Winner Takes All Chapter 1751-1752

Chapter 1751

The Zhuge Family, Southwest Region.

Master Zhuge looks forlornly at the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts on the divine platform.

Under the candle flame.

With a slight but piercing tearing sound, mottled cracks could be seen on the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

“This Eight Formation Diagram, what has it gone through?”

Old Master Zhuge knelt down on the ground in despair, old tears streaming down his face.



One night later.

The cataclysmic devastation of the Xiongnu King City had still not subsided.

The wind and snow were bitterly cold.

The king’s palace was outside the palace, and as far as he could see, it was in ruins.

“The forbidden guards have already gone to dispose of them.”

A hoarse voice, without warning, sounded behind Xixing.

Shying’s face was as cold as frost: “Is this what you call a sure kill? Destroying half of my royal city with one sword?”

“He hid his strength too deeply.”

The figure was hidden in the gloom: “No one ever thought that he could manipulate the Heavenly Punishment and Lightning Tribulation with just his body in that instant, not even the old mother of the Leaving Island whose body died.”

There was a hint of fear in his tone.

“What about her?”

Xixing had her hands behind her back, a red phoenix robe that made her seem like the most eye-catching rose in this bitter wind and snow.

“She didn’t get away, she accidentally fell from the top of the city, and the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain came out just in time to save her life.”

“That’s considered a blessing among misfortunes.”

The time is running out, so it’s time to prepare to contact the Hundred Clans and swing south. You and the hermits should recuperate as soon as possible.

“If the battle is successful, then our path south will be 10,000 miles of wilderness, and there will be no one left to stop us!”


In the gloom, the figure nodded slightly.

After one night, the loud clang of the Heavenly Punishment and Thunderstorm rippled for thousands of miles.

All the tribes in the snowy plains were shaken by it.

However, with the Xiongnu deliberately blocking it, the news of what had happened in the royal city did not spread too widely.

The tribes were shocked, but there was no way to find out.

Zhenjiang City.

Huo Zhenxiao stood atop the city like a cold spear, looking out over the snowy depths beyond the frontier.

Behind him, Bai Qi hurriedly arrived.

“Sovereign, we have found out clearly that the loud noise last night originated from the Huns.”

Huo Zhenxiao frowned, “That loud noise penetrated even the Qilian Mountain Range and reached this Zhenjiang City across ten thousand miles, I’m afraid it has triggered the Heavenly Punishment and Lightning Tribulation, it should be Master and Elder Xu who have succeeded.”

Bai Qi hesitated and said, “It is difficult to penetrate the thirteen cities of the Xiongnu nowadays, and we rely on the spies of the nearby barbarians for the few information we have, so we dare not conclude the result yet.”

“It doesn’t matter, just train your troops.”

Huo Zhenxiao said calmly, “When these 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry have reached several levels of strength, we will still be able to respond to all changes, even if there are a thousand changes.”


The other side of the ocean.

Mountain River a*sociation Hall.

In the late night at the Mountain River Hall, there was an unprecedented silence.

The air seemed to be frozen still and depressing.

Inside the meeting room.

The killing intent was overwhelming, as if countless swords and shadows were stirring and stirring.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang sat opposite each other.

The silence was terrifying.

A long time pa*sed.

Ye Yuanqiu clenched his fists and squeezed out a sentence from his teeth, “Yigang, let the old man do this, you as the leader, must not carry this pot, the old man’s days are numbered, even if ten thousand people spit on him after his death, his ears are still clear and he has not heard, you are still young and have a longer road to go.”

“Really …… no other plans?”

Yuan Yigang reluctantly pushed the gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose: “Ancestor, perhaps …… I can make another trip into the northern Huns.”

“They have all failed, do you think a mere qi energy can really bring back Linglong from that Xiong Nu?”

