Winner Takes All Chapter 1737-1738

Chapter 1737

Golden light rushes through the sky.

A huge golden Taiji trigram stretches across the sky, spinning rapidly.

The terrifying pressure was like a mountain and a prison.

In the dense forest of the formation, a roar exploded, accompanied by the muffled screams of Zhao Brelu and Gu Cang Yue.

“You won’t be able to walk out, your life will have to stay here!”

Zhao Baolu hunched over, his hands on his knees, panting heavily, beads of sweat rustling down.


The golden light around him continued to ripple and spread out in all directions.

Sweat cut across his eyes, stinging badly.

He kept blinking and looked across at Gu Cang Yue as if he was looking at a dead man.

“I will get out!”

Gu Cangyue broke through a golden light with his sword, blood dripping from his mouth, his state even worse than Zhao Broken.

The long stalemate of attrition had forced his state to an extremely serious point.

If it was simply the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram, he thought that with his own strength he would still be able to quickly break the formation and leave.

But with the Ancestral Qi augmentation, the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts had completely become a mire and a deep pit, indestructible.

No matter how he attacked, all the sword qi would be absorbed by the formation’s light curtain and then bounced back, forming a deadly cycle. The more he attacked, the harder the formation would counterattack, as if he had fallen into a swamp, and could only be swallowed into the depths of the swamp little by little.

But if he didn’t attack, the formation was equally capable of attacking him under Zhao Breaking’s control.

After so long, Gu Cangyue had long since been covered in wounds and was in a terrible state.

It wasn’t just the injuries, his internal qi was so depleted that it was like a great river that was constantly being squeezed of water, and now the riverbed was cracked.

If he continued, all that awaited him was death!

Of course, there was another way to live, that was to keep on fighting Zhao Breru, and if Zhao Breru, the controller of the formation, was the first to collapse, then he would still have a chance to break the formation and live!

But the reality before him was like an invisible hand, dragging Gu Cangyue down into the abyss of despair!

“You can’t get out!”

Zhao Broke-Ru snorted, his eyes bursting with a brilliant aura, “That’s what I said!”

“Hehe ……”

Gu Cang Yue sneered and was about to speak.


A cold voice, came from outside.

“Zhao Breaking, the qilin is knocking at the door, please open a line of formation, the qilin enters the formation to kill individuals!”

Killing intent stirred.

It was as cold as the cold wind, piercing into the marrow.

The smile on Gu Cang Yue’s face suddenly froze, and a hint of panic flashed in his eyes.

Zhao Broke-Ru laughed as if he was relieved and spat fiercely at the ground with blood-laced spittle: “Gu Cangyue, what now?”

As he spoke.

While he braced himself and slowly moved sideways, taking just three steps, the golden light around him surged rapidly, rustling the trees and shrubs.

In a flash of lightning.

Gu Cangyue’s gaze flashed with awe and he made a split-second decision.

His body shifted and he directly rushed in one direction with his sword. ,

Zhao Broke-Ru’s face changed greatly, “Jiang Qilin, he’s rushing over!”


The golden curtain of light rippled in bursts.

Jiang Qilin stepped into the formation with a stern face, and what caught his eyes was Gu Cangyue, who had already rushed closer.

“Go back!”

With a shout, Jiang Qilin’s Qi energy surged and he slammed his palm directly at Gu Cangyue.


Gu Cangyue’s palm met the attack, and his qi energy shook the trees around him violently.

He also used the recoil of the palm strike to quickly fly backwards, looking at Jiang Qilin who was getting farther and farther away, a smug smile tugging at the corners of his blood-stained mouth.


Jiang Qilin’s gaze sank as he let out a startled eek.

For a moment, it was a little puzzling.

Someone’s Ancestral Qi-boosted Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram itself was an invincible existence, unless the person controlling the formation was the first to run out of stamina, then it was a dead game against Gu Cangyue in front of him, no matter how he played it, he wouldn’t survive!

