Winner Takes All Chapter 1731-1732

Chapter 1731

The night wind is bitterly cold.

The snowflakes drifted, getting heavier and heavier.

Fan Lu leaned against a large tree in a disheveled and weak manner, feeling the biting cold wind, and tilted his head to look at the flying snow falling overhead.

rustling rustling ……

Not far away, the bushes swayed.

The figure of Meng Po flashed out, looking gloomy.

Fan Lu originally wanted to ask a follow-up question, but when she saw Meng Po’s face, her heart plunged towards the bottom of the valley.


Suddenly, Meng Granny’s expression was awe-inspiring, and her gaze was like a torch, locking onto a direction.


A strong wind whistled up, brushing the wind and snow around her into silence.

In a flash of lightning.

Jiang Qilin, who was wrapped in Qi energy, had already rushed in front of Meng and Fan Lu.

“Jiang Qilin!”

Fan Lu and Granny Meng were excited and ecstatic.

“Find someone!”

Jiang Qilin’s expression was cold as he dryly spat out two words.

With a whirl.

He directly picked up a few stones from the ground and then fiddled with them.

“What’s this for?”

Fan Lu was full of confusion.

Just as the words left her mouth, she was gestured to silence and stopped by Meng.

After frowning for a few seconds, Meng Nan frowned at them, and then brightened up, turned her head and whispered to Fan Lu, “Divination secret techniques!”

“Finding someone by divination?”

Fan Lu was filled with dismay and some disbelief.

“It’s not like it’s a charlatan, the Jiang family Qilin’s depths are unfathomable!”

Meng said with a face full of certainty.

If it was someone else, she wouldn’t have said this, but at this moment, the divination was about Jiang Qilin, so it was a different story.

Having traversed the jianghu for so many years and following Chen Daojun, she had heard a little about the might of the Jiang family.

With the Jiang family’s heritage, being able to divine could not have been easier.

Seeing that Fan Lu was still a bit incredulous, Meng explained, “Divination, the emphasis is on the word calculation, you can understand that he is now doing a mathematical problem.”

In the darkness, by the faint light of the stars and moon.

Jiang Qilin looked cold, his qi always surrounded his body, but his hands were rapidly fiddling with the stones.

This process lasted for half a minute.

He swept the stones on the ground in one hand and then got up and looked in one direction, “Sister Xiao Lu is injured, wait in place, Meng follow me!”

The tone of his voice was concise, but carried a certainty that was hard to describe.

It lifted the hearts and minds of Fan Lu and Meng.

Without more words, Meng immediately followed Jiang Qilin’s footsteps and headed off into the distance.

“It must, it must be alright, it’s alright!”

Fan Lu clenched her hands together, her palms already full of sweat stains, even completely forgetting about the injuries she had sustained.

In the dense forest.

Jiang Qilin and Meng were flying, moving and dodging like ghosts.

Soon, the two rushed out of the dense forest and onto the road.

“This way!”

Jiang Qilin crossed the road directly and leapt down the roadside cliff.

Meng’s pupils tightened, and after a second’s hesitation, he also jumped down after him.

The cliff was only a few metres high, so it was not a difficult task for either of them.

But after Meng caught up with Jiang Qilin, she still couldn’t help but ask, “Jiang Qilin, are you sure this is the right direction?”

According to common sense, the Ancient Dragonfly’s group of captors escaped, and after leaving Heaven’s Gate Mountain, they must have chosen other means to escape, carrying two people, even if there were strong Qi energy practitioners around, this kind of broken cliff and rotten road would be extremely troublesome when travelling.

“Not sure.”

Jiang Qilin shook his head, “But I just rushed straight out of the airport, the reed knows the situation, must have notified all the forces and put a blockade on the whole city, no news until now, then we have to do the opposite and believe in my divination.”

Meng frowned, but did not retort.

While following closely behind Jiang Qilin, she raised her eyes to look into the distance, “This is the direction out of the city, and the shortest path in a straight line, so this is also the most time efficient if we escape.”

Half an hour later.

The bright, blinding lights of the car were extremely dazzling in the darkness of the night.

The high intensity of the mad dash had left Meng a little out of breath and with a sweaty forehead.

Looking at the caravan stretched across the path ahead, she said in a deep voice, “It seems to be the caravan we sent to lock up the city.”

“It should be.”

Jiang Qilin returned coldly.

When they got closer, one of the convoy took the lead and shouted, “The road ahead is broken, Zun Long Real Estate is building, please also turn back.”

“Zun Long Estate?”

Meng responded loudly, “Since you are under Mr. Chen’s command and the incident happened suddenly, have you blocked this section of the path, have any bystanders pa*sed by?”

“No, we arrived here immediately after receiving the order, there was nothing unusual.”

When the other party heard the words “Mr. Chen”, his attitude became more respectful.

“You’ve made a mistake.”

Meng frowned and looked at Jiang Qilin.

The words had just fallen.


Jiang Qilin’s right foot kicked the ground, and a stone, wrapped in Qi energy, suddenly shot towards the shouter like a bullet out of a chamber.


The next second.