Ye Yuanqiu sighed and sighed long: “With your strength, really want to enter the Xiongnu, ultimately afraid that also Hong will be overnight, hanging all over the onyx, anti it, first show attitude to keep Linglong, the future time if there will be the opportunity to convert the merits of the crime, then other discussion.”


Southwest Region.

At Tianmen Mountain Villa, grief pervaded.

Overnight, the funeral hall was built.

Onyx was hung everywhere, and grief was all over the place.

The people were busy with their own business, their faces full of sorrow.

In front of the funeral hall, there was a coffin of the finest golden silk wood.

Chen Dong knelt in front of the coffin, his face expressionless, indifferently throwing a piece of paper money into the fire bowl, the raging bonfire twisting and twisting, the firelight imprinting on Chen Dong’s indifferent face.

“The news has been put out.”

Jiang Qilin walked up behind him and said in a deep voice, “Four words of collaboration with the enemy and treason are enough to crush them!”

“I want more than just public opinion to crush them to death, I want to kill them with my own hands and overthrow them!”

Chen Dong rubbed his face, put the last of the paper money in his hand into the fire bowl, got up and walked towards the first floor, “I’m going to check on the child.”

“Brother Dong!”

Jiang Qilin called out to Chen Dong.

This call drew sideways glances from Elder Long and the others, looking at Chen Dong with all the sadness and pain in their eyes.

“You can cry it out, it will be better if you cry out loud.”

Jiang Qilin said painfully.

“I want to cry too, but I’m holding it in.”

Chen Dong shook his head gently and lit his cigarette, as he swallowed the clouds, “I still remember the saying, if you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight, if I cry, won’t his two Chen Gu families laugh? I have already come to this point, I have already endured too much, when the seeds of the Chen and Gu families are extinguished, I might be able to cry out.”

After saying that, Chen Dong stepped towards the first floor.

The words, however, were like an aftershock that surrounded the ears of the crowd for a long time.

The great sorrow and pain returned to silence.

Chen Dong’s calm silence was like a sharp knife, stabbing everyone’s heart fiercely.

It was clear to everyone that not crying, not making a scene, not making a noise, was not a sign of no sorrow, no hate, no pain, but too much sorrow, too much pain, too much hate!

With Jiang Qilin’s intentional manipulation, the news that the two Chen and Gu families had joined hands with the Xiongnu and committed treason swept through the entire south-western region overnight, and spread like a storm.

It was as if a nuclear bomb had been dropped on the entire southwest region at dawn.

The entire southwest region was completely blown apart.

The late night a*sa*sination and the tragic death of Lady Chen.

The Chen and Gu families had joined hands with the Huns and collaborated with the enemy to commit treason!

The two topics were like nuclear bombs, pa*sing wildly among the giants of the gentry.

Even the biggest of the magnate family heads, the most ruthless of the power giants, could hardly contain themselves when they learnt the news and rose up in shocked indignation.

There was an outcry of shock, a clamour of public opinion and a chorus of curses.

This early morning, however, the southwestern region was no longer quiet and had long since come to a boil.


Desert North.

The ruins of the ancient city of Feng Bo.

The yellow sand is covering the sky.

Even the wind carried the bone-chilling gloomy chill that belonged to this desert north morning.

“Dao Lin, do you really want to leave?”

Yao Sheng looked at Chen Daoling with his hands behind his back and his brows locked.

“After such a big incident, my daughter-in-law is gone, my granddaughter is out and my son is carrying it alone, I have to go back.”

Chen Daolin smiled faintly, happiness flickering in his eyes, “The Chen family has a descendant, I should go back to see my little granddaughter, I should also go back to mourn for my daughter-in-law, and I should go back to help my son carry the load, if there are other things, I should also do it for my son.”

He seemed to know that Yao Sheng would advise him again.

Chen Daolin added, “This is a family matter, so you should take care of yourself!”

Chapter 1752

As the first rays of morning light spilled over the earth.

What had happened at the Tianmen Mountain Villa swept through the world’s giants and powers like a storm.

