Winner Takes All Chapter 1733-1734

Chapter 1733


The sound was like an explosion of thunder.


Barbara screamed in horror as blood kept gushing out of her mouth and nose from the injury in her chest, and she choked again, coughing violently.

The golden light Taiji Bagua spinning above his head also gave a violent lurch.

The golden curtain of light around him was still as steady as a mountain, but the ripples that rippled out were clearly more dense than before!

“There’s hope!”

Ancient Dragonfly’s eyes lit up with excitement as he said, “Kui Gang, push harder!”

“You can do it, you do it?”

Kui Gang’s brow furrowed as he forced himself to endure the pain of the recoil and glared back at Gu Dragonfly.

He had already intentionally controlled his power, striving to achieve the goal of destroying the formation while minimizing the damage of the recoil.

Even so, the recoil from the punch he had just thrown had caused his left hand to tingle at the moment.

“What’s the point of cutting …… bull?”

Ancient Dragonfly rolled his eyes and clasped his hands to his chest, “You’re on your own, we’re all in the same boat, the faster you solve the formation, the less risk we’ll take, if we delay longer, hell knows what changes will come, this is in the southwest!”

“No need for you to say that!”

Kui Gang returned indifferently and turned to face the formation, through the light screen, his tiger eyes locked with Barbara’s.

“If you want to live, untie the formation yourself, or else I’ll blast it open with this punch and shake even you to death!”

“No, don’t …… me, I want to protect Little Aunt Ying!”

Barbara’s body, which was sitting at the end, was already a bit hunched, her pale face was covered with tears and blood, but her eyes, which were fluttering and empty, were suddenly bright and firm and determined.

Kui Gang was about to continue speaking.

“Kui Gang, are you stupid? What are you wasting your words with her? Even if she unravels the formation, I will still kill her and feed her to the dogs!”

Gu Dragonfly said in a stern voice.

“Stupid woman!”

Kui Gang squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

The next second.

In a flash of lightning, his left hand clenched his fist and, wrapped in Qi, landed with a bang on the golden light of the formation.

The sound was like an explosion of thunder, and the golden light shone brightly.





Without stopping, Kui Gang riveted his strength, blasting the golden light of the formation one after another.

Time and again, the recoil caused the painful look on his face to intensify.

Likewise, under the repeated blasts, the golden light Taiji Eight Trigrams became more and more unstable, spinning faster and slower, while the golden light splashed down around him was bright and blinding, rippling and rippling.

This side of heaven and earth was illuminated by the golden light as bright as day.

“No, don’t fight!”

“Help, is there anyone to save us!”

“Ooooooooo …… who’s going to save us? Uncle …… where are you?”

“Old man Xu you lied to me, you said that if I held out, I would be able to protect Auntie Xiaoying ……”

The childish children’s voices, tearing their hearts out, echoed in this heaven and earth.

Kui Gang did not stop, coldly blasting out heavy punches again and again.

And the ancient dragonfly, sitting in place, hands propped up on his chin, full of smiles and interest.

“Barbara ……”

Gu Qingying’s face was as pale as paper, strands of hair sticking to her face as she called out weakly.

“Yes, Auntie Ying, I’m here!”

Barbara, flustered and confused, hurriedly answered.

“Don’t cry! Barbara, don’t be afraid!”

Gu Qingying soothed weakly, but just as she finished her sentence, a sharp pain in her abdomen surged up, causing her to jerk violently and let out another painful scream.

The pain was so severe that it seemed like countless sharp knives were trying to kill her.

She screamed and twitched, her chest heaving violently, as if she were drowning, trying to draw in more air in the hope of easing the pain.

But no matter how she breathed, it felt as if there was a large hand around her neck, gripping her in a death grip, suffocating her so much that she almost fainted, and her consciousness was fading fast.

The cold, the pain, the middle of nowhere.

For a woman in labour, all of these things are fatal!

But in her trance, Gu Qingying could no longer even feel the cold around her, the only thing she could feel was the severe pain in her abdomen, the raging blood and amniotic fluid in her lower body, and the loud boom and Barbara’s terrified cries.

“Honey, I’m in so much pain!”

Gu Qingying, in a blur of consciousness, clutched her abdominal clothes with both hands as she wailed in agony, “Our baby …… ah ……”

The pain was so severe that her face was no longer as serene and light as it used to be, there was only pain and grimness.

“Auntie Little Shadow ……”

Barbara cried and howled, and her voice weakened.

Blood flowed from her mouth and nose, flowing down incessantly, staining her painted rune chest red.


Another punch, a brilliant golden light.


Barbara’s body shook violently, and a large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out into the long air.

The backlash of the formation, although under Xu Qingfeng’s deliberate regulation, had minimized the damage to her.

But when Xu Qingfeng had drawn up the formation, he had never imagined that Barbara would receive a direct and serious injury from a kick before activating the formation!

One blast from the Kui Gang, even if the repercussions on Barbara were minimal, was still rapidly pushing her into the abyss.