But this palm strike made Gu Cangyue smile!

Thoughts were instantly spinning in his mind, but he couldn’t figure it out.

But it was this thought that slowed Jiang Qilin’s body down a notch.

By the time he came back to his senses, Gu Cangyue had already pulled away from him by a distance of more than ten metres.

Under Jiang Qilin’s puzzled gaze, Gu Cangyue, who was flying back, suddenly burst out laughing.

“Can this Great Cauldron break through this Human Ancestor Eight Formation Diagram?”

Not good!

Jiang Qilin’s body shook and his face suddenly became frightened in a rare manner.


In an instant, his Qi energy surged, like a cannonball out of the chamber, and he charged directly towards Gu Cangyue.

However, Zhao Bailu was unconcerned.

He knew better than anyone just how strong the Human Ancestor Qi enchanted with the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts was.

As for the Great Tripod …… to him, what was this thing?

Time, at this moment, seemed to be slowed down.

The ancient Cang Yue, who had deliberately fought a hard slap to distance himself, quickly took out a palm-sized small tripod from his pocket.

As he laughed and drew back, he gathered all his Qi into the censer.

As the qi rushed into the censer, Gu Cangyue’s smiling face revealed a painful look.

Under the golden light, a few wrinkles visibly appeared on his face.

“You are willing to use up your life to rush the Great Cauldron!”

Jiang Qilin let out a shout, his Qi energy tumbling around his body and drumming his robes, “Qilin Void Step!”

“It’s too late!”

Accompanied by a snicker from Gu Cang Yue.

He held the small censer in his hand and blatantly smashed it towards a large tree enveloped by a golden curtain of light beside him.

The originally mediocre Little Cauldron, however, at this moment, shone brightly, and in a brutal and domineering gesture, it rumbled and directly smashed through the big tree.

Rumble ……

The ground shook and the surrounding dense forest rustled and shook.

The dazzling golden light was rapidly fading.

Zhao Breru even let out a stifled grunt and spurted out a large mouthful of blood, falling directly to the ground and fainting to death.

After the One Tripod broke through the formation.

Without hesitation, Gu Cangyue directly leapt and rushed out.

It was all so fast that Jiang Qilin couldn’t even cast the Qilin Void Step!

He directly followed closely and rushed out of the dense forest of the formation, but there was already no trace of Gu Cangyue!

“Still ran away!”

The Jiang Qilin let out a chagrined self-reproach, his face as cold as frost, but he didn’t think of a way to continue the pursuit.

As a Jiang Family Qilin, he knew exactly what the little censer held in Gu Cangyue’s hand meant!

Even if he caught up with him again, Gu Cangyue would still be able to escape with that little tripod, but he would only continue to lose his life span to activate the tripod!

“But how did he get the Great Cauldron? According to reason, the Great Cauldron should be in the hands of Old Madam Gu.”

Jiang Qilin’s brows knitted together as he gruffly mused, “It looks like he’s still unable to activate the Great Cauldron, otherwise he wouldn’t have lost his life at the cost of it!”

The next second.

The corner of Jiang Qilin’s mouth suddenly gave a cold laugh.

The Qi around his body moved.

Under the urging of his qi energy, he stood up and shouted.

“Gu Cang Yue! I have the head of Gu Dragonfly, and when my brother Dong returns, he will carry the coffin into the Gu family and return it to you together!”

The voice echoed, resonating through Tianmen Mountain.


Halfway up Heaven’s Gate Mountain.

When Gu Cangyue, who was fleeing in a hurry, heard the voice, his body suddenly swayed and fell to the ground with a bang, while spurting out a large mouthful of fresh blood.

He cried and howled as he looked up at the night sky and hissed.

“Dragonfly! My dragonfly! Thief God, why are you so blind?”

His body, which was already weak and unsupported, was now suddenly decrepit to the extreme!

Chapter 1738

Inside the villa.