Those who heard of it all rose up in shock, unable to control themselves.

The south-western region, which had just calmed down, once again became the centre of the whirlpool of the whole world at this moment.

As time fermented, the news of Chen Dong’s return also quickly became the centre of the whirlpool.

The news of Chen Dong’s return was also quickly presented to the world’s powerful family heads and giants.

The wind rose and the clouds swelled.

As the powerful family heads and giants shouted in astonishment, they soon calmed down and began to think about what was to come.

As the hearse on Heaven’s Gate Mountain was being built, it was covered in onyx.

The vast south-western region was also rapidly becoming white with snow.

The Zhuge family put up onyx in front of the family residence at the first opportunity.

The Chu family, the Zhang family, the two Zhou families, all did the same.

The rest of the giants and powers, seeing the situation, followed suit.

There is no other reason than the fact that the man from …… has returned!

The future of the vast southwest region is in that man’s hands!

The southwestern region was left in a state of indifference.

It was as if the whole region had fallen into mourning overnight.

But it was clear to all that this silence was the calm before the storm.

The revenge for the murder of his wife was unforgivable.

Not to mention the fact that the two Chen and Gu families had joined hands with the Huns to do it!

Treason is a scourge within the realm!

If you touch it, you will die!

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

As far as the eye could see, it was all white.

Sad music echoed.

In front of the funeral hall, people come and go, people from all walks of life come to pay their respects.

There was a great crowd, but silence.

Every time a person arrives, someone takes charge of the noise.

When the wreaths and elegiacs were laid down, they left in a hurry.

It was not that they did not want to stay, but they could not, and moreover, they were not qualified to stay.

The vast convoy of luxury cars stretched all the way up and all the way down the mountain along the Tianmen Mountain’s coiled road, forming two long dragons.

“Condolences from the Lingnan Wang family!”

“Condolences from the Liu family in the southwest!”

“Southeast Xu family condolences!”


One after another, a clamour echoed through the hearth.

In the end, there was no more room in the villa garden, so they were displayed directly along the main entrance towards the outside.

Those who came were sorrowful, those who left were silent.

It was clear to everyone that very few people would be able to stay at this funeral hall, unless they were from a family that was truly comparable to Chen Dong’s, or if they really belonged to Chen Dong’s direct line of cronies.

Everything was going on.

Chen Dong, however, never showed up to greet the guests who came and went to pay their respects.

On the first floor of the villa, in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window.

Chen Dong stood in front of the window, holding the sleeping Chen Youen in his arms, standing in place like a statue.

This posture had been maintained for a long time.

His gaze is vacant, as if he is reminiscing, and Chen Youn is sleeping in his arms, but every now and then he makes a frightening whimpering sound.

Only at this moment does Chen Dong’s indifferent face change.

Carefully holding Chen You’en and gently rocking her a few times, when Chen You’en was asleep again, he also once again turned into his previous vacant-eyed and indifferent appearance.

The vast condolence caravan below, a clamour, everything, it was as if he didn’t even look at it.

“The Jiang family has come to offer their condolences!”

There was another clamour.

A hint of depression surfaced on Chen Dong’s indifferent face.

Creak ……

The door to the room behind him was pushed open.

“Young master, the Jiang family has come, and Jiang Qilin has already gone to welcome them.” Long Lao stood in the doorway and said in a low voice.

“Understood, I will go and meet them.”

Chen Dong turned around and handed Chen You En in his arms to Elder Long before heading towards the meeting room.

When he was almost at the meeting room, an abrupt slap sounded, causing Chen Dong to abruptly stop walking.

There was a slap!

Immediately after, the reprimanding voice of the Sixth Master Jiang came from within the meeting room.

“Jiang Qilin, have you gone mad? Do you know how important that qilin blood is to you and the Jiang family?”

