Winner Takes All Chapter 1747-1748

Chapter 1747

The cold wind and snow.

As Xu Qingfeng leapt onto the city once again, his overbearing and fierce qi energy directly destroyed the wind and snow on this side of the city wall.

But the cold silhouette standing at the end of his gaze astonished Xu Qingfeng.

Just now he had deliberately leapt down the city wall in order to kill four strong Qi Qi practitioners of the Heavenly Wolf Academy and cut the “weeds” for the next battle, but also to buy time for Ye Linglong to escape.

The time it took to kill the four Qigong powerhouses was very short, but Ye Linglong was able to use this time to escape!

After all, the road ahead was already unobstructed.

On top of the city walls, there was no Hun Rongwu guarding, but all the tools that should be there were still there.

The two red sticks of the Hong Society, if with the help of these tools, leap off the wall and escape into the vast snowy plains, it is still easy to do so.

She didn’t run. ……

At this time Xu Qingfeng watched Ye Linglong at the same time, Ye Linglong also watched him.

Qi energy rampant, instead of the wind and snow cry.

It brushed Ye Linglong’s robe, as well as three thousand green threads.

She looked forlorn and complicated, her beautiful eyes flushed with tinges of red blood, but dense with mist.

She just stared at Xu Qingfeng in a daze.

What had just happened, Ye Linglong had seen it all.

She was also clear that Xu Qingfeng had gone out of his way to invoke that terrifying oppressive feeling above the Nine Heavens just to buy her time to escape.

“Why don’t you leave?”

Xu Qingfeng asked in a stern and scolding voice.

A great battle was about to take place, with the Heavenly Punishment and Lightning Tribulation waiting to happen, the two Hidden Worlds of the Old Mother of the Island and the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain behind him, and a Hunnu Heavenly Wolf stretched across the long sky watching intently.

The time he could buy for Ye Linglong to escape was only a little bit ago!

“Seniors ……”

Ye Linglong said ruefully, “Please also ask senior to leave, how can Linglong let senior risk his life.”

“You ……”

Xu Qingfeng’s jealousy and anger surged.

He felt the overwhelming Qi of the Old Mother of the Island and the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain behind him.

Xu Qingfeng’s right foot shattered the ground of the city wall with a bang, and like a cannonball, he rushed directly to Ye Linglong’s front.

“Get out of here, you’re alive so that the Hong Society won’t turn against you!”

Xu Qingfeng reprimanded in a stern voice, and was about to jump off the wall with Ye Linglong with his majestic Qi energy.



Ye Linglong let out a scream and desperately struggled up, trying to break free from Xu Qingfeng’s large hand.

The sudden scene caused Xu Qingfeng’s eyes to spit out fire.

Ye Linglong’s abnormal behaviour had taken him by surprise.

Feeling the struggle coming from his right hand, Xu Qingfeng’s eyebrows twisted, and he directly launched a force, his right hand was like an eagle’s claw, clamping down on Ye Linglong with a deadly grip.

Ye Linglong let out a painful scream and could no longer resist.

However, it was this delay.

“Not good!”

Xu Qingfeng was about to move when his face suddenly changed drastically and he let out an explosive cry.

Almost instinctively, he stomped the ground with both feet, tugging Ye Linglong and retreating extremely quickly towards the city head on the inner side of the city.


A Qi energy drifted and swept across the straight ground where the two of them were standing just now.


The moment the qi touched the ground, it exploded with a loud bang, blowing a big crater out of the ground, sending smoke and dust and debris flying.

The towering walls of the city trembled a few times.

The Old Mother of the Outlying Islands floated down to the side of the large crater, her wrinkled eyelids drooping, her eyes narrowed into slits, her cold light biting as she gave a teasing smile.

“Xu brat, after the farewell twenty years ago, you are now even stronger than before!”

That was close!

Xu Qingfeng’s heart pounded fiercely and his pupils tightened as he stared at the Old Mother of the Outlying Islands.

He did not respond, but his six senses quickly spread out.

In such a short while, the Old Mother of the Island had already arrived, there was no way the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain was still lagging behind!

Ye Linglong’s face was also pale and she scanned the surroundings in panic.


“Sword come!”

Xu Qingfeng let out a shout.


The sword chant rose at first.

The soft sword in his hand flew straight out of his hand and into the air, sword qi spreading across the air, turning into countless sword qi sword shadows that swept across the long sky, forming a circular barrier.


