Winner Takes All Chapter 1723-1724

Chapter 1723

A loud roar instantly shattered the silence inside the villa.


In an instant, a harsh sword qi shot into the study.

Elder Long’s face changed drastically, and as he drew back and flew back, his left hand slapped the study table with a brazen slap.

Bang Teen!

The desk flew up, and the moment it collided with the sword qi, it exploded with a bang.

The documents on it were instantly twisted into pieces by the sword qi, flying all over the air.

Just as Elder Long fixed his body, he saw that a figure was already standing in front of the window where he had just stood.

“Gu Cangyue!”

He exclaimed offhandedly.

Gu Cangyue was standing in front of the window with a long sword in his hand, its body glowing with a chilling aura in the light.

Faced with Elder Long’s startled cry, he did not say a word, and with a movement of Qi around his body, he charged directly towards Elder Long.

“Xiao Lu, take Young Madam and run!”

Long Lao’s eyes widened in anger as he roared out in indignation and directly met Gu Cangyue.

“Overrate the tree!”

Just as the two were about to get close, Gu Cangyue suddenly laughed disdainfully as the longsword in her hand was wrapped in sword Qi and directly slashed out horizontally.

Seeing the sword qi coming, Long Lao’s pupils tightened to the extreme, his right foot stomped the ground fiercely, forcing himself to use his strength to avoid the long sword, and then his right arm was like a python, and he swiftly swiped across at Gu Cangyue.


Gu Cangyue raised her hand to block, but she was still forced back two steps by this horizontal arm stroke.

The old man’s features were fierce and his eyes were filled with murderous intent, and he was about to take advantage of the victory to pursue the attack, when suddenly there was a sharp pain in his abdomen.

When he looked down, he saw that his abdominal clothes had just been opened by the sword qi, and a seeping blood slit was gurgling with blood.

“Old man, you are no match for me.”

Gu Cangyue gently shook his longsword, shaking off a few drops of blood from the sword.

Long Lao wiped his right hand across his abdominal wound and laughed fiercely, “I didn’t want to stop you either, I just wanted to be able to delay for a while with my life, that is the bloodline of my young master!”

“Heh! How many of us do you think are here?”

Gu Cangyue sneered and uttered a sentence that instantly caused Elder Long’s face to change dramatically.

On the other side.

Bang Teen!

A fierce and domineering Qi energy raged through the room.

The door of the room had already shattered, and even rippled into countless cracks on the wall next to it.

In the room, Barbara’s screams of terror echoed.

Gu Qingying led Barbara to shrink in the corner, shielding little Barbara’s body underneath her as best she could, and looked in horror at the black-clad masked man who walked in.

“Don’t, don’t come over!”

Her voice trembled as she scolded.

But such a scolding seemed absurdly feeble at the moment.

The black-clothed masked man walked in slowly, his killing intent like an invisible sharp blade, stirring the air.

“Lady Chen, blame it on a thousand things, blame it on the fact that you are pregnant with the seed of that wild B*****d Chen Dong, go on your way in peace!”

The words had just fallen.

“Little Shadow!”

Outside the door, the figure of Fan Lu was revealed.


In an instant, the black-clothed masked man’s right hand was wrapped in qi energy and grabbed brazenly towards Gu Qingying and Barbara in the corner.

This scene caused Fan Lu at the doorway to burst into anger and rush over.

But the two were still too slow in comparison!

“Barbara, run!”

In a flash of lightning, Gu Qingying suddenly picked up the terrified and screaming Barbarian and threw her in the direction of the slash.

With a scream from Barbara, her small, frail body fell heavily onto the bed.

But Gu Qing Ying, however, was blatantly locked in a shoulder blade by the large hand of the black-clad masked man.

“What a woman’s mercy!”

The black-clothed masked man was amused by Gu Qingying’s scene just now.

However, the words had just fallen.

A dry, wood-like hand landed on the back of his hand.

Almost simultaneously, an icy voice, like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, fell on the black-clothed masked man’s ears.

“It looks like …… you should have just crossed into the Qi Jin column, right? The old body …… can kill you!”


Under the light, the pupils of the black-clothed masked man dilated extremely fast.

And this sound also made Fan Lu, who was rushing in, startled.

Especially the large dry hand pressing on the back of the black-clothed masked man’s hand made her heart beat wildly.

This …… was not Gu Qing Ying’s hand!

Lightning and fire.

The panicked Gu Qingying suddenly stopped trembling and slowly raised her head, but the corners of her mouth were outlined with a seeping cold smile as if she was a ghost.

The next second.


Her robe exploded in response to the sound, and a raised pillow fell towards the ground.

The withered hand that had been resting on the back of the black-clothed masked man’s hand, however, was instantly powered up, withered fingers like steel nails, as it curved its claws, instantly grasping through the black-clothed masked man’s palm.


A miserable scream echoed in the room.

The black-clothed masked man who suffered from the pain had his Qi energy surging all over his body, and his left hand, wrapped in Qi energy, grabbed towards Gu Qingying brazenly.