The shouting man’s neck was pierced by the stone, and blood flew everywhere.

In a flash, the scene was in chaos.

The crowd in the caravan was in a state of panic and screaming.

Meng stood frozen on the spot, looking at Jiang Qilin with dismayed eyes.

Jiang Qilin turned his head sideways, his side face to Meng, his eyes cold and stern, looking askance at Meng.

“You can say I’m wrong in human affairs, but you can’t say I’m wrong in divination.”

“D*mn it, brothers, copy and kill them both!”

Among the confused crowd of the caravan, a big man suddenly pulled out two machetes and rushed viciously towards Jiang Qilin and Meng.

The panic-stricken crowd instantly seemed to have found their backbone, pulling out their weapons and lunging forward in a fierce manner.

Meng was not stupid, and the scene before her instantly made her understand.

“Leave them to you, I’m in a hurry. ,”

After dropping a sentence, Jiang Qilin swayed his body, and with his Qi energy boosted, he moved out directly across like a frenzied thunder, and continued to charge towards the distance, two people in his path tried to block him, and the moment they got close to him by ten meters, they were directly lifted out by the harsh Qi energy, killing them on the spot.

“D*mn them all!”

Meng looked at the onrushing crowd, her face as gloomy as ever.

The next second.

She rushed directly into the crowd, and the screams of misery suddenly resounded through this side of the night sky.

The other side.

“Tsk tsk …… It’s just giving birth to a child, it’s not painful to die and give birth, it’s really troublesome.”

The ancient dragonfly cupped her hands on her face, looking with interest at Gu Qingying who was writhing in pain in the eight formation diagram of gods and ghosts: “You should give birth faster, the blood is flowing so much, still not hurry, and you dead girl, how come the B*tch seed B*tch life is so long, still not fall down, if you fall down everyone will save themselves the trouble.”

“Ooooooooooooooooooo …… Auntie Xiaoying, hold on, you must hold on.”

Barbara’s face was pale and bloodless, the blood from her mouth and nose was already somewhat dark red and solidified, but soon fresh blood gushed out again, “Old man Xu said, hold on, as long as Barbara protects auntie, there will, there will definitely be someone to save us.”

“Barbara, I, I’m in so much pain, ah ……”

Gu Qing Ying was drenched in sweat, writhing wretchedly and miserably, and halfway through her sentence, she tilted her head back and let out another miserable scream, the veins on her forehead and neck bulging out.

Her body twitched incessantly, blood and amniotic fluid having long since turned beneath her into mud, the smell of blood thick.

Taking a good breath, she said weakly, “Barbara, make sure, take care of, the little baby, Auntie, it seems …… not possible.”

“No! No!”

Barbara cried out in pain and hissed, “Auntie will make it, Barbara don’t help Auntie take care of the baby, it’s Auntie and Uncle’s baby, Auntie has to take care of it herself, ooooooooooooooooo …… someone will come to save us, for sure.”

“Apa and Apa left Barbara, and Apa left Barbara, and they all went to heaven, and Uncle left Barbara, and he doesn’t know where he went.”

“Auntie Ying can’t leave Barbara behind, woo woo woo woo …… Barbara only has you!”

Chapter 1732

Heartbreaking cries echoed in the windy and snowy night air.

Barbara’s small, frail body was now like a flat boat in a sea of fury, ready to capsize.

The cold, the injuries.

The only thing that kept her going was her obsession to protect Gu Qingying.

Kui Gang and Gu Dragonfly watched everything with indifference.

Gu Dragonfly even had a smile on his lips, cupping his chin in amusement.

A mere two lives, no, three lives, were actually nothing in the eyes of both of them.

What they wanted was for the plan to go smoothly.

Gu Qingying’s body kept twitching and twisting, her expression sometimes fierce and painful, sometimes breathless and incomparably weak ……

The blood, amniotic fluid, sweat and tears were all mixed together.


The unspeakable pain spread from her abdomen, eroding all her limbs.

It made her want to faint countless times.

But thinking of the child in her belly, she pushed through again and again.

“Ah ……”

Another miserable scream, Gu Qingying craned her neck up, her face mixed with tears and mud and dirt, veins and veins protruding out.

The cold wind was harsh.

Flakes of snow drifted down.

The endless cold, like countless sharp needles, pierced every part of her body.

The first snow …… should have been beautiful, but now what she was experiencing was comparable to hell.

Gradually, she even felt that the piercing cold around her had lessened considerably.

“Auntie Little Shadow ……”

“Ooooooooooo …… hang on ……”


Each of Gu Qingying’s miserable screams and wails seemed like a big invisible hand, ruthlessly stirring Barbara’s nerves.

But she couldn’t move!

Couldn’t even turn back!

Xu Qingfeng had told her that when the golden light bloomed, she was Gu Qingying’s last barrier.

Once she was gone, then Gu Qingying’s protection would be completely gone too!

Barbara could only cry and howl, calling out to Gu Qingying again and again, hoping that she could give him a little hope and encouragement in this way.

She knew it would work!

When her village had been destroyed and she and her brother had been sold into slavery to the Huns, this was how her brother had kept calling out to her in the prison carriage.