A one-metre diameter Qi fist shadow blasted the barrier formed by the sword qi without warning.

There was a loud roar.

The Qi collapsed, forming ripples visible to the naked eye.

The terrifying impact even forced Xu Qingfeng to the edge of the wall head near the city, even landing directly on his left foot.

Just as he was about to fall off the city’s head.

Xu Qingfeng’s tongue burst into thunder as his right foot tensed up and his qi energy was released.

With the force of the recoil from the qi blast against the city wall, he dragged Ye Linglong back up to the city wall.

But the moment he had just stabilised himself.


With a scream.

Xu Qingfeng’s face suddenly changed, and the right hand that was clamping down on Ye Linglong was suddenly empty.

He jerked his head around, and saw Ye Linglong falling towards the city wall.

Time, at this moment, became slow.

Xu Qingfeng’s entire body was dumbfounded, his eyes wide open.

A city wall that was tens of meters high, falling like that, unless one was a Qi power strong person, no one would survive!

But …… for a moment just now, to the onlookers, it looked like he, Xu Qingfeng, had exhausted himself and let Ye Linglong fall off the wall by mistake.

But Xu Qingfeng clearly felt that in that moment just now, Ye Linglong secretly made an effort to break free from his right hand grip.

In other words …… it was Ye Linglong who deliberately jumped off the city wall by herself!

Is this girl …… crazy?

What the hell was she thinking?

“Old ghost, save the people!”

In a flash of lightning, the Old Mother of the Leaving Island bellowed, “It is more important to live than to die!”

Rumble ……

In the night sky, there was a loud burst of sound, and a majestic qi train crashed through the air and swooped straight down towards the city walls.

At the forefront of the qi-pitches, there was the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain!

“Ye Linglong!”

Xu Qingfeng also reacted, although he didn’t know what exactly Ye Linglong was thinking, but if he didn’t save Ye Linglong now, the fall would only be a pile of rotten meat.

“Xu Qingfeng, stay!”

Not waiting for Xu Qingfeng to leap off the city wall, a long whistle sounded behind him.


Qi energy tore through the air, emitting an ear-piercing buzzing sound.

Xu Qingfeng instinctively pronounced his qi energy, and his body turned to the side, flying out in the direction of a diagonal stab.

In an instant.

A long, blood-coloured whip, wrapped in Qi energy, brushed the bottom of Xu Qingfeng’s foot and struck the city head with a snap.

The rammed and solid city head cracked in response.

After the whip was swung, the Old Mother of the Island seemed to have anticipated it and twisted her waist violently, swinging the long bloody whip again.

The long whip was like a wandering dragon under the aura of Qi energy, and it drew an arc in the air, directly wrapping around Xu Qingfeng’s feet.

“Sword come!”

Xu Qingfeng waved his hand in the air.

The soft sword tore through the air and whistled as it flew into his hand.

Without hesitation, he urged his Qi energy to energize the soft sword and chopped it directly onto the long bloody whip.

Squeak ……

The soft sword chopped against the bloody whip and released a toothsome metallic scraping sound.

A cluster of bright sparks even erupted.

But the sword did not break the bloody whip!

Xu Qingfeng’s eyes were wide open, and a trace of panic was rarely revealed on his cold face.

“Jie Jie …… old body’s life’s work, how can it be cut off by your sword?”

The Old Mother of the Islands shrilly whistled, her hands gripping the long blood-colored whip and flinging it directly into the air, hardening Xu Qingfeng as if he were a broken pocket and throwing him into the air.


At that moment, the Heavenly Wolf, which was watching from afar, suddenly let out a long whistle that resounded through the heavens and the earth.

As Xu Qingfeng drew a parabolic line in the air, he saw a huge creature in the distance, rushing towards him like lightning!

Chapter 1748

Above the ninth heaven.

Thunder clouds of heavenly punishment gathered and gathered momentum, thunder rolled and lightning snakes stirred.

The lofty and gigantic figure of the Heavenly Wolf, like a terrified mountain, came treading through the air.

As it approached, the light above the city where Xu Qingfeng and the Old Mother of the Island were located suddenly dimmed.

A long wolf whistle accompanied the sound.

The wolf swooped down towards Xu Qingfeng, its sharp claws sweeping through the air, leaving several cracks visible to the naked eye, and grabbed Xu Qingfeng head-on.

Xu Qingfeng, who was imprisoned by the bloody whip of the Old Mother of the Island, was thrown to the highest point in the air.

In a flash of lightning.