In the air, a sharp claw residue slashed through.


A cluster of fresh blood sprayed into the air.

The black-clothed masked man’s hand stopped in mid-air, his body twitching uncontrollably.

His eyes were round and full of horror, but at his throat were several wounds, deep to the bone, almost half of his neck was broken by the grip, blood gushing out, while the anger in his eyes was rapidly dissipating.

“Meng Po!”

Fan Lu finally reacted, nowadays, in this villa, those who could have this kind of disguise ability, and could kill a Qi power strong man in a surprise attack at close range, besides Meng Po, there was no second person at all!


Meng Po let go of the black-clad masked man’s corpse, ripped off the face skin and shouted, “Go to the old body’s room!”

Fan Lu was stunned for a moment, and when she reacted, she hurriedly turned around and rushed towards Meng’s room.

Just as they both rushed out of the room backwards and forwards.


With a scream, a figure suddenly flew over and landed heavily at both of their feet.

“Zhao Breaker!”

Fan Lu and Meng Pao’s faces changed dramatically.

Zhao Baolu’s face was pale, his mouth was full of blood, and even his chest was slightly dented.

When he saw Meng and Fan Lu, he spat blood from his mouth and pointed at Meng’s room, “Sister Xiaoying …… there’s someone else!”

The two bodies shook, and when they looked up, they saw three figures standing in the corridor by now.

A black-clad, masked figure as tall as an iron tower easily tackled Gu Qing Ying, who was carrying six armor, to the point where she could not move.

And beside the two, there stood a petite and beautiful figure.

“Tsk tsk …… smart, I’ve never seen a house slave take care of a wife like that in all my life, even a little smoke has to be avoided at all costs, blame it on that old man being too servile, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to spot this flaw if we were outside for so little time! ”

Ancient Dragonfly clasped her hands to her chest, her stunning face full of brashness and snickers.

Sounding east to strike west!

Meng and Fan Lu’s hearts sank down hard.

“A hundred secrets, a hundred secrets, a hundred secrets!”

Granny Meng even stomped her foot in exasperation.

The method of switching people had been suggested by Elder Long, a move that had been proven feasible back when Chen Dong was before the winner was the king.

She had followed Chen Daojun for so long, and had long since learnt the technique of disguise and face swapping to become proficient.

But she and Elder Long had never expected that so many people would come at once in this raid!

Chapter 1724

“It hurts ……”

Suddenly, Gu Qingying’s painful moan rang out in the corridor.

The original frightened and panicked look was now only painful, and even her face was a little pale as beads of sweat rustled down.

“Miss Gu!”

“Little Shadow!”

Meng and Fan Lu’s faces changed greatly and they wanted to go forward.

“Stand still!”

Gu Dragonfly let out a shout, flipping his right hand, a dagger directly across Gu Qing Ying’s neck: “Come over again, that’s one body and two lives!”

“For, why ……”

Gu Qingying looked at Gu Dragonfly in pain, her eyes showing a rare look of resentment, her sobs almost coming out as a roar, “For having harmed my child in the first place, why …… why ……”

Angry to the extreme, she struggled and tried to pounce on the ancient dragonfly in front of her.

All the things she had once done had been slowly hidden deep into her memories, but now they were being mercilessly torn open again, as if ten thousand swords had been plunged into her heart.

The Kui Gang behind her was like a confinement, making it impossible for her to break free.

“Why? Who made you carry Young Master Chen’s seed?”

Gu Dragonfly let out a snicker.

“Be careful!”

Suddenly, Kui Gang let out a warning.

“Auntie Little Shadow!”

Barbara didn’t know when she had rushed down the corridor, crying and staggering towards Gu Qingying.

Even when Meng and Fan Lu reacted, it was already too late to stop them.

“Ah Man, don’t!”

Gu Qingying lost her face and cried out in pain.

“Auntie Xiaoying, Barbara wants Auntie Xiaoying …… ooooooooooo ……”

Barbara stumbled, her pink face covered in teardrops as she kept on her feet.

“Oh, a little girl only, big guy you can still be afraid of?”

Ancient Dragonfly snickered, seeing Barbara rushing forward, but directly stepped forward and picked her up by the waist amidst Barbara’s terrified screams, “Big man, take someone away!”

“Xiao Lu, do it!”

Meng made a split-second decision and took the lead in rushing over.

Fan Lu looked cold and followed closely behind.

“Get lost!”

Kui Gang, who had captured Gu Qingying, let out an explosive roar.


The majestic qi energy instantly filled the corridor and crushed down on Meng and Fan Lu like a mountainous roar.

Meng and Fan Lu’s bodies lurched and they both let out a muffled grunt at the same time.

No sooner had they recovered their strength than the ground rumbled again.

Kui Gang’s foot broke through the floor with a blatant kick, and his fierce qi instantly lifted up the floor and poured down on Fan Lu and Meng.

The two of them could not avoid it and were smashed by the countless floorboards, and Fan Lu even vomited blood on the spot.