“Barbara …… I might, really, not be able to ……”

Gu Qingying’s weak and desperate voice came into Barbara’s ears.

Barbara’s body trembled and tears fell like rain as she shook her head in denial, “It’ll work, Auntie Xiaoying will definitely work, Uncle said to Barbara that she couldn’t say it wouldn’t work!”

“Uncle ……”

On the ground, Gu Qingying tugged up the corners of her mouth, her eyes hollow as she smiled, “Husband …… when are you coming back?”

Hearing this, Barbara’s clear, tear-laden eyes suddenly flooded with a glimmer of light, and she was busy speaking, “Back, uncle must have rushed back, auntie hold on and you’ll be able to see uncle!”


The words had just fallen.

“Back my a*s!”

A cold aura flashed in Gu Dragonfly’s eyes as she scolded, “Why doesn’t the dead girl learn to be good at a young age, only to learn the skill of lying and cheating?”

“Ah! You shut up, you big bad B*****d shut up!”

Barbara’s face turned pale and she angrily shouted at Ancient Dragonfly.

Her body had long been frozen red, and with her injuries, this agitation caused her face to pale rapidly, and a mouthful of blood gushed out directly from her throat.

A strong feeling of vertigo swept over her.

Barbara then felt the sky spinning and her eyes blackening. Just as she was about to fall, she bit the tip of her tongue so hard that the pain stimulated her to snap awake a little and hold on strongly again.

It was such a sudden change.

But it directly drove the entire golden gossip of light splashed down to ripple in a curtain of light.


Ancient Dragonfly’s eyes lit up with surprise as she got up, “Looks like this dead girl can’t hold on any longer, Kui Gang try blasting the formation light curtain a few times?”

“It really can’t be hit!”

Kui Gang opened his eyes and said calmly.

The recoil from the full force of that strike just now had caused his right hand to still be weak.

He felt the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts much more deeply than the ancient dragonfly.

“Even if you can’t fight, you still have to fight!”

Gu Dragonfly clasped his hands to his chest and glared at Kui Gang untidily, “The formation is relying on this girl for support, she can barely hold it up now, if you blast it a few more times, it will accelerate the weakening of the formation, the way this dead girl is now, she won’t be able to hold it up a few times!”

“You ……”

Kui Gang was a little annoyed and was about to retort.

But the ancient dragonfly’s words made him swallow back all the words that came to his mouth.

“Normal labor and delivery, that will take more than ten hours to open the mouth of the uterus, in case this dead girl can hold out for that long, when Gu Qingying has successfully delivered, more than ten hours …… do you dare to ensure that there is no change?”

A dozen hours, it really isn’t short!

Not to mention, they are the grand rushing into the Tianmen Mountain villa to take away people, the subsequent impact has already spread.

Now they were barely out of town again, and with the speed of response from the strength of all parties, ten hours or so would be enough for them to be ploughed out, even if they were hiding in the ground!

Kui Gang took a deep breath and slowly got up, but his tiger eyes were staring at Barbara in the formation.

A sense of fearful oppression forced itself upon Barbara.

Although there was a formation light curtain to block it, to someone of Barbara’s age, just a look was enough to cause a considerable impact.

“No, don’t …… please don’t, this will kill Little Aunt Ying …… woo woo ……”

Barbara shook her head in fear and despair, her cries echoing and pleading.

Kui Gang was unmoved, getting up and walking directly to the golden light of the formation behind him.

He was not as reckless as he had been earlier, and after experiencing it once, even if he had to blast the formation hard and hasten Barbara’s death, he did not dare to go all out.

It was the most balanced and best way to hold his power to the point where he could shake the formation, yet minimise the repercussions.


Hoo …… Hoo ……

The cold wind whistled in the ears.

Jiang Qilin, shaped like a ghost and as fast as lightning, formed a barrier of Qi around him, blocking all the wind and snow.

After leaving the city, the infrastructure around him had weakened considerably, and even by the route he was running, there was no light at all.

It was pitch black, the ground was bumpy and the only light was the faint glow of the stars and moon overhead.

But this didn’t affect his vision; at his level, he had already practised his night vision.

“In a short time, they definitely won’t be able to run far, but how come they just can’t be found?”

On Jiang Qilin’s cold face, suspicion flickered.

The other side had two people with him, and he was single-handed, his speed was definitely faster than the other side, and the interval was not too long, so he should have caught up anyway.

Could it be that …… the direction was wrong again?

A thought suddenly surfaced in Jiang Qilin’s mind.


The qi around his body suddenly moved forward, brushing away the wind and snow.

His footsteps abruptly stopped in place and he was about to resume his divination.



A booming sound like a bomb explosion suddenly resounded in this dark and barren open space.

Almost simultaneously.

In the distance, a cluster of golden light thumped into the air, shining brightly like a firework blooming.

“The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts?!”

A brilliant aura exploded in Jiang Qilin’s eyes as he instantly discerned it, and without pausing, he stomped his right foot and shattered the ground as if it were a discharged bullet, shooting towards the place where the golden light had risen.

“Finally, it’s found!”