Xu Qingfeng’s eyes shot out with a brilliant aura and he let out an explosive cry.

“Activate the formation!”


The Qi around him blasted out, like a rolling river reeling backwards as it rushed towards the sharp claws of the Heavenly Wolf.

The majestic qi swirled in the air and transformed into a five-metre diameter transparent Taiji Eight Trigrams diagram.

The moment the transparent Taiji Eight Trigrams diagram took shape, it was like a big hand that met the sharp claws of the Heavenly Wolf.

Time seemed to be slowed down at this moment.

When the Taiji Bagua Diagram and the Sky Wolf Claw were a few metres away from each other, the momentum of both of them gave a lurch.

Dang, dang, dang ……

The sound of qi clashing like a drumbeat erupted from the middle of the Taiji Bagua Diagram and the Sky Wolf Claw, resounding through heaven and earth.

With a seemingly slow but unstoppable momentum, the transparent Taiji Bagua Diagram pushed the sharp claws of the Heavenly Wolf back upwards little by little.

Each time it rose a notch, a drum burst would be emitted.


The Old Mother of the Islands let out a startled eek, “I never thought that the Zhuge Family’s Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts could be brought into play to such an extent in your Xu Qingfeng’s hands, I’m afraid that even the Zhuge Family would be ashamed of themselves when they see it!”

“Hmph, old immortal, how dare you distract yourself!”

Almost simultaneously, Xu Qingfeng’s angry rebuke sounded like the sound of thunder from the nine heavens, violently exploding in the ears of the Old Mother of the Outlying Islands.


The Old Mother of the Outlying Islands was shocked and her eyes hurriedly locked onto Xu Qingfeng.

“Python Dragon Overturning the Sky!”

Xu Qingfeng, who was wrapped in the long blood-coloured whip, twisted his waist in the air.


With a loud sound of qi energy sweeping through him.

His body spun in the air under the aegis of the Qi energy, and the long Qi train stretched out several dozen meters, like a python that rushed to the sky, twisting and flipping in the air.

There was a bang!

The long blood-coloured whip originally imprisoned on Xu Qingfeng’s feet exploded under the violent twisting and turning of Xu Qingfeng.

With his first foot, he used the Taiji Bagua to resist the Heavenly Wolf, and with his second foot, he used the Python Dragon to flip the sky to break free from the confinement of the Old Mother of the Leaving Island.

All this was in just a second!

It was so fast that the Old Mother of the Outlying Islands could hardly react.

The long whip was broken off and the unprepared Old Mother stumbled back with a cry.

Not waiting for her to stabilise herself.

Xu Qingfeng’s shouting voice exploded again.

“Heaven Turning Hand!”


On the vault of the sky, Xu Qingfeng’s qi was released like a rolling wild wave, wrapped in a roar of qi, he hung upside down in the air and pressed his palm down towards the Old Mother of the Island below.

With a loud roar, the majestic qi energy gathered into a palm imprint of ten metres in size, wrapped in a terrifying killing intent as vast as a prison, and pressed down across the ground.

The terrifying oppression enveloped the Old Mother of the Island, causing her, who was already staggering backwards, to almost stumble and fall to the ground.


In the nick of time, the Old Mother of the Island retreated with her right foot and stomped on the ground, shaking the sky with debris.

Faced with the huge hand falling on her head, she directly sank her waist and stood on her horse, her hands fiercely raised into the air to meet it.


Two strands of qi instantly rushed out from her arms like two pillars in the sky, and with a loud bang, they crashed directly into the titanic hand.

The moment the two strands of qi collided, waves of qi cascaded out.

However, they were directly frozen in mid-air.

“Hahahaha …… Xu Qingfeng, even if you go straight into the Heavenly Punishment Realm, you still can’t help the old body!”

The pale white hair of the old mother of the Island of the Sea waved about as she laughed fiercely.

In the air, Xu Qingfeng looked cold and stern, overlooking the old mother of the Island below, and suddenly snickered.

“Old immortal, it’s not just Heavenly Punishment on top of Heavenly Punishment!”


The Old Mother of the Islands’ smile froze.

The next second.

High in the sky, Xu Qingfeng’s robe shook violently and a buzzing sound was emitted.

“Rise again!”

The two simple words even overshadowed the thunderous sounds that were gathering momentum above the nine heavens.

The sound shook the heavens and the earth.

The aftermath had yet to dissipate.

Xu Qingfeng’s already majestic and domineering aura was once again soaring.