It was like a candle burning out, no longer able to withstand the slightest breeze!


The golden light Taiji Bagua above his head suddenly stopped spinning.

The golden curtain of light splashed down around him also suddenly dimmed.

“Kui Gang, it’s now!”

The ancient dragonfly stood up excitedly.

“No need for you to remind me!”

In a flash of lightning, Kui Gang’s qi surged and his muscles were rising up by the inch.

He did not hold back his strength any longer.

This time, it was full strength!


The moment his left hand clenched his fist and blasted out, the fierce and domineering qi even compressed the air to the point of making a popping sound.


The moment the fist blade landed on the golden curtain of light, there was a loud bang.

The already dull golden curtain of light instantly collapsed at this moment, and the golden Taiji Bagua in the air also disappeared like a bubble in the air, as the golden light dissipated and darkness struck again.

“Little girl, the game is over!”

Kui Gang did not immediately step forward, a full force punch blasted the formation, the left hand recoil still somewhat overwhelmed him.

Barbara was filled with panic and looked at Kui Gang in despair.

The next second.

As if she thought of something, she turned around and plopped down on the ground, crawling a little towards Gu Qingying.

Mud was all over her body and blood was wiped all the way.

“Barbara …… has to protect auntie, and the baby’s …… sure, it can …… be.”

Even if she was seriously injured and dying, but protecting Gu Qingying was still in her little head, like an obsession.

“How funny!”

Gu Dragonfly was not in a hurry, and walked over to Kui Gang’s side with a teasing smile.

“This girl was stubborn as hell when she was in Hun.”

Kui Gang gently moved his left hand and when it had recovered a bit, he took a step forward.


Barbara finally crawled over to Gu Qingying, blood in her mouth, and grinned, “Barbara, protect Auntie!”

“No one can save you now!”

Gu Dragonfly snapped, “Kui Gang, kill this dead girl, let’s take the others and run!”

“No need for you to say that.”

Kui Gang’s left hand was slowly raised, and the Qi around him roared to the sky.

His killing intent was majestic.

The aura was overwhelming.

A stream of qi covered his fist blade directly.

As his eyes narrowed, this fist, blasted directly at Barbara!

A close call.

A voice, so cold and harsh that it was like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries, suddenly rang out.

“The Qilin is here, how dare you!”

Chapter 1734

With a stern cry, the wind and snow around them fell silent.

The ancient dragonfly’s expression changed dramatically.

There was a flash of lightning.

Without pausing, the corner of Kui Gang’s mouth pulled up a fierce smile.

“Who cares who you are!”

Since he had already been discovered, it was even more impossible for him to stop, not to mention that, at this distance, with his strength, no one could stop him if he was bound to kill Barbara!



The wind howled, sweeping the ground with flying sand and rocks.

“Qilin Void Step!”

A startled cry resounded from the darkness from Ancient Dragonfly.


Kui Gang’s smile froze, and in a flash he felt the howling gale pushing across his body, and the flying gravel blurred his vision for a moment.

Just for a moment!

The moment his vision returned, his pupils suddenly tightened.

“This can’t be!”

It was all just an instant, his fist blade was only two feet away from Barbara.

But in this blur of an instant, there was a figure standing between him and Barbara!


The punch that should have killed Barbarian landed boldly on Jiang Qilin’s abdomen.

There was a muffled sound.

A muffled grunt came out of Jiang Qilin’s mouth and nose, and a ripple of Qi rippled around his body, and his back bowed in response.

A whirlwind.

The two stood still as if they had been frozen in place.

“Impossible, this is simply not possible!”

Kui Gang’s face was full of shock, his eyes were wide open, and his eyes were about to fall out of their sockets, “Such a short distance, under the universal sky, no one can block me, I’m still a Qi Power powerhouse no matter what!”

Every word, tinged with panic, almost came out in a shrill roar.

The last time that Kui Gang had lost his temper like this was when he was hung by Chen Dong after he had gone mad at the Hun King’s Palace.

He was a powerful qi jin warrior, the number one warrior of the Xiongnu!

His strength could in no way be compared to someone like Chen Daozu who had just enlightened his qi energy.

To put it bluntly, the same person who faced Meng’s surprise attack and Chen Daozu’s death on the spot would never have succeeded in sneaking in if he were Kui Gang!

A short distance of two feet, and with his strength, this was a sure kill!

There was no way anyone could have stopped it!

But the young man in front of him had managed to stop it!

Although he had relied on his physical body to take his full punch, he had stopped it in the end!

This was simply not scientific!

“Qilin Void Step, Jiang Qilin …… you are really a Jiang Family Qilin!”

On the other side, Gu Dragonfly looked at the fixed Kui Gang and Jiang Qilin with a pale expression, and when her eyes locked on Jiang Qilin, her entire body revealed a look of horror, and she felt a bad chill leap from the soles of her feet directly to the sky: “Even your father’s generation, the six dragons of the Jiang family, had never had one of them realize the Qilin Void Step!”

“The Qilin Void Step?”