Brightly lit and piercingly cold.

The atmosphere is mournful and the sound of crying echoes.

Meng took care of the children and guarded Gu Qingying’s long-ago cold body.

Long Lao drove Fan Lu and Barbara and Zhao Baolu to the hospital.

No one even had time to wipe the blood stains all over Gu Qingying’s body and change into clean clothes.

Jiang Qilin hurried back with the head of the ancient dragonfly, looking at Meng who was sitting withered in the living room holding her sleeping child, his heart was like a knife, so painful that he was suffocating.

His cold, evil face was thick with resentment, and murderous intent swirled in his eyes.

What he had experienced tonight had caused his perceptions accumulated over the years to crumble and collapse.

It was true that he lacked the training of the human world, which was why he had confronted Zhao Brezhong in the formation and laid his hands on him in the first place.

But that did not mean he was an animal and a beast!

Looking at Gu Qingying’s bloodstained corpse, in a trance, Jiang Qilin realized what it meant to be an evil ghost on earth.

Since he was a child …… he had never had such an urge to kill and overthrow a clan at this moment!


Meng looked up forlornly, her eyes red and swollen, tears lingering: “Help the old body take care of the child, and the old body help Lady Chen wipe and change her clothes, she likes cleanliness the most.”


Jiang Qilin put down the ancient dragonfly’s human head and took the sleeping child.

Meng Wu barely managed to force herself to stand up, hobbled over to Gu Qing Ying’s corpse and looked at it for a long time, her lips mumbling.

“Silly girl! From the first time I saw you, the old body felt that you were a silly girl, how good would it have been if you hadn’t come back ……?”

The words were pathos, sobbing.

In a whirlwind, she gritted her teeth, picked up Gu Qing Ying’s corpse and walked towards the upper floor.

Jiang Qilin sat on the sofa and looked at the sleeping child in his arms.

Fortunately, he had been using his Qi energy to protect the child in the wind and snow earlier, so the child was not seriously hurt.

Under the light.

The child’s face was pink and soft, her eyelashes long and arched, but her hands were clasped tightly in front of her chest, and every now and then she trembled in fear, as if she was experiencing some kind of shock in her sleep, and a sharp wailing sound would come out of her mouth and nose.

“Uncle Jiang will protect you!”

Jiang Qilin murmured guiltily, as if it were a vow: “Going forward …… the Jiang family is also your home, uncle is sorry for being late in coming back!”

Time pa*sed.

When the light of day began to dawn.

The wind and snow outside did not stop, but became more and more violent.

Snow lay on the ground, decorating everything in silver!

Chu Reed, Zhuge Qing, as well as Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong led their people to come in great numbers.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to rush to the Heavenly Gate Mountain Villa immediately, it was really because the commotion at Heavenly Gate Mountain last night was too great and the impact had to be suppressed to a minimum as soon as possible, which was why they had delayed until this moment.

When the four arrived, Elder Long also returned in a hurry, along with Fan Lu.

“Sister Xiao Lu ……”

Seeing Fan Lu in her wheelchair, Chu Reed hurriedly greeted her.

“I’m fine.”

Fan Lu shook her head ruefully.

“Where is Sister Xiao Ying?”

Chu Reed asked after her.

Fan Lu lowered her head and was silent.

Long Lao’s face was full of grief as he said hoarsely, “Get up the hearse!”


The four people in the room were struck by lightning.

Chu Reed, who had always been as indifferent as an iceberg, staggered back two steps, her eyes under her gold-rimmed gla*ses brightened and went red with a swish, tears lingering.

Behind them, the three Zhuge Qing also had a hard time hiding their grief.

“You guys run the show, I have other things to do.”

Old man Long hunched over, his footsteps faltering, as if he had stepped straight into old age and old age to the point of dying overnight!

He walked into the villa.

Granny Meng happened to be holding the handrail of the staircase as she walked down.