Rumble ……

Almost at the same time, the sound of rolling thunder suddenly became violent as countless lightning snakes ravaged the night sky, illuminating the heaven and earth.

Bang Teen!

The giant hand that was originally frozen in mid-air, as Xu Qingfeng’s aura surged again, in a brutal and domineering gesture, viciously pressed down again by a large margin.


The Old Mother of the Island shook her body and spurted out a large mouthful of blood as she roared in horror, “Just now …… wasn’t your strongest?”

“Not even now!”

Xu Qingfeng’s voice, once again, resounded through the long air, “Three up!”


Before the words left his mouth, Xu Qingfeng’s aura once again rose a great deal higher.

Rumble ……


Above the ninth heaven, a lightning bolt, snaking down, tore through the night sky.

It was as if in an instant, the heavenly punishment thunder clouds that had gathered in momentum boiled over.

This lightning thunderstorm caused the entire King City to shake violently.

Almost simultaneously.

The “Heaven-Turning Hand” that was falling down once again made a loud sound and crushed a large part of it with a loud bang.


The Old Mother of the Island was caught off guard and her body shook, her knees slammed to the ground with a bang and she spurted out another mouthful of blood.

But she didn’t care about her injuries, and she didn’t even care about the huge hand that was close to her head.

At this moment, she gazed up at Xu Qingfeng who was hanging in the air, her eyes were filled with fear, as if she was facing the ghosts and gods directly.

“Aren’t you …… you …… afraid of prematurely inspiring the heavenly punishment thunder cloud above your head?”

She wanted to question, at this time, Xu Qingfeng still had injuries, but was far too much stronger than the Xu Qingfeng she remembered from twenty years ago.

Such an increase in strength was simply not something that could be done in a mere twenty years!

But as the words reached her mouth, Old Mother Lijima forcefully swallowed them back into her stomach, because the truth was right in front of her eyes, and her questioning really seemed ridiculous.


Xu Qingfeng slowly tilted his head to look above the nine heavens, the black clouds that could not be seen beyond the borders, rolling in which thunder shook the sky and lightning stirred and raged.

“I wouldn’t be called Xu Qingfeng if I were afraid of dying!”

“Four rise!”


With a tongue bursting into spring thunder, the ten-metre Qi giant hand finally broke through the last distance with the Old Mother of the Outlying Islands and, like a titanic mountain pressing down on her, directly covered her with a palm amidst the shrieks of the Old Mother of the Outlying Islands.

On the top of the city, there was a loud sound, and the Qi energy tumbled out, countless debris shot into the air, and smoke and dust rolled around.

At the same time.


The Heavenly Wolf that was blocked by the Taiji Eight Trigrams Diagram fiercely let out a long whine.

The next second.

The huge Heavenly Wolf’s body was covered in blood, and it opened its mouth to reveal its fangs, biting into the Taiji Eight Trigrams Diagram.

Immediately afterwards, without losing momentum, it pounced directly towards Xu Qingfeng and killed him.

Xu Qingfeng stood suspended in the air, no longer paying attention to the Old Mother of the Island below, but with his hands behind his back and his hair dancing lightly, he turned to stare coldly at the oncoming Heavenly Wolf.

At this moment, time seemed to slow down.

As his eyes looked down below the city head, he saw that Ye Linglong, who had originally fallen to the city head, had been saved by the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain and was not seriously injured.

A whirlwind.

A smile of relief appeared on his face, when he looked up again to face the Heavenly Wolf directly.

His smile disappeared and only endless killing intent remained.

“Six up!”

Boom click click ……

The already boiling Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud turned directly into a wild dance of electric snakes and incessant thunder sounds as Xu Qingfeng’s aura surged once again.

The terrifying might of the thunderclouds pressed down on King City.

Countless currents ravaged the long sky, illuminating the heavens and the earth in a blanket of white.

It was as if countless heavenly punishment lightning was about to descend directly in the next second.

The lightning was enveloping.

Even the movements of the Heavenly Wolf gave a start, and a look of fear flowed from its large, blood-coloured eyes.

With his hands behind his back, Xu Qingfeng calmly shouted out two words.

“Raise your sword!”


The soft sword, which was close to his body, instantly sped behind him and hung in the air.

The next second.

Swish, swish, swish ……

Within King Noah’s City, a sharp sword and battle sword all whistled and rose to the sky.

Under the lightning, countless piercing cold lights were reflected.

Like ten thousand stars rising in the sky, they were dense and spectacular!