When the qi disappeared in front of them and the floor fell to the ground, Ancient Dragonfly and Gu Qingying had already disappeared.

“Xiao Lu, follow me and chase after them!”

Meng supported Fan Lu and scolded angrily with a fierce expression.

It was also at that moment.

Bang Teeny!


With an explosive sound, the door to the study was smashed open and Elder Long flew straight backwards, hitting the wall heavily and falling back down to the ground.

“Elder Long!”

Meng Po, Fan Lu and Zhao Baolu let out a shout at the same time.

At this moment, Elder Long was extremely distressed, his chest had long since been stained red with blood, and his body was also strewn with hideous bloody cuts.

As soon as he saw the situation in the corridor, Long Lao’s jealousy split and he spat out a blood-curdling roar, “Don’t mind me, save Young Madam, save Young Madam!”

“You guys go after them, I’ll help Elder Long!”

Zhao Breru fell to the ground and shouted at both Meng and Fan Lu.

“You can’t block it!”

Fan Lu’s expression sank.

“Old man’s life isn’t worth anything! Go on!”

Zhao Breru fiercely wiped a handful of blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Meng and Fan Lu as they left, the corners of his blood-stained mouth curled into an odd smile, “D*mn it, old man Xu you lied to me, I’ll never listen to you this time!”


Gu Cang Yue’s icy voice was like a life-sapping Sanskrit sound.

Zhao Breru turned around and in his sight, Gu Cangyue held a long sword in his hand, his Qi energy tumbling all over his body as he charged straight out and stabbed Elder Long with his sword.

The biting sword energy even caused cracks to appear directly in the air along the way, visible to the naked eye!

At this moment, time seemed to be slowed down.

Old Man Long sat down on the ground in despair, facing the incoming sword, without even the thought of resisting.

The fierce battle with Gu Cangyue in the study had almost exhausted his entire strength!


Suddenly, a mad roar resounded through the corridor.


A blinding golden light instantly blossomed in the corridor, like a blazing sun, illuminating the entire corridor in a golden glow.

This was ……

Elder Long and Gu Cang Yue were simultaneously startled and almost instinctively looked at the place where the golden light burst out at the same time.

Vaguely, they could see a human figure standing in the golden light, like a ghost, rushing towards this side at extreme speed.

“Zhao Breaking?”

Elder Long’s gaze fluttered, somewhat incredulous.

“How fast!”

Gu Cang Yue’s gaze was astonished, the corners of his eyes bulging with veins.

It was this shock that caused the sword that was originally stabbing at Elder Long to give an abrupt lurch.

By the time Gu Cangyue reacted, the golden light shrouded Zhao Brezhong was already close at hand.

“Slot nimrod!”

Zhao Broke-Ru cursed, his features twisted, and without the slightest hint of fancy, he directly blocked Gu Cangyue’s waist, then with great speed, he hissed and pushed Gu Cangyue towards the study.

Everything was too sudden.

No one had expected that the man who had just been beaten to the ground and spat out blood would explode with such terrifying speed at this moment!

A hissing sound resounded through the villa.

Zhao Broken was drenched in golden light and, like a madman, hissed as he pushed Gu Cangyue towards the study window.

Sensing Zhao Breru’s intention, Gu Cangyue, in her desperation, fiercely raised her sword with her right hand, her rigid qi instantly sweeping through her right hand and sword hilt, before viciously smashing down on Zhao Breru’s back.



A sound like metal clashing suddenly rang out.

This anger-laden strike had only caused the golden light on Zhao Broke-Ru’s back to ripple in a circle!

“No, that’s impossible!”

Gu Cangyue was stunned by the scene before her, “This, this is Human Ancestor Qi! No, it can’t be, you can’t possess Human Ancestor Qi!”

“Screw you, I’m just going to get you killed today!”

Zhao Baolu hissed and roared as he pushed Gu Cangyue hard and crashed through the study window, falling straight down towards the back garden.

“Zhao Breru!”

Long Lao’s body shook violently as he looked at the shattered window gla*s.

He barely got up with his hands braced hard against the wall, and with the last of his strength, l staggered and rushed to the window.

Not waiting for him to see what was below.

Zhao Bailu’s frantic roar boomed like rolling thunder.

“Eight Formation Hook Star River, activate the formation for me!”

Boom, boom, boom ……

All of a sudden, golden pillars of light rose up to the sky, piercing the night sky, as if a pillar of heaven, instantly connecting heaven and earth together.

The stars in the sky also trembled and twisted as the pillars of light shot up into the sky.

This scene was spectacular.

It was even more shocking than when the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts was first activated.

Almost simultaneously.

The dazzling golden light was then noticed by the whole city.

Immediately afterwards, Zhao Broke-Ru’s furious roar resounded through Heaven’s Gate Mountain like the sound of thunder in the ninth heaven.

“With this Human Ancestral Qi and the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram, I’m going to cut you, Gu Cangyue, to death today, and it’s useless for you to call your mother!”