Seeing Elder Long, she said with red and swollen eyes, “The old body has already helped Madam Chen wash and dress up clean.”

“Thank you.”

Elder Long nodded, then walked into the living room.

Behind him, Chu Reed, Zhuge Qing and the others entered in a line of fish.

It was at this moment.

The child in Jiang Qilin’s arms cried out.

Jiang Qilin, who had been dazed and lost in thought for half the night, got up in a panic and coaxed the child.

“The child is hungry.”

Meng called softly.

“There’s milk powder.”

Fan Lu took out a can of milk powder from the side of her wheelchair.

Chu reed was busy taking it over, and Meng took the child again, and together they went to brew the baby’s milk powder.

In the living room, dead silence returned once again.

“Are they alright?”

Jiang Qilin asked.

Long Lao sat dejectedly on the sofa, “They’re all fine. Zhao Broke fainted from exhaustion and qi deficiency, his injuries are not serious, Barbara broke four ribs and was in great danger when she was sent there, but she’s fine now.”

“That little girl, she used her frail body to hold them off for so long!”

Jiang Qilin recalled the scene he had seen when he arrived and couldn’t help but sigh.

He then looked at Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong, who were standing by, and said, “Please help the two of you take care of the spirit hall, and don’t publicise the matter yet.”

After the two nodded and left.

Only then did Jiang Qilin say in a deep voice to Elder Long, “What happened last night, there were the Gu family and the Chen family, the body of Chen Daozu is still in the room on the first floor, in addition ……”

His face was gloomy to the core: “The fourth person …… is the first warrior of the Huns, Kui Gang!”

At the end of his sentence, he tried his best to suppress his voice until only he, Elder Long, Zhuge Qing and Fan Lu could hear it!

As a Jiang family Qilin, when he heard the word Kui Gang when he arrived to save the day last night, he felt strange, and once he used his intelligence network to poke around, the results soon became clear.

It was because it was clear …… that he knew exactly what it meant for these four to travel together!

Not only him, Zhuge Qing and Elder Long’s face also changed greatly.

The rage and murderous intent in Elder Long’s eyes seemed like it was about to turn into substance and gush out: “Collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country, the Chen and Gu families actually acted for last night and did not hesitate to take on this heaven-defying crime, good! Bravo! Bravo!”

“Let’s proclaim it directly, attack the whole region and completely destroy them!”

Zhuge Qing gritted his teeth and said.


Jiang Qilin however shook his head, “I’m afraid not, the Daoist Monarch will definitely not allow us to do that, he wants to plot that great censer of the Gu family, in the future Mr. Chen will need it to tread the heavenly path, the time has not yet come, even if we all want to destroy the two Chen and Gu families, even if I pull in the entire Jiang family, he will still stop it with his own strength!”

“But it’s already come to this point, and you want us to endure?”

Zhuge Qing’s face was full of incomprehension.

Outside, the roar of cars sounded again.

Soon, Chen Dao Ye and the others came in a hurry.

After entering the room, Elder Long quickly recounted the story, and Chen Dao Ye and the others also showed their murderous intent on their faces.

There was a moment of silence.

Chen Daoye slowly closed his eyes: ”It’s time for the old Chen to be extinguished! It’s time for the Gu family to be extinguished too! I am Dong’er’s uncle, so I will decide for him!”

“But …… Daogun he ……”

Jiang Qilin was a little hesitant, he had been considering the problems involved as he sat withering with his child in his arms for half the night.

While onlookers did not know the purpose of Chen Daogun and Xu Qingfeng, he gradually had become clearer.

“This time …… the god of killing can’t stop it!”

Chen Daoye opened his eyes, his eyes were as harsh as if two sharp swords were driving straight at Jiang Qilin: “Even if I let Dao Lin make this decision, he would be the same as me, he, Chen Daogun, has to take care of the overall situation, our group of people are not in that state of mind of his, exterminate them!”

The words just fell.


A lion’s roar suddenly came from afar.