Kui Gang let out a cry of disbelief, and suddenly his face became terrified, looking at Jiang Qilin with an instant complex frightened look, as if he was facing a ghost god directly.

Almost simultaneously.

Jiang Qilin’s cold, stern voice resounded in this darkness, “Isn’t the father …… used to surpa*s?”

The next second.

He slowly raised his head, the snowy wind blowing his hair, and in the darkness, he faced Kui Gang straight on, staring at him with the corners of his mouth gently turning upwards.


The words were filled with teasing.

Kui Gang turned a deaf ear to the words, and being watched by Jiang Qilin made him feel a bitter chill coming over him, like an invisible sharp knife cutting into his whole body.

Instinctively, he opened his eyes round and looked at his left hand.

Just a moment ago, he clearly felt an extremely terrifying suction force suddenly emanating from Jiang Qilin’s abdomen, holding his left fist firmly in place, making it impossible for him to break free!

“D*mn it all!”

With a shout from Jiang Qilin.

His hunched back fiercely stood up, and his waist and abdomen instantly surged with Qi energy, crashing out like a monstrous wave.


The terrified Kui Gang let out a miserable cry and was instantly shaken by this majestic qi energy, sending him flying backwards in the air.

He flew a full five or six metres before he landed heavily on the ground.

A sharp pain swept through his left wrist, and Kui Gang looked at his left wrist in horror, which was already bent at a bizarre angle!

In his shock, he even forgot about the pain and raised his eyes to stare deadly at Jiang Qilin.

He couldn’t believe that he was this weak!

“You, aren’t you afraid?”

The ancient dragonfly stood in place as if chilled and frightened, his body trembling incessantly, “Weren’t you not there?”

“By chance, back!”

Jiang Qilin said in a deep voice, tilting his head to look high into the night sky.

Rumble ……

The night sky, which was originally windy and snowy, was a sudden thunderclap.

The thunder rolled for a long time.

The first snow disappeared and the wind became stronger.

It was as if something was rapidly gathering high in the night sky.

The fearful, hell-like pressure pressed down across the sky, causing the terrified Kui Gang’s face to instantly change drastically.

“This …… is ……”

The same oppressive feeling he had felt, even now, the image of that man when he had broken into the Huns alone was still a nightmare that lingered in his mind.

But it was having felt it that made him look at the Jiang Qilin in front of him more and more terrifying.

“No, it can’t be! You’re still so young! You ……”

The words were not finished.

The ancient dragonfly let out a shrill whistle, “He’s practicing the Law of the Heavens, he’s not like us, run!”

Kui Gang was struck by lightning, and after waking up with a start, he looked back suddenly and saw that Gu Dragonfly had already turned around and fled towards the distance.

He was no fool, and in a flash of lightning, he realised what was at stake.

If there was a real chance of winning, the Ancient Dragonfly would never have run so decisively!


With a jolt of Qi around his body, Kui Gang’s feet slammed into the ground and his whole body leaned back and flew backwards against the ground.

After using his inertia to rush out five meters away, he twisted his waist violently and forced himself to stand up, and with his Qi energy boosted, he caught up with the ancient dragonfly in the blink of an eye.

“Don’t you know that ladies come first?”


Gu Dragonfly let out an angry rebuke and backhanded a slap directly onto Kui Gang’s chest position.

Kui Gang let out a muffled grunt, his escape speed suddenly lurched, and anger instantly raged in his eyes.

“One by one!”

At almost the same time, Jiang Qilin’s voice resounded in Kui Gang’s ears like a death sentence, instantly causing Kui Gang to despair to the extreme.


The wind howled.

Qi was raging.

Kui Gang felt a gust of wind pa*s by his side and saw that Jiang Qilin had abandoned him and rushed straight towards the ancient dragonfly!

What an opportunity!

Kui Gang was overjoyed and his right foot stomped the ground, forcibly changing his escape route.

At the same time, resentment and anger swirled as he turned around and said, “Ancient Dragonfly, you sold out your allies first, this time you can blame me, Kui Gang, the number one warrior of the Xiongnu, for not thinking of our alliance!”



Jiang Qilin’s cold and stern face suddenly became complicated, and the cold aura in his eyes intensified.

The next second.

His right hand directly grabbed the back of Gu Dragonfly’s neck.

Gu Dragonfly let out a scream and immediately tried to resist, but under the absolute suppression of her strength, she was as weak as a chicken struggling in Jiang Qilin’s hands, unable to resist at all!

“Jiang Qilin, let me go, I am a member of the Gu family, if you kill me, even if you are a Jiang family Qilin, you will definitely not be able to get away with it!”

The approaching death made Gu Dragonfly couldn’t help but threaten in a shrill voice.

Jiang Qilin let out a snort, “Do you think I’m just scared?”

Before the words left his mouth, hostility surged in his eyes.

His left palm blade was directly covered with a biting Qi energy and slashed across the neck of the Dragonfly.

The ancient dragonfly, which had been struggling violently, suddenly stopped moving, and a human head, along with a fountain of blood, flew high into the air!