of Gu Qingying, while Chen Daolin looked at the fire bowl with ashes fluttering from the swaying flames.

After a long time.

Chen Daolin got up and walked outside.

The wind was bitterly cold.

The first snowfall did not end, but became heavier and heavier.

Flakes of snow made the atmosphere of this Tianmen Mountain even more depressing and sad.

With his hands behind his back, Sixth Master Jiang stood in the garden, facing the back garden, and from this angle of his, he could still vaguely see the remaining traces of the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts in the back garden after the great battle.


Sixth Master Jiang asked without looking back.


Chen Daolin walked behind the Sixth Master Jiang.

His tone was as cold as the snow and wind on this nine-nine day.

The Sixth Master Jiang pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled a little bitterly, “I thought you would be slightly calmer when you returned, after all, as the head of the Chen family and a brother to Daogun, you should also be and pan aware of Daogun’s plans now.”


Chen Daolin raised his sword eyebrows, the hostility in his eyes seeming to spurt out as if it was about to turn into substance.

With his hands behind his back, Sixth Master Jiang slowly turned around and looked towards Chen Daolin in a deep and complex manner.

“So …… really don’t want to reconsider and put the greater good first?”

The tone of voice was light, even with a hint of helplessness.

Chen Daolin smiled bitterly and his smile disappeared abruptly, his face full of frost and fierce.

“BullSh*t about the greater good! Killing my daughter-in-law and deceiving my eastern son, revenge is the greater good!”

With those words, the wind and snow around him seemed to fall silent.

The killing intent stirred and swept through the air as if it had turned into countless swords and shadows.

Even the Sixth Master Jiang could not help but narrow his eyes, the corners of his eyes jumping wildly with veins.

“But ……”

The Sixth Master Jiang gritted his teeth and hesitantly tried to persuade again.

After all, as one of the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons, he was exposed to the topmost secrets of this world.

He knew very well what Chen Daojun was planning the layout for, and he knew even better that this was the last chance, and the last chance for their Jiang family.

If he didn’t consider this big picture, he would feel justified in taking revenge, but the big picture was here, and once the layout was broken and the aftermath affected, it would be a huge and irreparable loss!

After hesitating for a moment, the words that came to the mouth of the Sixth Master Jiang still eased up a few points.

“Why don’t …… you persuade Mr. Chen to wait for the return of the Daoguang before making long term plans?”

“Wait for the old ancestor?”

Chen Daolin snorted, “The old ancestor will certainly look after the big picture, any time in the past I have listened to him, but this time, I can’t, if there was any time when I didn’t listen to him, and Dong’er everything to exterminate one of them, perhaps there wouldn’t be this result today.”

With that, he simply turned around and left.

“Master Six don’t advise, this time I’m just a father, a grandfather, I have to stand up for them and do my duty as a husband, a father and now a grandfather for these twenty years!”

As he walked, he tilted his head to look up at the wind and snow in the air, his voice hoarse and guilty.

“Otherwise …… my wife’s spirit in heaven will scold me!”

Looking at Chen Daolin’s departure, Jiang Liuxiang held his forehead and sighed softly, but there was nothing he could do.

“Why do the Chen and Gu families …… suffer for this disaster? Nowadays, under this heaven, they, the father and son, are not easy to provoke!”

There was no talk all night.

When the early morning light spilled onto the ground.

The wind and snow were still bitterly cold.

It seems that this year, the weather in the south-western region is more harsh than ever.

On the Tianmen Mountain coiled highway, a long line of caravans was hovering early, once again bringing together guests who had come from all directions to pay their respects.

The two luxury cars, however, had left the villa early and were heading down the mountain.

Chen Dong sat in the back row, next to Chen Daolin, while Elder Long drove the car.

The interior of the car was silent and stern.

Chen Dong looked out of the window at the bitterly cold wind and snow and took out a photograph from his pocket.

It was one of his and Gu Qingying’s subsequent make-up wedding photos.

In the photo, both of them were smiling brightly and overflowing with happiness.

But now ……

Chen Dong looked at the photo, his eyes red, his nose sour, and he smiled sadly.

“Three miles of cold wind and three miles of road, step by step no more you in the wind ……”