“You disobedient son! The world’s qilin blood is all in my Jiang family, and for hundreds of years, you are the only Jiang family member who has been able to fuse the qilin blood into your body, three drops of qilin blood in your body, do you know what that means?”

The blood of the Qilin?

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered as he suddenly recalled that Jiang Qilin had told him earlier that it was by relying on a drop of Qilin blood that he had helped Gu Qingying to give birth to Chen Youen successfully.

He did not know what the qilin blood meant.

But now that he had heard the Sixth Master Jiang’s rebuke, this Qilin blood must be the greatest treasure in the world!

It looked like a drop of blood, and it even actually had a great effect on Jiang Qilin!

Otherwise, someone like the Sixth Master Jiang would never have been so furiously reprimanded and directly slapped!

“Grandpa, I just want to save someone!”

Jiang Qilin said in a deep voice, his tone still unable to hide his grief and self-blame.

“Saving people is saving people, that’s Mr. Chen’s wife and daughter, they should indeed be saved, but why did you use the qilin blood to do so?”

The Sixth Master of Jiang gritted his teeth and said, “Three drops of qilin blood is your limit, it is also the limit of our Jiang family for hundreds of years, fusing qilin blood is done when every Jiang family member is young, this fusion would be completely irreversible, do you know that if you take out one drop of qilin blood to save someone, it means that only two drops of qilin blood can be left in your body?”

“When you tread the Heavenly Path in the future, do you know what you will face if you have one drop less of the underlying Qilin blood?”

Stepping onto the Heavenly Path?

Chen Dong frowned slightly, and a wave of guilt suddenly arose in his heart towards Jiang Qilin.

According to the meaning of the words of the Sixth Master, these three drops of Qilin blood were the reserves for Jiang Qilin’s future Heaven Treading Path, and the fact that Jiang Qilin had forced out one drop of Qilin blood meant that he had personally buried a chance in the future when he really reached the Heaven Treading Path!

Even until now, he was still somewhat ignorant of the Heaven Treading Path.

But now, in the conversation between Jiang Liuxu and Jiang Qilin, he could still understand how much Jiang Qilin had really paid!

“But at that time, only the blood of the qilin could help sister-in-law give birth to You En successfully, and if I didn’t force out a drop of qilin blood, in the end, sister-in-law and You En would just end up with one body and two lives!”

Jiang Qilin’s tone became a little more impatient, “Grandpa, I’ve grown up, there are some costs I know and I’m willing to bear them, I’m doing this at least to preserve a bloodline for Brother Dong and Sister-in-law, the future of stepping on the Heavenly Road, then let’s talk about it in the future, I still have two drops of Qilin blood, I’m just as capable of stepping on the Heavenly Road!”

“What a big mouth!”

Master Jiang scolded, “If it wasn’t for Chen Daogun, Xu Qingfeng and the others, all of whom have placed the great power of the world on Chen Dong, you wouldn’t have been able to open up the Heavenly Path for you to tread in the future, not to mention the two drops of Qilin blood, even if you had all three drops!”

“This is my own decision!”

Jiang Qilin said sternly, “I don’t regret it, again, I will still force out a drop of qilin blood to save my sister-in-law and You En!”

“You ……”

Hearing this, Chen Dong duly let out a trace of his breath outside.

Almost simultaneously.

Inside the parlour, the bickering between father and son came to an abrupt halt.

Jiang Qilin said in a deep voice, “Grandpa, Brother Dong is coming over, no talking about the matter of Qilin blood!”

Chen Dong smiled, but a warm feeling flowed in his heart.

He was also aware that after this heart metamorphosis, his strength had surged once again, if he had gone all out to collect his breath like he did just now, even if he had already reached the door, Master Jiang Liu and Jiang Qilin would definitely not be able to find out.

But this time, the strength of the mind had increased, and Jiang Qilin and the others had not yet discovered it!

Now, Jiang Qilin is saying this, as if he thought he had just arrived, that’s why he specially urged Jiang Sixth Master!